Marybelle’s Bad Day

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Damn! I shouted as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was already 8.30 and if I didn’t leave right away I was going to be late. I’d joined the company only the week before and was still undecided on whether it was the right move for me. While I made up my mind though, there was no way I could be late while still on my probation period. Damn those filthy dreams I was having for keeping me in my bed too long!

My long, brown hair was frizzy and I’d only had time to put on the bare minimum of makeup. I quickly poured my curves into a red dress. It was way too sexy for the workplace but damn it, I had to make up for not spending time on my face and hair! I slipped into matching pumps and made a run for the car.

It was raining heavily as I pulled up in the carpark. My space was the furthest away from the office and, of course, I’d forgotten my umbrella in the rush to get ready on time. There was no choice but to make a run for it.

I crashed through the double doors of our office just as the clock hit 9.10 am. I was soaked through, the already tight dress now clinging to every curve, displaying my erect nipples so that nobody could possibly miss them. Naturally, the boss was already standing at the reception desk and I couldn’t miss the big gesture he made of checking his watch as I came in.

The boss is looking as pristine as ever. No rush to get ready for him, no dash through the rain, no clothes that are just ever so slightly wrong for the situation. Since my first day on the job I’ve had a hard time not ogling him as he passes my desk. He is a tall, handsome man, slim and lithe, always neatly turned out and dressed in expensive, well-made suits. I’m a mess today and standing next to him makes me feel even more so.

“I think we need to talk, eryaman escort Marybelle”

Shit! I’m in trouble! I run after him, trying to keep up with his long strides. My heart is thumping as he leads me into a meeting room and closes the door behind us.

I stand at the door and he takes a seat at the boardroom table. I don’t know if I should sit or stand so I just sort of hover and I couldn’t feel more awkward and self-conscious. My wet dress and the fear of his anger is making me sweat. He fixes me with a long stare.

“Come and sit down, Marybelle” he says and I sit in the seat next to him.

“We need to talk about how you’re settling in,” he says. His face is serious.

“OK,” I reply, thinking that if I’m about to be sacked then I want to leave as soon as possible so I can get home and have a cry. I can nearly feel the tears welling up and I choke them back down.

“I’ve been keeping an eye on you, Marybelle,” he says “and I don’t think you’re performing as well as you could be. I don’t think I have much choice but to let you go.”

And now the tears start to fall. This is the worst day. I look like hell and I’ve been fired.

He sees my tears and his face softens. “Hey girl, there’s no need for that. Maybe we can find a solution.” And with those words he reaches out and puts his hand on my thigh. The red dress has ridden up and he is able to stroke his hand the whole way up to the elastic of my panties. Something electric moves through me at his touch. God this is intense, the touch, the situation, the stress of it. I feel as if every nerve in my body is jangling and my pussy starts to ache with longing and to soak my silk panties. At least I managed to pick out good underwear, I realise!

He runs his escort eryaman finger along the silk edge and gently nudges up the bottom of my dress. I begin to shake but it’s no longer stress and fear, it’s something more animal, more important than that. I gasp and open my legs to give him more access to my pussy and he smiles, broadly. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him smile.

Suddenly he stands and pulls me to my feet. “I knew we could find a solution, Marybelle. I’d hate to have to let you go.” He kisses me deeply and reaches round to undo the zip of my dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. He unhooks my bra, leans down and takes my nipple in his mouth, sucking it hard and making me cry out with pleasure. I’m bucking and gyrating against him now, begging him to touch me, soaking the silk of my panties with my desire.

I start to undo the buttons of his shirt but he stops me. He reaches down to my panties and grunts his approval at the wetness he can feel. He slides his finger down and starts to rub my clit and I have to bite my lip to keep from crying out. Wordlessly, he sinks to his knees, pulls my panties down and allows me to step out of them. I’m completely naked in the boardroom and yet I don’t feel self conscious any more. All my senses are now concentrated in one tiny spot and his tongue finds that spot, swirling around it in circles and sending wave after wave of pleasure up and down my spine.

I can’t hold back any more and I cum, gasping as my juices flow down his chin. He stops, looks up and I see that smile again. “Your day’s got better, then?” he laughs and I can’t breathe steadily enough to respond.

My legs can hardly hold me when he stands, lifts me by the waist and sets me on the table, pulling me to him so eryaman escort bayan I can feel his hardness pulsating against my mound. Now, more than I have ever felt, I need him to fill me up. We are kissing deeply as I hear him undo his belt, I hear a zipper being pulled down and a loud click as his belt hits the floor. My heart is beating so loud I’m sure he can hear it as he positions his huge cock against the entrance of my begging pussy.

Still kissing me, he looks into my eyes and pushes deep into me in one movement. His cock is huge and I feel myself stretch to accommodate him and I cry out as the head of his cock hits my womb.

The worst day is suddenly the best day. He varies his stroke, now slow and gentle, now hard and fast. My pussy clenches and I cum again, biting his shoulder to keep from screaming. He pulls out of me, lifts me off the table, spins me round and pushes me down onto it again, roughly. He grabs my waist and fucks me hard from behind, filling me in a way that I only ever imagined was possible. His balls slap against my clit in a way that drives me wild, bucking against him, trying to get him deeper and deeper inside me.

Pounding into me, our flesh slapping loudly – god, they must be able to hear us in the office! – I cum again and this time the juices and the clenching of my pussy muscles send him over the edge and he gasps. I feel his cock harden inside me and his grip on my waist becomes almost painful as he gets ready to cum.

“Oh FUUUUCKKKK!” He cries out and I feel a tsunami of cum burst inside me as he slams his cock into me again and again. After what feels like hours of bliss, his stroked become slower and more gentle and he leans down and kisses me on the back. Gently he pulls out of me. I can’t move. Everything is pulsing and lights are flashing inside my eyes. I vaguely hear the sounds of him getting dressed again, then some steps and then the door opening and closing.

After a few minutes I snap to, get dressed and head to my desk. I think I’m going to want to stay with this company for a very long time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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