Massage Leads to Sex Ch. 02

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CH 2.

When I arrived home on Monday evening I was in sexual heaven, nothing mattered to me except what an incredible day I’d just experienced and what the rest of the week would bring.

I realised how much I’d been missing a sex life and just what a selfish useless man I’d married.

I went upstairs to get changed and showered, whilst in the shower all I could think about was Will, I was still horny and rubbed my already wet pussy until I cum as I fantasised about the rest of the week.

I woke early on Tuesday and couldn’t wait to get out of the house, but there was still three hours until I saw Will.

I showered and had a quick shave of my pussy again to make sure it was perfectly smooth, I chose an all white bra and panties set and also put on some hold up stockings. I felt like a wanted woman once again after many years, and wanted to look my sexiest for Will.

On the way to Will’s house I was feeling incredibly horny, as Will had spoiled me so much yesterday I thought it’s only fair to return the favour. I hardly touched his cock yesterday but desperately wanted and needed to now.

I arrived and parked on the drive, Will wasn’t at the door to greet me like yesterday but I felt more comfortable with the situation now so I let myself in and closed the door behind me. Will heard the door and came out of the kitchen, he was making a drink and asked if I’d like one, I said yes and we took the drinks to the living room.

There was a three seater sofa and a two seater sofa, Will sat on the three and I sat on the two. We talked about the events of yesterday and agreed we both enjoyed it, I suggested that I’d like to return the favour and Will said he’ll do whatever makes me happy.

I could already feel a wetness between eryaman escort my legs, and couldn’t wait any longer, I stood up and removed my clothes except for my underwear, Will was smiling broadly and said he loved how I looked. I sat back down and with one leg on the floor and one leg on the sofa opened my legs to give him a better view. I slid my hand inside my panties and started to play with my pussy, Will couldn’t keep his eyes off me and was rubbing his cock through his thin shorts. I could see the outline of his cock pushing at the material of his shorts, I was fingering myself with two fingers and the noise was obvious, I was soaking and removed my hand and put them in my mouth and sucked and licked my cunt juice off. Will took off his shorts, he had no pants on and his cock stood upright, I took my panties off and threw them to him, I continued to finger fuck myself as Will put my panties to his face and licked the wetness from the crotch.

Using my thumb I encircled my clit as I thrust my fingers in my soaking hole, I was about to cum and pushed hard on my clit and screamed with pleasure as my pussy pulsated on my dripping fingers. I took my fingers from my pussy crawled over to Will and with my cum soaked hand I grabbed his thick hard cock, I stroked it up and down soaking it in my cum, he closed his eyes and laid his head back on the sofa. I put my mouth around the head of his cock and tasted my lovely juices, licking up and down the length of his shaft and hungrily slurping up every drop of that juice.

I now stood up turned around so I was facing away from Will and straddled his lower body, feeling that hard cock touch my arse cheeks, I reached between my legs and took hold of his cock and guided it between my soaking hungry pussy lips, escort eryaman I lowered myself down on it and it filled my wet cunt, I rode him slowly and felt him unclip my bra, my big tits fell free and bounced with every motion I made. My feet were on the floor and I leaned forward as far as I could so Will could see my pussy sliding up and down on his hard pole.

He commented that it’s an amazing sight and he was about to cum, I climbed off his cock, fell to my knees and took his cock as deep in my throat as I could manage, my lips slid up and down on it as I massaged his balls, I felt his cock pulsate then his cum hit the back of my throat in a torrent. I held his cock in my mouth until he’d finished cumming, then as his cock left my mouth it slid off my bottom lip and down my chin, I leaned back and swallowed every bit of cum in my mouth, even wiping my chin with my finger and licking that off too.

It was my first taste of cum for many years, it was also my first taste of cock for many years as my husband was a pig and his personal hygiene was poor so I wouldn’t do it to him, but Will was clean and smelled and tasted great and I wanted that cock some more.

Will suggested we go upstairs and shower, I agreed and we went into the bathroom, there was a large shower easily big enough for two so we got in together.

The warm water was cascading down onto us and Will told me to turn around, he put shampoo onto my hair and washed it for me, I could feel his now soft cock occasionally touch my arse cheeks as he washed me and using a sponge he washed my back as I washed my front, just using his hands he started to wash my arse cheeks and while doing this he put a finger on my arse hole and tried to gently insert it inside me. I confessed eryaman escort bayan to him that I’d never had anything ever inserted into my anus and could we leave it for another day. I felt bad as Will had treat me so amazing over the past few days, but he said no problem and even apologised to me, he’s so sweet.

Will turned around and I washed him all over, washing his hairy strong manly chest triggered something inside me making me realise what was missing in my life.

We got out of the shower and Will wrapped a towel around, me he got a towel too and we went to the bedroom. We dried each other and I paid a lot of attention to his cock, after drying it I used both hands and gently stroked it as we talked. He got very hard again and I loved the feel of his thick cock in my hands.

Will asked me to kneel on the edge of the bed on all fours, he knelt down on the floor and started to kiss the back of my thighs, my legs were slightly apart and Will could easily access my pussy, he then kissed my outer labia and continued up, he didn’t stop and I suddenly felt his tongue on my arsehole, wow it felt amazing, he asked if I was ok I said yes, he put two fingers in my now soaking cunt and continued to lick my arsehole. I loved it, the feeling of his tongue on my arsehole so soft was too much, and as soon as Will put his thumb on my clit I couldn’t hold on any longer and I cum, I could feel the walls of my pussy clenching his fingers inside me, I begged him to put his cock in my pussy and fuck me hard, I felt like a slut and needed his cock. He stood up and slid that beautiful cock deeper inside me than anybody had ever done before. He slammed it into me harder and faster all the time, the sound of his hips against my arse was echoing in the room. I sensed Will was cumming and I was too and I bit the pillow hard to muffle my screams.

I collapsed flat onto the bed closely followed by Will and we lay there breathless until we found the energy to move.

I hoped I had made Will feel as good as he made me feel the day before.

What would Wednesday bring?

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