Mature Woman’s Awakening

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(I only wish I had the words to express my thanks to rgraham666 for his patience and encouragement while editing this story)

I had been waiting all day for you to return from your business trip. Its funny – after having been divorced for three years, I had just begun to come to grips with the loneliness. I still cried at odd times, but I had started to realize that life went on. It didn’t matter if you liked it or not or that all of your dreams had been left shattered upon the rocks of a failed marriage. I never could have conceived of a divorce twenty-eight years ago when we had said “I do” at the wise old age of nineteen.

Oh, I had known everything back then. Advice to wait a little longer, I disregarded. What did others know about the two of us and the love that we felt for each other. I chalked up their proffered warnings as expressions of their regrets at having made wrong choices in their own marriages. There was no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I had found true love. The marriage vows of “till death you do you part” were but words in a ritual. I couldn’t even fathom that a love that burned so bright could ever fade.

But, fade, it did. The divorce left me with feelings inside of regret, failure, disillusionment, self-pity, doubt, and anger. I swore to myself that I would never allow myself to be so vulnerable again. I would go on. In time I may even learn to laugh again. However, trusting another man and feeling love again were not even to be contemplated.

That was until I met you, darling. Lord knows I wasn’t looking for a lover. I’m a fort-seven year old single mother who had recently entered the job market for the first time in her life in an effort to keep her family afloat. I certainly didn’t have the time to indulge myself with my own pursuit of pleasure. My children were my main and only concern. I would make any sacrifice for their happiness.

Besides, I had already been thrown upon the scrapheap of the unwanted. And this by a man who had sworn that he loved me! What could any other man possibly see in me?

My mother had always preached to us that life seldom made any sense. After we met and became close, I guess you could say that she knew what she was talking about. Who would have dreamed that this forty-seven year old woman would find happiness with a man who was only twenty-five?

Yes, we had to keep our affair quiet. I lived in fear every day that someone would discover us and I would be made the main topic of gossip in this small town forever. After a while, I also lived in agony every day because I couldn’t stand the pain of having to stay apart and out of sight. The past three weeks have been especially painful while you were in another city on business. At last, you were coming home and I had taken the liberty of doing some grocery shopping for you and letting myself into your house to give it a good cleaning bostancı escort before you came home.

Finally I heard you turning the key in the lock. My heart began to beat harder just at the thought of seeing you again. As you came through the door, my heart melted when I saw the exhaustion written all over your face. You had been keeping such long hours and I knew that they were taking a toll on you. Even through your weariness you still managed a smile for me and gave me the sweetest kiss a woman could ever hope for.

I took your hands and led you over to the sofa and you collapsed on it. I went to the fridge to get you something to drink, but when I came back your eyes were closed already. My heart went out to you once again as I stood over you and watched you sleep. I crept to your bedroom and retrieved your pajamas and a blanket to cover you with.

Moving quietly, I bent down and removed your socks and shoes. I looked up at you, surprised that even this activity did not awaken you. I reached for your belt and loosened it, then undid your pants.

You stirred a little at that. I grasped the waistband of your pants and boxers and pulled them down. You lifted your hips wearily to assist me. You looked at me with such love in your eyes and said “Honey, I think I’m just too tired tonight”.

I told you “shhhh……go ahead and close your eyes”.

No sooner are the words said when I saw your eyes closing again. I watched you for a few moments, thinking again about how lucky I am to have found you. My eyes traveled down your body and I gazed at your penis as it lay limply against your thigh. My heart pounded loudly in my ears as I wondered if I really had the courage to do what had crept into my mind.

Without another conscious thought, I lowered my head and kissed your wonderful organ that has been the source of so much pleasure for me. Thinking to myself, that wasn’t so bad. I leaned down to kiss it again – this time for longer. I heard you moan and begin to stir.

Feeling bolder, I kissed along its length. I really didn’t know much about what I was doing, but I was totally fascinated as it twitched and began to grow before my very eyes. Again I heard you groan. I was filled with such love for you and was so pleased that I was giving you this pleasure. My wet lips and tongue traveled up and down your length slowly. Your member slowly thickened with each passing moment.

I heard you moan my name softly and I looked up to see you looking down at me. Your eyes had a glazed over, dreamy quality. The stress that I had plainly seen in your face when you had come through the door was a million miles away. I smiled up at you and lowered my head once again. By then you were getting harder and harder. Your penis rose from your thigh and started its journey up towards your belly. I took it in my hand and began kissing along ümraniye escort bayan the underside – in no hurry. My tongue traveled from the bulbous head all the way down to your huge balls.

With every breath, my senses were filled with your strong masculine scent. My mind went to all of the times that my ex used to practically beg me to do this for him and I now wondered why it is that I never did. Now, it felt so natural worshiping this part of my young lover that has always filled me with such pleasure. I eagerly opened my lips and placed the large head inside my warm wet mouth. I sucked on it lovingly as you began to moan over and over.

I felt your fingers running through my hair as I bobbed slowly up and down. I knew that I didn’t have the skills of a lot of other women and could not take too much of you inside my mouth. My hand began to stroke you slowly in time to the movements of my mouth. A shiver ran through me at the image this must make. A woman in her forties kneeling before her lover who is only half her age, her mouth greedily sucking.

Before long I was amazed to feel your member thickening even more. I heard you groaning out my name and telling me that you were close. I was touched that you were warning me of what was about to happen. However, I never even considered stopping.

My hand stroked you faster as I continued sucking on you. Suddenly, I felt your body stiffen and heard you cry out as you began to cum in my mouth. I felt your warm seed explode into my mouth and I swallowed eagerly. Again it felt so natural to have your seed, which after all is a part of the man I love, pumping into my mouth and to feel it sliding down into my belly.

I kept my mouth attached to you and pumped your member until every drop had come out. I was surprised that I felt disappointment that it had all ended so abruptly. I finally raised my head from you and looked up into your eyes. The look that I saw there was filled with love and contentment. It was just the look that I would love to go on seeing for many, many more months and years in the future.

I got up and lovingly cradled your head and guided you down to a lying position. Within minutes you were fast asleep. During that whole time you did not so much as touch me intimately, but I nonetheless felt as contented as I ever had in my life.

Later that night, I am changing in your room when I hear you moving about downstairs – obviously you have finally awoken from your nap. I am about to slip my nightgown on in anticipation of a night of lovemaking without the fear of being interrupted by anybody. My children are spending the week at their father’s and tonight is to be just ours. I am completely naked as I start to raise the silky gown over my head. I have not bothered with panties or a bra because I have been praying that you would wake up and that I wouldn’t be in kartal escort need of those particular items of clothing.

Just as I am raising the gown over my head, you come into the room. I instinctively turn away – never having been one who was all that comfortable with my body. You surprise me by quickly moving up behind me and wrapping your arms around me. I close my eyes and smile to myself, feeling so safe and loved in your embrace.

I wait with the gown in my hands as you kiss my neck. Slowly, you maneuver me so that I have half turned and am facing the mirror over the dresser. Being more than slightly embarrassed, I turn my lips to yours rather than see myself reflected back in the mirror. Rather than kiss me, you lift your face to look into the mirror. I keep my head turned while you do this, but I swear I can feel your eyes drinking me in. I moan softly as your hands cup my breasts. You know how wonderful that makes me feel. I close my eyes and lean back against your chest.

I don’t know how long you knead my breasts and roll the nipples between your fingers. Your hands are at once both so strong, yet tender as you touch me so intimately – making me feel like every woman dreams of feeling.

The next thing I know one of your hands has dipped downward and you are running your fingers through my bush. At this point I want nothing more than for you to lay me down in bed and make love to me. You have other ideas, however.

Your fingers find my clit and my, by now, very wet entrance. I open my legs slightly without even thinking and you are certainly finding all of the right places to touch. This whole time, I haven’t so much as glanced in the mirror. My eyes are closed and I am just enjoying the sensations as they wash over me. Soon those familiar feelings begin building from within me.

As I near my climax, you use your chin to nudge my face forwards. Hesitantly, I open my eyes. I almost don’t recognize the person looking back at me. I don’t see some young, fit movie star type. After all, I am 47 years old and have given birth to six children. The woman in the mirror looks almost primal. Her hair is a mess, her body is flushed red all over, her nipples are a much deeper shade of red and very erect, and she is grinding back against you like some kind of wild animal.

You whisper in my ear how beautiful I look when my orgasm explodes inside me. Thank God you have your strong arms around me or I would collapse right here on the spot. This is the first time that I have ever seen myself cum. It is probably the most erotic experience I have ever had.

Finally, you take me to bed and we make love like a couple of teenagers all night long. I blink back tears of pleasure as I eagerly open my thighs and feel you enter me. I writhe and twist, claw and moan as you bring me to one shattering orgasm after another.

Tonight we touch and kiss and taste each other as if it were the last night of the world. I know that you will be leaving town again soon, but this night you are here and I don’t want to waste one second of it thinking about tomorrow. God, how I wish it could always be this way! I love you……

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