Madame’s (Milked) Dry Bar

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69 Position

One or two of the women gasped but there was mostly appreciative laughter as they entered the room.

“WELLLL NOW…” exclaimed Andrea with her thin eyebrows cocked, “Haha, oh my god…” Rebecca managed, as one of the more shocked onlookers

“As you all know, when I want to try something, I do it,” Madame explained, very matter-of-factly.

A large couch gave them a full view of the room’s very obvious main attraction, but of now, they opted to remain standing, as they circled the gagged and blindfolded boy, aged somewhere in his early 20s. As they stared quietly, they could all hear a faint buzzing.

“Oh my… you have a vibrator in him too?” Marla asked. Looking at the confined boy, who was squirming ever so slightly against his restrictive bondage. His arms tied behind his back, and his chest tied to a beam behind him. His legs tied to a stool which was also secured to the beam.

Madame slid a hand down the boy’s chest as she replied, “Yes, it’s the lowest setting of any vibrator I knew. My desire was for a steady, oh-so light stimulation, just enough to drive him a bit wild as his young prostate was to be milked,” she explained, as her finger flicked lightly at his stiff left nipple. Andrea, and Mina noticed the reactive cock throb, each dragging their tongues along their lips slightly, in anticipation of what was to come. “There’s also a little piston attached to the plug, going in and out of his tight little boy booty. Poor little thing was aching in chastity the whole time he was setting it up for me. Of course his aching is a bit more pronounced now.” The women were grinning with amusement, as Madame slid her hand up the boy’s chest, lightly across his neck, and off the boy. The boy’s back made a pleasant arching movement as he inhaled deeply from the light stimulation.

A few of the women bent over behind the boy to see the languid movement of the piston. They observed the stool he was on, which seemed more comfortable than they originally assumed. There was a hole cut out near the back to allow the piston to go through. They stared eagerly, at the slow and steady mechanical dick fucking the helpless boy. It was utterly unrelenting, producing a definite pressure against his prostate that prevented the boy from staying totally still. The effortless motion of the piston went in and out of his tender asshole, the depth of each penetration just enough to explore him and stimulate him in his core. The gentle but infinite toying was a deep tease more than any kind of proper fuck. It was perfectly designed to encourage and impel, and certainly not reward or alleviate the bound boy.

Mina, now looking closely at the naked boy’s pulsing member which kicked subtly in response to the slow piston thrusts, and grinned while she spoke, “this is quite a fancy setup you have. The brandy snifter is a great touch!” She flicked one of her manicured nails against the glass below the healthy ebbing dick, producing a semi-shrill ring.

Madame grinned as she looked over at Mina. “There needs to be some class while doing this. I certainly couldn’t have collected his precum in a pint glass, now could I?” She asked, while chuckling. “Go on, have a taste! He’s been producing a lot in the past hour.”

Mina escort ataşehir bit her lip as she imagined the torturous exstasy the boy must be in after being milked an hour straight. She tilted her head, looking at the glass. Madame was right. There was at least a few tablespoons full of thick, glassy fluid with a pleasant line of gooey precum trailing from his weeping little slit down into the collected discharge. Mina carefully slid her delicate finger behind the web of goo, and pulled a small amount up to her lips, smearing it on her full pout and tasting it demurely. “Mmmm… ” she uttered as the intimate sweet flavour of young, fresh pre-spunk lingered on her tongue tip. “You mentioned some shots?”

“Mhmm. Yes, I believe that should be the place to start.” Madame took a bottle of premium tequila and a bottle of her finest imported vodka from off the top of the bar and placed them on the coffee table. She carefully swapped out the brandy glass with a fresh one under the boy’s leaking penis, the long rope of delicious pre stretching out as she did so, but she managed to save every drop.

The ladies sat down around the couch as Madame prepared the shots. Setting out 5 shot-glasses, she carefully poured half vodka, half tequila in little measures. She then added the precum, dipping into the brandy glass with a tiny silver spoon. She stirred the precious fluid into each one of the shots with with a few twists of the pretty little spoon, gripping it in her slender artful fingers as she twirled it round. Setting the snifter back down, each of the women took hold of a shot, gazing at the intimate mixture of liquor and the milked sex of their little male cow. They held the glasses aloft as Madame toasted, “Cheers, girls!”, To which they all smiled, and exclaimed “Cheers!” in response.

The glass rims were all pressed to painted lips and the shots were swallowed quickly in single tips. As if to remind them of his aching presence, the boy let out a whimper that could be heard through his ball gag. Madame grinned, and looking his way, she reached out an arm so that she could drag a talon-like fingernail lightly along the inside of his thigh. “So…” Madame began while watching the shivering male she was teasing, “shall we try a mojito, ladies?”

“Mmm, yes LET’S!” Rebecca said eagerly, the distinctive flavor of the last drink warming her mischievous heart. The girls were all staring at the boy’s behavior as they spoke. As Madame teased him, his toes were curled up, and his nostrils were flaring as his breaths became deeper and deeper. “Of course, when we do this for real, we’ll probably need between 5 to 10 … dispensers.” Madame explained, contently, settling on the word to describe the virile little males’ roles. “We may have to split this drink or just pass it around.”

“Sip, sip, pass?” Andrea offered conspiratorially, smirking as she imagined the taste of the next drink.

Madame nodded with a grin, and stood up, walking behind the boy, Giving him a brief respite from her cruel nail by sliding just her soft finger tips up the leg of the boy. His cock had been growing almost as soon as she began touching him, an extra level of arousal above and beyond the steady rhythmic kadıköy escort effect of the vibrator knocking on his inner pleasure spot. He seemed to realize what was coming, which just made Madame want to tease him more. She slid her hand up and over his tight chest and grabbed one of his nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She pinched at the boy nub, and tugged, causing the boy a flash of slight pain. His back arched and a muffled cry came out of his throat as she handled him cruelly. The girls laughed, as they watched. “Would anyone like to do the honors?” Madame asked… sliding her hand down the boy’s stomach, her finger and thumb slightly encircling the base of pulsating swollen meat, indicating the task at hand.

Mina grinned and got up. “Dibs!” She called out, regressing to a schoolgirl in her excitement. “Then I get to hold the glass!” Marla said, smiling wide. Madame slid her hand back up the boy’s chest as the two ladies got into position.

Mina stood close, giving the boy’s ear a breathy lick, planting her tongue on his lobe before wrapping her smooth hand tightly around the base of the already straining, rock hard cock. The tip was almost purplish in color, and bulging wider than his shaft. Madame stayed behind the boy, just off to the side of the beam. She smiled at the thought of how difficult it would be for the boy to detect who was doing what to him with the blindfold on. She kept her hand on her boy’s shoulder, squeezing gently to remind him she was there. Rebecca and Andrea stood on either side of the boy to watch eagerly, very much enjoying the struggling boy’s obvious discomfort and bubbling fear and embarrassment, all of which was wrestling in him with his raging levels of lust. Marla bent slightly and held the snifter close enough to receive him, without restricting Mina’s movements.

Mina, continued to toy with the cock, jerking it deliciously and expertly, a fluid roll to her wrist as she tugged, while Madame bent down to turn up the vibrator, and the speed of the piston. The boy quivered beneath their combined touch, releasing a muffled, and amusing moan. Andrea slid her hand up the boy’s side… and across his chest, feeling his warmth and seeking out his madly quickening heart beat. Mina’s hand kept stroking the boy’s cock steadily. Not too roughly, but treating it with care and skillful luxury, not wanting to diminish it’s ability to take the next few milkings throughout the night. Rebecca watched excitedly, as Madame bent down, with an evil grin on her face, whispered into the boy’s ear, “Don’t keep us waiting, boy. We’re quite thirsty. CUM. NOW.”

The boy’s body convulsed almost instantaneously at the order, then stiffened up as his muscles tightened in the epic climax waving through him. His balls tight to his body as the liquid was extracted from him. Marla was ready with the glass, and Mina aimed the cock slightly down when the dick began to pulse. She could feel through his cock flesh, the gush of ejaculate flowing up his urethra. His first bolt of cream shot out so forcefully that Marla gasped and almost missed some of it, but it drummed against the side of the glass, thick and soupy and alive as it oozed downward. His next three or four shots kicked maltepe escort bayan just as hard as his fat, hyper-stimulated nuts flowered and gave up their seed for the women who owned it. The ladies were eager to use his body’s produce for their luxurious little pleasures. Mina slowed her strokes as his dick leaked with less force, then properly milking the cock like a cow udder, with a few tight gripped tugs. The snifter was nearly half filled with his thick pleasant cum.

“That was hot…” Rebecca purred, smiling, the floral smell of teen spunk pricking deliciously at her nose as the scent of the fresh cum perfumed the air. Her panties were a touch more damp than they had been a few glorious moments ago. Mina teasingly milked the cock a few more times slowly from base to tip, squeezing it hard as she did so, getting the last few drops of the load to fall out of his compressed slit, and down into the pearly mess collected in the snifter.

Madame grinned wider, reducing the speed of the vibe and the piston again. She then caressed his cheek as he panted deeply in recovery, “GOOOOOD boy.” she cooed, before leaving him to walk behind the bar, pulling out the ingredients, and a large glass. Mina and Marla worked together to drag the rim of the brandy snifter against the boy’s tip to get the very last droplets of his cum that he could provide. As the did so, Madame carefully squeezed the limes and added the mint and rum. She handed the glass to Rebecca to mash it all up. Marla set the snifter onto the table. Madame instructed Andrea fill the mojito glass with ice and soda water, while she got some powdered sugar and added it to the snifter. She got out a small electric whisk and proceeded to whisk up the mixture, adding a little powdered sugar as she went. The ladies sampled the mixture, a few fingers dipping in to be sucked off… Andrea and Mina’s eyes meeting, and Andrea sucking the drink mixture off Mina’s finger. “Mmmm… that’s good,” they all agreed. Madame then poured the fresh cum and sugar on top of the mojito and let the special addition trickle slowly through the perfect drink.

As the ladies sat around the couch, passing the mojito between each other and savoring it, they discussed their plans for a larger party in the future. They brainstormed several boys being lined up, both for their amusement, and to be used as dispensers. All bound and gagged like the boy in their presence now. They decided on having the two cutest boys untied at all times, to do the drink mixing and the serving, While the ladies would always perform the finishing touches to the drinks, and the milking of the boys when needed. At all other times, the boys would be each hooked up to the light buzz of a vibrator, and the gentle dicking of a piston, all to warm them up, and provide plenty of precum to be used in their drinks as the party would begin.

The ladies had a few more drinks that night mixed with the young boy’s cum. They thoroughly enjoyed his constant state of torture from the robotic plug. His body was shivering and his abs and other muscles were tensing in agony. The boy was milked five times total, even though he didn’t produce anything usable the last two. They just wanted to watch him squirm.

At the end of the night, Madame unbound the boy, removed his blindfold, and gag. Then led the boy to the coffee table, and tied him down, face up… so that he could unwind as the ladies kept drinking and occasionally played with his exposed body. He couldn’t wait for the next party.

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