Lunch Time

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Desmond couldn’t wait until lunch. After all that had gone on up until this time (Ten AM, to be precise), he thought he might sign out for lunch a little early, pick up Samantha, and the two of them could go get some barbecue and soak up some sun in Centre Park. Maybe, if it was warm enough, he could persuade her to take her shoes off. And maybe, just maybe, they could find a secluded enough spot for Sam to take off more than just her shoes.

Des’s mind reeled, thinking of the fun that they had two nights previous. He had brought home two films, the new Wesley Snipes action picture that she had wanted to see (He thought it was because she liked Wesley’s body. Most guys would probably get jealous, but, in Desmond’s mind, anything short of her actually fucking another guy was only for the positive.) And a film called Succubus Seduction. It had various scenes of the usual boy-girl sex, but it had a little bit of a light bondage edge, particularly the scene where the girl ties her lover up and tongues his cock like she can’t get enough. Just when it looks like the guy can’t take anymore, she gives him one last flick of the tongue right on the head of his stiff prick…. And proceeds to light a cigarette, telling him how wet her pussy was, how good he felt in her mouth, and what she was going to do to him once she finished her smoke.” You can have it all,” the leather and spike heeled bitch had said, ”But you have to wait for it. And watch.” At this point she slid her hand down to her naked mound and began pleasing herself. It was all Des and Sam could do not to crush each other as they pounded their way to a sweaty, chest-heaving climax.

A knock on his office door shocked him out of his reverie. “Des?” Carl Stout, Desmond’s boss and chief tormentor, leaned on the doorframe with what he thought was an ingratiating smile.“ I need you to go pick up the Conley papers. Dave Conley is so far up my ass that I can’t see straight. He wants to sit down with us tomorrow to discuss what we can do for him.”

“Hey, why don’t you get one of the couriers to do that? I am after all a VP of this place. And,” Desmond said, his voice lowering with what he hoped was an overwhelmed tone “I’m not through with the other six accounts you dropped on my desk yesterday. And the Federal review is coming next week, and I really wanted to get a head start on tax season. Can’t you get Ronnie to do that?” Desmond could see his opportunity for a lunchtime thrill rapidly edging away.

“Ronnie quit this morning to be an artist, or writer or whatever it is that he wanted to do. And, need I remind you; Conley Agriculture is our largest client. I think that merits a visit by our Senior VP, Accounting, don’t you?” Stout’s eyes had changed from guarded cheer to full-on condescension. “Des, please don’t make me order you. This is important. When you come back from lunch, stop by Conley Ag, say hi to Dave, grab the boxes and bring them back here. Thanks.” Stout walked on down the hallway.

FUCK! Already, he would be pressing it to get out for lunch, now he would have to probably work through lunch. Desmond tossed his glasses onto his desk and was about to pick up the phone to call Samantha when it rang unexpectedly.


“Mr. St. James? Samantha on line two.”

“Thanks, Roxie” He punched the blinking button marked 2. “Hey,” he sighed dejectedly.

“Desmond? Listen to me and don’t talk. In about ten minutes, Carl is going to come in and send you home. I want you to go to the store, buy a bottle of good champagne, and immediately upon entering the house, hang your coat up, and take off that sexy gray suit that I bought you. Open the champagne; pour two glasses and press play on the CD player. After that, sit on the couch and wait for me.”

“Wait a minute, how…?”

“Des!” Samantha’s voice was like a velvet hammer, stern but playful. “Just do what I say. Shut up and let Carl send you home, OK? I love you and I’ll see you soon. Oh, by the way, you want it all, don’t you? Bye.”


Desmond looked at the phone in his hand for a second. His bewilderment cleared long enough for him to readjust his suit to accommodate the growing bulge in his pants. He could never get over the power that a few simple words from Samantha had over him. As soon as he sat down again, Carl reappeared in his doorway.

“Desmond, did your wife call you? Never mind. She called me and said she couldn’t get hold of you, but she needs help at home, something urgent, couldn’t wait, so she asked me to send you home ASAP.”

Des thought quickly. “Probably some kind of computer glitch or something. Are you sure you can spare me? With the Conley account and all…”

“No, you go and attend to you home life. There’ll be plenty of work for you when you get back. I’ll send someone else for the Conley stuff. Get it worked out, and come back to work on Monday, OK? Try and have a good weekend.” Carl left the office.

What the hell did she pendik escort say to him? He was nice enough about it. Oh well, fuck it. Desmond thought as he pulled on his suit coat, scooped up his keys and shrugged into his topcoat. “Roxie, I’m gone ‘til Monday. You only call me at home if the office is burning down, all right?”

“Sure, Mr. St. James.” Roxie looked at him through her round black-framed glasses. “Got a hot date?” She winked at him.

Desmond almost did a double take, but was consumed by his thoughts of Samantha’s breasts, so he fumbled his briefcase, and stumbled out the door.

Roxie smiled to herself as the phone rang. “Stout and White, may I help you?” Desmond, after stopping by the liquor store, parked in his driveway, and almost ran up the walk to his front door. All through his twenty-minute trip, all he could think about was Samantha. Naked, in lingerie, in those crazy business micro skirts she wore when she had to meet with her publisher (They drove him wild) licking chocolate off of his body, licking her lips while she watched him come.

He hung his coat in the front closet, and went about stripping off his tie, shirt and pants. “It makes you look powerful,” she had said at Bachrach’s “You look in control. Isn’t that what you want to be?” She had whispered the last bit in his ear while they were looking in the three-paned mirror, and squeezed his cock through the pants.

Getting down to his underwear, Desmond contemplated taking them off, but decided that it would be more comfortable than having his ass stick to whatever he ended up sitting on. Besides, Samantha liked the way this particular pair of boxer briefs fit him. Des strode into the kitchen, and grabbed the champagne flutes that Sam had bought for New Year’s last year. That holiday was special, they had rented the Presidential Suite at the Ambassador, and she wore a black silk robe that hugged her curves like sprayed on latex. She looked regal, as if she were a queen and Des her only subject. The curve of her body between her breasts and hips was almost enough for him to get off while he was just looking at her. That robe made Des want to take a bite out of her.

Desmond made his way back into the living room, popped the cork on the champagne, picked up the stereo remote and pressed play on the CD player. Steel guitar licks and an angelic male voice filled the room “ I made a bid for you, you know…”

“Why aren’t you naked?” a voice asked behind him.

There was Samantha. Black sheer bra, he could see her large areola through the sheer fabric, breasts spilling over the top. A sheer panty to match, her dark patch was camouflaged by the black fabric. She wore black high-heeled shoes, red toenails, and the robe. For a second Des thought it odd that he could be turned on by something that was supposed to be tool of modesty. Slowly he let his eyes drift back up her voluptuous form to her face. Red red lips, parted ever so slightly. Her maple brown hair was up in some sort of twist.

“And you aren’t sitting on the couch like I told you to, either.” Her voice carried a distinct undertone, akin to a Ferrari at a stoplight. Content to sit, but straining to break free and run.

“Well I…” Des started.

“Shh. Here,” Samantha picked up one of the flutes that Desmond had filled. “Drink this, listen to Chris sing, and enjoy not being at work for a little while. I think you need some refreshment.” As she handed him his drink, she let her hand trail down the front of his person, down to his waist. Her hand stopped. “Sit.”

Desmond sat. At this point, just seeing her dressed that way was enough to bring him to new levels of stiffness.

“You can take those off if you want. I don’t know, though. I love the way your cock looks through your underwear, swollen like that. Mmmmm….” Sam picked up her champagne, and caressed him through the thin fabric. He twitched slightly, the warmth of her hand spreading all the way to his balls. She took a drink, swallowed. He watched her throat work, heard her sigh, and thought I have no idea what’s going on, but I’m down for whatever.

“I’ve been thinking about that film from the other night quite a bit.” she said, still gently caressing him. “How horny you got while she sucked his cock. How helpless he was to her touch. I want to be that for you today. I want you to have all of me. But I want you how I want you. Are you willing to do that for me?” She began to kiss his stomach, lightly squeezing his nipples. ”I want to suck on you. I want your cock to fill my mouth, spread my lips apart. Eventually I want that hard thing between my legs, and I want to come all over you cock ‘til it makes a wet spot we have to towel up. Does that sound like fun? Do you want to fuck me? Cause I want to fuck you. Tell me, do you want to fuck me? I want to hear it. Say it!”

Desmond shuddered, her kisses and touches making it very hard for him to talk. “Samantha, I desperately maltepe escort want to fuck you. Let me fuck you. Please?”

Sam smiled, white teeth shining through red lips, lasciviousness oozing out in a small giggle she let escape. ”Good. That’s so good. Finish your drink.” Desmond gulped the Moet in two swallows, set the glass down and immediately began to grab her breasts. She shoved his hand away, and gestured toward the large pile of pillows on the floor. “Lie down. And take off those underwear, they’re only going to be in the way.”

Desmond lay down on the pillows, got himself comfortable.

“Round and round it goes round…. Round and around it goes round….”

Samantha, the open robe billowing around her like a sorcerer’s cape, removed her shoes and knelt next to him, kissing his forehead, his lips, neck and upper arms, while her right hand dug into the pillows, coming up with two pairs of handcuffs. “Give me your arms.” she whispered. He did so, scarcely believing what he was seeing. She locked one pair around his wrists, and then locked one cuff from the second pair around the chain, locking the other cuff around the sturdy sofa leg.

“There.” She said, as if she were proud of her handiwork. She passed her hand over him again, this time pausing to touch, no, grip his penis like a gearshift.

“I know how much you like it, Des. But you can still tell me how much.” She stroked his shaft gently. “You do like it don’t you? You feel so heavy in my hand. Oh,oh… You’re trickling. Let me help you with that,” and she licked the clear bead of moisture from the head of his cock, sending Desmond’s stomach muscles into involuntary contractions. “I thought that would be OK for me to lend a helping hand, or hands,” she said as she wrapped both of her hands around his swollen member.

As she stroked him up and down, Desmond watched, helpless and thoroughly fascinated with the line her panties made around her hips. Electric impulses began to travel from his lower abdomen to the tip of his penis, from his penis to his nipples and back again. “ G-g-g-god I l-l-love it. P-p-please put your mouth on me.” he stammered.

“Oh but I’m having fun like this. You want me to suck it don’t you? Can you take that? Can you handle not being able to pinch my nipples and finger me, while I suck on you? I don’t think you can. My hands are about all you can handle, I think.” Sam squeezed his cock harder, and Desmond saw the stars exploding behind his eyes. “P-p-p-please.” he gasped.

Samantha looked him in the eyes and said.” Hmm…Well, I guess you’re hard enough for me. But I’m not going to just shove your cock in my mouth. You’ve got all this wonderful surface area here that I want to lick…investigate…taste.” She took his balls one by one into her mouth. It very nearly drove Desmond to insanity; the sensations in his cock took him over in delicious waves.

“What do you want, Des? I’m getting most of what I want. Do you still want to fuck me?” She said this while slurping the underside of his cock, making it shiny slick with her saliva. “Do you want my legs spread, while I’m on my back, pulling my pussy open for you? Or do you want me from behind, so you can grab my ass? I bet I know what you want. You want me to ride you, don’t you? You want me to come right down on your cock, don’t you?” With that she took him all the way into her mouth, straight down, as far as she could. The sound that came from Desmond’s lips wasn’t human, some sort of base animal growl that came from deep inside him. Samantha kept going, sucking his cock with purpose now, less talking. When she felt him stiffen, his balls tighten; she took him almost all the way in one last time, and sat back, teasing the tip of his cock with a finger. Desmond’s breath came in ragged, short bursts.

Samantha pulled a package of Marlboro Lights from the coffeetable, put one in her mouth; lit it. Exhaled smoke, and laughter while Desmond tried to expend the energy she brought out in him. But alas, that kind of energy can only be released through having an orgasm.

Sam exhaled and slid her hand down to her pussy. ”You want to feel this on your cock. But I want to play with myself, make myself so wet… ‘Til all you can think about is my thighs, my pussy gripping you…. I want to hear you say it again. Tell me you want to fuck me.”

“I w-w-want to fuck you.”

“Again.” She said, snuffing out the smoke, slipping out of her panties.

“I want to fuck you.” Desmond said, regaining coherence only slightly.

“ Wait…wait… You haven’t had your treat yet. You can’t fuck me without the taste of me in your mouth. I want to feel your tongue first.” Sam leaned forward, sliding her lips the length of him, his thighs, his balls, she tongued his cock again (which was weeping mercilessly), sucked on his nipples, and attacked his mouth. She licked his lips and sucked his tongue with hers.

“Meet me on the other side of the world. On kartal escort the other side…”

She continued to slide up his body until her wet pussy was right above his mouth.

“Stick your tongue out, Des. Open your mouth. I’m so wet…I want you to taste it.” Desmond obediently stuck his tongue out, to taste the sweet folds of her skin, to drink in her very essence. When his tongue lightly fanned her clit, she shivered. “Right there. Flick your tongue on my clit…yeah…that’s so good…just like that…lick my pussy Des…I can’t wait for you to fuck me… I want your hard cock inside me…” Samantha ground her mound harder into Desmond’s face, Des’ tongue flattening to fully cover her clit, Samantha’s sighs turning to groans as he licked. Des’s cheeks were becoming slick with her juice, and his cock was a live jerking battering ram, aching to feel her from the inside.

But, Sam wasn’t going to wait. She rubbed her clit more furiously on Desmond’s face, and Des could tell that her orgasm was near. Trussed as he was, the only thing he could do was stiffen his tongue, and point it just to the underside of her clitoris. ”Jesus Christ!!” Samantha shouted, as all of a sudden Des became completely aware of her coming, her pussy lips immediately becoming even slicker with her passion liquid, his nose filling with her scent. He longed to grab her ass with both hands and suck her clit until she screamed and spasms engulfed her whole body. Damn handcuffs! He thought.

Samantha’s ecstasy subsided for the moment. She sighed deeply, still with her pussy on his face, and began to slide down his body again.” Lover, you make me weak.” She smiled. “But I’ve been doing all the work. I’ll unlock the handcuffs only if you promise to fuck me good, OK?” The keys dangled from her hand, and her right breast was dislodged from the black lacy brassiere, her large nipple stood completely erect. She removed the bra, letting both her tits free, and buried his face in them as she undid the cuffs.

As soon as he was free, Desmond pressed his lips to hers, licking her lips, her tongue, pulling her down beneath him. ”I want to put my cock in you. Can’t you see how hard I am? I want you.” He said.

“I can tell.” She said with a relaxed smirk on her face.” Go ahead. Fuck me. As hard and long as you want. Remember I said you would get it all? Here it is.” She said, hooking a leg around his ass, and pulling him towards her.

Desmond couldn’t remember her pussy feeling this good, like being fully submerged in a warm bath. Buried all the way inside her, Des began pumping slowly in and out, a little at a time, dipping the head of his dick into what seemed like a reservoir deep in his wife’s pussy.

“This is what I thought of while your cock was in my mouth.” Samantha purred. I wanted you cock inside me, not just in my mouth. That hardness, that thickness pushing my lips apart. I love watching…” She looked down at the joining of their sex, her lips swollen, his cock, gleaming with her juices, sliding deeper and deeper. ”Look at that,” she said, her mouth slack.” Keep fucking me Desmond. I want to feel this all the time.”

Desmond kept up with her request, and began pumping his cock furiously. Ass smackingloveyourcuntwanttocomeinyourmout hyourpussyissowetyouaresobeautiful. The sound of his hips smacking into her ass filled the room. His brain took a nosedive, as his blood rose, and a weight between his legs seemed to want to come up through his chest.

“Shit…” he whispered.

“Yeah? Come on.” She said, rolling her hips, and increasing the friction on his cock.

“SHIT!” he said again, the weight between his legs divided, half in his cock, the other half dislodged and settled in the back of his head.

“Come all over me, Des. I want it all over my face, my tits, my thighs…”

Toomuchsmackyourasscomedrippinglips…Des shoved his cock into her one last time, feeling his balls press into her, and the weights in his balls and his head exploded, sending him reeling as he pulled out, coming all over her tits in a shower of shouts, keening, and sticky white fluid. Des almost lost consciousness, collapsing beside Samantha, who was gently cooing, ”Ohh…that was wonderful…your face when you came….that was beautiful. I love it when you fuck me.” She lapsed into silence.

After a moment, Des sat bolt upright.” Sam, hon? What the hell did you say to Carl Stout?”

Samantha smiled, full lips parted over even teeth.” I merely said…” she paused to light a cigarette.” that if you wanted to stay with me, and if Carl wanted to keep a good man on the payroll, that you should come home right now, for the sake of our…partnership. I also said that I would call his wife and tell her that if he didn’t let you go, I would tell her what happened with Carl and Roxie after the Christmas party last year.” She took a drag.” I figured since his infidelity would probably get him worse hot water than the Conley Ag account, he might be inclined to let you go for a day so we could play.” She smiled at him now, the full one, with the mischievous edge.

“One day? But it’s only Friday.” Desmond said

“Exactly.” Sam said, exhaling smoke. “Wait ‘til you wake up in the morning.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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