Lydia’s Story

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I met Larry through an adult web site. He saw my profile and wrote me an email. He wrote a very friendly email, with all the words spelled right. I replied, and after several emails, I gave him my instant messenger id. We have been chatting for several weeks, and decided to meet next Thursday.

On Wednesday, my day off, I got a pleasant surprise from my fuck buddy George, who was flying on business somewhere, and was going to have a five hour layover in my hometown. George does that about every couple of months. And we get together for some non-stop fucking, sucking, and kissing. As George got dressed to return to the airport, I told him about Larry, and that I was going to meet him the next day.

“Lydia, you have got to call me this weekend and tell me what went on.”

I agreed.

Larry is a 46-year-old businessman…works as a human resources manager for a company that hires opticians to work in their optical stores. He goes around and recruits the doctors to work in these chain stores. His territory is in the next state and just north of here, which is what brings him into my area. He got directions to my apartment, and was planning to arrive around 1 pm.

Almost to the minute, my doorbell rang. It was Larry. I let him in the security door, and a few seconds later I heard the knock on my apartment door. I opened the door and saw him in person for the first time.

He was a really nice looking guy…very tall, about 6’3 and a very nice athletic build, medium, brown hair, brown eyes, and a nice smile. He was dressed very professionally. Made me feel a little silly being in jeans — but hey, I’m at home, not at work, so I can wear comfy clothes!

We started out just talking for about 15-20 minutes and he reached over and took my hand and started caressing it, then my thigh. We started kissing there on the couch.

Then we decided that we both felt comfortable enough to move into the bedroom. I stood before him and we were kissing rather passionately and he started to feel my breasts up over my sweater at first. I was caressing his arms, shoulders, neck, back and cheeks. We were both feeling that passion starting to rise. demetevler escoırt

He then lifted my sweater up and off and fingered my nipples through the material of my bra. That sent me through the roof. He started unfastening it and I began unbuttoning his shirt. He had a nice dress shirt on so I didn’t want to tear his buttons off!

He had a beautiful chest. It just felt so good standing there next to each other kissing passionately and caressing. You could just feel that warm skin against skin.

He took my hand and placed it over his cock in his pants. He was hard as a rock and wanting desperately to escape from the constraints of his pants. I told him I think we needed to ‘free” his friend and began unbuckling his belt, then unfastened his pants and slid them down around his ankles and he stepped out of them. His cock was bouncing out of his underwear, sticking straight out, so I pulled them down, then knelt before him and gave him a little kiss. He went crazy and put his hands on my head. I started to suck him a bit and playfully tease and lick him.

Then he said, “wait, that’s not fair. I want your pants off too.”

So I stood up and he unbuttoned my pants and took them off. I was going to take my undies off but he stopped me and started feeling my belly, then slid down to my pussy mound and brought both of his hands around my ass.

He liked the silky material of my panties and slid his hands around those areas for a minute, then took them off. I asked him to come lie on the bed with me and we did. That felt so wonderful, our naked bodies entwined. We kept kissing passionately and caressing. He was now taking his fingers and exploring my pussy, drawing his finger around the area and taking cream from my pussy and rubbing it around my clit. I was playing with his cock in my hand.

I wanted to continue giving him oral, but he said “No. I want to pleasure you first. I’ve been waiting for this.”

And the truth is he has been waiting, about 4 weeks! We’ve been communicating and talking to each other by instant message before we met. So, he went down between my legs. I spread them rus escort wide open for him to give him great access and tilted my pelvis upward.

And he began licking, and sucking and just eating me out. It felt fabulous! I kept trying to fuck his face. He would tickle my clit with his tongue and then suck on it. And I started having those little mini orgasms when he hit on my clit that just send my pussy straight up into Larry’s face! And he made me cum even more and more! He seemed to have good oral techniques!

When he finished going down on me, he moved up my body and we kissed. Then I wanted to return the favor so I got between his legs in a comfortable position and began sucking and licking up and down the shaft. He’s married and he gets no oral sex at all from his wife and rarely gets regular intercourse. I guess she’s quite prudish. And she won’t let him go down on her. I told him that she didn’t know what she was missing!

So he was really getting off on doing that to me, and I think I was in heaven when I started sucking him. I just teased him a bit. Then I began taking more and more of him into my mouth and sucking him. I picked up the tempo to a pace he seemed to be really enjoying. I’d intermittently stop and lick and suck his balls, then tease the tip and shaft of his cock with my tongue, then go back to sucking it deeply. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself!

I asked if he wanted to cum inside of me and he said “yes.” So I lay on my back and he climbed aboard. However, he had some problems and got soft early on as we were fucking, so he wasn’t able to cum in me vaginally and really his cock just got a taste of my pussy.

That’s too bad because he said he wanted to experience more of my pussy because it felt so hot and tight and wet. He apologized and I told him that was ok. I know that that’s happened to some of the older guys I’ve been with. Sometimes they have problems maintaining their erections. So I told him to just relax and not worry about it. We kissed some more and he started playing with my pussy with his fingers.

He was getting me really excited and I wanted to cum badly, but his hands batıkent escort were sliding all over in my slippery mess down there and he couldn’t maintain the proper position. So I got my vibrator out and asked if he wanted to see how I played with myself. Well, that got his attention.

I had to wipe off a bit because I was so wet that I couldn’t keep it on my clit. Anyway, he fingered me too while I played. Then he took it in his hands and played with it. Then we switched roles again. When I came, he thrust his fingers deep inside me and finger fucked me while I was orgasming. That felt good. Then he went down and “cleaned me out” orally!

He was a little harder then so we tried fucking again, but again, he was having problems maintaining his erection. He felt really bad and kept apologizing. I told him to relax and not worry about it, that it was ok.

So we lay in one another’s arms and kissed and rested for a while. Later, I gave him a “penile massage” and that was enough to make him cum. He came all over his legs as he was lying on his back while I played. I licked all the cum off of him and then got a warm washcloth and cleaned him up afterward. Then we just lay together in one another’s arms and rested. It felt good and was very relaxing.

Larry then had to get going and drive back home. He got dressed, gave me a great kiss, and left. I could not wait to tell George about what had happened. I texted him to see if I could call him on his cell phone. It turned out his old lady was at church that evening, and he was home alone. I called him, and told him about my tryst with Larry.

So, there you have it, my hot sex date with the “out of state” man. Can’t say he was as adventurous George, but he was still a good guy. Very kind and caring, respectful of the lady he is with. I like that in a man. George has those traits too, and that will get him places with the ladies!

Why I was telling George what happened, I could hear him getting a little short of breath. I know my stories do satisfy hi voyeuristic desires! And George admitted he masturbated while I told him how Larry had fucked me.

And it turned me on too. I may have to play again tonight, even though spent my afternoon being fucked by Larry.

I’m am wanting to feel you play with my nipples and breasts right now, and am imagining your hands feeling me up. Mmmmm! Gotta stop this now as I have some work to do and you’ve got me all horny!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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