Male Bonding Cum Laude (Lotta)

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My best friends and I made a trek to the beach for a long, three-day weekend. The four us of have been friends since college, so we are all nearly the same age, married and each with children, a couple of us even with grandchildren. It was a late summer jaunt just for the guys, a kind of macho, testosterone-filled few days where golf ruled the day and beer flowed day and night.

That was until Saturday.

It rained all day long, heavy at times, and so we missed out on the thirty-six holes of marathon golf we’d planned for our last full day. Instead we did the next best thing as college pals of old, at mid-morning we started working hard at finishing off the over three cases of beer we had left. We had no sooner finished lunch than Joe brought in another of the coolers from the deck and threw a bottle at each one of us. Before long all four of us were playing cards and getting well relaxed.

By about 5:00 when I went to get us each another round I saw we were down already into the last case. I was certainly drunk, not falling down drunk, but feeling really good. I hadn’t felt that good from drinking since my time in the military, a remote tour overseas, and running the downtown bars. Of course that was after the earlier years in college when all four of us drank our good share. As I walked back into the living room with the four cold ones I was pretty sure my three buddies were beyond a bit tipsy themselves, but we played and drank on.

Anyway, somewhere during the early evening after the latest hand of stud poker Rich started discussing his love life with his wife, a usual when he got fired up, and alternately Joe and Tom did the same. It was always something we seemed to get around to whenever we got together and drank a few too many beers. Anyway, after Tom related a rather raunchy episode where he and his wife had hot sex in the local library a couple years ago and got caught by a young female volunteer, we all busted out laughing, until abruptly as one, my friends looked over at me.

“Oh shit, sorry Dave,” Rich said, “we didn’t mean to bring up, I mean, I know you still miss Ellen.”

I had been laughing myself on the outside, but had to admit I really did miss my wife, in so many ways, to include our wonderful sex life. “Don’t worry about it. I’m good, besides this is always great hearing you guys talk stupid about yourselves.”

“Yeah, you always did just listen to us to get something to masturbate over, you old dog.” Joe spouted off, while holding his beer bottle over his crotch and jerking his hand up and down the neck.

I chuckled along with them again.

Honestly though, I had been devastated early on by the loss of my wife that past year to cancer, but over time it had become easier to talk about Ellen. As for sex, my left hand certainly didn’t take the place of my lovely wife, but I hadn’t gotten up the gumption or confidence to date. And even more honestly, her passing had worn me out emotionally and physically. I couldn’t bring myself to go out with a woman, but still fantasy had been and still was part of my life. Even at just past fifty I could get it up and keep it nice and hard with the best of those twenty or thirty-something studs. I lived out good memories and my personal erotic fantasies with my trusty hand.

I don’t know how the conversation got so focused on Ellen after that, but as it did gradually my tongue loosened as the beers went down. I found myself telling them about the provocative photos I had of my late wife. There was a silence for a few seconds when I had realized what I’d divulged.

It was Joe that said it all with a simple, “Wow!”

“Listen guys, if you swear never to tell anyone, especially your wives, I’ll show you a few of the pics I have of Ellen on my laptop. That is if you really want to see them.”

“Uh sure, buddy. Love to see Ellen, uh, in ‘provocative’ poses.” Joe grinned but looked apprehensive for me I suppose.

Rich tipped up his bottle and drained the remainder as he stood. “I’m up for it, uh, so to speak.” He hunched his hips and crotch at us.

“Oh shut up dick head!” Tom said and picked up a pillow to throw at him.

Rich knocked it away and proceeded to grab his crotch and give it a squeeze. “At least I have a dick, you pussy.”

“Yeah, yeah we know you big dork. Just keep it in your pants will ya,” Joe said and took another swig of his beer. “Okay, Dave let’s see the pics of Ellen.”

“Let me get my laptop,” I said standing a little too quickly I suppose as I swayed back into Joe feeling a little lightheaded. He promptly propped me back upright pushing his hands against the back of my shorts. The bottle of beer in his hand pushed its way between my ass cheeks. “Whoa big fella! Watch where you put that thing!”

“Yeah, you wish you’d get a butt fuck,” Joe said purposely wiggling the mouth of the bottle harder between my cheeks.

“Be more action than I’ve had in months,” I looked back at him and shook my butt into the bottle.

“Stop! You’re sick, tandoğan escort bayan you know that,” Joe said looking at his beer bottle. “Now I’m gonna have to get another beer. You just wasted this one.”

We all had another good laugh before I walked back to my room to get my laptop.

I remember wondering then if I should have stopped what I was doing. It wasn’t like the guys hadn’t seen my wife naked before as all four of us couples had done a bit of skinny-dipping over the years, in fact, at that very beach we’d done it on a couple late nights, most of us drunk of course. We’d even had a few flashes from the ladies in the outdoor showers a time or two, purposely or not. But these pictures of Ellen were much more than that, at least some of them were. Of course, I didn’t have to show them the real ‘provocative’ stuff.

As soon as I got back with my laptop I saw Joe had not only gotten himself another beer but he’d brought us all another round. I grabbed mine and swilled down a good slug as my computer booted up. The other guys got up and came over, Joe and Rich sitting on either side of me on the couch, while Tom walked around behind and leaned over resting his chin on his palms.

So there we all were, four decently drunk males, getting ready to ogle my late wife. I knew the guys had thought she was an attractive woman. We had always admitted we had been lucky in finding pretty ladies to share our lives with and they had made approving and appreciative comments Ellen over the years. My wife was a medium built girl, about five foot six inches tall, with very long, strong legs. But her two most fabulous features were her smile, which would light up any room she entered and then her obviously healthy breasts. She never flaunted them really, seldom wearing anything that would be overly low cut, but they remained naturally firm and rode high on her chest so they always were there to view.

I took a swig from the new bottle and opened the first file with about twenty-five pictures. All of them had been taken during one of our joint summer trips to the beach. Most were quite tame although they did show a lot of leg, cleavage and a few nice rear shots.

“Hey, there’s that hot red suit of hers.” Tom reached his arm between Tom and me stabbing a thick finger at the screen.

It was a fantastic shot of Ellen in that sexy suit of hers and I had to admit it really accentuated her boobs to the max. I clicked to the next one and she now had turned and her beautiful backside stared all four of us in the face. It was still plenty tight and smooth back there, so much so it showed off her cute cheeks with that sexy deep crack down the middle encased in the bright red of her one piece.

I glanced over at Joe and then at Rich finding both guys had their eyes riveted on my wife.

“Okay, Dave these are great shots, but they aren’t all that provocative.” Tom commented from behind us.

“As long as it’s just the four of us,” I said in more a slurred whispering voice, “if you all swear not to say anything, even to your wives I’ll show you some even hotter pics than these.”

“You have my interest piqued.” Joe said, tipping back his bottle.

“Come on Dave,” Rich squirmed in his seat next to me, “We’ve all been friends since college, before the wives era, you can trust us.”

“Yeah, but it’s not like you’ve ever seen this kind of photo of Ellen.”

“We’re best friends, dude! You also can’t tease us and leave us hanging.” Joe interjected hunching up in his seat next to me on the other side, our thighs bumping together.

“Yeah, I know.” I agreed and my reserve dissolved as the silence drew on again. “So, here goes.”

I could feel my friends scoot in a little closer, behind and beside me as I pulled up my favorite series of pictures. It was of Ellen in a set of matching bra and panties, which were brand new when I took the pictures about five years ago. They were some of the smallest and sheerest she’d ever worn.

My, she looked beautiful and sexy. Ellen was an incredible woman and up until the end days I still found it hard to believe she had managed to maintain her fantastic figure. In those photos, I know she could pass for a woman in her thirties. But I wouldn’t trade her for any younger woman!

As the photos flashed by, she spread her legs a little and you could easily make out the dark bushy triangle beneath those thin blue panties.

“Whoa! These are hot! When did you take these?” Joe leaned in to get a better view. He was already smiling broadly.

“Actually the picture taking started after we’d come home from a night out with you and your lovely wife. When I got up to the bedroom I found Ellen reclining on our bed like that.” I nodded to the laptop screen. “She crooked her finger beckoning me to join her. I told her to hold that thought and ran back downstairs.”

“You did what? With her looking like that?” Rich blurted out.

“I got back and she was still there on the bed, but now tunalı escort bayan I had my camera in hand, lens cap off and already focusing. At first, she was going to jump off the bed and run for her closet, but I told her how sexy she looked. Almost immediately I saw that perturbed look on her face change to the hot seductive look you see here.” I paused looking into those seductive green eyes on the screen. “As I took the first picture I saw her repeat that finger crook and pursing of her lips. I zoomed in and the rest as they say is history guys.”

“One hell of a history!” Tom called out behind me.

“Yeah, I wish I had pics of my wife like this,” Joe said leaning further up to the laptop.

“The hottest pics are still to come. Enjoy the full strip down,” I added, then clicked the slide show button before sitting back in the cushions drinking my beer.

Before all our eyes Ellen lost her bra and her full breasts were on display.

“Damn, Dave! I’ve admired those boobs of Ellen’s for so long and now the sight of them bared, totally nude, like up close here, is just indescribable.”

“Well, she was obviously proud of them as she stood there modeling them for you,” Tom added.

“And now us!” Rich bellowed.

In the very next picture Ellen held both breasts out toward the camera grinning from ear to ear.

“Passion is definitely in her eyes,” Joe commented.

“Definitely, as she’s certainly enjoying herself.” Rich added.

“Yes, she’s enjoying every wonderful second.” I remembered so well having taken those pictures. I also felt a tingling warmth come over me.

Her nipples in the next couple of pics grew to their perfect puffy erect and pink selves. I think in unison all four pairs of eyes in the room locked onto them totally enthralled. I sure was. In the next picture they, we saw her holding one of her lovely breasts to her mouth and sucking on her stiff nipple. There was a collective inhale of husky breath in the room.

“It must feel good to her, the way she’s feeling up those gorgeous boobs of hers.” Tom threw out.

The mini-peep show continued as the pictures flipped by in that rather lengthy set. In the next views her back was arched and her lips pursed again, obviously enjoying my camera’s attention and her manual ministrations. I had forgotten about the next pictures as I saw my hand reaching to her body in a close up.

I quickly and fondly remembered that evening…

“I think these get too personal,” I abruptly jumped forward and reached for the keyboard.

But my hand was grabbed at the last second and pulled away.

“No way, dude!” Joe said holding my hand back. “Like I said earlier, you can’t tease us and leave us hanging.


“Shhhsh!” Rich shushed me and put his hand on thigh squeezing hard.

I relented and went on watching with them.

In the next half dozen pictures my hand moved down her body to slowly remove her cotton panties. In the next, her pussy mound was fully exposed, her thick black bush damp already, the pink lips puffed up and glistening with moisture. I sat there for a moment and just savored the beautiful eroticism of her sex. It had to be the most beautiful pussy in the world. I stared at the familiar pictures that showed me tracing those luscious lips with my fingertip. In the next picture she was lying on her back. I moved my hand up her belly, caressing her soft warm skin until I cupped my hand over her breast and gently rolled the puffy nipple between my thumb and finger.

The pictures may have been slow stills to the guys around me, but in my mind I was there and everything was real between me and my lovely wife. I could feel and hear her, thrusting her chest up to meet my caresses and purring like a kitten as she always did.

My eyelids fluttered.

I looked around me and saw the broad smiles on each of the guy’s faces. I started to say something, but instead I let them silently enjoy the sexy beauty of my lovely wife.

“Have you ever seen a more beautiful body in your life?” Joe said.

“I wouldn’t say she was just beautiful,” Rich replied. “She’s beautiful and built!”

“Your wife was an exceptional woman,” Tom said from behind us. “She was not just a pleasure to look at, but a lot of fun to be around, too.”

“She is a pure vision of sexiness,” Joe said.

“Unbelievable! She is so beautiful,” Tom added. “I’ve always thought she was a thing of beauty. Now that she is fully nude in front of me where I have time to really look at her, even in a picture, she takes my breath away.”

“What can I say?” Joe said. “That woman I had lusted after for all these years is right here before us completely nude. I can’t tell you how many times during those summer trips to the beach I imagined her naked and a quick skinny-dip isn’t what I’m talking about.”

It wasn’t until right then I realized I had often masturbated to those very pictures even while my wife was still alive. I viewed, türbanlı escort bayan or used them when I was on a business trip or even on those few nights when she had gone to bed before me and I was just so horny I needed to do something about it and didn’t want to wake her. Those pictures had served me well. And at that moment I tried to force myself to stop thinking so lustfully of my late wife as I sat there on the couch. The feelings those pictures evoked were just too strong and my mind strayed to the real-life arousal I remembered feeling that evening I had taken them.

I was being aroused by my late lover again!

Joe was becoming restless beside me on the couch and out of the corner of my eye I saw him try to subtly move his hand up his crotch. His fingers were quick, but I caught him as he adjusted himself down there. Damn, if he didn’t have an erection! He was aroused looking at my wife, too.

Of course, I shouldn’t have been surprised as I was as hard as ever in my own shorts by then.

But still, Joe was getting horny over the pictures of my wife!

As the next couple of pictures transitioned by I took a glance to my other side and immediately saw a good bulge in Rich’s pants. He was horny on my wife, too! I looked back the other way only to come upon Joe’s crotch and literally saw his boner getting larger right before my eyes. At first I was taken aback if not a little angry at the sight of my wife causing other men to be so open in engaging in sexual thought and reaction over her.

But I then realized… ‘What was there really to be concerned about?’ I had no cause for resentment in that I should be proud my lovely wife could turn-on guys like this even through just her photos. I glanced up and saw Rich’s mouth gaped and his eyes wide open, glued to the screen as each picture went by. I felt Joe lean in closer and closer to the screen, so looking his way again I saw him watching each hot pic of Ellen with total delight. He was grinning broadly and his eyes were glazed over.

I knew that look. It was the look I always gave my naked wife. Now I saw it on another man’s face and it was probably on all three of my friend’s faces, as they hungrily looked upon the fully nude view of my wife. I honestly swore I was going to hear in the next few moments one or more of them gasp out loud and ejaculate in their shorts uncontrollably.

For some weird reason seeing them turned on because of my wife only got me more turned on. I slid forward just a bit, giving my own manhood some loose leg room to continue to grow more comfortably. I slowly ran my hand down the full length of it then grasped the head through the material with my fingertips. I squeezed it a couple times and smiled with the manly thrill of the moment. I knew what I had done that night with my sexy wife and I knew what I wanted to do right then. I also knew I had to do something or it was going to be too obvious to the other guys really soon.

But just as I was about to excuse myself, I heard a heavy sigh from behind me and looked back to catch Tom with his hand down the front of his shorts while he tipped up his beer bottle to drink with the other. He was obviously wanking himself as he stared over my shoulder at the pictures of Ellen! It wasn’t like he was flashing me, but there was no denying what he was doing. I had never seen any guy, let alone one of my best friends jacking off, ever. And even though I couldn’t actually see his cock it was still so much like being a voyeur to a guy peeping at porn. For some very strange and awkward reason I caught myself wondering what he looked like naked.

And…how big a cock was in his shorts?


Was I really thinking about another man’s penis?

“I’m sorry dude, but I just can’t help it.” Tom had caught me looking.

I looked away only to let my gaze fall on Rich’s crotch again and caught him adjusting himself. He caught me catching him.

“Okay Dave, I have to be honest, Ellen was in some of my fantasies more than I should admit.” He had a very leering grin on his face.

“Dave, if Rich is going to be that honest then I have to be, too.” Tom said and took another swig from his bottle, before he went on. “Your wife was always one hot woman.”

“You guys are stupid shits confessing like that,” Joe said beside me and then he took a real long swig of beer from his own brown bottle.

“Come on Joe, get off your high horse,” Tom spit out. “I know you think Ellen is hot. I even know you had a hell of a boner over her that one summer at the beach.”

“Fuck you!” Joe grit his teeth and glared at Tom, then he looked at me. “Okay, okay, so I admit I had the hots for her. Shit Dave I never did anything about it. Well, okay, maybe that summer I did jack off to the thought of her in that super hot red bathing suit of hers.”

“The same way you want to right now!” Tom shot back.

I glared at Joe.

“Your wife used to make me horny as hell and still does!” Joe confessed, looking down at the obvious erection jutting up under his shorts.

There was a moment of silence in the room for several seconds, everyone looking at everyone and no one.

I finally broke the silence. “You know, as unreal as this seems it really turns me on to know someone else was as turned on by my beautiful wife as much as I was.”

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