Marie: After The Storm Ch. 04

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Ava Addams

It’s been awhile since the last installment of this series, so if you’re new to this story, or need to refresh your memory, I suggest you click on my name above, and read the other installments starting with “A stormy night with Marie.”

While Marie and Laura headed out to Laura’s apartment, I hopped in the shower to clean up for our mystery night out. I didn’t know what the girls had planned, so I dressed in a nice pair of khakis and a polo shirt and went downstairs to wait for them to return.

As I sat there, I went over the last few days in my mind. When I went to bed two nights ago, I was a virgin. That night my sister, Marie came to my bed, scared by a thunderstorm. Marie seduced that night, and she took my virginity. Since then we have fucked almost non-stop, today adding another to our fun. We met Laura at a lingerie store at the mall where Marie was shopping for a thong bikini. Marie and Laura hit it off immediately, and Laura had come over today at our invitation to spend the day by the pool. When Marie left to have an interview for a job at the same lingerie store, Laura and I ended up in bed together, Marie joining us later after her interview. Marie told us she had got the job, and to celebrate, she and Laura made plans for the three of us to go out tonite, but wouldn’t tell me where.

I was still sitting there day dreaming, when the girls came thru the door. What a sight!! They were wearing almost identical slip dresses witch showed ample amounts of cleavage. It was plain to see that neither wore a bra, as their nipples showed plainly through the dress. The bottoms were so short, the hemline barely covered their asses. Marie wore red, while Laura was in black.

“Wow!” I said. “You girls look amazing!”

“Thanks,” Laura said laughing, “You don’t look to bad yourself.” Laura turned to Marie, “What do you say we get this show on the road?”

As we walked through the hallway back to the door, Laura stopped to look a photo on the wall.

“Hey, are these your parents?” She asked.

Marie replied. “Yep, they are away on vacation, they were having such a good time, they decided to stay another week.”

Laura looked at us with a look of surprise on her face. “You guys are not gonna believe this, but, they were in at the shop a few weeks ago. I must have sold your mother about $200.00 of lingerie! She got all kinds of thongs, g-strings and even some crotch less panties. She even got your father a thong!”

Marie and I looked at each other in shock. “You’re kidding, right?” I asked Laura.

Laura laughed and shook her head. “Nope, she said they were going away for a vacation without the kids, and wanted to have a lot of fun.”

“Well,” Marie replied, “They are adults, they can do whatever they want. It’s just a little strange to think of your mother wearing crotch less panties.”

“That’s true.” Laura said. “Hey, let’s get going, I bet Ray is dying to find out where we are going.”

We got in the car and I started driving away, the girls giving me directions, finally telling me to stop a liquor store. The girls got out and headed for the entrance. When they got to the door, Laura stopped and bent at the waist to adjust her shoe. As she bent, her dress rode up over her ass, giving me a clear shot of her butt. She was wearing a tiny thong, the strap disappearing between her ass cheeks. She straightened up and turned to give me a quick smile as she and Marie went inside.

They emerged a few minutes later, carrying some wine coolers. They got back in the car laughing and giggling.

“Ok,” I said, tiring of the secrecy, “Just where are we going?”

The etiler escort girls smiled at each other and turned to me. “Remember what we talked about this morning by the pool?” Marie asked. “That’s where we want you to take us.”

“Yeah.” Laura blurted out. “Take us to that strip club, what did you call it? The Tigers Den?”

I stared at them in disbelief. “You want to go watch strippers??”

“Sure,” Marie answered, “I told you this morning I always wanted to see what it was like.”

“What’s the matter, Ray?” Laura asked with a playful put on her face, “Don’t you want to go look at naked girls with us?”

“It’s not that I don’t like looking at strippers.” I replied. “It’s just a little strange to be doing it with my sister sitting right beside me.”

“C’mon, Ray,” Laura said, “Don’t turn bashful now. I watched your sister suck your cock and then fuck you while she ate your cum out of my pussy a few hours ago. I don’t think now is the time to turn shy!”

I thought about that for a second and then realized she was right. “You know what? You’re right. I’d have to be out of my mind to turn down an invitation to visit a strip club with two beautiful girls like you two. Let’s go!”

It took about another ten minutes of driving to get to the edge of town where the Tigers Den was located. We pulled up to an almost full parking lot and got out and headed for the door. The doorman gave us a smirk as we entered, and asked us for ID’s.

“Ok,” he said, “the girls are over 21, so they can drink alcohol here.” He turned to look at me, “You’re under age, so just soda or water for you.”

He gave us wristbands to distinguish the over 21’s from the underaged, and hit me up for the cover charge.

“Ladies get in free, but it’s ten bucks for you.” He told me as I handed over the cash. “Enjoy yourselves, but don’t get carried away. The golden rule is stay away from the three B’s: Boobs, Butt and Beaver. No touching there or your night will end real fast.”

We entered the club and the sound of music and the smoke filled room almost left us unable to see or hear each other. We stood to the back for a few minutes to get used to the sound and sights. As every thing became clearer, I glanced over at the girls and saw amazement and wonder on their faces. We found a table near the edge of the crowd and sat down.

I took a look around the main stage and saw tow girls up on the stage, one still in her panties and the other totally nude. At least 10 others walked around the crowd wearing tiny g-strings or thongs, trying to drum up business for the private dance area. I looked over at Marie and Laura, “Well, what do you think?”

They both shook their heads. “I don’t believe all the gorgeous girls out there.” Laura said.

“Yeah.” Marie agreed. “Look at all the contrasts too. Blondes, brunettes, redheads. Black, white, Hispanic, Asian. Tall, short, fake boobs and natural. Wow!”

“Yep, “ I agreed, “something for just about any taste.”

Laura looked over at me. “So how does this work, Ray? You’re the expert here.”

“Well.” I replied. “Each girl will stay up onstage for about three songs or so. Onstage and in the private dance area are the only places they can get fully nude. They’ll collect tips from the guys sitting at the stage, and when their set is over, they’ll put their panties back on and come down off stage and work the crowd for tips and private dances.”

“Do they just come over on their own, or do you call them over?” Marie asked.

“Both, if you see someone you really like, you just call them over fındıkzade escort or ask one of the other girls to ask them to come over.”

“Will they come over to a guy if he’s there with his girlfriend or wife?” Laura asked.

“Well, some are more willing than others. Some won’t until they see another dancer do that first. I’ve seen some wives and girlfriend get really upset at their guy getting a dollar dance. Which is weird if you ask me. I mean, why did you come here in the first place, it is a strip club after all.”

The conversation died down as we settled in and watched the girls do their stuff on stage. A few dancers stopped by our table, but I was still a little anxious about getting a dance with my sister and Laura sitting there. After a little while, a stripper named Allison took the stage. She was a tall blonde with a fantastic ass and obviously fake tits. That was ok though, I’m an ass-man after all. It doesn’t matter to me if a girl has small or big tits, just as long as there is something there.

Laura and Marie noticed my fascination with Allison and smile at each other. When her set was done, Allison worked the crowd and eventually made her way to our table.

“Hi there.” She said to me in a silky smooth voice. “Would you like a dollar dance?”

I was about to say no, when Marie spoke up. “Sure, my brother would love a dance from you.”

Allison seemed taken aback at Marie’s use of the word “brother”, but she just turned to me and smiled.

I knew the drill, I pulled my chair out a little from the table and spread my legs. Allison stepped forward and put one knee on the chair and leaned forward until her tits were right in front of my face. She reached out with one hand, pulling my face into her cleavage. She took a tit in each hand and rubbed her boobs all over my face. She pulled back and turned away from me. Allison lowered her gorgeous ass to my crotch and rubbed her panty clad pussy against my hardening cock. After a few seconds of this, she stood up and faced me again. The dance was over, and she leaned in to give me a quick peck on the cheek.

She pulled the strap of her thong to the side as I slid a dollar under the waist band.

“Thanks honey.” Allison purred. “Let me know when you’re ready for a private dance.”

That made Laura speak right up. “Oh, I think he’s ready now. Don’t you agree Marie?”

“I think so.” Marie replied, digging in her purse and pulling out a twenty. “Allison, take my little brother back there and show him a good time.”

Allison took the money with a wide grin and held out her hand. “C’mon, do what your big sister says. Don’t worry, I’ll treat you right.”

We went into the private area and soon Allison was nude, letting me pull off her panties myself. The private dance lasted for a full song, and was basically a replay of her dollar dance, but this time more explicit. Allison buried my face in her cleavage again, and as she rubbed her tits across my face, her nipples brushed my lips. “Go ahead, suck on my nipple. It’s ok, no one can see us.”

I took her word, and soon I had sucked both nipples in my mouth as Allison groaned. She got up and turned away from me, bending over at the waist, which caused her ass cheeks to spread apart, giving me a perfect view of her pink pussy lips and her puckered ass-hole. Allison spread her legs and sneaked a hand between her legs and caressed her pussy, sliding a finger between her lips and then bringing it back out to rub gently over her ass, gently massaging the smaller opening. She finished off the dance by lowering her göztepe escort ass to my crotch, dry humping me as her head lay back on my shoulder, her hands caressing her tits and squeezing her nipples.

When the dance was over, she stepped back into her panties and walked me back to the table. Marie and Laura both had smirks on there faces as they saw me walking back with a huge bulge in the front of my pants. “You know what.” I thought to myself, “I can play this game too.”

“Thanks girls, that was great.” I said. “To show my appreciation, I’m gonna return the favor.” I reached for my wallet and took out a fifty and handed it to Allison. “Take these two ladies back and give them the full treatment. Be as nasty as you can, they’ll love it.”

Allison took the bill and smiled at the girls. “Don’t you worry, these two are gonna get the best I have.”

Marie and Laura looked at me with shocked expression and started to protest, but I wouldn’t listen.

“Nope, I don’t want to hear it, just go back their and enjoy.”

I think the wine coolers they had drunk finally made the decision for them.

“What the hell,” Laura said to Marie, “You’re the one who wanted to know what strip clubs were like, let’s go the whole distance.”

They got up and Allison took each by the hand and led the way to the private area.

Two songs later, I saw them coming back with Allison. Both had huge grins on their faces and erect nipples bursting through their tops. When they got back to the table, Allison thanked me for the tip and enveloped each girl into a group hug. She leaned in to give each girl a kiss, but unlike the peck on the cheek I got, Marie and Laura got full fledged French kisses that lasted about thirty seconds each.

Allison walked away and the girls sat down at the table.

“Thanks Ray.” Marie said. “Now close your eyes and hold out your hands, we have a surprise for you.”

I did as told and held out my hands. I felt silk in each hand and opened my eye to see a thong in each hand. I looked at them with eyes wide open.

Laura looked at me with a wicked grin on her face. “Allison took them off for us, and, she didn’t use her hands.”

Marie and Laura laughed at the huge grin on my face. “C’mon, lets get out of here and go have some real fun!” Marie said.

We left the club to envious looks from other guys, and a few girls. Marie grabbed the car keys from me and handed them to Laura. “You drive, little brother and I are gonna have a little private time in the back seat.”

We got in the car and Marie laid me on my back in the back seat. She straddled me in the 69 position and lowered her pantiless pussy to my face as she undid my zipper and took out my cock.

Laura adjusted the rear view mirror and pulled out of the parking lot as Marie’s lips found my cock and sucked it into her mouth. I lost myself in the moment and just enjoyed her tongue on my cock. Marie had other ideas however, and came up for air. “Just don’t lay their, put that mouth to use, my pussy is dripping!”

She lowered her cunt to my lips and I dove right in, my tongue sliding into her pussy while I gently massaged her ass-hole. Marie was so worked up, she took just a few minutes to come all over my face. Her talented mouth had me ready to come also, but before she could finish me off, the car came to a stop. “We’re here.” Laura said. “You two get yourself presentable so we can get out of this car and inside.

I reluctantly pulled my cock from my sisters mouth and managed to get it back in my pants and zipped up. I looked out the window and realized I didn’t know where we were.

“Hey I thought we going home.” I said.

“We are.” Marie replied. “Were gonna spend the night at Laura’s apartment tonite.

“Yeah!” Laura said. “Now let’s get going, I’ve got plans for the two of you tonite.”

To be continued……

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