Married Couple’s Fantasies Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I woke up at about 10:30 the next morning. I looked next to me to see my gorgeous naked wife still asleep. I can’t fucking believe just a few hours ago we had a threesome with another woman. And my wife ate pussy! And talked so dirty! What a night.

Replaying the previous night in my head got me horny so I started pawing up my sleeping wife’s body. I spooned her and reached around to rub her titties while burying my hard on in her ass crack. She came to but still very groggy.

“Morning sweetie.” Halie said in a very throaty voice. “I see you’re ready for more already.” But she wasn’t moving.

“I can’t believe that we did it honey. That was so incredible. And I can’t believe what a wild woman you turned into!” I reminded her.

“Yeah, its like a light switch went off when we got to their house and I turned into a different person.” Halie confessed.

“For someone that had never been with another woman you took to it pretty well.” I whispered in her ear.

“She was pretty and had a great body. And I have to admit, watching you fuck her was really hot!” Halie said with her eyes still closed. “Hope you get as much enjoyment from watching me live out my fantasy.”

And there it was. I enjoyed my threesome fantasy with the perfect woman that I picked out and only a few hours later I had to face the reality that the price for my pleasure was steep. I was going to have to watch 2 guys, strangers no less, fuck my wife.


It had been about 2 weeks since we had the threesome with Kara. Our sex has been phenomenal with my wife really getting into the dirty talk. A few days ago we posted and ad on an adult site looking for the 2 guys to fulfill Halie’s fantasy. We probably got 100 responses in the first 24 hours but most were rejected for poor grammar, no pictures, or she didn’t like what she saw.

“Here’s a couple guys honey.” Halie told me as she was looking at a recent response. “They’re both single, good looking, have nice bodies, and nice looking dicks. Maybe we should meet them and see if we click.”

I was still dreading this but I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. “Okay honey. Let’s see if they wanna meet for a drink.” I said it but not sure I meant it.

Later that day she told me she heard back from Matt and Brett and we were going to meet them the following evening at the bar inside the Residence Inn. They both had a room there. “Oh great” I thought, perfect for fucking my wife in.

Halie and I had great sex that night. I ate her pussy and ass for an hour while she talked dirty as hell about two guys fucking her silly.

The next evening Halie came out of the bathroom in a sexy dress. She had bought it earlier that day and I had yet to see it. It was red and black, had a plunging neck line that showed most of her big tits, fell not far below her cooch, and hugged her hips and ass. Fuck these two guys, I wanted to keep my wife home and bang her myself.

When we walked into the bar Matt and Brett were already there with kızılay escort a drink in front of them. They were good looking guys. They both stood when we approached the table and I could see them scanning my wife’s body from head to toe. But I mean why not, that’s why we’re there.

“You’re even more gorgeous than your pictures Halie.” Matt said while Brett shook his head in agreement. “You’re a lucky man Noah,” he added.

“Thanks!” Halie responded. “You two are very handsome as well.”

We ordered drinks and talked about the usual, what we all did for a living, where we lived, etc. I wouldn’t say my wife was nervous when we got here but she certainly had turned the flirting up after that second drink. Her chair was now closer to Brett’s that when we got here and her hand was on his leg. He was leaning closer to her and had a perfect view of her ample cleavage. I could tell Matt wasn’t happy that he was sitting opposite my wife so I offered to swap seats. I knew my wife was going to give the green light on these guys.

So now Matt and Brett flanked my wife while I sat opposite. Matt had his hand on Halie’s upper thigh, probably touching her wet panties. They were talking and laughing and flirting and very touchy feely. My wife’s tits were almost spilling out of that tight little dress every time she laughed.

I knew that switch had flipped in my wife’s head when she mentioned that both men had great cocks (she was referencing the pics they sent). It was almost out of nowhere but we all recognized what was about to happen.

“Maybe we should take this up to my room,” Brett suggested.

Matt looked at me and I agreed. “Let’s go.” Half of me was regretting this and half was excited to see it.

Halie walked to the elevator with one man on each arm. They were groping her ass and drawing the attention of everyone in the bar. On the ride up my wife’s tits were pulled out of her dress by Matt and getting some attention from both men. Even though I was still unsure how I would feel about them actually fucking her, this was getting me horny.

We walked from the elevator to Brett’s room without my wife making any effort to put her tits back in her dress. And the dirty talk had started as well.

“I’ll bet you two are gonna fuck me silly!” Halie told them.

“Yes we are!” They concurred. “Can’t believe we found such a hot little sex toy!”

The minute we walked into the room Matt lifted my wife’s dress up to expose her tiny thong. He grabbed it and ripped it off in one quick yank and pulled her dress over her head at the same time. Halie was butt naked and had four hands on her body immediately.

Matt was behind her rubbing and smacking her ass while kissing her back and neck. Brett was in front of her with his hand on her pussy and his mouth on her tits. She was telling the men that she wanted to be their whore tonight. They assured her she would be.

Matt barked at my wife, “Get on your knees slut!” At the same time he unleashed his already kızılay escort bayan hard cock. He must have been about 8″ straight and thick. Halie dropped to her knees and opened her mouth to accept his tool.

While my wife was sucking Matt’s cock like it was her life source, Brett was shedding his clothes. Brett also had a good size dick. Little longer but thinner and shaved smooth all over. He told Matt, “Let’s take our whore to the bed.”

Matt withdrew his cock out of my wife’s eager mouth and they pulled her to her feet and shoved her onto the bed. Seeing these two treat and talk to my wife like a fuck toy was actually turning me on. And Halie was certainly enjoying it.

Once on the bed Brett told my wife to lay on her back and hang her head over the side. Upon her obedience he set his nuts on her mouth and told her to lick the underside of them. She gladly obliged and even reached up with one hand to stroke his shaft. Meanwhile, Matt pushed my wife’s legs wide and started tasting her sweet nectar.

Matt and Brett looked at me and thanked me for bringing them my “whore wife” to fuck, which made my cock almost blow right there. I’m not sure why but seeing these two men treat her this way had me near orgasm without even touching my cock. I was beginning to understand why Greg liked watching us with Kara.

By now Brett had his cock deep in my wife’s throat and was pumping it while squeezing her big tits. Matt decided to climb between her legs and give her a good fucking. I could see Halie’s pussy stretching around Matt’s thicker cock. She was writhing and moaning with pleasure, as I’m certain she had her first orgasm of the night.

The kink level was extreme at this point. There was name calling, directing my wife what to do, smacking her ass and cock whipping her face, and contorting her legs however they saw fit.

Matt informed us all that he was getting close to cumming, Halie pushed Brett out of her mouth and told Matt, “Fill my slutty cunt with your cum!”

At hearing that I pulled my cock out and started jerking it. I needed to release as bad as Matt did upon hearing that! After a few strokes I was cumming into a towel and Matt was filling my wife’s pussy with hot spunk. He complimented my wife’s “tight fuck hole” and urged Brett to try it.

The men switched positions but flipped my wife to her hands and knees. Now Halie was sucking and slurping on Matt’s cum covered cock while Brett got behind her like a dog and started railing her. I know my wife well and I saw her have at least two more orgasms in this position. After 5 minutes or so Brett announced that he was going to fill up “this whores cunt” too. When he pulled out of her a mixture of his and Matt’s spooge covered his cock. My wife gladly took it in her mouth to clean it.

Matt was hard again and told her he was going to use her ass now. My insatiable wife told him she needed it spanked first. So Matt bent Halie over the bed and proceeded to slap my wife’s ass as he stood escort kızlay behind talking to her. “You like your husband seeing what a slut his wife is? Answer me whore. You’re a fucking cum guzzling slut aren’t you?”

Halie was loving this and told us all that she was a complete whore and was to be used by anyone that her husband allowed to use her. My cock was rock hard again.

Her ass was stinging red and she was begging him to ass fuck her. When he entered her ass she yelled to Brett that her mouth needed filling and he should get “that long cock over here”.

Brett accommodated her and jumped on the bed so she could suck him. He was abusing her mouth too. Pushing her head down to choke her and only letting her up after she couldn’t get a breath. Her drool and spit was running down his cock onto his balls. He was slapping her face and plugging her nose and reminding her that she’s just a simple fucking sex toy.

So this went on for well over 2 hours. Matt and Brett fucking my wife’s holes like a $2 whore, my wife egging them on to keep filling her and covering her in their cum. She took their jizz in her pussy, ass, mouth, and on her face and tits. When they finally decided they couldn’t perform anymore Halie laid on the bed and looked like a cum soaked slut. Her make up all over her face, hair frazzled from being pulled and tugged, and body wet from cum and sweat. And god I loved it!

Brett went into the bathroom to shower, Matt headed to his room to do the same. Halie looked at me with a smile and asked, “Wanna fuck my cum filled pussy baby?” My cock was hard again so I climbed on her and stuck my cock in. Her pussy was hot, wet as hell, and looser than normal. I could feel the warmness inside from the loads deposited already. It wasn’t long and I was adding my load to the batch.

Halie jumped in the shower after Brett was done. It was kind of awkward conversation as Brett told me how much he enjoyed fucking my wife with his best friend. He talked about the things he liked about her body “her big tits and nice round ass” and told me I’m lucky to have such a “good slutty wife” and they’d be happy to “fuck her holes” again.

Halie and I took the elevator down with some other men. They were eyeing my wife in her tiny dress and a clear “just got fucked” look on her face. If they only knew that her dress was only 2″ long enough to hide her bare pussy and her torn panties were in my pocket. Halie didn’t pay attention as I think she was too spent after her torrid evening.

We talked about the night as we drove home. Halie thanked me for suggesting that we live out our fantasies. She even told me she wanted to get together with Kara again. In the end, seeing her get used by those two men was really hot. And she said she felt safe to get crazy since I was there.

We got in bed naked and cuddled together. I was replaying the last few hours in my head. Halie asked me if I had any other fantasies I wanted to live out. I really didn’t have anything that was burned in my head like the threesome was so I suggested maybe getting a young girl. Like 18 or 19 young. She told me we’d put an ad up and if we find one she’d love to watch. So I asked her the same, what she wanted next.

“Oh me? I want some more of Matt and Brett!” Halie confidently told me.

Oh fuck! What did I do!!

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