Lynn With Deb and Me

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Lynn With Deb and Me
It was late Saturday afternoon , Deb and I were out back in the screened in porch. We had been running errands, doing home maintenance all day, and as the sun started to set we were relaxing. Sipping on a cocktail and taking a couple hits of pot, our conversation soon turned to our favorite topic, sex. Deb said, “I heard from Lynn yesterday.” “It’s about time. How’s she doing?” I replied. “I think she’s finally getting over the guilt trip. She wants to have lunch with me next week.” I said back, “That’s good, she shouldn’t feel guilty. All of us had fun that night.”

Two months ago, by pure circumstance, one of Deb’s good friends Lynn was at the same hotel that we were staying at. That night the three of us went out to eat and then to a bar that had good music. Lynn is usually reserved, she is an accountant by profession. But she is one of the hottest accountants you will ever meet. She is a blond, about 5’9”, very pretty, and with a body built like a brick shit house. Her tits are almost as big as Deb’s and this night she was wearing a low cut top that showed off just enough cleavage that made me want to see what she had underneath. Deb is a brunette, 5’4”, she has massive tits and a nice tight ass. Being in a bar like this, normally Deb and I would be checking out the crowd and commenting on the people that turned us on. This night our focus was on Lynn, and Lynn was getting loose. We got smashed. About midnight we went back to the hotel with a glorious buzz going on. In the elevator, Deb invited Lynn to our room for a nightcap and she readily accepted. I was now glad that I paid the extra money for a suite instead of a standard room.

As I made us a round of drinks, Deb declared that she had to take off her bra. When she came out of the bathroom she had on a shear white tank top that was 2 sizes too small. You could clearly make out her dark red areola underneath and her nipples poking straight out. Then Lynn said she wanted to get comfortable and did the same. Coming out of the bathroom, she threw her bra on the table, and when she bent over I could see most of her tit hanging down under her loose blouse. They looked perfect and I still wanted to see more of them.

Deb and I sat next to each other on the sofa and Lynn was in the chair right across from us. We took a couple of hits off of a joint and when Lynn passed it back, she was leaning over again. She was deliberately taking her time, being sure to show herself off. By our conversation at the bar, my guess was that she hadn’t had sex for a while. I turned on the TV and Deb stretched out on the sofa, laying her head in my lap. I put my hand right on her boob. Lynn noticed and there was a look of approval and curiosity on her face. The movie we were watching was R rated and a sex scene came on. All of us stopped talking and intently watched to see what would happen on screen. I began to rub Deb’s nipple, which is like her on button. She rolled over on her side and reached between my legs. I was semi-hard already and Deb rubbed me to a full erection. Lynn’s eyes were glued to the TV and she was squirming in her seat. The now naked actress on the TV sat on top of the actor, and it didn’t look like they were acting. Deb rolled over on her stomach, unzipped my pants, and started to go down on me. When Deb drinks, she gets horny. And when she gets horny, watch out because anything can happen. It was happening now. I looked at Lynn who was staring at us. I really thought that she would get up and leave, and Deb and I would be fucking as soon as the door closed behind her. But she didn’t. Deb was showing off to her how good she is at giving head. I was rubbing Deb’s ass, moving my hand between her legs, and I could feel how wet she was. Deb and I took it to the next level. I took off my shirt and Deb scooted out of her short skirt and panties. Then Deb took my kaçak iddaa pants all the way off as I pulled her top over her. When she lifted her head, she looked directly at Lynn and said, “Hey Lynn, you want to try some of this? It is totally ok with me if you do.” Lynn just sat there for about 15 seconds, watching Deb stroke my extremely hard cock. She stood up and said, “Damn Joe, you have a nice big cock.” Off came her top, and her tits were more perfect than I imagined. Large, round, and firm, with bright pink nipples. Her shorts came off revealing that she is a natural blond. She stepped towards us saying, “Fuck, you two are so sexy. I’m so turned on right now.” She got in front of me and I reached for her boobs. Lynn grabbed Deb by the shoulders, pushed her out of the way, and straddled my lap. Her hands were against the back of the couch and her tits were right in my face. As I sucked on one I felt Lynn lower her pussy down on my cock. She was hot and so wet. After a few quick thrusts I was all the way inside of her and she went wild, bouncing up and down on my extremely hard erection. I looked over at Deb. She had one leg on the floor and the other on the top of the couch, one hand circling her clit and the other pinching down on a nipple. She was smiling and when she looked at me she said, “I always wanted to see you two fuck each other.” As Lynn picked up the speed she said, “Oh fuck yes. This feels so good. Keep sucking on my tits Joe. Your cock is filling me up, holy shit!!! I love it, I love it!!!!” Deb reached down into her purse and pulled out her big 10” dildo and was fucking herself with it. I grabbed Lynn’s tits in my hands, pushing them together, and went from on nipple to the other. When I heard Deb start moaning, I knew she was close to an orgasm. It turned Lynn on and she slammed all the way down on me, my cock deep in her belly, and she rubbed her clit on my pelvic bone in circles. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum. Oh shit, here I cum, here I cum!” Deb was getting off at the same time. There was nothing but moaning and groaning filling the room. When Lynn came back down, she rolled off of me and her head was laying against Deb’s pussy. Deb ran her fingers through her hair and said, “Lynn, I could tell that felt good for you. You guys were really turning me on.” I made a comment that I hadn’t cum yet. Lynn looked so fucking inviting, I spread her legs apart and crawled between them. I started fucking her slow at first with Lynn saying, “God you feel so good!” Deb grabbed Lynn’s tits in her hands and said, “Doesn’t she have nice tits Joe? Don’t they want to make you cum? Fuck that pussy baby, I want to see you blow your load all over these big fine tits!” Another 30 seconds of ramming Lynn with all I had, watching Deb shake her tits up and down, and Lynn’s head tossing from side to side in total enjoyment made me get off. I pulled out of Lynn, got on my knees as Deb held out her tits as a target for me to aim at. I jacked off my cock, my hands slid easily with Lynn’s juices covering my rigid penis. Both of them were staring at the head of my cock in anticipation of an eruption. Damn, I blew at least a dozen loads all over Lynn. The entire time they were urging me on. Lynn said, “Holy shit, do you always cum that much?” Deb rubbed it into her tits and I fell back trying to catch my breath. Lynn seemed to be really enjoying the attention from Deb, she put her hands on top of Deb’s and guided her, her eyes closed with a smiling, satisfied look on her face. Then as if lightening struck her, she opened her eyes wide, pushed Deb’s hands away, and stood up. She started to get dressed saying, “I’ve got to go. I have to get up early tomorrow. See you guys later.” You could tell by the look on her face that she all of a sudden she felt she did something wrong, although earlier I know she wanted it and I know she had a major perabet güvenilir mi orgasm. And with that she was out the door and we hadn’t heard from her until she called Deb yesterday.

As Deb and I talked about that encounter, and others, we were getting pretty horny. My cock
and balls were already tingling when Deb took off her shorts and sat back down. She spread
her legs and said, “Look! There’s a wet spot in my panties!” I took off my shorts and said, “See
the outline of my cock in my underwear?” Deb had that smile on her face and that look in her
eyes. We were going to have some fun. Deb said, “Take off that underwear. It would really
turn my on to see you play with it.” I took off my shirt. Next, my underwear hit the floor and
Deb leered at my nakedness. “Damn, I love seeing your cock grow hard. Grab it in your fist
and let me see you pump it up and down.” I sat back down and rubbed my cock and balls all
over. Deb shoved her hand under the white cotton material covering her crotch, playing with
herself, and she just stared at me for a minute or so. I love it when we are on the foreplay
mode. She said, “Do you want to see my pussy?” I said back to her, “Only if you want to show it
to me.” Her panties were off in a flash. She spread her legs wide, one foot on the chair and her
other legs way to the other side. She ran her hands up and down her thighs, to her cunt,
then up to her tits. She grabbed them in her hands and said, “So I bet you want to see my tits
too?” I said, “Show me those heathens, set them free!” It amazes me how fast Deb can get
naked when she wants to show off her body. We are both nymphomaniacs, and I knew it was
going to be one of those nights where we might see the sun come up.

We had music playing, the lights were low. We were somewhat out in the open, yet secluded in
our porch. We started to talk about the cruise we went on last winter. We were in the bar and
admiring one particular couple a few tables away from us. I don’t know if they could read out
lips, but they picked up their drinks, came over to our table and sat down. “Do you mind if we
join you?” the woman said before we even had a chance to reply. Two drinks later Maryann
and I were in their cabin and Deb was with Sam in our cabin. I remarked, “And seeing you and
Maryann having sex the next night was one of the biggest turn ons of my life!” Once again we
Shared the details of what happened that night. I was ready to nail Deb right then, when we
distinctly heard Lynn’s voice, “Are you two back here?” Deb looked at me and smiled, then
said, “Yeah, come on inside.” We didn’t even attempt to put our clothes on, she was going to
be greeted in all of our nude glory. In walked Lynn in a trench coat, even though it was not cold
nor raining. She had a bottle of vodka in her hand. She looked us over taking in the situation,
sat her bottle On the table, and said, “Damn, you must have been reading my mind. This is
already better than I imagined. Watch this.” She took off the trench coat and except for her
shoes, she was completely naked underneath. She sat down, the chairs in a triangle facing each
other. Lynn took a big swig off her bottle and said, “I have to be honest with you. I tried the
doorbell and no one answered, so I came back here. I’ve been listening to you for the last 20
minutes. Fuck, you two make me so horny!” Lynn then dominated the conversation. She told us
that she had so much fun in the hotel, how she was tired of feeling the remorse that she felt,
and she wanted to be her true self without judgment. “Damn, I’m sitting here naked with my
two favorite people and I feel so free! I want to do the things that you guys do. Let’s play!”

I looked at Deb and said, “I think we need another drink. Lynn, I’ll bring a glass with some ice in it.” I grabbed our glasses and stood tipobet giriş up. I looked down at my cock pointing straight out and it never looked so good to me in my life. Lynn didn’t take her eyes off of it as I went into the kitchen. Moments later, Deb and Lynn came inside. Deb handed me the bottle of vodka and said, “Meet us in the bedroom.” Hand in hand, they pranced down the hallway giggling. When I got to the bedroom, Deb had her face in Lynn’s pussy. Lynn had her hands behind Deb’s head and was urging her on. I put the drinks down, sat beside Lynn and just admired her body. I began rubbing her tits and she opened her eyes to look up at me. She managed to say, “I’ve never been with a woman before. I’ve been fantasizing about being with Deb since we were in the hotel. I told Deb that on the phone yesterday. I decided to come over this evening hoping this would happen. When I heard you talking about Deb being with that woman on your cruise, I had to find out.” I leaned over and kissed her, and did she ever kiss me back. I said, “I hope you don’t mind if I watch you two.” Lynn replied, “Fuck no, that will turn me on even more!” I sat down in a chair next to the bed and watched Lynn pull Deb up into a sixty-nine position. With Deb on top, Lynn pulled her pussy lips wide apart and her long tongue darted straight for Deb’s hole. I noticed a few minutes later that I was jacking myself off without even realizing it. I had to let go because I didn’t want cum yet.

It didn’t take long for Deb’s expert mouth to make Lynn cum. I almost came watching her without even touching myself. Deb didn’t stop and Lynn had to push Deb off of her. As Lynn regained her composure, Deb looked over at me smiling like the cat that ate the canary. She came over and kneeled between my open legs and right before taking my dick in her mouth she said, “It would really make me happy if I can make you cum right now.” Deb was in her zone, and I was on the lucky end of her throes of pleasure giving. Looking me right in the eye, she licked up and down my shaft and then sucked both of my balls in her mouth while stroking my ever hard on. Then she rubbed my cock all over her face before taking the big purple head in her mouth. God this woman can suck cock so good. She lifted her head up and said, “Maybe if I put this big cock between my big tits.” I didn’t even have to move. I just sat there and once more being amazed at her sexual ability. She spit down between her boobs a couple of times and said, “It’s ok if you cum. I want to feel your hot cum all over my big fucking tits.” I looked over at Lynn, she was laying on her side rubbing one of her big boobs. When she noticed I was looking at her, she sat on the edge of the bed. Lynn said, “I want to see Joe cum too. Another big load like in the hotel. Fuck, that turned me on!” I said to Lynn, “Come over here and lick my nipples, and you’ll see another big load.” She confidently stood up and walked over to me, her incredibly firm tits swaying across her chest, and she pushed one of them in my face. As I greedily sucked on her tit, she rubbed and pinched my nipple like she knew exactly how I like it. I exploded, Deb was saying, “Yes, yes, yes. Cum my baby, cum!” Lynn said, “Holy shit, where does all of that cum come from?” I backed my head away so I could see that last few spurts spew out. It was probably the biggest load of my lifetime. Deb was covered with my sperm, it was dripping off of her chin and her tits were white. She has been the recipient of many of my orgasms, and even she seemed mesmerized by the sheer volume of this one. She said to Lynn, “Come here and lick it up! His sperm is sweet, not salty at all!” Lynn greedily licked up the biggest drops, then rubbed her face all over Deb’s tits. “I love it, I love it” she exclaimed. I laid down on the bed with Deb on one side of me and Lynn on the other. I said to Deb, “Are we having fun yet?” Deb laughed and said, “Fuck Joe, we just got started. I’ll give you 30 minutes to recover!”

The rest of the night and well into the next day, Lynn had her sexual awakening. She would never be the same. There is more to cum….

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