Matt’s Story Ch. 02

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[Note: this is chapter 2 in a series, obviously. It’s a bit of a slow burn compared to the first chapter. It should get a bit spicier next chapter if you have the patience.]


“What have you been doing all week?” Dr. Émilie Martin asked.

‘Two girls at once’ is probably not the optimal answer, thought Matt, though not inaccurate. It had been a long week, though an enjoyable one, but apparently not long enough to give him time to work on research. It was rather difficult to find any time to think whatsoever with his girlfriend, Mei Lin, having decided that they were now living together, and thus also living together with her girlfriend Nessa. He couldn’t really complain. Aside from a little aching in his balls every now and again, and possibly a bit of dehydration, it was working out really great. Mei Lin’s usually more than healthy libido had seemed only to get stronger with the constant presence of another lover in the house, and the living arrangements were in general pretty good, but it had not been much of a boon to his academic progress, and he doubted that his advisor, now staring at him with a look of displeasure, would be as happy about the new arrangements as he was.

Not least of all because she’d probably be annoyed that there was yet another girl now using her favorite fuck toy. Yeah, two girls at once might be company, but three was a (not wholly unpleasant) crowd, he thought. Fortunately for his aching balls, his lack of progress seemed to have killed whatever desire she had for him at the moment.

“Sorry, I just had some life stuff come up,” came out of his mouth, followed almost involuntarily by “and teaching…” Always a believable excuse, he thought, as long as only used sparingly. He hadn’t blamed teaching for anything recently, right?

“Ah,” she replied, “perhaps the undergraduates are making it difficult for you.” Her tone was as cryptic as her expression. “Regardless,” she sighed, “by next week, then?”

Matt found himself outside her office, missing the bit of memory where they had said goodbye. Perhaps, he thought, perhaps, indeed. Regardless, he needed caffeine at the moment. Lack of sleep, another side effect of two particular undergrads. He wandered to the coffee shop, trying and failing to get his brain started on math again.

He found Carmen at her usual spot behind the counter, serving the handful of bleary-eyed undergrads. “How’s it going?” he greeted her.

“You look like shit. Should I make it an extra large, black today?” she smiled. There was that latina charm.

“Extra large and black, you know just how I take it,” he replied.

“I’ve seen you take it a lot of ways, but I think black would be new. Extra large, though…” she had to wait a second for his sleep-deprived brain to catch up to the innuendo. “…unless there’s something about that Nessa girl you wanted to tell me?”

“Oh, so much I’d like to tell you,” he chuckled.

“Mmm,” she seemed pleased. “Show, don’t tell, they say. Anyway, the usual?”

“Sounds good,” he answered.

“The usual, or the showing?” she asked.

He sighed, still behind her rather obvious innuendo by a step. “The usual, for now. But maybe I’ll ask Nessa what she thinks.”

“You better,” Carmen faux-chided him as she poured coffee in a large to-go cup. “So, how is that whole polycule thing going?” She slid the cup to him across the counter.

“Polycule?” he asked. “Do I need this caffeine more than I thought, or am I just behind the times on terminology? I’m having a hard time keeping up with you darn kids.”

“I mean the Mei Lin-Nessa living situation. She mentioned something about it the other day, but I’ve just been left wondering since then.”

“Spend a lot of time wondering about my love life?” he teased.

“Nah, just wanted to compare notes, see if you needed any help navigating the whole ‘constant fuckfest’ lifestyle.” She just managed to slip that in before another customer came within earshot.

“I’ll let you know,” he answered as he took the cup and gave way to what looked like a harried freshman girl who’d just come off a night of cramming. “After I meet the parents this weekend.”

“Good luck with that,” she waved him goodbye and turned her focus to the freshman.

He had started out towards the door, but opted at the last moment to instead take an open table and try to organize his thoughts. He wasn’t sure who would be back at his apartment right now, but he didn’t want to risk another bout of female desire eating up his entire morning, as much fun as it would be. He really did have to get onto that research.

Maybe staying with Mei Lin’s parents would actually work out. As much as he was looking forward to the “hi, I’m the older guy who’s banging your sweet little daughter” conversation, he had to imagine that even Mei Lin wouldn’t be too keen on waking her parents up with sex noises, so he concluded that maybe he’d have some time to think. He took a sip of his coffee and tried to turn his thoughts to something productive.

And so of course Carmen sat down across erenköy escort bayan from him. “You ok, dude?” she asked, drawing his attention away from homotopies once again. Poor, neglected homotopies…

“Yeah, why? Is this a new level of customer service?” he asked.

“You’ve been sitting here for, like, fifteen minutes just staring into space,” she said. “I thought maybe something was wrong. Or did I just interrupt those deep math thoughts?”

“Ah ha, no, I’m far more shallow than you give me credit for,” he said. Fifteen minutes? He really did need sleep.

“Uh huh, let me guess.” She leaned back in her chair, somehow managing to look sexy despite the unflattering coffeeshop polo + apron combo. “Worried that daddy won’t like you giving it to his daughter?”

“Something to that effect, anyway,” he replied. “Reasonable, though, right?”

“Eh,” she shrugged, “I think probably you’re overthinking it. It’s not like you have to tell her parents how much she likes it up the ass or anything. Besides, you’re pretty good boyfriend material.”

“Oh, yeah?” he asked. Part of him was genuinely intrigued. “I think maybe you just like older guys, or guys with some kind of ‘authority’. Parents probably don’t appreciate TAs creeping on their daughters so much.”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged again. “Just my opinion, I guess. Maybe they won’t find you as hot as I do.”

“You never know…” he said, finally feeling awake. “I guess it depends on how hot you find me.”

“Well, I sucked your cock, remember?” A girl at a neighboring table tried very hard not to notice that comment. He was just grateful that Carmen hadn’t followed that up with “And also your friend’s cock at the same time. And then later we had a bisexual orgy all night long. Remember that?”

“I seem to recall something. Well, thanks for putting that in perspective for me,” he said, taking another sip of life-giving coffee.

“Anyway, I have to get back to work,” she said, getting up from the seat. “Good luck with Ma and Pa.”


Carmen had been the shot in the arm he needed, apparently, or perhaps it was the coffee, because he was able to lock himself in his office for a couple hours and scribble out some computations. It had helped that his only company had been Luis, his office mate, who was always way more into his wave equations than conversation.

Luis was not a bad guy, sort of an ideal office mate, actually, Matt had concluded as he sat back in his chair. Not a bad looking dude, either, he supposed, but he struggled to recall a single conversation with the guy that had lasted longer than three sentences. Still, he couldn’t complain. He looked at the clock and realized his surprising progress should not have been that surprising at all, considering it had taken three more hours than he had originally thought.

Shit, he realized, seeing the hour hand just shy of the four. Mei Lin is not going to be happy. He’d promised to meet her for a late lunch, but this was stretching the definition of that term beyond repair.

Knock, knock. He got up to answer the door, which Luis had closed after himself on entering the office hours ago. Matt was more of an open door kind of guy, but this was not a thing he was going to bother with.

He opened the door to find Mei Lin, her head slightly cocked to one side, an unreadable expression on her face. Anger? Was it Anger? He was going to guess anger.

“I’m so sorry, honey, I was doing some computations and just totally lost track of time…”

“It’s fine,” she said. Odd. “Actually I’m kind of just glad you’re ok. Carmen said you were weird earlier.”

“Oh, she did, huh? So you at least got some coffee then? I’m sorry again about lunch, really.” She pushed past him and into the office. Matt thought he caught a glance from Luis, but he could have just imagined that.

“Nah,” she said, casually flopping down into his chair. “After you didn’t show up I ran into her. Actually we got some lunch and had some nice girl talk.” Matt felt like he was being dissected by the laser beams from Luis’s eyes as Mei Lin continued, apparently oblivious, but when he glanced over, it appeared to be just his imagination. Maybe lots of coffee + no food + no sleep is not a formula for the best mental state, he concluded.

“Oh, yeah? What’d you talk about?”

“Yeah,” she replied. “Anyway, it’s probably good that you didn’t eat. I’m sure my dad’s going to cook too much food, anyway, and he might like it if you eat a lot of it.” He silently noted that she hadn’t answered his question. “You are ready to go, right?”

“Yeah,” he replied. “But it’s not like some big trip, anyway. It’s just across town…”

“Uh huh,” she said, seeming to ignore his comment. “Are you done for today? Or like, done enough, anyway? I kind of wanted to get going early.”

“Uh, sure,” he replied. Good, great, let’s extend this visit a few hours. Not like it’s going to be uncomfortable or anything…

It didn’t take long to get his etiler escort bayan notes packed up. “Have a nice weekend, Luis,” he said on his way out. Luis just gave a nod and went back to whatever he was working on.


Mei Lin had given Nessa her own copy of the key to Matt’s place before they left. He’d almost felt like giving her a stern “no parties while we’re gone,” but opted not to. It wasn’t as if the place would end up looking like more of a mess than it currently did, anyway. His extended transition from college kid to real adult was feeling a bit too long lately, but he pushed the thoughts away as he drove himself and Mei Lin to her house.

She seemed genuinely excited for reasons he could not fathom, wiggling with nervous energy in the passenger seat and anxiously pointing out which turns to take far in advance. It wasn’t like she hadn’t seen her parents, he thought. She hadn’t actually moved out of her parents house yet; she’d rather just been spending more and more nights at his place. He assumed she’d told them that, but he’d never actually asked. For all he knew, she could have said she was staying with Nessa or any of a million other things. Perhaps this was the type of thing they should be communicating about. But while she’d never been secretive about her family, she’d never spent too much time talking about them. He didn’t blame her; it’s not like he ever talked about his own family, and it seemed like one of those things that he should just trust her to run for herself.

“This is it!” she practically squeaked. It was a nice house, larger than any he’d ever lived in, anyway, though not like some kind of mansion, per se. There was plenty of space between here and the neighbor’s house, a well-kept lawn and some trees. He wondered idly where the property lines were, what the relationships with neighbors were like. He’d spent so long living in or around college campuses and their attendant college apartments, he could barely remember life in actual houses, completely closed away from other people in one’s own little domain. No white picket fences in sight, though , he thought.

Mei Lin practically bounded to the door, her thin fingers pulling him eagerly up the little path from the street. As they approached he wondered if he should ring the doorbell, but the problem ended up being solved for him, as before they even stepped onto the porch, the front door opened, revealing a woman.

She was an attractive Asian woman, slightly taller than Mei Lin, but not by much. The way she leaned against the doorframe with one bare arm accented how curvaceous she was. Matt felt bad for automatically making the mental estimate, but from how her sleeveless top showed off her cleavage, he would have guessed a C cup. Her black skirt was tight and short enough to show plenty of attractive leg without being overtly scandalous. Except for the fact of being an Asian woman in his Asian girlfriend’s house, he wouldn’t have pegged her as Mei Lin’s mother, so little was the resemblance, though they were both beautiful, on top of the fact that she barely seemed any older than her daughter. He’d never been good with telling the ages of Asians, though. “Hi baby!” she greeted Mei Lin warmly before turning to look into Matt’s eyes, with a focused but inviting expression. “And you must be Matt! I’m so happy to meet you at last.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” Matt managed, unsure whether a handshake was the correct protocol. Fortunately, the problem answered itself when she drew herself close to him for a hug.

As she pressed her ample breasts against him, she began again. “Mei Lin has told us all about you, but we thought we’d never get to meet you.” We, he thought. Where was the man of the house? He looked over the woman’s shoulder into the house, but saw no male presence, just nice furnishings.

“Only good things, I hope,” Matt said. God, what a lame cliche, but that’s what boyfriends are supposed to say, right? They don’t have to love you, they just have to think you’re not the worst.

“Oh, very good things, of course,” she answered, finally ending the warm embrace. “I’ve really been looking forward to having you this weekend.” He thought he heard an emphasis in the sentence, but dismissed it as a trick his ears were playing on him. The woman spoke excellent English, but there was just a trace of an accent. “I’m Naomi, by the way,” she said, leading them into the house, “but you can call me mom.”

“And dad is…?” Matt asked, making sure to close the door behind him.

Naomi turned back around to face him. “Oh, I’m sure he’s around here, somewhere. Probably in the basement playing with his toys or something. How about I see if I can find him while Mei Mei shows you to the guest room? Then we can start the tour once you’re settled in.”

“Sounds good,” he replied, noticing he’d been tightly gripping his bag subconsciously. It had all been standard small talk stuff so far, but something about this woman had let him relax, and he found his grip returning to normal. florya escort bayan Mei Lin showed him up the stairs while her mother disappeared into another room.

When they’d made their way down the carpeted hallway at the top of the stairs to a room barely large enough to hold the bed, which looked to be at biggest a twin size, Mei Lin turned around to face him. “Well, here’s your bed.”

“So, I guess it’s separate accommodations for the weekend, then?”

Her mouth twisted up into something like a smile and she shrugged. “Do you think you can handle not having this hot little body next to you for a couple nights?”

“I’m more worried that you can’t handle not having this hot little body next to you for even one night.”

“Oh, I think I’ll make do, somehow…” she teased, drawing close to him. She looked up into his eyes with a wicked look on her face, and he felt a gentle touch on the crotch of his pants. Her tongue made a seductive little movement across her lips.

He had just started leaning in for a kiss when they were interrupted with an “ahem.” Turning his head, he found Naomi standing in the doorway with a playful smile on her lips. “Is it comfortable enough for you?” she asked, feigning innocence.

“It’s great,” he said, stepping away from Mei Lin and trying very hard not to blush. “So the tour is starting up, then?”

“Any time you two are ready,” she replied cheerfully. “Just follow me. This room you passed here is Mei Mei’s,” she indicated a door, ajar just enough that the unmistakable pink hues of a girl’s bedroom could be seen. “My husband I are just down the hall, there,” she continued, pointing vaguely while she turned her neck to face them, adding, “just in case anything happens.” He wasn’t sure, but it sounded vaguely like a warning.

“There’s a bathroom here,” she said as she showed them the room in question, pushing open the door to reveal a full bathroom, with another door that looked to lead into the master bedroom, though it was closed. “Probably a good idea to knock first. I imagine there might be a bit of a morning rush for the shower.”

Matt gave a noncommittal sound of understanding as a response. What is the proper response to these things? he wondered. Mei Lin, only a slight smile on her face next to him, was of no real help.

They continued down the stairs. “And here’s the living room, which you’ve already seen.” They passed a closed door and made their way into a kitchen, which in turn gave way to a dining room. “And here’s where my husband is supposed to be cooking us dinner,” Naomi said.

“No luck in finding him?” Matt asked. I hope that sounded normal.

“Right here.” A voice startled him from behind. Apparently, he was the only one caught unaware, as he turned around to face Mei Lin’s father. The man was around Matt’s height, maybe slightly bigger around. He gave off a confident air in his plain t-shirt and jeans, his blondish-brownish hair showing no signs of the age Matt had guessed he must be to have a college-aged daughter. He was wiping something off his hands with a rag.

“Hi daddy!” Mei Lin chirped, bounding to him with a hug.

“Hi Mei Mei,” he said, only a fraction of her happiness in his voice, though he hugged her fully. “And this is Mark?” he said, addressing his daughter rather than Matt himself.

“It’s Matt, daddy,” she pretended to be annoyed.

“Ah, right, right.” Only then did he seem to acknowledge Matt’s presence. Matt extended a hand, which the man shook after what was for Matt an agonizing moment of hesitation.

“Really lovely house you have here,” Matt found his own voice unpleasant. He hastily added a “sir,” wishing almost immediately he hadn’t.

Her father gave a sort of “Unh,” as a response before adding, “probably nicer than a grad apartment, anyway.”

Thankfully for Matt, Naomi stepped in where he had no idea what to say. “If you’re done with your toys down there, do you think you could make dinner like you promised?”

“I suppose I could,” he said rather flatly. “A little difficult with all these people in my kitchen, though.”

Naomi turned to address Matt again. “My husband’s name is Joel, by the way, not sir.” She seemed genuinely annoyed at her husband’s manner.

“Or you can just call him daddy!” Mei Lin practically squeaked.

Matt attempted to come up with a response, but it ended up just being a breath, which he hoped did not sound too much like frustration.

“Liquor cabinet’s in the other room,” Joel said, punctuating his invitation (?) with a shooing motion of his hands.

The three of them passed out of the kitchen and into some other rooms, Naomi dominating the conversation, indicating this and that, offering Matt various things, and reminding him more than once to make himself at home. Does that ever really work in these situations? Matt thought to himself. She was a lovely woman, not just physically, although that, as well, charming and warm. He found himself more interested in the swaying of her shapely hips as they moved from room to room than in the details of the construction of this place, which apparently Joel had had built himself. She was a bit vague about what he did for his money, which in and of itself was a little uncomfortable for Matt, if only because he’d need something to make conversation with later, but it seemed they were well-off enough and whatever it was Mei Lin’s father did, it kept him around the house.

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