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This happened back in the mid 70’s when I was a mere eighteen. A group of friends and I got together one snowy night and went up into the mountains to sled on the new snow.

We went to this farm one of the friends had access too and with our four wheel drive vehicles it was no trouble getting to the top of one nice long hill of pristine snow. The vehicles were full of happy couples and myself and amazingly enough one unattached young lady named Margie. She was eighteen at the time with dark hair, sparkling blue eyes full of mischief and a bubbly personality. Her form was not discernable as we were all bundled up in many layers to ward off the cold. I found out a few of my friends had been talking and thought introducing us to each other would be a good idea. I found out they were so right!

We all quickly pulled out our sleds and toboggans and tubes and started searching the hill for the best path. A couple of the guys found a gully full of downed trees and other wood, which we quickly assembled into a nice bonfire that warmed us well. As everyone else was paired up Margie and I naturally were together and she was so happy and beautiful and smiling that I was enchanted.

We talked nonstop and she was always holding my hand or arm or touching me in some way. When we rode the toboggan she would sit behind me and wrap those arms around my chest and push what I was coming to believe were really nice boobs into my back as she leaned her head on my back. Soon we were fast friends and both felt an attraction and sparks. I had her switch with me on one run and sit in front of me. That let me slide up close to her and wrap my arms around her, my hands over her coat-clad boobs. She sighed as I began to explore them through her bulky down jacket and snuggled back into me. At that point I forgot about being cold, outside, and being with seven or eight couples. We spent time by the fire snuggling and laughing and sledding until we all were tired wet and ready to head home.

On the way over I rode with one of my friends and his wife but on the return trip they suggested I ride with Margie as they smiled and said they thought I might enjoy it more. I needed no further urging and found my self in the back of a 76 Ford Bronco on the floor with no seat and a very warm and friendly Margie.

The couple in the front seat talked occasionally but we quickly lost the conversation as we kissed and held and rolled around. Margie took my hand and placed it at the bottom of her jacket. I didn’t understand at first until she took my hand and put it under her coat and on her flannel shirt and started pulling the shirt out of her overalls. I caught on being the highly intelligent male and soon was rewarded with handfuls of bare skin warm and soft to the touch. I was getting harder by the minute and Margie was beginning to moan through our kisses and I found the buttons of her shirt and slowly began the northward ascent unbuttoning as I went.

She whispered in my ear, “Push the shirt aside and unzip the coat slowly from the bottom and don’t make a lot of noise”.

I knew the folks up front knew her mother and did not want to blow any chance I had with this lovely girl.

As I finished the shirt and opened the coat I was rewarded with sight of the most beautiful, perfect pair of breasts God has ever keçiören escort put on woman. They were full and firm enough to stand up but soft enough to lie so well in your hand and jiggled so sexily when she laughed or moved. And the nipples were nice and pink and stood proud and tall. They showed even through flannel shirts. I was in heaven. And so apparently was Margie as she placed my hands over her tits and rolled her eyes.

She was straddling my legs and leaning over so we could kiss and I could play with her bare titties without being seen. We never were caught and all too soon found ourselves back in town and very close to our friend’s house where we all met. As we pulled into the driveway Margie leaned back and zipped her coat back down leaving her shirt wide open.

We went in and had hot chocolate with our friends and had a great time talking about the fun on the mountain. Everyone was teasing us that neither Margie nor I had any idea we were outside. We just blushed. Soon Margie stood up and still holding my hand she had not released all night said she needed to get home and that I was going to take her.

Now I certainly was not going to argue with that, a chance to be alone with this goddess indoors privately. Thoughts ran through my head about the naked possibilities. It turns out Margie lived two houses down from my friends so we walked as she told me how much fun she had had and hoped I felt the same way. I assured her I had the most fun and would love to see her again. She got this funny little smile and said it sounded like I was going somewhere. “Was I in a hurry to leave her?” Now I am male but even that comment registered that she was planning on my staying over. I asked her what her mother would think of that and she said her Mom had raised her to be open minded and independent. She said once we were inside the house I would understand all.

Their house was a modest size and very warm and comfortable. “Take your shoes off and put them on the rug so we don’t get water everywhere”, Margie said. “And while you are down there take mine off too please.”

“Your wish is my command princess”, I said bowing deeply. When I finished the task I looked up and saw Margie unzipping the coat and hanging it by the door. She took my coat and placed it over hers smiling “Just how it should be you over me”. This was going to be a great night. I had no idea.

Now we are standing barefoot and Margie’s shirt is still open and pushed to the sides from our playing in the car. I could see the sides of those orbs past her overalls.

“Well let’s get out of these wet clothes, you do me and I’ll do you”, she said reaching for my shirt buttons. As we were kissing and dropping clothing in a pile a voice called from the back somewhere, “Margie make sure you put all the wet clothes in the dryer and come tell me all about sledding”.

“OK Mom”, she said unbuckling my belt sliding my jeans down revealing a very stiff cock ready to play. I never wear underwear as I find it too constricting and just gets in the way.

I was starting to worry about this when Margie said she was still dressed and she did not like being the last one naked. I quickly unbuckled the overalls and as they dropped found she too was sans panties. The sight of her naked was making keçiören escort bayan my cock bob up and down from the throbbing.

“Where should I wait for you to finish talking to your Mom?

“Silly we are both going to talk to Mom, she will want to meet you” Margie said taking my hand and starting to pull me toward the back of the house.

I pulled back, “Is it really OK for us to be buck naked and walk into your mother’s room, wasn’t she going to be mad?”

“Not at all, we are nudists and don’t ever wear clothes inside the house. As far as your hard cock Mom likes them too just like me”, continuing to pull me along. I finally relented as I watched her bare ass jiggling along with her boobs. I would have walked out into the snow with her if she had wanted it. I was hooked.

Her mother was in bed with a sheet over her legs and tummy as we popped into the room. She was a beautiful woman like her daughter with larger breasts and lovely nipples which I noticed hardening as she looked me up and down. In the hallway Margie switched from holding my hand to holding my cock and boy did it feel good?

We exchanged pleasantries and discussed the evenings sledding all the while Margie kept holding my cock and would stroke it slowly every now and then. I had a little trouble keeping up with the conversation as her hand felt so good. Her mother showed no surprise with her daughter’s actions and as we talked the sheet had managed to work its way down past her knees. Her mother, Ann, was shifting around in the bed and was sitting with her legs apart giving me a great view of her open bald pussy. I didn’t know where to look.

I forgot my manners and let a hand drift around Margie’s waist and pulled her close and slid a hand down her tummy to her patch and parted two very wet lips with my finger finding her clit and slowing rubbing it. This encouraged Margie to stroke faster and soon we were both lost in our building feelings and I had forgotten her Mother completely.

“Why don’t you two go to bed before you make a mess on my floor”, Ann laughed. “I will see you two in the morning. Don’t forget we are leaving for the farm early. Maybe David would like to go with us?”

Margie turned to me all smiles, “Would you like to go with us? You don’t have any plans this weekend do you? I would be a blast to have you with me.”

“I have the weekend free and would love to be with you as long as you want me,” I said.

“Be careful, Margie may just keep you since she can’t seem to let your cock go” Ann laughed and I noticed her hand had drifted to her spread lips and she was rubbing herself.

“God this place was great!”

Margie led me next door to her room and we pulled the covers back and dove in the bed. All bare parts and lips, tongues and hands. The first time was very frenzied as she pulled my cock into her spread legs pushing my ass down hard with her heels. This girl doesn’t fool around when she is horny she knows what she wants. It was an indescribable feeling, so warm wet and soft. My cock was home and never wanted to leave. We began to move in rhythm each of us moaning and making sounds of ecstasy. I did not last very long and soon was filling her pussy with loads of the sticky cum Margie had been churning up all night with escort keçiören her playing.

As we recovered I asked if she was on the pill, as we had not thought to use a condom. Margie said she was and wouldn’t have cared she was so horny for my cock. She kept moving her hips in little bumps and soon had me hard again and we enjoyed a long leisurely fuck before again filling her full.

As we lay side by side catching our breath Margie asked what I thought of her Mom. She shifted in the bed and was soon straddling me with her pussy over my wet cock and her luscious boobs dangling in my face. I told her she was a cool lady and very beautiful like her daughter. Margie had lowered her body so I could lick and play with her boobs and I felt our juices dripping out of her pussy onto my cock. Margie smiled and said she wondered how I felt about her jacking me in front of her mother and I said at first I was very nervous and then noticed her mother watching and enjoying it as she was also starting to masturbate.

“Masturbating here is a normal event. I was raised by Mom to accept it the same as brushing your hair or painting your fingernails. You will find we don’t hold back here or hide anything. Now Margie was starting to rub her pussy back and forth on my cock using it to rub her clit and get herself off again. For me she had me hard in no time. Did you notice the door to our room is still open and we have been making a lot of noise?

I looked to the door and standing there was her Mom still bare and with one hand playing with her nipple and the other between her legs tweaking her clit. She had her head back and was close to cumming from her expression on her face. As we watched she rubbed her clit faster and was moaning out loud as she came hard. Margie smiled and said she liked how willing and playful my cock was as she turned around presenting that lovely pussy for me to play with while she started licking and sucking on my hard cock. Her tongue snaked out and licked it like a Popsicle making it wetter and wetter as I enjoyed the feeling of her tongue. Her hand held the base as her full red lips slid over the head and her tongue swirled around as she swallowed the entire length. I raised my head just a little to reach her wet pussy and soon was tonguing the lipt and sucking on her clit. The blowjob felt so good and I loved how she smelled. I reached up with one hand and started playing with her ass and fingering hr crack. Margie started wiggling around more and lowered her butt down so I had easier access. She would take my cock out of her mouth for a few seconds and then go back to sucking. Her technique was driving me crazy as was her wet cummy pussy and rubbery rosebud butt. I love creamy pussy.

As I slid one finger in her butt while nibbling on her clit Margie started to cum and sat up and rode my face. It took me a few seconds to realize she was sitting up and I still was getting an excellent blowjob. Then it hit me that she and her mother were sharing my cock. That was all it took for me to go off giving her mother a nice load to swallow. As Margie and I both recovered she raised up to reveal her mother still licking me and smiling. Ann asked if I had enjoyed it. “How could I not enjoy that wonderful mouth of yours?” I said. Ann patted my cock one more time and stood kissed her daughter full on the mouth and I think they exchanged tongues and some cum before leaving us to fall asleep in each other’s arms naked and bare on the bed.

We slept that night in each others arms bare as the day we were born. I woke up the next morning ready for another day and that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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