Love Thy Neighbor

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Lynette was standing nude inside the sliding doors leading to her patio. She absently stroked her hand across the short triangle of dark red hair on her crotch. From outside came the sound of a lawnmower being pushed by the son of her next door neighbors. Rick was 18, with a slim, athletic body, wearing only a pair of baggy, tropical swim trunks and sneakers. He was good looking, with a head of curly brown hair. As he came around the back of their lot and pushed the mower back in her direction, she bent slightly at the knees to give her room to slide two fingers into her twat.

It had been almost three months since her divorce to her deadbeat husband had been finalized, and almost four since she had last had a cock to enjoy. She explored upwards with her fingertips and brought her other hand up to her left breast, tweaking and pinching the nipple, getting into the electric glow that was growing as it stiffened. As he passed out of sight around the house she shuddered with an orgasm, the heel of her hand grinding into her clit, her fingers dipping deep into her cunt. Her knees felt weak, and she dropped into a chair next to the glass doors. As good as it felt, this just wasn’t going to cut it any longer. She needed to get laid.

Lynnette got up and walked into her bedroom, pulling open a drawer and digging through a stack of summerwear. She kept telling herself that this was stupid, but she had passed caring about two weeks ago, and this idea had been floating around the back of her mind for almost a month. She pulled out a pair of wide legged shorts and a skimpy halter top. Her tits weren’t really very big by her own standards, but the halter made the most of what she had and, although not large, they were beautifully shaped with long nipples and aerolae so pink they almost disappeared against her skin. She pulled on the shorts and tied the halter in back, then walked into the kitchen and got a cold bottle of beer from the fridge. She opened it and walked back over to the patio door. Sliding it open, she stepped out, listening to the hum of the mower turning around the far side of the neighbors house. Walking briskly to the chaize she sat down and carefully arranged herself before Rick came back around the near corner.

When he turned the corner and glanced up Lynette gave a little wave. Her right leg was stretched straight out in front of her, her left was angled off the side with her foot on the ground. If she had planned it right, Rick should be getting a great view of her pantyless pussy…if he was paying attention. He gave a little smile and waved back, then did a very slight double take, and continued past.

Lynette, said “shit” under her breath but kept smiling, not sure if he had noticed but thinking she had another chance on his next circle of the yard. Seconds later, she heard the mower engine die and she felt a tingle in her stomach. She relaxed and reversed the position of her legs. As Rick returned, he got the same view he had received moments ago from the other direction. She made sure he got a good, long look before she lifted her foot off the ground and raising her knees, put both feet up on the chaize, showing off the cheeks of her ass, while the crotch of her shorts pulled up into the crack between escort kartal her legs.

Rick came over and, still smiling, sat in the chair opposite her. He was trying to look her in the eye but was having some difficulty not looking down at the coppery fringe of pubic hair that peeked out from either side of the crotch of her shorts. She looked at his body, covered in a light sheen of sweat and felt her pussy begin to run again. Imagining what Rick was thinking as the material in her crotch darkened from the saturating cum, she smiled a little bigger. “You look awfully hot…can I get you something to drink?”

He jerked his eyes back to her smiling face and, laughing, said, “Sure, I’ll have what you’re having.”

Lynette laughed back. “Your parents would have my head if they found out you were drinking beer over here.”

Rick said, “How about some ice water.”

“Coming up,” said Lynette, and she dropped her feet to either side of the chaize as she stood up. She lifted her left leg over and gave Rick another clear shot at her wet pussy before stepping off toward the patio door. Filled with the thrill of anticipation, and cheered by the way things were progressing, she filled a glass with water and ice and returned to the patio in time to catch Rick rubbing his young dick through the pocket in his swim trunks. The bulge was obvious and he began to color when he realized she had observed him. She said nothing, merely smiled and handed him his water. “Thanks,” he said, and took a sip.

Lynette took a long pull on her beer and asked “Where’re your folks? I noticed them driving off a little while ago.”

“They’re going to look at some old furniture over in Tanaway,” he said. Tanaway was a small town about two hours away, and known for the number of antique stores located there. She didn’t mention that his mother had told her earlier in the week that they’d be going.

She placed her feet to either side of the chaize. She could feel the breeze move up the legs of her shorts, feeling cool against the heated skin of her cunt. Her nipples were getting hard beneath the halter top and she twisted slightly, enjoying the way the material rubbed against them. Rick squirmed a little in his chair, trying to find a way to sit that didn’t show off the way his stiff cock was pressing out against his trunks. Lynette stood up again and said, “It’s really hot out here, why don’t we go inside and cool off a little.” She walked to the house without waiting to see if he was following. She slid the door back and as she stepped through she saw Rick get up to follow. She heard the door slide shut as she moved into the living room. The drapes were closed and the light that filtered through gave the room a sexy feel. When she reached the center of the room she turned, stood, hip cocked and crossed her arms, still holding her beer. “Can you keep a secret?” she asked?

Rick stood at the edge of the room as though a little afraid to enter. Lynette checked him out. “Yeah,” she thought, “he’s still hard.”

Rick thought for a moment and said, “Yeah, sure I can.”

“I want you to fuck me,” she said.

Rick just looked at her for about ten seconds, then said “No way…you’re kidding…right?

Lynette maltepe escort reached behind her back, tugged the string ties top and bottom and the halter dropped to the floor. Her tits were firm, sticking straight out from her chest with her nipples pointing at Rick. “Does this look like I’m kidding?” She smiled a nasty smile, put her palms under each tit and lifted, rubbing them together slowly, tweaking the nipples until they could stand out no further.

This time there was no hesitation. Rick reached down and grabbed his cock through his trunks. “Holy shit…” he whispered.

“Our secret?” Lynette said.

“Our secret! “he said in a shaky voice.

“Mmmmm, that’s what I wanted to hear,” she purred. She reached for the button on her shorts and they fell to her ankles. Walking over, she took his hand and led him to the couch. She went to another room and returned a moment later carrying an old padded quilt. She spread it out on the floor in front of the couch. She smiled and said, “No rug burns.” Rick laughed and sat down on the couch, staring at her nakedness. She knelt in front of him, reached out and taking hold of the waistband of his trunks, pulled them down and over his feet. Tossing the trunks, she leaned forward and licked his cock like a popsicle from his tight balls to the swollen cap on the end of his dick. “Ummm, lucious,” she said. He strained his hips forward, urging her to repeat the action. She obliged. After completely coating his cock and balls with her saliva, she climbed up on the couch, standing with a foot on either side of Rick and rested her knees against the back. This put her very wet cunt right in front of his face. “Now my turn,” she whispered.

He inhaled and smelled the sweet muskiness while she reached down and spread the lips of her cunt with both hands. He stared into the wet depths of the vagina inches from his nose. “Lick me…now, just like I licked you.” She moved her hips forward and he stuck out his tongue and implaled her with it, dragging it from deep inside, up and over her straining clit and back down again mixing his spit with her cum, smearing it on his cheeks, nose and chin until they glistened.

When she could no longer stand it, Lynette slid down the front of Rick’s body, leaving a slippery trail down his chest until she felt his cock split her cunt lips apart and begin to enter her. She was now kneeling over his lap, lowering herself until his balls were pressed against her asshole. She kissed him, rolling her tongue around the inside of his mouth, feeling his tongue play with hers. She rubbed her tits against his chest while she rocked back and forth, feeling his rod slide around deep inside her. “Oh, oh, oh…..!” Rick was moaning, and she could feel his butt rise up off the couch. He bucked and she squeezed her cunt as tightly as she could around his shaft. She could feel it pulse and knew it was shooting, filling her with hot, creamy cum. Rick made a sound halfway between a chuckle and a groan and hung on to her ass, squeezing one cheek in each hand.

Lynette sat still and wrapped her arms around Rick, kissing the sides of his neck, tickling the back of his neck with her fingers. “That feels soooo good,” she murmured in his pendik escort bayan ear, moving her hips in little circles. She felt his fingers moving over her ass, feeling it, the finger tips brushing over her asshole and pausing, probing a little before moving on. She sat up lifted herself enough to see his slimy cock pop out of her twat and fall down with a wet smack against his belly. Quickly, she reached between her legs and cupped her palm, catching the long strings of cum as they dropped from inside her cunt. When the last drop had fallen, she stood up and with her other hand reached out and pulled Rick off the couch and had him lay down on his back on the quilt covering the floor. She knelt next to him and reaching out with her cum filled hand took hold of his softening prick. She covered his prick and balls with his cum, smearing it around with her hand and stroking it slowly but firmly. By now, Rick was sitting up resting on his elbows, watching her play with his cum covered cock. It made squishy noises as she squeezed his dick and slid her hand up and down. Then she lowered her head and took it in her mouth. He stared as her mouth slid down, cum building up around her lips until she reached bottom, then sliding back up, cock shiny wet and runnels of cum running over her hand where it still held the base of his cock. She kept sucking and to his surprise, he was soon hard again.

Now she lay on her back and rolled him on top of her. Spreading her legs she slid him back into her and waiting for him to settle into a rythm. God, this was better than she had ever imagined. She reached around until she was groping his ass. She did the same thing Rick had done; ran her finger tips over his asshole, pressing and circling the little starfished hole. He lowered his head and took the end of one tit in his mouth, sucking the nipple and then most of the boob into his mouth. Her clit was pressed tight to his body and they ground together, sending hot thrills through the center of her body, and making hot, nasty, wet noises. The smell of sex was almost overwhelming. She came again, shaking and laughing, and then again.

When she felt Rick tensing again, she slipped off him, turned around and took his sweet, cum slicked cock back into her mouth. At the same time she slid her middle finger into herself and rolled it around until it was well coated. No sooner was it out of her cunt, but she had it pressed up to his asshole. She waited until she felt the little round muscle relax and slid her finger up his ass to the third knuckle. She kept her finger motionless while he got used to the feeling and kept sucking on his cock. She wiggled her finger a little and it was too much for Rick. He rolled his ass off the floor with her finger buried in it and she took her mouth from his cock just as it shot again, sending streamers of cum over his stomach.

Lynette drew her finger from his ass and laid down beside him, tucking one arm under his head and using the other hand to run her fingers through the slippery puddles, drawing random designs in cum on his belly. As their breathing slowed, heartbeats returned to normal and cum dried on his stomach, Rick said “Our secret, right?”

“Our secret, if we ever want to do this again, ” Lynette said, laughing.

“My folks are going out tomorrow night,” Rick said, “are you busy?”

“Sorry, I am. I’m going to be fucking my next door neighbor dry tomorrow night.” They laughed and Lynette kissed him on the mouth, and then his neck, and then…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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