Max and Jaime, Vegas Night 01

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Max and Jamie had come up with a few fun ground rules after they had begun their lovers tryst. The first was they would continue with liaisons as far as each of them could see; they had agreed that they had found their most perfect lover in the other. Distance and jobs would interfere with a regular relationship, yet they would make time when possible, and when needed. Another ground rule was that they would send a message to the other before their meeting to pass along any information, such as let’s not talk about work at all, or wear the outfit that I over-nighted to you.

Max is twelve years older than Jaime (he’s 38 she’s 26). They had met through a mutual colleague and it was lust at first site.

Jamie models for conventions, magazine ads and just about anything that is respectable and pays well. She had not crossed the line to nudes and with the substantial paydays she has been enjoying it is doubtful she ever will. Jaime has long thick ringlets of dirty blonde hair, striking green eyes and a body that seems flawless.

Max is the president of a company he started with some college pals. At this point in his career he feels he is too young to retire, but is well-off to the point he doesn’t need to work. He stands an even six foot and rarely misses a day in the gym.

It has been six weeks since Jaime and Max had seen each other last. Jamie is modeling for a trade show in Vegas and Max has made his schedule fit for a rendezvous. They have been talking a lot about the meeting, and teasing each other the best they can. Some of the teasing of course ended up in a full bout of phonesex, yet that is for a different story.

The agreed upon criteria for this meeting from Jamie, they would not talk work. This modeling gig was for a convention of fat guys who rarely showered. As she put it, they can be sweet, but when you add a girl and Vegas they all get a little too wound up.

Max’s only request is that Jaime grow out her pubic hair. Jamie has always kept herself shaved, Max wants her to grow it out, yet manicure it nicely.

With that being said, night one is upon us:

They arrived at the hotel, moving through the lobby was an absolute blur, holding hugging, kissing, and rubbing against one another as much as possible. Oblivious to their surroundings, yet keeping it as bostancı escort bayan cool as they could in public. The heavy dripping lust each was feeling. Their skin was aching and on fire and needing the soothing of each others touch and only to be quenched by mutual satisfaction. Jamie pulled the card key out of her purse as they leaned against the door marked 12022. Max kissing her neck the whole time. She in turn sliding the keycard and hearing the electronic click. They madly walked though in an almost rehearsed fumbling. Max begins to dance Jamie to the bed. Jamie breathlessly moans, “Oh Max, just bend me over the desk it’s quicker… You don’t have to take off your pants!”

Jamie swings around, grasping the corner and edge of the desk and arching her back, pulling her shirt over her head and off exposing her back and freeing her breasts. Max pulls up her skirt over her arched ass, exposing her naked ass, and her pussy, which now he is able to see her newly grown pubic hair. Max pulls down his pants and underwear to mid thigh, his cock is so hard and aching he can see his pulse twitch in his cock as he looks down at it. He begins to rub Jamie’s sopping pussy; she is so warm and wet that her thighs are beginning to glisten with her excitement. Max’s cock is drenched in his own sticky stringy precum as he grabs himself mid cock and begins to rub at her slit up and down. Jamie is a little shorter so Max takes a step back and leans into her, wrapping his free right hand around her waste and placing his palm on that newly soft mound of honey colored pubic hair.

Rubbing her clit, as he enters her from behind for the first time, with a slow push in, he easily goes balls deep into her. Max had almost forgotten how good Jamie’s pussy felt, she had been his source of the most explosive orgasms he has ever felt, and his continuous masturbation fantasy. As he holds himself in her to the hilt, he rolls her clit with his hand which is now soaked with her. Jamie pushes back in an almost uncontrollable bucking motion backwards. She sways like this a few times with slow high moans accenting each backwards thrust.

There is a mirror directly in front of Jamie where Max now looks to see himself curled up onto her back as Jamie’s golden hair is flowing over her neck, moving almost like a wave. ümraniye escort Her eyes are closed and her mouth is going from open to pressed lips, as she sways and rolls her body to his rubbing hand and hard penetrating cock.

“Mmmmm, Mmmmm!” Jamie moans through pressed lips.

Almost breathlessly, Jaime say, “Oh my god, Max, back up a minute and let my skirt fall. I want to feel your hands all over me!”

Max backs up, his cock sliding out with almost a ridged pop out of her pussy as he pulls her skit down and off with both hands. The skit is now an oval circle on the floor. Jamie steps one foot over it and holds herself back into a spread stance with her back arched. Max admires her perfect ass as she looks back smiling at him. In a smart assed voice, she states, “Well are you going to stare all day or are you going to fuck me right?”

Max pulls her back by the hips, his hands wrapping just above her pelvis as he enters her again from behind. In slow rocking motions he builds to a steady rhythm. Jamie moans in almost a hum as he reaches down with his right hand to begin to circle her clit with his fingers, and reaches forward with his left hand to begin to pull on her left nipple. All the while rolling his cock into her. Stopping while he is completely inside her. Engulfed by her depths he feels Jamie clench and release herself around him. As he slowly pulls out she rhythmically contracts in a way that massages Max’s cock in only a why she knows how. This drives both of them nuts.

“Oh my god, I don’t know how much more I can take before I cum!” Grunts Max.

“Oh baby you feel so fucking good, I’m gonna cum right along with you… But I haven’t decided where I want you to cum yet!’ Jamie replies.

She begins to weight her options out loud, all the time rocking herself back and forth onto his cock, as he meets her with his swaying thrusts.

“Mmmm, you could cum inside me, I always love feeling you explode in me!”

“Or you could cum in my mouth, I so badly miss the taste of you, and love the way you move when I suck you hard!”

“Or I could let you cum on my ass so I can see how much cum you have for me.” “I know you love to see how excited I can make you!”

This was true, Max loved to see how much he came with Jamie, and how hard and far he would shoot. escort kartal It was one way he measured his pure excitement, and just how much Jamie brought to him.

“Oh yeah baby, I want to see it, I want you to feel it hot all over you!” Max groaned as he rocked into her.

Max started grinding into her, harder and faster, Jamie began to verbalize her excitement in louder full Ohhhhs and ahhhhs.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum now!” In a rushed voice bellowed Jamie.

“I’m gonna cum on your huge cock!”

“Yessssssssssssssssss!” she yelled and hissed as she began to spasm around his cock.

“I’m cuh-uh-uhhhhmmmmmmming!” She moaned in almost what sounded like singing.

Max kept pumping with force and slowed a little so he could enjoy the tight clenching, and increased flooding warmth of fluids as she came.

I’m gonna cum now baby!” Max yelled, as he let his cock slip out of Jamie.

His cock made almost a jumping action as it snapped up from her lower leveled pussy. Max began to stroke himself, his cock was beyond warm; it was actually hot and soaked in Jamie’s juices. He strokes with his right hand for two pumps then brought his hand to his face so he could lick her musky cum off his fingers. He loved Jamie’s taste.

He began to stroke again, harder pumps as his consciousness becomes lost in the intoxication of the pleasure in the moment, then in one giant rush it began! The first jut of cum came out of Max like a rocket, long and thick and making a line out of his cock to the back of Jamie’s head.

“One!” he began to count! Max loved counting how many juts of cum he shoots and how many subsequent spasms he would feel with each one.

“Two!” His second jut of cum came to about the middle of Jamie’s back trailing all the way to the high end of her ass.

“Three!” His third jet of cum seemed wider and only went to the top of her ass.

“Four!” His fourth jut hit about mid ass and still remained stringed to his cock head.

“Five!” His fifth jut mainly just flowed out lubricating the crack of her ass.

“Six!” almost the same as his fifth jut.

Max just began to rub his cock in Jamie’s lubricated ass crack. Slowly rocking himself in her ass cleavage moaning, as Jamie looked in the mirror and giggle a happy giggle of fulfillment and wonderment. Making Max cum was probably her favorite things in the world. She glowed afterward and tuned to kiss him with the most passionate kiss two lovers can ever experience.

As they kissed, Jamie purred, “Mmmmm what a perfect start to our Vegas!”

– To Be Continued

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