Make Me Better

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I woke up to darkness and the sounds of crickets. My mouth and throat was filled with a dry uncomfortable feeling with the taste of mucus on the edge of my soft palate. My temples and eye and other muscles ached. My body was covered in sweat despite feeling extremely cold. I felt like shit. I had been coming down with a cold for the last week and it finally hit me full throttle. Never had time to rest; been constantly busy with chores, midterms and errands, not to mention social time.

My body tossed and turned within the bed, with sleep only toying with me. The moment I would sink into unconsciousness, i would have a coughing and snot fit. I roll over and grab my phone from the nightstand to check the time. 4:49 AM. Great, I was to suffer a good two hours of pure agony until I have to get up and eat breakfast and email my professors that I were to be absent for a few days.

After what felt like the tenth fit, I hear a knock on my door. It was Peter, my boyfriend. “Babe, you okay? I can hear you from downstairs.” He says from outside the door.

Of course. The walls are as thin as paper. I say in a ugly, sickly yet sarcastic tone, “Oh yeah, I feel fantastic.”

He comes in and I can see he has a concerned look on his face despite the room being dark. He puts a hand on my forehead. “Your burning up.”

“Lovely.” I murmur followed by a loud hack.

“Are you going to be okay? Do you need anything?” Peter askes.

“Warmth.” I answer with a shiver. “I have a heating blanket and two heavy blankets and I feel freezing.”

Peter turns up the dial of the heating blanket and asked, “Better?”

I nodded. “Can you in the guest bed?” I requested weakly.

I had a double room but never had a roommate, so whenever guest would come over there was an extra bed for them. It was already made with cotton sheets, fluffy pillows and a thick orange comforter. He kisses my forehead and ruffles my ratty red hair. “Of course. I’ll just be a moment, okay? I’m just finishing my psych paper, I’ll bring my laptop with me”


Peter always stays up in the late hours. He doesn’t procrastinate on assignments, he just claims that it helps his brain flow. He doesn’t have any morning classes, so he sleeps in. However the dining hall hours are abysmal to both of us, so whether or not we have a morning class, we have to be there before it closes at nine.

I sluggishly get out of bed and turn on the lights. I begin to search for some cold medicine. The room is a mess, so looking for it becomes tiresome. Peter comes back and asks, “What are you doing?”

“Looking for cold medicine.” I answer, rummaging through a drawer that is supposed to have all my meds. I find a tiny drop of liquid nyquil and decide this is my only hope for right now.

“I can run to the drug store, if you want.” Peter offers.

I shake my head, have a brief coughing fit and when I catch my breath. “No, you have a paper to write. You can do it when it’s light outside, I don’t want to trouble you.”

He ruffles my messy red hair and says, “Alright, you get some rest now.”

Easier said than done. It takes me a while to actually fall asleep, between nose blowing, coughing and sneezing sessions. It felt like an hour and a half until I actually slept. When I’m sick, I don’t dream. Instead I just see myself in blank emptiness, just nothing.

After looking at nothing for a long period of time, I notice it’s light outside. I hadn’t noticed that Peter wasn’t in the room. Perhaps getting us breakfast? Though I do see a bottle of cold medicine on the nightstand. Peter sure is amazing; he does everything he can to win me over. I look at the time and notice it’s already 8:30. Shit, I hope Peter is getting me breakfast because the cafe closes at nine. I throw on a coat and some boots, not even bothering putting on actual clothes; I was still in my signature ugly cow print pajamas.

I grab some mouth wash and head to the bathroom, just to gargle, since I know I don’t have a lot of time. However as I’m about to leave, Peter enters with a few styrofoam boxes with my name on one of them. “And where do you think your going?” He asks in an authoritative tone.

“To brush my teeth.” I answer honestly. “I didn’t think you would get me anything to eat.”

“And why would you think that?” Peter asks, setting down the boxes on one of my desks.

“I guess I expected the worst. I didn’t know where you were.” I say with a shrug. “Though you did actually get me food, so thanks.” A nose blowing fit follows that statement.

“Brush your teeth and come back in here. Your resting all day, got it?” Peter says in a stern voice. I can’t tell if he is playing this father daughter game or he actually believes I would run off campus despite the fact I feel like shit.

My throat is sore so my only response was, “Okay.”

I had taken my toothbrush and toothpaste with me and head to the bathroom. My eye feels groggy and my skin feels as thin and fragile as tissue paper. Brushing my teeth while having pendik escort a cold is a nightmare because it takes lots of patience.

Once I finish I return to my room, Peter has put breakfast on my test that consisted of a bagel with lox and cream cheese and a grapefruit. He has a mug of hot water and asks, “what tea would you like?”

“Chamomile.” I answer, sitting down. I look at him and say, “You didn’t have to do all of this for me.”

“I know, but I wanted to.” Peter says opening up a tea bag and placing it in the water. “You shouldn’t have to be alone while you’re suffering.” He hands me the tea.

“I know but I don’t want you spending all your time with me.” I say. “Don’t you have class today?”

“Yeah but-“

“I will be fine. It’s just a cold.” I say.

He sighs, defeated. He can’t always be perfect. “Can I get you anything else?”

I shake my head, “You don’t need to leave either. I want you to stay but I don’t want your whole life revolving around me.” I say.

“I understand.” He kisses my forehead. “I just know how you do get lonely.”

Before dating Peter, my first semester at Greenshore I had gotten very sick in the middle of semester. I had crippling social anxiety and had to do everything by myself, since there was no one there for me. I had classmates who let me borrow their notes but no one to really talk to or make sure I was feeling okay. Peter always made sure that I was pampered, even when healthy.

After finishing breakfast, I begin to yawn. “Do you want to go back to bed?” Peter asks.

“I want to shower first.” I say. “I feel icky.”

“Well yeah, that’s normal when you have a cold.” Peter jokes.

“I know but I like to have the steam open my sinuses and get the sweat off me.” I say. I take the nyquil and my bathroom essentials with me and head out.

“Don’t fall and die.” Peter calls after me.

“Well if you want to make sure I’m fine, maybe you’ll join me.” I tease. It’s weird, everytime I get sick, I get really horny. I could be vomiting and still feel like a sex goddess.

“Make sure no one is in the bathroom and I’ll join you.” He whispers seductively after kissing the top of my head.

When I enter the bathroom, there is only one other person in there. Luckily they weren’t showering so I could be as naughty with Peter as I wanted. I place the basket of my bathroom essentials next to the shower and run the water. By the time I get the right temperature, the girl in the bathroom is already washing her hands and out the door. I poke my head out and give Peter a signal. He then joins me in the bathroom.

We strip off each other’s clothes, my nipples standing at attention because I’m so cold despite my fever. I step in the shower and Peter follows, me to the shower wall. “Tell me if I get too rough.” He whispers.

“Don’t I always?” I say, teasingly.

He puts some shampoo in his hand and massages my scalp. I close my good eye, making sure soap doesn’t get into it. My hands roam his chest and go further down, playing with his balls. He moans at the sensation and I squeeze tighter. Water and soap is dripping from our bodies. Peter is too tall for me to shampoo him, so he does his shampooing by himself while I continue to tease his dick.

At first I was just playing with my hand, since my sinuses prevent me from sucking on him. I stroke, poke and grope him like he were a stress ball. He is growing harder,just like the urge to suck on him, even though I know it’s probably not a good idea. But then another idea comes to mind. My boobs were big enough to give him a tit fuck. I’ve never tried it, so why not start now? I just won’t use my mouth…well at least not all of it.

I can feel Peter’s legs giving out as the pleasure builds in his body.He is gripping the shower wall for support as I press my boobs against his length. Starting slowly, I move my tits up and down his length and lick the tip when it comes in reach of my mouth. I can feel he is close to coming as his body tenses up. “Do you want to come?” I ask teasingly.

“I do.” Peter says.

“Too bad.” I state, standing up.

Peter is wide-eyed and his jaw drops. “What? I thought you were the submissive.” He complains.

“I am but I can’t let you come in my mouth and I know how you feel about coming on people.” I say. “I just need to find another way to set you off.”

I think for a moment and go back to my knees. This time I’m only playing with his testicales, and not the whole thing. It’s his most sensitive place, and I know teasing them drives him insane. I lightly scratch them and I can see him getting lost in pleasure. I go slower, letting the semen come out, which lands on the shower floor.

“I think you’ve been a naughty patient.” Peter teases as I get up.

“But Doctor, I need you to make me better.” I say with an equally teasing pout. Pulling him close, I press my boobs against his chest. He puts some soap on a washcloth and begins to slowly slide it across my body,washing me from top maltepe escort to bottom. It excites me, but doesn’t get me off.

Once he is done scrubbing me I wrap one leg around his waist and say, “I think my pussy needs some attention.”

He leans down and flicks my sensitive skin. Instantly I lose my balance, but he is there to catch me. “We’ll continue this in your room.” He says seductively into my neck.

Peter turns off the water while I wrap a towel around myself. Despite the hot shower, I still feel like I’m freezing. My sinuses had loosened up a little but I know that’s only for now. I know I’ll go back to feeling like shit in twenty minutes or so. Peter wraps a towel around himself and picks me up bridal style and carries me to my room.

We were lucky that no one caught us like the last time we had amazing shower sex. The hallway was empty, so no one saw anything as he carried me back to my room. Placing me on the bed he wraps me in blankets before leaning in close, and whispers. “sleep.”

“What?’ I ask, shocked and yet weakly at the same time.

“You’re sick, you need to get better.” Peter says. “I know you’re horny, but you could get worse if we keep going at it.”

With that, he throws me a new clean pair of pajamas; pink fleece pants with little white polka dots and a matching pink button down.

“Peter I want you, please.” I beg.

He presses my head down in the pillow and says, “Sleep.”


“When you are able to breathe, then we will continue our little session.”

I don’t argue and put on the pajamas that he gave me. Disappointed, I throw my head on the pillow and whisper, “Night.”

Nothingness. Just nothing. I don’t even know how long it’s been, but staring at nothing feels like the equivalent of a boring lecture. When I awake it’s much brighter, making me squint against the light. I look at the clock which now says 2 PM, and as my stomach grumbles I realize that I’m hungry again.

I know Peter has class at 1:30 on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays. Maybe he got me some lunch? I check the fridge. Nothing. I check my phone to see if anyone called or texted. Peter had texted that his chemistry partner, Roman, was willing to fill in for Peter while Peter was in class, since all his classes were earlier in the morning and he had finished classes were done for the day.

Roman is a charming young man. He isn’t as outgoing as Peter, who will almost always have a conversation with anyone. Though he still has a way with words. Before Peter and I started dating, I considered going out with Roman, but was too shy to say anything.

I text Roman to fetch me some food, and he instantly replies, “No problem, milady.” Followed by an emoji with its’ tongue sticking out. I blow my nose for what feels like an eternity and noticed that I’m still wet from the session Peter and I had earlier. Once I have an ounce of energy, I decide to use my vibrator to stimulate myself for a bit. I stick it down my underwear, so I’m able to pleasure myself while having my hands free.

I lean my head back on the cotton gray pillow and fantasize about Peter being some sort of incubus, and me being a sex fairy. I didn’t realize how long I was daydreaming because I didn’t hear Roman knock, so he just let himself in…and the vibrator is kind of loud. (Not as in you’d hear it going through the walls, but it sounds like a cell phone vibration) Well this was awkward…

“What do I do now?” I think to myself. “Hope he doesn’t notice or just stick my hand down my pants to turn the damn thing off?” But that wouldn’t be lady like. I pretend that nothing is going on in between my thighs and blush, both from fever and from embarrassment. “Hi, Roman.” I try to say nonchalantly.

Roman isn’t stupid. He knows I’m horny. He knows I’m trying to get off. Though instead of mutual embarrassment, he has a suggestive smirk. “Satisfying yourself?”

“Uh…yeah, sorry about that.” I try to reach for my vibrator, but Roman grabs my hand.

“No, allow me to watch.” He says while leaning back against the wall.

Roman knows I’m in a relationship. Peter and I also don’t believe in monogamy either. But we never talked about potential partners to join us. Despite us being in a relationship, we haven’t had any extra partners. We just thought of it as more of a marriage thing rather than a sexual one. Our belief is two people are not capable of everything. Peter is also very open about everything he does. Even if it’s too much information. He’s talked about his sexual partners before me (some images I cannot get out of my head), but he has told me he’s only been with me since we started dating. But it felt weird to consider fucking Roman without Peter knowing.

My body starts to feel icky again. I blow my nose and then say, “I don’t know, Roman, I need to talk to Peter about this.”

“I understand, milady. Though I can’t help but think you’re cute when you’re having your private time.” Roman teases.

“What did you bring me to kartal escort eat?” I ask, changing the subject while blowing my nose again.

“Some boneless wings.” Roman answers, pointing to the styrofoam container on my desk.

“Oh boy. Thanks.” I say. I once again try to take out the vibrator but Roman catches my hand again.

“I wanna watch you orgasm first.” Roman says. “I won’t do anything, I promise.”

I shake my head. “At least wait until I can breathe through my nose.” I say. I feel as shitty as I did when I woke up early this morning, despite my raging hormones.

“I understand.” Roman says in a neutral tone. He isn’t hurt, like I expected him to be. But then again he also knows I’m with Peter. “Do you need anything?”

“No I’m good, thanks.” I say, finally taking out the vibrator. Roman exits and I blow my nose a few times, followed by a coughing fit. Once I am “stable” I go to the bathroom and wash my hands.

After lunch, I turn on my mini TV and hope that something good is on at this time. I flip through channels for a while. Most of it was crap. Kardashians, Doctor Phil, game show reruns, the ending of a sesame street episode. I finally settle on an episode of House. Its an episode I have seen already, but at least it’s something.

The episode is actually one of my favorites; Autopsy, where the patient of the day is a nine year old cancer patient who has never been kissed. The episode had just started as the tune of teardrop by massive attack plays. After the theme song, it cuts to commercial, where I drift back to sleep.

I wake up to Peter’s hand on my forehead. I mutter, “What time is it?”

“Five. How are you feeling?” Peter asked, concerned.

“Like shit.” I say. I cough deeply. “Can you pass me my tissue box?”

Peter brings me the box and then sits on the edge of the bed. “I picked up your class assignments.” He then gestures to a stack of papers on my desk.

“Oh thanks.” I say, in between blowing my nose.

“Professor Oliver is even willing to give you extra time on your paper.” He tells me.

“Awesome.” I say.

“Do you need anything?” He asks, stroking my hair.

“Only something to drink. You going somewhere?” I ask.

“Yeah, I have to finish a paper myself.” He answers.

“You can’t write it while you’re with me?” I tease.

“You’re a greedy one today, aren’t you?” Peter says, toying with me back.

“Actually I wanted to talk about something…important.” I hesitate.

“You’re pregnant?” He guesses.


“You wanna break up with me.?”

“No, can you let me finish?” I give him a friendly punch on the arm.

“Fine, what is this about?”

“Roman walked in on me masterbating earlier today.” I answer somewhat embarrassed. I blow my nose before looking up at Peter to see his reaction, a concerned look on his face.

“He didn’t hurt you, did he?” He is already defensive. I wasn’t expecting that.

“No, I told him I needed to talk to you first since we are in an open relationship but never discussed who would be our potential partners.” I explain.

“I see.” Peter says, he stands up to make tea for me. “I approve of Roman…however” That however made me nervous. “I get to watch.”

“That’s not awkward.” I mutter sarcastically.

“I think watching you would be hot” Peter answers.

“I think that’s embarrassing.” I say, hiding my blush behind my blankets.

“You’re not into being watched?” Peter asks.

“No.” I answer. The tea is ready and Peter hands me the cup.

“What if I joined you? Would that make it better?” Peter asks.

I’ve always dreamed of a threeway. Though the partner I imagined was usually fictional since I had no idea who would join us. It varies from Viserys Targaryen, Spike from Buffy, or Arin Hanson. And if I’m feeling extra naughty I’ll add Orochimaru from Naruto.

“Okay.” I say softly. “I’d like that.”

“Good…but no kissing. I don’t want you spreading your germs and for him to think your loose.” Peter states.

“You’re willing to watch me go down on a guy who isn’t you, but kissing crosses the line?” I question, surprised.

“I just wanna make sure he can handle you right. If I like what I see, then I’ll reconsider.” Peter says. I can see this conversation is turning him on from his hardness under his jeans. I want it in my mouth so bad.

“I’m going to get my laptop. You be a good girl and don’t go wandering off now.” He says as he shuts the door. I lay back in bed and blow my nose for what feels like forever.

On Thursday I’m feeling slightly better. I’m still blowing my nose every so often but not as often as I was on Monday. My fever went down (though I still feel cold, despite what the thermometer says) and my body doesn’t ache that much. Peter and I agreed that Roman could join us once my fever was gone. Both of them were in class at the moment, so I decided to go to sleep for a while.

I awake groggily and I can hear Peter’s voice in the hallway along with Roman’s. I’m too tired to move a muscle. I lay in a position in which either of them had easy access to me whether I was conscious or not. Peter says I always look cute when I sleep. I never believe him because I always wake up in sweat and drool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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