Loving My Granny

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I’ve just recently finished my freshman year of college. I loved it so much and now need to go back home for the summer. I’m a bit annoyed. My parents have just informed me, that I need to stay with my grandmother for the next week.

My parents are going on a cruise though the Caribbean islands. They said, since I’m not paying for college and I don’t have a job for the summer, I’d be parking my ass at Grandmother’s house. My father said he does not trust me to be alone in their house. When I was in high school, I had a bunch of wild parties. Some expensive things got broken in the house and my father does not want that happening again.

One thing is for sure my grandmother is a fine looking woman. She is sixty years old, but has the body of a forty-year-old woman. Granny had breast implants, when she was a young woman. She also was a model in her youth. She has taken care of herself nicely. I will have something nice to look at, when I am there.

Granny dresses like a younger woman. She’s always in skirts, tight blouses and heels. Granny has short blonde hair and green eyes. She must have a 38-D cup size and has the longest legs I’ve ever seen. Grandmother is five foot eight inches tall. I’d say she weighs around one hundred and thirty pounds. She’s quite lovely.

I know it’s bizarre to think about your grandmother in these kinds of ways, but I plan to get a little dirty with her, when I’m there. She doesn’t know this yet, but I have some ideas in mind. My grandfather died ten years ago and she doesn’t date. I bet she would love to get a little young stud in her. Well we will see what will happen.

My parents had a limo pick me up and took me to her house. I guess they don’t trust me to drive over to her house myself. I am actually looking forward to this week. I plan to have sex with my grandmother.

I arrive at her house and she is waiting for me in her driveway.

“Oh my goodness, Michael it’s so good to see you.”

“Hi granny, it’s been awhile.”

I give my grandmother a tight hug and a kiss on her cheek. She of course is wearing a brown pencil skirt and a cream blouse with heels. She’s looking really good. She helps me into the house and shows me my room.

“Michael, why don’t you get yourself settled and then come into the living room?”

“Okay, grandma I’ll do that.”

Holy fuck she looks so good. Damn, woman does not look like a grandmother at all. She may be sixty years old but what a body. My mind is wandering and I feel actually kind of horny.

I sit on the bed and take out my eight-inch prick. I move my hand up and down over anadolu yakası escort my shaft. I dream of my grandmother. I fondle and rub my warm fleshy balls, while I stroke my cock fast. I stroke my cock up and down over my hard dick. I’m so hard and so horny. I imagine my grandmother sucking my cock, while I jerk my eight-inch prick.

“Oh fuck, here it comes.”

I blow a load in my hand. My thick cream is all over my palm. I lick my palm. I do enjoy a little taste of my spunk every now and then.

I organize my clothes in the closet and then go into the bathroom to wash my hands. I look in grandmother’s medicine cabinet and find a tube of KY Jelly. I wonder what grandmother uses that for. She is a horny fuck I bet. Maybe when she goes shopping later, I’ll look around her room and see if I can find any toys she may have.

“Michael, come downstairs. I made you some lemonade and some cookies. How are you? How have you been?”

“I’m great, I love college. Got all A’s.”

“Michael that is wonderful. I’ve a bridge game with some friends. I’ll be back in about two hours.”

“Okay granny, have a great time. I’ll just watch baseball, while you’re out.”

My grandmother leaves and I go into her room and snoop around. She has some really nice lingerie. I’d love to see her in some of these outfits. I wonder who she wears them for. I dig around some more.

I find granny’s panties draw. She has all sorts of panties (thongs, bikinis, briefs, hipsters.) She’s hot as hell. I’m definitely going to fuck my granny. I have an idea on how this will go down.

I continue looking and then I find a draw filled with all kinds of vibrators. They all have working batteries, so I know she uses them. I find a dildo that has a suction cup that she must put on her headboard and fucks. I would love to see granny back into to that. What a woman. She must have like ten different vibrators and this suction cup dong. I also find a DVD disc in her draw. I take it, go into her living room, and put it into the DVD player.

I can’t believe my luck. It’s my granny fucking some young man. Her hands are tied to her bedpost and her legs are tied to the other posts. He has a vibrator on her pussy and she is moaning and groaning. The man then tells her to turn her head and he face fucks her face with his big cock. Granny is sucking his cock. She is slurping and gagging on the guy’s prick.

“Holy fuck, granny is such a whore.”

Then the man fucks my grandmother and she is moaning and groaning. Granny lets out a huge scream and the guy blows ataşehir escort his load in my grandmother’s cunt. Then he spreads her thighs and licks the cream pie out of her wet cunt.

After watching that I grab a pair of my granny’s panties and slide them along my big cock. That was the fucking most awesome tape to find. I knew granny was a slut. I bet she likes younger guys. I cum in her panties. I do tend to jerk off a lot during the day.

I fall asleep in the living room and dream of my grandmother. I wake up and granny has come home and has made us dinner. She made lasagna and salad. We both eat it, she tells me about her bridge game, and the whole time I am looking at her breasts.

She has the biggest tits I’ve ever seen. They’re implants, so they stick straight out. Her lovely, hard nipples are poking through her silky bra. My mind is wandering and I can feel my cock straining in my pants. I don’t know how I’ll make a full week here, without fucking my granny. I will be fucking her I think to myself.

Granny kisses my head and tells me she is going to take a bath and then go to bed. I continue watching television in the living room. My mind races thinking of my granny taking a bath. I can just imagine her slipping into the bathroom. Having the warm water hit her pussy and her tits. Fuck, I think I’m getting hard again. Granny is so freaking hot. I’d better go lie down and think about her.

I’m really quite tired and fall asleep. I think I must have passed out for a few hours. Then I start hearing some moans and groans coming from granny’s room. They get a little louder and she really starts to scream a bit. I have to see what the hell is going on. The door is opened a little bit.

I can’t believe my eyes. My grandmother is fucking the suction cupped dong. It’s up against her headboard and she’s working her pussy in and out of the fucking dong. She looks so good. She is naked and fucking this dong really hard. She lets out a moan and I guess has had an orgasm. She gets off the dong and puts it into her draw.

“Granny, are you okay in there?”

I hear all these noises.

“I’m good, Michael, go back to sleep honey.”

I open the door and my grandmother is stark naked. She’s not covering herself, but is showing her body proudly.

“Grandma, what are you doing in there?”

“Well if you must know, I was masturbating.”

“Well we could have some fun grandmother. I’m a young and handsome young man.”

“Michael, we’re related that’s not even legal.”

“I’m nineteen and I am of legal age.”

“But, bağdat caddesi escort I am your grandmother, what would your parents think?”

“Well they don’t have to know.”

“You know granny, you really turn me on.”

I give my grandmother all of these compliments and I can tell she is thinking if she should have sex with me. She still has not covered herself up.

“Just promise you will not tell your parents.”

My grandmother lies down on the bed and spreads her thighs. She is still creamy and wet from fucking her dong. I lick grandmother’s cunt up and down and work my tongue over her hard stiff little clit. She has fucked herself hard with her dong. Her juices are flowing out of her wet cunt. I replace my tongue with my fingers and work my two fingers really fast in her wet bald cunt. Granny starts squirting her cunt juices all over the bed.

It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. I slurp up all her hot cunt juices into my mouth. Her juices are so sweet and delicious. Grandmother is moaning and groaning. She is bucking her cunt into my face. She is really loving my tongue.

“Oh Michael you are so amazing, grandma is so excited.”

“Get on your hands and knees granny!”

Granny does as I say and lifts her ass and pussy high in the air. I slide my thick cock into my grandmother’s cunt. She’s so wet and slick. I hold her hips, thrust, and pound her wet cunt.

“Oh Michael, that feels so good.”

I smack her ass and fuck my granny as hard as I can. She seems to really be enjoying it. She is a sixty-year-old slut that enjoys younger men fucking her. I thrust and I pound her wet pussy. Granny tells me she wants to suck my cock. I pull out of her wet snatch and she gets on her knees.

She takes my hard shaft down her lovely mouth. She is fondling my come-filled balls. She slips her finger deep into my ass, and gives me a prostate massage. Granny is a kinky fuck.

“Oh granny, that feels so good.”

“Suck my cock granny!”

Granny wraps her lips around my thick cock and takes me all the way down her throat. Her mouth is so warm and her lips loosely work her magic along my cock. She is sucking and gagging on my eight-inch cock. She has her fingers deep inside my ass. I feel my spunk building and I can’t fight it anymore.

“Open your mouth, here it comes.”

I blow a huge load of cum down my grandmother’s throat. She swallows it all down like the slut she is. Granny continues to suck and slurp on my hard rod. She’s such a slut. I can’t believe I have licked, fucked and had my dick sucked from my grandmother. I may never recover from this wicked and naughty night.

Granny and I share a deep and passionate kiss. I tell her that we will have sex all sorts of ways this week. Granny and I fall asleep in each other’s arms. I’m like a kid in a candy store. I fall asleep and think of all the naughty things I will be doing to my grandmother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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