Making Your Day Better

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Aww, I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day, Sugar! Here, sit down, take a break. Do you want a drink?

Here, take the comfortable chair. No, no; let me get your shoes. Here. I’ll take them off. There. Is that better, with me rubbing your feet? I’m smiling up at you, and I can see that you’re still a little grumpy. Must have been an extra-rough day.

I smirk up at you, to judge your reaction. I reach up, undo your belt. Rough day, baby? Here. Here, let me help. I undo the button, pull down the zipper.

I love your cock. Even as I pull your pants down, it’s already twitching. It’s not firm yet – that takes time when it’s this big, time for that much blood to pump. I run my finger along it, and my eyes widen, staring. Even when it’s at rest, it’s huge.

Can I taste it, Sugar? Is that okay, for me to taste it? I lick at the tip, softly, and it responds. I giggle. My hand cups your balls, feeling the weight of them, the hair, their softness. I breathe deeply, to get the smell of you.

I slide you into my mouth, my fingers taking hold at the base. I can feel you filling up in my mouth, and that’s a great feeling. Is your day getting better, baby? Your cock hardens as my tongue does it’s work, lapping up and down the filling shaft. It doesn’t fill from the bottom up, your cock, but from the center out; I feel the vein on the bottom throbbing.

You take hold of my hair and try to pull me up, to kiss me, to compliment me. No, no, that’s not what I’m here for, today; you had a bad day. Let me suck your cock hard enough to make your whole day better. I swat your hand away. You chuckle, and I growl at you, like a dog with her bone.

Your cock’s twitching already. I must be doing something right, Sugar, improving your day at least a little. I slurp at your rod, making sure to let the drool run down around it. With your shaft firm, I wrap my hand around it. There’s so much of it! I love when you get hard inside my mouth. You grunt, and I can tell I’m already getting you there. Perfect!

I look up at you and brush my long hair out of my face. I’m looking at you with my pleading, hungry eyes, still… as I lower my big, pouting, cocksucker lips down your twitching shaft.

Oh, fuck that tastes good.

I let you see my eyes rolling back in my head, and I wrap my hand around the base of your cock, shifting it up and down, moving it no more than an inch up and down, just enough so you feel it. You feel it, right?

Is your day getting better?

As I stroke your shaft, I gaze hungrily at it, and I suck, really genuinely suck, on the tip of the head, trying to flood it with blood. And as I suck, I make this low, whimpering noise, and flick the tip with my nimble pink tongue, dancing it around your frenulum, tracing the shape of the head of your full and shuddering shaft with my tongue.

Your member comes out of my mouth with a pop, and I look up at you again, my eyes bright and my smirk huge. I want to make your day better. My hand keeps moving, and I hear you groan, and I know it’s working. Your day’s gone from bad to one of the best. And it’s going to get better when I drink your cum.

I giggle, lower my head again, and lap at the head of your cock. I smirk up at you, loving how your face reacts, so expressive! I hold my mouth open as I lower my head onto your cock, making sure you’re watching as the shaft disappears into my little mouth. Once you’re all the way in and grazing the back of my throat, tickling a little and making me want to cough, then I seal my lips around your shaft, and firmly place my fingers there, in a tight loop.

I squeeze my fingers, and roll them up, along with my lips, about three-quarters of an inch. As I do, my butt squirms. I guess you’d have no way to know, but my pussy is soaking through my panties. Down on my hands and knees before you, your cock buried in my mouth; pleasuring a man like this is such a turn on! I suck hard, to suck my cheeks in so they rub along the side of your cock, and I moan lightly, as I press my tongue along the length of your shaft. My other hand reaches over, takes your clenched hand, and buries it in my hair. I look up at you, grinning around your dick, and wink.

Then, my head surges into motion, pumping up and down at a distinctly different rate from my looped fingers, which are stroking firmly at your cock’s base. Your cock’s already throbbing, and I’m getting eager to taste your cum. I suck, sliding my tongue back and forth along your cock, running it along the length of your shaft, my drool running down over my hand as it works your hard dick.

I trace over your balls my fingernails, feeling them contract and get ready to give me your seed. I moan again, scissoring my legs to rub my thighs against my pussy. Oh, yes.

You groan, and gasp; your hand squeezes my head, pressing down, clenching my hair. My hand returns to jerking your cock, as I pull my head up. You’re soaked with my slobber, and your cock is straining, twitching, reaching for the ceiling.

“Yeah, baby?” I purr, licking my lips as etlik escort I stare you in the eyes. “Think you can make it another minute without putting that hot cream in my mouth? C’mon… c’mon… “. I’m smiling and eager; I look positively giddy, excited, and eager for you to bust. “Let it cum. Stop holding back. Give it to me. I want it.”

I smile up at you, my hand still vigorously working your shaft. My other hand’s fingernails are stroking your balls; I take a break from that, to push behind your testicles, just a little forcefully, stimulating your prostate.

“Give me that cum, baby.” I say, my breath hot and husky. “Haven’t I earned it? Haven’t I earned your cum, right down my throat? Don’t I please get to swallow it?” I’m panting, out of breath and eager. Your balls tighten, and you sharply gasp, reaching your climax; my eyes light up, and I dive down, burying your cock in my mouth.

You cum. I know what you’re feeling because your body tells me. My hands leap to your thighs and squeeze as you first erupt and I feel the cum hit the back of my throat. I squeal around your cock; I win! Another jet spurts, and make a pleased humming noise, and start to swallow, eagerly; it’s salty, sweet, and wonderful. I love the taste, and your cum is perfect; that’s why I make sure you eat a lot of fruit! After the initial eruption, my hands resume their duties; I massage your balls with one, and stroke at your cock with the other.

I suck firmly, and press against the frenulum with my tongue, to pull out as much of your delicious cum as I can. I’m swallowing, but I’m struggling to keep up; you’ve cum so hard for me, baby! I adjust my hips, rocking them back and forth; I rub at myself with my thighs, again, because my pussy is positively twitching.

I suck one last bit more, while I firmly stroke the shaft. When you try to pull my head away from your sensitive dick, I make a disapproving whimper, and when you stop, I give you a happy purr. My hands and mouth make short work of your sloppy dick, as I slurp up all your hot cream.

Well, almost all.

Just at the end, I slip your drained cock from my mouth, and run it along my breast, just beneath my throat, so it leaves an obvious, slimy trail; then, I scoop the rest of the cum off your cock with my nail, and let you watch me slurp it down while I smirk at you.

I sit back on my knees and smile up at you as I lick my lips. I’m thirsty, but I’m too busy enjoying the taste of your cum to wash it away yet. I feel as though I’m purring, as you sit there, panting. I wiggle my hips, delighted over how well I got to treat you.

“There. Is your day better now, Sugar?” I purr, crawling up next to you. I let you sit back and relax, for a bit. You’ve had a bad day, after all! I don’t want to be in your way. Oh, here’s your controller, baby, for your video game. Let me put on the game you like to play. No, you sit down. Relax!

I don’t mention it to you, but my pussy’s still twitching, Sugar. It’s like having an itch, and only your nice, thick cock can scratch it. I’ll give you some time, though; that was a lot of cum! I want to make sure you’re ready, baby.

Do you want a sandwich? Can I get you a beer?

I sit near you, on the couch. Can you smell me? I feel like you can. I feel like you’re teasing me, sitting there, smelling my pussy and not giving it what it wants. I’m biting my lip to keep from playing with myself, watching you play your game, thinking about having you fuck me.

God, my panties are gonna be ruined.

I try to keep you from noticing as I slide my hand up my thigh. Even the touch of my own hand is electric. I slide my hand around my panties, slowly; I don’t want you to see, yet. They’re damp, Sugar; that’s your fault. Once I have ahold of them, I pull, steadily, pulling them down, pulling them off, slowly, so you don’t notice. I need these panties off; I want my pussy exposed, under my skirt.

My hand is damp by the time my panties are off. You knew I was doing something, adjusting, but I think I made you think I was just scratching.

I creep towards you, letting myself take time. I pace myself, even though I want to taste you, to feel your shaft spreading my pussy; I push myself to pace myself.

I lay my head on your lap as you play. You grumble, but I smile at you. You adjust yourself to accommodate me lying there, shifting your hips forward, which works wonderfully.

I turn my head and take a deep breath of the heady, woody smell of you. Your pants are still down. That was clever of me. I slide my head down and take you into my mouth again. You gasp, and I hear the tone as you pause your game.

I release your cock from my mouth. “No no!” I mumble. “Play, play… ” I say, waving vaguely at the television.

Your cock grows full wonderfully quickly, this second time. As I work at your member with my mouth, bringing it to life, I hear the sound of gunfire and the sound of your character getting hurt, much more often than I normally do. I smile around your etlik escort bayan cock; am I distracting you? I pop your full cock from my mouth, wet with saliva, and my hand starting to work on the shaft.

“Okay, now pause… ” I say quietly, and I hear the tone right away.

I climb up onto your lap, and you make a wonderfully eager baritone groan. I’m facing the TV, astride you, holding your shaft firmly in hand, as I guide it up to my already glistening slit. Gradually, carefully, I descend on you, lowering myself, filling my soft channel with your impressive girth. You reach for my breasts, eager; I move your hands away and rock my hips.

“No no!”, I hissed, shaking my head. “Play… Play… ” I groan, motioning again at the screen.

With a tone, the game resumes, and I feel your pulse traveling along your shaft. Fuck yes. Your hips rock back and forth, and I push myself down, to hold you still, as I brace my hands on my knees.

“No, no… you,… you play… ” I pant, concentrating on my motions.

I rock my hips back and forth on you, working your cock deeper and deeper into me; into my cunt.

I love that word, and I hate that word; it’s so filthy that I blush when I think it – unless I’m naked at the time. It’s the perfect, dirty word to describe the feeling of your cock inside me; “it’s filling my cunt” sounds so wonderfully base, so primal.

And you are – you are filling my cunt.

I adjust myself, to adjust the angle of your cock inside me, bending forward more. “Watch… the, the… screen… ” I moan. You’re normally so good at this game, baby, but now you’re dying all the time! I love the thought that I’m “distracting” you; the idea that you’re “servicing” me, that I’m your distraction tempting you away from your game, makes me bite my lip and sends a shudder down my thighs.

Fuck, fuck. My knees are getting tired as I pump away, but my little pussy is still squeezing and shaping itself around your cock. Because of the wonderful angle, you’re rubbing firmly along my inner walls, and I feel your dick’s head swelling, the lovely slick friction of rubbing against my insides swelling you to bursting.

I gasp, excited at the thought that I might make you cum like this. Could I, with my skirt up, your pants down, bouncing on your hips as you play video games? Could I tease a load of jizz from your cock, leave it to drip down my leg? Is my pussy tight enough for you? Am I wet enough?

Oh, I know I’m wet enough. I’m definitely wet enough.

I grunt and whimper. I whimper; that’s what you’ve reduced me to! My arms are getting tired of supporting my upper body, and my knees are crying out, but I don’t want to stop. “Pause it,” I say, still panting.

Your hands try to leap to my breasts, as you think you finally have permission to fuck me. I let you touch so that I can feel your cock shift inside me, but no; you’re not fucking me, not yet.

I pull up, pulling myself off your cock. I hear you whine, and I smile as I turn around. I mount you again, my hand confidently guiding your cock. I push your cock, your nice thick rod, already well-lubed from my sopping wet pussy, back and forth over my wet slit. I feel you throb in my hand, as I nibble your ear.

“Gently… ” I sigh.

I push your cock, gently but firmly, against my ass.

Your cock surges. Honestly, I don’t let you have my ass very often. That’s not my fault! You have this big, thick, pussy-perfect cock. Most of the time, putting it into my ass is a waste; in my mouth, I get to taste you, and in my pussy, I get to feel you. But now, right now, I want you to want it, so much it hurts. You try to take hold of my hips, and I push your hands away. I bite on your earlobe and pull. “Gently… ” I moan, as I push.

It hurts. I’m not gonna lie, it hurts when that fat head of your cock pushing into my snug, little ass. I love your nice, thick fingers there, when you stroke me; I like having my little toy test my shithole, from time to time. But your cock is this wonderfully huge thing, and it twitches and throbs obscenely, and it hurts…

… and then, you groan, and shudder, already so obviously close to bursting, and who gives a fuck about pain.

I put my hand down between us, sliding my middle finger just barely up inside me, to tease myself and press on your cock through my pussy. My index finger rubs sidelong at my clit, and my pussy twitches; I feel my ass clamp around your cock. I sigh, long and loud. I’m gonna cum; I just need to beat you there.

“Play,” I hiss.

I hear your game start. I rock my hips, moving your cock inside me. Oh, God.

“Baby… I’m gonna cum, okay? I’m gonna… oh, oh… I’m gonna cum, so hard… with your… with you, in my ass. Okay, baby? But I need something… I need something from you. O-okay?” I ask, nodding.

You nod and kiss my shoulder, and I feel your teeth graze me there. I push your forehead back. “Baby, I need you to play your game, and not cum. Okay? I need you t… to… let me fuck, escort etlik fuck! y-you… Mmmmmkay? Can you let me fuck you, baby? Can I cum on your fuckstick, baby?” I purr. Even just saying these things to you has my pussy pulsing around my finger, pulling on it. Oh, shit, yes, baby, please…

I can’t bounce on your cock, now; it’s too hard, too heavy, too huge in my ass. All I can do is rock myself, back and forth, but that alone is fantastic.

I’ve got three of my fingers stuffed up my little pussy now; one was nowhere near enough, and two didn’t make me feel full, not like you do. Three isn’t enough, either, but at this angle, it’s the best I’m going to get, and the heel of my palm is rubbing back and forth against my clit as my hips rock. I can feel my climax. I can taste it, roll it around in my mouth, and savor it. I could rub it into my skin; I can rub it against you. I’m saving it; I don’t just want to cum, I want to stretch it out.

I can hear you straining. You’re controlling your breath, breathing slowly, in these huge, heaving breaths, to try to hold back. You’re nominally playing your game, but I know the sounds it’s supposed to make, and it’s not making them. You’re not paying attention. Your guy is barely moving.

Am I distracting you?

“Fuck, baby,” I purr in your ear. “I love feeling you fucking my ass! Do you like it? You always want to fuck me there… it makes me feel dirty, like your slut… Am I your little slut?” I ask, biting your ear. I’m trying to make it too much. My hips and thighs shudder. I’m holding back, restraining myself, but it’s becoming a weight. I’m working you, hard, and it feels fantastic; I want to cum so badly, but I love putting you through this exquisite torture…

I hiss in your ear, “I’m so gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna… ah!… explode…!” and I giggle, as my legs shudder, trying to hold back a climax that’s eager to rip through me. “Fuck, fuck, oh, baby… I wanna cum so bad, baby, so bad… I’m aching for you… Are… a… are you re-huh-eady?”

I’m barely able to speak. My pussy is convulsing; my thighs and ass can’t stop shaking. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. I bite your earlobe, then purr in your ear again. “Sugar, wh… when I ask you to – can you fuck me? R… really fuck me, like I was your whore? Gi… give me your cock, like, just… pound me?” You grunt, shifting your grasp, and I shake my head. “No! Not yet… “

I purr in your ear, my pussy soaking, dripping onto your crotch, soaking the base of your shaft. My sphincter is pulsing; every part of me, even my ass, wants you to blow your load.

But not yet.

I curl up, curving my back, rolling into you. I gasp, as you stretch my asshole, that hard-as-steel gorgeous curling cock of yours straining against my tight little ass. I whimper. “I… I’m edging, baby… I’ve got my hand buried up my pussy, and oh my God, I wanna… ” I gasp, as my thighs shudder. I press the fingers inside me against that magnificent cock of yours. Glorious.

“Okay. Okay. Gentle… Gentle… ” I purr, ever, ever so slowly sliding you up and out of me. It seems like there should be a pop as you come out, but there isn’t. I grab your cock in my hand that’s still soaked in my juice, and stroke the fuck out of it, rubbing it, lubing it, and getting it clean. I watch myself stroke it, wide-eyed, biting my lip. I look up at your eyes. You’re trying so hard not to cum, so you can fuck me like I asked for! I’m probably a terrible person because I consider just stroking you until you explode…

… but I want to cum too bad for that.

I nod to you, giving my permission as I swivel my hips up and away. You practically leap off the couch at me, throwing the controller away. Your hands take a firm grip on my hips…

And God, yes, you pound. I love it when you’ve driven a man just that bit too far so that he just fucking hammers into you. Finesse is good; it’s better, most of the time, but sometimes, a girl just wants to get fucked. And right now, it’s one of the times.

It doesn’t take much. By the fifth, sixth, seventh stroke of that cock inside me, my pussy is flexing; it squeezes hard around that lovely cock of yours, and I scream. “Oh, fuck, fuck that tight pussy, oh God, fuck me ’till I… Oh my fucking Christ, fuck me, show me how hard you’ll… oh yes, push me, push me over, oh… Oh, God, I’m cumming… don’t stop thrusting, don’t ever stop… “

As you force your way into me, it feels like my body catches fire. I gasp, but it comes out as a primal shriek. You follow my instructions, you good boy, and continue to ram me with your thick cock, so my climax reverberates, echoing inside me like a harmonic wave; I’m sure my wailing could shatter glass. I buck, and whimper, and whine, and beg, and even sob; when I feel you finally give way within me, I gasp, panting.

I collapse, face down and totally spent. My pussy is satisfied and full of your jizz; I feel your cock, still inside me, pushing out the last of your seed, even as it leaks from me, onto the floor. I hurt, which feels wonderful.

I get up to my hands or knees. You had a bad day… “Mmmm. C… can I get you anything, baby?” I ask, as I wobble over to you and kiss you, exhausted, on the lips. “… y… your bad day. Did I make it… better?” I murmur, collapsing against your chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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