Little Black Dress

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I thought it would hurt. I thought I would hate it. Now here I lay face down with my husband’s thick cock filling my bowels. He had just ejaculated in my rectum for the first time and he lay still on my back – but I could feel his cock jumping and twitching with aftershocks in my tube. I had bite marks on both shoulders.

We had only been married a week when he first proposed anal sex. “You’ve got such a sweet ass,” he would whisper in my ear. “Please let me go into it. You’ll love it.” Fondling my ass, he went on to explain that my anus was my “second pussy” and that he wanted to take my second virginity. (Actually it would be my third – he was the first to spurt in my mouth.) I acted standoffish to all of this but the more he talked about it the more it secretly turned me on.

One night after a movie we ducked into a popular local pub for a drink or two. It was standing room only and we nearly lost each other in the crowd. He reappeared and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go,” he said abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as he pulled me toward the car.

“Some guy cummed on the back of your little black dress,” he said. “All over your ass.”

He spread his jacket on the passenger seat and sitting down I could now feel the wetness of the stranger’s sperm seeping through my pantyhose.

“Looks like I’m not the only one who wants to fuck your pretty little ass,” he winked. I pouted.

Arriving home, the first thing I wanted was a hot shower. I trashed the dress and hose (expensive Wolfords), feeling çiğli escort both disgusted and excited by what had happened. I wondered aloud how a stranger could get so aroused so as to whip it out and cum on my dress in a public place. He couldn’t have been behind me more than half a minute.

“It was your shapely bottom and legs,” chimed hubby, undressing with me. “It was a shot well aimed.” I noticed his large erection as he stripped. I grasped it and led him to join me in the shower. Wicked lust enveloped me.

In the hot spray and steam he soaped every inch of me, paying unusual attention to my bottom. I felt his slippery fingers wandering between my cheeks and circling my anus. Then he pushed a finger in just a lttle way, and worked it in and out slowly. “Oh, fuck YES!” I blubbered. “That feels soooooo fucking good.” I’m not usually vulgar until in uncharted waters on the verge of an historic discovery, like navigating Windward Passage.

“This will feel even better,” he promised. His finger pulled out and he dropped to his knees. He kissed both cheeks, gripped them, spread them apart, and his tongue went to work. That’s when I discovered the sheer excitability of the cluster of nerve endings of the anus. The pleasure signals shot up my spine and seemed to short-circuit my brain. I squealed and gasped a mixture of incoherence and obscenities. At first he licked a slow circular path around my anus, switching from clockwise to counter clockwise. Then he took the plunge. His çiğli escort bayan tongue entered my rectum. One hand wandered to the front where he massaged my clit. That was all I could take. I was suspended somewhere between pleasure and torture, my mouth locked open in a silent scream. Then scream I did – a torrent of confused contradictions, commands and countermands.

“In! In! In!

Please don’t!

Do it!

Up my ass!

Please take it out!

I fucking love it!

Please stop!

Further up!

Up my rectum!

Oh, bugger fuck sodomize!

Fuck me dirty!

Don’t stop!


He couldn’t stop. Wild horses couldn’t have dragged him from my second pussy so I reached back, grabbed his hair, and yanked his head and tongue out of my anus. I spun around and lifted him off his knees – he seemed to be in a stupor. But his cock wasn’t. I got on MY knees and took it fully into my mouth. Jerking it, sucking it, licking it, my tongue swirling around the swollen head, I paused only to look up and ask him to take me to bed and fuck me up the ass.

“Take my second virginity,” I demanded. “Fuck my back cunt. Work this up my rectum. Bugger me, lover. Sodomize me. Fuck me the dirty way – right up my ass. Be my filthy dirty lover…”

We didn’t even dry off. In seconds I was face-down on the bed with his tongue plunging into my rectum, his hard cock fucking between my feet. I sobbed hysterically from this anal pleasure-torture escort çiğli and told him I couldn’t take it anymore (actually I could – for hours on end, so to speak).

He rose and straddling me, he uncapped the Vaseline and began to apply it thickly to my anus. “Tell me what you want, pussybabe,” he said.

“I – I want your cock up my rectum!” I blubbered. His finger pushed the cool slick gel into the latter. “Further up,” I urged. I turned my head and looked over my shoulder. His arm was extended straight, with muscles twitching as his strong finger probed and twirled in my tube. Then he greased his cock. It was throbbing with excitement, actually jumping up and down slightly. So he had to hold it by the head to feed it to me. It wedged between my cheeks, and like a heat-seeking missile quickly found its target.

The hard knob pushed and opened my anal ring. The head slipped in and my circular muscle closed tightly around the groove of his fleshy helmet, locking him in. There was nowhere to go but in. Both wanting to connect fully, he pushed and I lifted my hips. In that one motion his cock advanced and filled my rectum to the hilt, my anal ring locked tightly around the base of his shaft.

He paused a moment, savoring the sensations of being up my ass for the first time. Then he started a long, slow backstroke almost all the way out of my sheath. A long slow advance followed, filling my bowels once again. He was supporting himself with his hands, massaging my rectum slowly. His gentle probes quickened to sharp thrusts. He stiffened and dropped his full weight on my back, pinning me to the bed, chewing my shoulders and groaning.

His groin smashed and flattened my cheeks with five final uncontrollable thrusts of orgasm, and I felt just as many geysers of hot sperm shooting up my bowels.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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