Marcus and Rhea

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Rhea entered the baths looking forward to feeling the cool water on her skin after the heat of the day. She shrugged off her robe in the changing room and, naked, followed the slave through to the cold bath. She stretched her arms above her head and plunged into water so chilly it almost took her breath away. She let herself sink to the bottom and then quickly pulled herself out onto the tiles. Brushing her long brown hair, darkened by the water, over her shoulders, she stood up. She smoothed her hands over her full breasts, hard, pale pink nipples and curvaceous hips, flicking the icy water away.

Rhea padded into the warmth of the massage room and stretched out, face down, on the wide marble bench. She relaxed for a moment enjoying the feeling of the smooth stone against her bare skin. The bath slave trickled warm scented oil onto the small Rhea’s back and began to rub it into her skin with long languid strokes. The slave kneaded her shoulders and worked her way down slowly and thoroughly smoothing away all the tension in Rhea’s body. As the slave reached the top of her legs Rhea felt a cold breeze that made her shiver but the sensation was gone in a second. The slave hesitated for a moment and then Rhea felt her fingers circling more gently onto her inner thighs. She automatically shifted her legs apart in response to the pleasant feeling that suddenly pulsed through her pussy. The slave’s nimble fingers dipped quickly into the wetness between Rhea’s legs making her gasp. She’d been to these baths a hundred times before but never experienced anything like this. She raised her head to question the slave and her eyes widened when she saw who was sitting across the room.

Marcus reclined naked on the bench at the edge of the room. Since entering the room he’d been unable to take his eyes off the woman he loved. He’d exchanged a meaningful glance with the bath slave and grown hard watching her use her skilful fingers on Rhea. He thought about all the times his fingers had made his lover gasp and moan and smiled at her as she looked up and realised he was there.

Rhea took in Marcus with a single quick glance. His body was almost as familiar to her as her own: his long legs had been entangled with hers, his gentle hands had cupped türbanlı escort her breasts and she’d taken his hard cock between her lips as often as she could. She knew he loved to watch her touch herself and guessed that he’d decided he wanted to see her pleasured by someone else. She’d do anything to please him, plus she would never turn down being pleasured, so she lay back and gave herself over to the delightful sensations she was feeling.

Light pressure on her shoulder prompted Rhea to turn over. The bath slave parted her thighs, displaying her to Marcus, before lowering her head and swirling her tongue tentatively around Rhea’s clit. Rhea felt the slave’s long hair tickling her inner thighs as the girl explored every part of her drenched slit. She could feel her orgasm building as the slave centred in on her clit, taking it between her lips and delicately sucking it. Her hips bucked a little and a series of small moans escaped her lips.

Marcus slowly stroked his shaft as he watched Rhea squirm with pleasure. He enjoyed being able to see the look on her face as she became more and more aroused. As he saw the flush appear across her chest, which he knew signalled her nearing her peak, he couldn’t resist creeping quietly across the room to her side. He sank to his knees next to her, feasting his eyes on her flawless alabaster skin before leaning over and grazing one breast with his teeth.

Rhea’s eyes flew open as Marcus bit down harder on her swollen nipple. The bath slave’s tongue fluttered faster over her clit and she pushed two fingers into Rhea’s cunt. Rhea felt her muscles begin to spasm as her orgasm rolled over her. She arched her back to press herself closer to the slave’s mouth and thrust her hips upwards as her thighs shuddered and she cried out loud.

Marcus held her close as her ragged breathing slowed down. He pulled back from her as she raised herself up on one elbow. She slid her other hand into his messy soft brown hair, tangling her fingers and pulling him down until his lips met hers. The spark that hadn’t lessened any since they first met coursed through them both. They kissed softly, then with more passion. She nipped lightly at his lower lip and then he slipped his ulus escort tongue into her mouth, savouring her familiar taste.

Rhea broke free and pushed Marcus gently away from her. As he stood, she sat up and slid her hands around his muscular thighs, pulling him close. She cupped his balls with one hand and stuck out her tongue leaning in to taste the droplet of moisture that had formed on the head of his cock. Marcus reached down and gathered her long hair in his hand, twisting it round her fist until she was forced to look up at him, mischief glinting in her dark grey eyes. She leisurely licked her lips and ran her nails teasingly across his perineum. He loosened his grip a little to allow her to wrap her lips lovingly around his shaft. She, ever so slowly, slid his length into her mouth, hearing him moan from deep down.

Marcus watched almost in a trance as the woman kneeling at his feet took his cock between her willing and skilful lips. He felt her long nails gently stroking his balls as she continued the long strokes interspersed with butterfly light licks She looked up at him – the innocent look in her grey eyes totally belied what she was doing with her mouth. He found that almost as arousing as the physical sensation and felt himself swell in her mouth.

Rhea felt Marcus draw nearer to his climax. She continued to caress him with her lips and circled her fingers over his most sensitive spots. As he groaned and started to spurt ropes of thick sweet cum she pulled back and let some of it fall like pearls onto her creamy breasts. The rest she gathered on her tongue, delighting in its taste and the look on Marcus’s face as he came. As he watched her she scooped up the cum and let it trickle through her fingers on to her skin. With a click of her fingers she summoned the slave who knelt at her side and lapped at her milky flesh until Rhea was clean.

Rhea rose and kissed Marcus deeply. She put her hand on his chest feeling his heart beating rapidly. She smiled at him and pushed him gently down on to the marble bench, still warm from her body. Reclining on one elbow he watched as she turned and knelt by the bath slave. Rhea leant close to her and pressed her lips softly against the girl’s tanned yenimahalle escort skin. She took her pert breast in her hand and lowered her head to tease the nipple into hardness.

Marcus saw Rhea’s gaze flick quickly towards him and knew that her playing was a show for his entertainment. He watched as the two women kissed and caressed each other, savouring the contrast between the golden and alabaster skin. He stroked his hardening cock lazily as Rhea trailed kisses down between the bath slave’s legs and buried her head in the girl’s juicy cunt. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have found someone who was willing to give and take with abandon the way Rhea was. Marcus watched her round ass wiggle as she enthusiastically licked the bath slave’s pussy until he could hold back no longer.

Rhea felt Marcus’s hands on her hips and then his fingers slid into her warm, welcoming wetness. His fingers smeared her juices over the nub of her clit and the crinkled skin of her asshole. She pushed back towards him enjoying the sensation. Marcus responded to her signal, gently pressing a thumb into her ass, making her moan aloud. He knelt behind her and with one thrust, slid his rock hard cock smoothly into her pussy.

No matter how many times he and Rhea enjoyed each other Marcus could never get over how amazing it felt to be inside her. He wanted her so much but held himself back as he wanted her to share his pleasure. He thrust slowly, hearing her breath catch as he hit the sweet spot deep inside her.

Rhea could not believe how amazing she felt. The sweet taste of the bath slave’s pussy as she writhed beneath Rhea’s tongue made her feel almost faint. It wasn’t the first time Rhea had had her face between the soft thighs of another woman, but she had never had Marcus’s exquisite cock filling her totally at the same time.

The three bodies glistened with sweat in the warmth of the steamy room as each of them drew closer to their climax. Rhea flicked her tongue over the bath slave’s swollen clitoris feeling her hips jerk and buck. She pressed herself back hard, feeling Marcus deep inside her again and again until she let out a muffled cry as waves as pleasure rolled over her. Rhea’s warm pussy contracting around him was too much for Marcus to take and he dug his fingers deep into her curvaceous hips and groaned aloud as he came deep inside her.

Marcus and Rhea tumbled to the warm marble floor in tangle of limbs and lay, satiated, as the bath slave picked herself up and, smiling, started to clean up.

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