Living as a Slutty Woman Pt. 04

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I was looking forward to a night out with the Guys…dressed as Women.

I did myself up fairly nice. Not near as slutty, but damn sexy! I brought along a couple options, just in case. One was bordering on Prostitute, and the other bordered on Librarian.

The lounge We met at is one I knew well. Beth(Bill) was striking. Tall and voluptuous. Right about 6ft, long auburn hair, D-Cup breasts in a modest but revealing neckline, tight knee-length skirt, 6inch heals, deep brown eyes, beautiful curves, and a bright smile.

Samantha(Steve) was a bit shorter than me, not plump, not muscular, but filled out and solid. Mid-back dirty blonde hair, glasses over bright blue eyes, bouncy c-cup breasts under a deeply unbuttoned western top, testicle-defying skin-tight jeans, a great ass, red roper boots, minimal make-up, and a really cute face.

Kim(Carl) is my height, shoulder length blonde hair, moderate make-up, brown eyes, dressed fairly conservative…almost business Woman looking…D-cups well covered.

Tish(Michael) was Young…Young enough the bouncer probably got really confused looking at THAT ID(24). Long blonde hair, perky C-cups under a yellow halter top, denim shorts, a sweet ass, hazel eyes, and a bubbly personality.

We sat and drank and talked about Our jobs, Family, having 2 lives…

Samantha is Married with 2 Kids. She told Us that His Wife is in the Lounge that night With Beth’s Wife.

Beth had an older Daughter who just started College.

Kim and Tish were still ‘playing the field’.

Samantha was asked to dance. She really knew how to move. We all were asked at least a couple times throughout the night. Kim turned down all but one. A couple of the Guys joined Us at Our table.

On one of my trips to the Ladies Room, I saw Beth blowing a Guy at the end of the hall. A couple of times I caught Tish coming out of the Men’s room with no lipstick on. Once I had to tell Her She had cum on Her breast.

Samantha and I were in the Ladies room together and blew each other. Though Her cock was small-ish, it was very bahçelievler escort bayan nice and She came alot.

She was tucking Herself away as I redid my make-up. A beautiful brunette came up to me and softly caressed my ass. I coyly looked at Her and said ‘hi’. She said ‘hi’ back and We gently started caressing each other. Samantha watched from the side, then the brunette motioned for Her to join. The 3 of Us rotated making out with each other for a bit. I slid my hand under Her skirt and was greeted by a soaking wet, pantyless, pussy. I pumped Her with 2 fingers while She made out with Samantha. I exposed and caressed Her tits with my free hand. She had Samantha’s pants undone and was stroking Her cock. She bent over and presented Her ass to me while engulfing Samantha’s cock in Her mouth. I removed and buried my cock deep into Her gushing pussy. We spit-roasted Her for a bit before She looked up at Samantha and told Her to put it in Her ass. Turning around and mounting me, her knees across the inside of my elbows, I easily slid back into Her pussy. Lowering Her down a bit, Samantha worked into Her ass. The double-dicking of this Woman lasted nearly 20minutes. Since the first caress of my ass, multiple Women had walked in and left right away. Some did their business and left. A couple stayed and watched. 2 more recorded Us with Their phones. Samantha and I came almost simultaneously. We pumped a few minutes more, before We both withdrew. While We 3 cleaned and composed ourselves, I gave the 2 Girls my number and asked to be sent copies of the videos.

We went back to Our table. Kim wasn’t there and wasn’t on the dance floor. Beth handed Us Her phone where We saw Kim bein spit roasted in the parking lot. She had started a video-chat and the 2 Men were handing Her phone back and forth as They fucked Her. The 2 pale cocks were relentless on Her dark body. She was an expert at deep throating. Then there was another cock that slammed down Her throat after the 1st came. She swallowed 3 cocks and loads before the one in Her ass balgat escort came. Then another came in Her ass before She came back inside.

A few more turns on the dance floor for a few of us and a bit more to drink before We were told last call. I showed the others what Samantha and I had done in the Ladies room. Beth commented that She was glad We got to meet Her Wife. Samantha and I were both shocked and excited.

We talked about leaving when Kim interrupted Us. Apparently one of the cocks She got belonged to one of the Bartenders. He had told Her there was an after-hours back room for special occasions, If We were interested.

Beth elected to leave, and Kim reluctantly had to decline. Samantha, Tish, and I were in. We all exchanged numbers, kissed, and parted. The 3 of Us were escorted to another room.

It was a large room with a wall of 6 gloryholes. We went through a door that was really just a hall. 12inch hinged ‘doors’ with a gloryhole in each. There was a Woman already sucking a cock. We 3 each took a hole and uncovered it. immediately cocks sprang through. We all went to work.

My 1st was big but only lasted about a minute before my was swallowing cum. The next was about 5. The 3rd was a large black cock that I spent 15minutes on. He shot such a huge load I wasn’t able to swallow it all. The Woman that was already busy when We got there leaned over and licked His cum from me. We kissed deeply, then went back to work. I could hear Samantha and Tish slurping away on the other side of the Woman.

After swallowing 4 more loads, I decided to give my jaw a break. The next went into my ass. 5 minutes and a load of cum later, it was replaced with another. There was a nice shelf I could lean and rest on while my asshole was abused. The Woman next to me began stroking my cock. 5 more loads in my ass and 2 shot onto the floor and Her hand. She wasn’t stopping and neither were the cocks. I could see Samantha was still sucking. Tish had given up the ass. She had the ‘door’ open so Her whole ass was exposed. She stroked batıkent escort bayan Her own cock to multiple loads.

The Woman next to me would switch from sucking to taking them in Her pussy to taking them in Her ass. 2-3 of each before She switched. While She sucked, She stroked me. She had stripped completely nude. Her DD-cup tits were real and firm though She told me She had a Child. They would giggle so amazingly while She got fucked in Her pussy or ass. I would play with them when We were both bet over. We would make out often. The taste of the cum cocktail in Her mouth was intoxicating.

I finally had to give my ass a break after almost 2 dozen cocks took a turn. Samantha had finally given up Her ass to the endless stream of cocks.

I would suck a dozen then get fucked by a dozen. Then switch again. Black, white, tan…tiny, huge, straight, curved…I had them all that night. We all did. Tish couldn’t get enough and would be stroking a cock on each side as She sucked.

Finally, after hours of non-stop cocks, We were getting sporadic breaks. While the Woman was sucking, I slid behind Her and plopped into Her destroyed asshole. She squeezed and bounced on my cock as She sucked and slurped some strangers cock. 20 minutes a 4 cocks later, I shot into Her ass. She stayed clenched and continued to bounce. Eventually I came in Her again.

Tish Was still being fucked non-stop as We other 3 got cleaned up in the area at the end of the hall.

We made our way into the area on the other side of the gloryholes. There were only 3 Guys left. 2 were both in Tish’s ass at the same time. I waited my turn and joined one of them in Her ass. Even totally blown out, covered in cum and red handprints, it was still an awesome ass. After I finished, Samantha took a turn. We each took a turn sucking the cocks that wandered into the room.

Eventually, Tish staggered into the room. Naked from the halter top down. Massive amounts of cum running down Her legs. We each spent a few minutes sucking Her larger than expected cock. Samantha won the prize and got her cum.

The Woman and Samantha Kissed deeply. The Woman said She would see Samantha at home. Tish and I were shocked and excited.

Tish came home with me and stayed a few days. She returns often.

We have all kept in touch and see each other often…either as a group of some number or in pairs.

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