Long Tall Texan

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“Can I help you?” it was hot in the kitchen. She had been cooking all morning, both ovens going, the dishwasher hissing steam, and the doors had been swung open so much to the back porch that the ac didn’t have a chance of hitting a cool lick.

He was standing there arm braced on the door, holding open the screen that same frown on his face as two days ago. Perry didn’t feel like soothing words today. She was tired, her sundress was sticking to her back and chest with sweat, she had flour up to her elbows and she suspected hanging in her hair. She whacked the large ball of dough with her fist as she stared at him her green eyes flicked with tension.

He was so damn stubborn. He’d been mad for two days, but wouldn’t tell her what was going on in his head. She had come out to the ranch to help him out. His cook had been sick. He had a big rodeo coming up and there was an odd dozen cowboys making camp around the ranch in preparation. They all wanted to stay here for the good cooking and the feel of the old west that still lingered on the Texas hacienda.

She thought she was doing him a favor. She had wanted to spend some time with him before he left for the season again. Loving a cowboy was not an easy job. There had been an impromptu dance the night she arrived. He had spent the night in a cooler of beer and talking with his friends. She had spent the evening on the porch watching, after trying to make conversation with the only two other females had proved unlikely. Not riding herself, and definitely not a rodeo groupie, there was little to talk about, and some of their stories had made her embarrassed to just listen. The only person that had seemed to notice she was even there was Jim’s brother Ted. He had chatted with her most of the night, rocking in the swing together and at one point, swooping her up to dance to a song on the radio.

Sweat was running at her temple pulling at her red hair, making it curl and fall out of the chopsticks holding the long mass in place off her neck. She could feel a pool between her large breasts as well. It was damn hot, and sticky. It was too damn hot to have Jim still glaring at her after two days of silence and the cold treatment. She unbuttoned the two top buttons of her dress letting air hit the tops of her breasts. Flour smeared across her chest then wiped off onto the dress across where her breasts pulled tight the third button.

“What Jim!” her temper finally heated to its point.

“Ted likes you,” his voice was flat his expression never changed, “says you’re a nice girl.”

Perry arched a brow at him and gaped her mouth. What Jim lacked in expression she made up for in open disbelief. She closed her mouth with an audible pop of her full lips closing together, “you don’t speak to me in two days, you’re going around looking like the world pissed in your bathwater and that’s what you got to say to me? Ted says I’m a nice girl?”

Silence, tension, not a word. The ovens beeped at their preheated temperature, the screen door at the front of the house slammed shut. The last of the cowboys heading to the barn for the bull riding practice, his boots clopped down escort bostancı the stairs and he was gone. Perry took a breath. “Well,” she changed her stance to a relaxed one, ignoring the increasing anger from the dark, brooding man in the doorway. “I think your brother is a very nice guy too.” She began working the dough again with her fists.

His cowboy hat was pulled down to his nose. She could see his full bottom lip and his firm thin upper. His tanned jaw twitched every few seconds like it did when he was annoyed. He was wearing his flannel shirt with the sleeves cut out, it was unbuttoned and pulled out of his jeans. He was covered in dirt from working outside. She watched him from the corner of her eye pretending to not care her was there. The truth being, he was making it hotter in the room just by being there.

He took his hat off and hung it on the rack by the back door. His black hair was spiked and disheveled from being under the hat. His gray eyes now looked openly at her, he began walking towards the table in the middle of the kitchen Perry was working at. “You two looked real cosey the other night, real friendly like on my swing.”

Perry pretended to not notice he was closer to her. In fact he was rounding the table in slow steady strides. “He kept me company while you were entertaining your friends.” These were going to be the most well packed rolls of her life.

She could feel him behind her. His warmth hitting her back, “real cosey, he’s been talking about it all week” he was close to her ear. She thought she felt his hand touch her hair.

“I would think you would be glad that we two get along,” she spun around, one hand still bedded in the dough bowl. His jaw was still twitching. He was frowning so hard he looked like a kettle about to explode. She locked eyes with him. Determination. There was some hard determination in those gray eyes. She caught her breath.

He was steadily coming towards her. Her backside pressed against the table, his thigh pushing into hers. She leaned back into the bowl to keep from falling over. “You would think that, would you?” He was looking at her dress now. His eyes moving up and down over her face, the open buttons, the short skirt, the bare feet. “Well I wouldn’t mind but he liked it a little too much.”

He planted a hand on the table, pinning her between him and the rough edge. “You didn’t seem to mind him too much yourself.” He curled a hair around his finger and pulled it back straight from her curls. “He always did want what was mine.”

Perry straightened up and glared at him. “Yours? I am not one of your horses, Jim Rein….” His hands went into her hair pulling her in and kissing her. It was sudden and the hottest intense kiss she had ever felt. All the jealousy and pent up hostility was pouring into her mouth when his tongue pushed inside. All the anger and visions of his brother and Perry together pouring out into one long possessive kiss.

Perry was so mad at his stupid jealousy she couldn’t think. Then his hands jerked her hair free and twisted her neck to open her mouth wider and she forgot being mad. She only remembered ümraniye escort how much she had wanted him in the last few days and couldn’t have him.

His hand reached for her breasts, palm squeezing and kneading the large mound firmly. His fingers moving to undo the next buttons while his other held her head to his mouth.

Perry shifted under him, moving her legs around trying to stay standing when he pressed his hips into hers. Her bare feet grazing his cowboy boots. She slid her tongue into his mouth, letting him have as much as he was giving her. All her anger at his stubborn coldness letting go.

He picked her up. She didn’t notice until she felt the cool counter on her ass cheeks. Her dress was worked up around her waist, and stripped off her breasts from the top. His body pressing her legs open in the corner of the counter where she had been placed. She stripped his shirt off, and was holding onto his belt buckle when he removed her bra and immediately began sucking her right nipple. This wasn’t slow lovemaking. This was pent up tension, coming to a boil. He was being rough and possessive. She couldn’t have stood it if he had been any different. She needed him too much to be gentle.

Perry pulled the belt free, undid his tight jeans and reached inside. Her hand just touched the hard long familiar when he grabbed her hands and pinned them high above her head to the cabinet door. He locked eyes with her as his other hand moved to slide directly to her pussy. The touch of the rough fingers against her lower lips made her wet instantly. She had been wanting him, needing him too much. Two fingers went inside her steadily curling once deep inside, his thumb rubbing her clit in a slow circle. He watched her face. She locked eyes with him her legs opening wider, her feet finding grips on the handles of the drawers on the counter. His jeans rubbing her thighs. Her ass shifting to let his fingers in deeper, hips arching from the counter.

Both of them were fighting for breath. Tension thick, dead silence in the air minus their ragged breaths. Suddenly, his face melted. His lips turned soft, his eyes liquid blue when he buried his face into her neck and drove in home.

She let out a loud gush of air when he buried himself completely into her on first stroke. She didn’t have time to take another deep breath before he was moving in and out fast. Still pinning her hands high to the counter, his thumb pressed down on her clit as he fucked her harder than he had ever before.

His lips sucked in her ear lobe, grazing the skin with his teeth, his stubbled jaw making her neck tingle. His thumb making her surge with pleasure everytime he thrust inside. She caught her breath again, letting it out in a moan.

He bit her shoulder then, moving his hands both to her breasts and kneading them, pulling at her nipples with his rough fingers. Perry wrapped her legs around his hips; her arms around his neck, letting her nails pull at the skin of his neck.

He took his hands and scooped them under her ass, lifting her off the counter to tilt onto his hard cock. She clung to him, ankles locked kartal escort bayan behind his back, her back on the counter. He drove in deeper hard strokes pushing her back into the counter at an odd angle. His hands on her ass slamming her into him hips she could feel his balls slapping her ass.

All the long hot afternoons, tense stares, uncomfortable silences where coming to a head. They were fucking and fighting at the same time, trying to break the tension that was too thick. Both giving as much as the other got. Perry clinging with nails in his shoulder blades, biting at his lip and chin. Jim fully possessing her by fucking her as hard as he could, needing to feel branded inside of her skin.

Too much tension and too intense pleasure can’t last forever. Time stood still for a few moments until Perry felt the long coil of pleasure begin to roll in her belly. She pressed her legs higher on her lover, moaning against his lips.

Jim stopped, and placed her back on the counter. Holding her waist and taking long slow strokes. He took her mouth with his and rubbed his thumb over her aching clit. Perry exploded in his arms. Each loud scream, caught in her throat and was pulled onto the tongue of her lover. His hands curled around her shoulders and he began to thrust harder, jerking her almost off the counter.

His own release soon coming, he felt her wetness slip between them and his own came too. Now it was Perry’s turn to kiss his sounds away before the wondering cowboys came in to inspect the kitchen. He ground out a low grunt each thrust he made until the last of him was spent.

They stayed locked to each other for a long moment. Sweat making their bodies slick against each other and sticky at the same time. Both trying to catch their breath. Jim’s head buried in her shoulder, his arms holding her to him.

With a sigh, he pulled her dress back over her shoulders and stepped back from her. His face relaxed, and tender. He placed a palm to her cheek and stroked her swollen lip; he could already see a swelling on her neck. He had left a love bruise on her like a teenaged fool.

She slid down from the counter, her legs shaky. He held her up his hands on her ass under her skirt kneading the flesh against his hips. Her eyes searched his face. He smiled so did she. She leaned into his chest, her forehead resting on his chin.

“I’m glad you worked that out of your system,” she kissed the skin at his throat.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her to him, “me too,” his voice was relaxed. “I get a little jealous sometimes.”

Perry stroked his back, “Jim you know where my heart always is”

He grunted.

“But this don’t mean you own me,” she mumbled into his neck.

“I know,” he slid his hand back to her wet pussy, his fingers easily sliding along the lips until she tensed again, “but it’s a good down payment I’d say.”

“We’ll see about that,” Perry moved away from him and put the counter between them. “I’m going to go get cleaned up.” She headed up the stairs then turned. “This down payment?”

Jim smiled at her, crossing his hands over his chest after zipping his pants. “Hmm mmm?”

“Think your brother would make me a similar offer?” she took the stairs two at a time to get ahead of him. She made it to the bathroom door before he caught her up around the waist bolting the bathroom door before pulling her in the shower.

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