Linda’s Fun at the Poker Party Ep

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Linda’s Fun at the Poker Party Ep
Due to the number of couplings, all couldn’t be described in the main posting. After review, by Linda, she reminded me of more details that I had omitted, or not described.

The guest had actually started arriving at around 6:00 in the evening. Nadi came over on her way to work, and was complaining about a disagreement with her husband. She had wanted him to fuck her before they went to work, as he wouldn’t be home until late the next day. Her period was due to start before then, and would last for 2 or 3 days. The tell-tale signs were going on. He had refused and, taking his ditty bag, left. Linda told her a small part of what she expected to happen that night, and, as Nadi had “strayed” before, would be welcome to join in. Nadi, feeling better, and vengeful, told Linda that she would be back when the club closed at 11:00, but she wanted pictures to be taken, so she could “rub her husband’s nose in it.” She was fully aware that when he stayed overnight, he was staying with one of the enlisted women he worked with. She had seen, and kept, one of his pictures of him and her screwing.

She left for work, and, as she was going down the stairs, Linda heard her greet Joe and Gina. I had gone to a shopette to get more chips and crackers for the evening. It, through a hole in the fence, was only about 100 yards distant. The hole was directly behind our barracks. With luck, one of my buddies would see me, and help me get the stuff home. I had had a few friends come to visit in the short time we had been living in the temps. Mac, Holcomb, and Toby, had been up at various times. Holcomb had taken me to the airport to bring Linda to our new home, and had visited us 2 or 3 times, once bringing his girlfriend with him. She had thought he was “VERY HANDSOME” and let me know that, as soon as she had a day or two to rest up, would enjoy thanking him in a very personal manner. Possibly 3 or 4 times.

Linda kept the door open for Joe and Gina, and went to put on her clothes. She had just finished taking a bath, and shaving her pussy, when Nadi had rung the doorbell. She had not bothered to put her clothes on, yet. She called down to them that the door was open, and to come on in. She would be in the bedroom.

She went in and took several outfits from the schrank (A German Wardrobe) to find something she liked. She heard their steps as they came in. She figured Gina would come back to see her, but, thought Joe would sit in the Living Room to wait. She was anticipating the forthcoming evening, and night. She had already made plans for three of our guests. Joe, Smitty, and Pete were due to receive a SPECIAL night from her. Gina had described Joe’s ways to her, and she had gotten wet illegal bahis just from hearing about it. She had already experienced Pete, and was looking forward to his HUGE dick splitting her, and anybody who could finger her pussy, and make her cum, like Smitty had, just HAD to be a good fuck. Gina had taken her to visit Smitty’s wife a day or two, ago, and she had been VERY attractive, and told Linda that Smitty had introduced her to sharing and being shared, and she loved a variety. She had told Linda that Smitty was an outstanding lover, and to enjoy herself. She wouldn’t be there, because she had a date with one of HER lovers. Valerie (call me Val) told Linda that SHE should let her try me sometimes in return. Gina had told her about me in some very complimentary remarks. I discovered, that night, that Val was not JUST attractive. She was the ULTIMATE TROPHY WIFE. More about her at another time.

Linda heard Gina say “HI,” and turned to see her AND Joe standing in the doorway looking her over. Linda smiled at them and returned the greeting. She looked at Joe, and told him, “There’s beer, soda, and mixers for the rum, vodka, and whisky in the kitchen. Help yourself.” He replied, “Not yet. I’m enjoying looking at your ass and tits.” Linda, who had been standing side on to them, now turned to face them. “Look me over, Sweetie. You’ll be fucking me, soon. I hope 3 or 4 times. Gina tell me you good fuck. I wan’ find out, myself. Here! Come feel me if you wan’!” He came over close to her, felt her boobs and ass first, then she sat back on the bed to open her legs. “Dis w’at you really wan’ feel, ain’t it?” She opened her legs to allow him access to her pussy. He rubbed her freshly shaved mons, and parted her labia, sticking in first one, then a second finger, to the second joint, and massaging her clit with his thumb. The anticipation got the better of her. Brushing the clothes out of the way, she scooted over to make room, and unzipped his fly. “Come on.” she demanded. “Fuck me one time right NOW! You can fuck me more, later. I wan’ feel you big dick in my hole, right now.”

Linda set to finishing taking off his pants, while Gina took his shirt. In no time he was left with only a T-shirt and socks. There was an occasional chair next to the wall. Gina sat down to observe how Linda enjoyed her husband. The pair of them were unmindful of being watched, and got down to business. Joe parted Linda’s legs to eat her pussy, but she indicated that, instead, she wanted to go 69 with him. He turned and she took his semi-erect penis into her mouth to enjoy his taste and hardness, which she would soon provide. He parted her labia once more, and gave her clitoris some more welcome attention. She sucked youwin giriş him into her mouth to see how much she could make him grow. A very few minutes later, she was having another orgasm, and found that she could barely hold half of him in her mouth. The portion she couldn’t fit in was treated to her tongue licking it, as she took his balls, one at a time in her mouth to lick and suck on them. She continued to fuck him with her face until she felt the throbbing in his cock. Sucking harder, in spite of her own orgasms, she doubled down and received his first load of cum in her mouth. It came at such a volume it was soon overflowing, and running out on her cheeks and chin. She swallowed as fast as she could, but it took her several times to get it all down. She wiped her face with her fingers until she felt no more traces of it on her, licked her fingers, and told him to turn over.

Joe rolled onto his back, his erection still in full bloom. Gina had gone into the bathroom and wet a towel for them, and brought a glass of water for Linda to rinse her mouth. Linda spat the water into a trash can, leaned down and kissed Joe, sliding her tongue into his mouth as a promise of better things to come.

She stood astraddle of him, long enough to give him a VERY good look at what he was going to get. Gina, still standing next to the bed, offered her a shoulder to balance with as she began to lower herself. Bending at the knees she dropped slowly down until she felt his cock touching her labia. She thought to herself, My friends would ALL have heart attacks if they could see me , now. They are happy with 5, 6, or, in my brother’s case, 7 inch cock. I got 2 already, 2 or 3, maybe 4 time that big..Someone tell me I can enjoy something that big in my pussy, I would tell them they’re crazy. It would kill me. Now, I want it. She lowered until she felt her labia part and he was touching the opening of her vagina. She took a deep breath, and continued her downward journey to her thrill..

Slowly, she lowered, stopping several times, as it got uncomfortable, and starting again, until she was sitting all the way down on Joe’s belly. She rocked back and forth for a little bit, to get her juices flowing, and raised up one more time, turning completely around. Gina, sensing what was happening, got up and came to sit down on the nightstand. She wanted to see it too. Linda had sat back down in a reverse cowgirl position, until he was just as deep into her as before. She leaned far enough forward to put her pussy front and center, laying her face between his knees, and started rocking, again.

She rocked forward until the head was barely inside her, then rocked back until he was completely engulfed youwin güvenilir mi in her sweet, hot, tight, wet cunt. Up and down, in and out. Swirling her butt to take him inside, from side to side. Her pussy, completely on its own, was contracting over and over, making it feel as if something was chewing his dick. She was coming, yet again. It didn’t take more than 4 or 5 strokes to make her come, again. Gina had told her Joe was a good fuck. Now she knew for herself. This was just one more, so far, that she would let fuck her any time. Lots of things for pictures.

She knew that they didn’t have much more time left. She had already felt Joe trying to cum several times. She had better make him cum so she could get cleaned up and dressed, again. The only women we were expecting were Gina and Nadi, but you never knew for sure. None of the men would mind if she walked around naked for the rest of the night, but, then they wouldn’t want to play poker. They would want to fuck, and she just COULDN’T turn down a horney man with a hard cock. She wasn’t that kind of girl.

She lowered herself, giving extra pressure to her gripping pussy. One, two. three, four! He erupted inside her, giving her another great load of baby gravy. It hit inside of her hard enough that, if there had been room, it would have splashed. She still couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t gotten pregnant, again. She had taken cum, of all colors, by the gallon. It hadn’t done a thing to or for her. At least she was enjoying collecting cum from all their friends, AND certain strangers

She felt Joe’s spasms cease. She lifted her self from him, his now flaccid dick drooping to his stomach. Gina had wet the towel, again, and handed it to her so she wouldn’t drip cum on the bed. Linda stuffed it between her legs, holding it with her thighs, and turned to something else she enjoyed. She silently thanked Kim for teaching her that cum tasted good. She could now, once again, fit all of Joe’s dick in her mouth at one time. She licked, sucked, and swallowed until all she could taste was man-meat in her mouth. She rinsed, again, with the remainder of the water, and spat it, too, into the trash can. She leaned over to give Joe another kiss. “Thank You for fuck me so good. Later you fuck me some more, OKAY?” Gina would help Joe to dress, she needed another bath. She stepped out into the hallway. There were three other men in the Living Room. ALL were looking straight at her. Mac, Pete, and Smitty were recognized and she spoke her greetings to them. She pulled the towel from between her legs, excusing herself, and headed for the near bathroom. It was just across the hall from the bedroom they had just finished using. She wondered if she had been calling monkeys. If she had, they would have plainly heard her, and knew that she was being given a good lay. She smiled at the thought. IF they had heard it would, most likely, make them horney, and want some of her pussy. THAT is what she WANTED!!!

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