Lick My Feet and Suck My Toes

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I had sex with my ex-Stepmom, Carol, on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas morning. Then, after Christmas dinner, I had sex with not only my ex-Stepmom but also with her bi-sexual lesbian lover, Debbie. Okay? I freely admit it and I’m glad I did it.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I received a gum job from Carol’s deceased mother, Estelle. Don’t ask. It’s a long story. Now that it’s all out in the open, now that the sexual relationship that I had with my ex-Stepmom is over, it’s my ex-Stepmom’s daughter who I want. I know, I’m depraved aren’t I? Let’s hope my ex-Stepmom doesn’t have any other female relatives, cousins or sisters or aunts.

I’m not related to my ex-Stepmom’s daughter. We both have different mothers and fathers, but it is exciting to imagine that she’s my sister or stepsister, even though she’s just a stranger to me, really, especially having just met her only a few hours ago. It makes my cock harder thinking that I’m about to have incestuous sex with a relative, by having sex with my ex-Stepmom’s daughter, in the way that I had sex with my ex-Stepmom.

Honey, that’s her name, surprised her mother at the door on Christmas Day and as soon as I saw her, I was in love. Who wouldn’t be? She’s stunning.

“Johnny,” said Carol to me. “I’d like you to meet my daughter, Honey.”

The perfect name for her by her skin tone. Honey is a black beauty, a Nubian princess, but is oh so difficult to read. After you’ve finished reading this story, you’ll see that she’s full of surprises, too. I think she likes me as much as I like her. Actually, I fear that I like her, love her, more than she likes me. I know she doesn’t love me, yet, but she will.

Against my ex-Stepmom’s wishes, Honey invited me to sleep with her in her room, the guest bedroom. Only, she said that I had to sleep in my clothes and on the floor, while she slept in the bed. Hey, I’d sleep in my hat, coat, gloves, and boots, so long as I was sleeping in the same room and breathing the same air as Honey.

Then, once we were situated in the guest bedroom, with me getting comfy on the floor, I couldn’t believe it when she started undressing in front of me. Looking up at her with my pulse rate racing, my heart beating faster, and my cock hardening to the stiffest it’s been, I couldn’t take my eyes of her, while watching her slow striptease. It was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen.

I watched as she unbuttoned and removed her wool sweater. I could tell from how her big bra puffed out her blouse that she had big tits. Never thinking that she’d continue removing any other article of clothing, except for, perhaps, her shoes, figuring she’d finish undressing for bed in the bathroom, fortunately, I was so wrong. I couldn’t believe my eyes when she reached around herself, unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor, before kicking off her shoes.

Now, standing before me in her blouse, with her blouse tails barely concealing her white panties, I was really getting aroused, an understatement wondering how far she’d go with this little strip show. Then, I watched her unbutton and remove her blouse exposing her white 36C bra to me. Now, dressed only in her bra and bikini panty, with a slender waistline, shapely thighs, and a round black, bubble ass, she had the body of an Olympic athlete, a runner or a swimmer.

With light brown skin that looked so creamy soft, I couldn’t wait to touch her, to hold her, and to kiss her. There’s something so erotic about seeing a woman in her panty and bra. I’d rather see a woman parading around in her underwear than naked, that is, of course, unless she was naked and in bed with me.

Pinch me I’m dreaming. It was beyond my wildest imaginings to see her reach around behind her back and unhook her bra. Watching her, as if watching her in slow motion, suddenly, everything seemed so surreal instead of so real. I was swooning with her every movement.

As if I wasn’t even in the room with her, she stared straight ahead, while her bra straps fell from her shoulders, first one and then the other. Then, in one fluid motion, she peeled her bra from her breasts.

I was stunned. I was excited. I was so very happy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There before me was Honey unabashedly topless.

Natural and not having those silicone, plastic, phony boobs, she had the most shapely and prettiest tits I’ve ever seen. Looking so much like Naomi Campbell, only prettier, but not as tall and not as skinny, more shapelier, she stood before me topless in just her white bikini panty. My black Goddess was a vision to behold. I was in the perfect position on the floor to bow before my black beauty.

Looking more closely, actually, leering without blinking my eyes for fear that I’d miss something, I saw a few of her curly, black pubes peeking out from her panty, along with the escort rus perfect outline of her camel toe. I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her black pussy and lick her to an orgasmic conclusion. Never having been with a black woman before, now I understood the statement, once you go black, you never go back…to a white woman, that is.

“Stand up and kiss me,” she said.

Obediently, I stood. She wanted to see what kind of kisser I was. I was more than happy to oblige her every wish, to accommodate even her most meaningless whim, and indulge whatever her desire.

Finally, with the third kiss, I passed her kissing test. Only, along the way, she melted my heart with her kisses. She was the best kisser I have ever experienced. Swooning and weak kneed, I was hers for the taking. With her lips so full and so soft and her tongue so teasingly delightful, she made me say something that I shouldn’t have said, but don’t regret saying it.

“I love you, Honey.”

I couldn’t believe I said it. I just blurted it. I spoke how I truly felt, at the time, after she kissed me so deeply and so lovingly. No one has ever kissed me like that before. Yet, I had just met this woman on Christmas Day, not more than a mere few hours ago. How could I possibly be in love with her? Yet, I was.

Call it fate, call it kismet, call it love at first sight but I was in love with Honey. She was my dream woman come true. Never have I ever thought I’d be attracted to a woman of another race, indeed, I was.

“You love me?” She looked at me like only a black woman can look, while looking at a dumb ass fool of a white man. She looked at me, as if I was crazy, and I was. I was crazy about her.

“I do. I love you, Honey,” I said again to not only reinforce how I felt about her to her but also to make me realize that I truly did love her, and I did.

I love Honey. I wanted to scream her name from the rooftops. Such a perfect name for such a perfect woman. If honey is sweet, my Honey is sweeter. Honey, Honey, Honey, I loved the sound of her name.

“How can you love me? You just met me,” she said taking a step away from me. “You don’t even know me. The idea that you love me is dumb. You’re just a dumb ass fool,” she said putting a hand to her hip and tilting her head at an angle, as if to get a better look at me. “You act like you’ve never seen a beautiful, topless, black woman before.”

“Actually, you’re right. You are the first beautiful, topless, black woman I’ve ever seen. Only, the way you look has nothing to do with how I feel about you,” I said. Even I couldn’t say that with a straight face and she shot me a look of disbelief. “Okay, the way you look has everything to do with how I feel about you. Look at you. You’re gorgeous, but–“

“Shut up! Just shut your white ass up,” she said putting her hand up in my face, as if it was a mini stop sign. “You aren’t making any sense and are ruining my mood.”

Not wanting to ruin her mood, whichever mood she meant, good mood or hopefully, a sexual mood, I thought about apologizing, but for what? For telling her that I love her? You can’t apologizing to someone for loving them and I did love her. I really did. Love at first sight, never have I felt the way that I do about anyone, as I do about her now.

“I do love you, Honey. I’m not going to apologize for how I feel. Call it fate, kismet or love at first sight. Whatever you want to call it,” I said, “as a reason for how I feel. I love you.”

“Hush up, now, sugar,” she said.

In the way she said, hush up, now, sugar, I imagined her saying that to our seven children, Honey, named after her, Carol, named after her mother, my ex-Stepmom, John, Jr. named after me, Paul, George, Ringo, named after the Beatles, and Tyrone, named after her father.

“Okay,” I said content for her to tell me what to do and when to do it.

I assumed my position on the floor with my back to her, ready for her to evict me from her room and from her heart or while waiting for her to turn off the light and for us to go to sleep. Only, even though I was tired, exhausted really from having sex with my ex-Stepmom, Carol, her lesbian lover, Debbie, and Carol’s dead mother, Estelle, I could never sleep, not with this beautiful woman in the room with me.

“What are you doing, fool?”

Fool? What happened to sugar?

“Nothing, just sitting here on the floor waiting for you to kick me out of the room or turn off the light. It’s your call.”

“Why would I do that? Why would I kick you out of the room,” she said. “I like you, too. I don’t love you, but we can work on that in time.”

I turned to face her. There was hope for love, in time. She made me crumble. She was just so drop dead beautiful. When I looked in her eyes, she melted me. If she told me to jump out a window, escortsıhhiye I would. I’d do anything to please Honey.

“Okay, sure, one step at a time,” I said giving her a smile and looking at her, as if I was a new puppy rescued and taken home on the first day.

“Just stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m the last, cold, bottle of beer on the planet.”

“I’m sorry if I want to drink all that you are up in one big gulp, but that’s what you do to me.”

“Make yourself useful and go and fetch me a basin of warm water. I need to soak my feet. My feet hurt,” she said squeezing one of them with her hand.

Soak her feet? Talk about ruining a mood. My grandmother used to soak her feet. Yet, if it would make Honey happy to soak her feet, so be it.

Never have I been subservient to a woman before. Okay, there were those times when I was spying on my Stepmom, trying to peek up her skirt and down her blouse, that I was willing to do anything she asked of me, just to hang around her longer to see whatever I could of her. Seeing her panty and bra constantly and continually, I saw plenty with that obedient behavior and subservient arrangement.

“Okay, sure,” I said getting up and grabbing a basin from the bathroom and filling it halfway with warm water. Carefully, without spilling a drop, I set it in front of her. “Try that. See if it’s not too hot.”

“Perfect,” she said. “Oh, that feels so good. I’ve been on my feet all day traveling to get here. I need a washcloth and a towel, too, baby.”

Baby? She called me baby instead of fool and dumb ass. I must have scored some points with the water temperature of her foot bath. Definitely, I preferred being called baby and sugar to fool and dumb ass.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll get you one.” Hurriedly, I grabbed both from the linen closet and handed them to her. “Here you go,” I said handing her the washcloth and towel.

“Here you go,” she said with attitude and handing me back the washcloth and towel. “Wash my feet.”

Wash her feet? She could have said, wash my feet, please, baby. That would have been a better way to ask, to ask nicely.

“Okay,” I said getting down on my knees, wetting the facecloth with warm water, and washing her feet, first one and then the other, making sure that I washed in between every toe, even her little pinky toe. Only, instead of giggling with me touching her feet and toes, she was cooing.

A first time for everything, I guess, I never washed anyone’s feet before, not even my own. I mean, I wash my feet, but when I’m in the shower. I’ve never had a foot bath.

“Oh, baby, that feels so good. You have no idea.”

I’m back to being called baby again. That’s good, only, I did a double take. She was cooing. I couldn’t believe it. You’d think I was fingering her pussy, licking her clit, and sucking her nipples in the way she was acting, swooning, actually, with her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

I never would have guessed that a foot bath could be so erotically and sexually pleasurable. Who knew? Had I known this before about women, I would have carried a portable foot bath with me to all the bars and nightclubs that I went when trying to pick up women.

“Free foot baths,” I imagined myself saying to all the available women in the bar. “Free foot baths, for beautiful, single women only.”

“Oh, I’ll take a free foot bath,” I imagined a beautiful, buxom, blonde wearing a short mini skirt saying. When she turned to face me in her chair and lifted her feet in my foot bath, I ogled her panties.

“How’s that feel, pretty lady?”

“I’ve been walking around in my high heels all day and you have no idea how good a foot bath feels right about now. It makes me want to do anything, anything and everything, to the man who bathes my feet,” I imagined her saying, while running her tongue over her lips. “Do me a favor and let me suck your cock, while my feet are soaking.”

Oh, my God! It was then that I realized giving a woman a foot bath was a better job than even a shoe salesmen. Who knew? There should be an instruction book, a manual for guys on how to really give a woman what she wants and what she needs, a foot bath.

I imagined having foot bath stands, like shoeshine stands all across America. I imagined writing a book on foot baths and Spielberg making a movie, called Foot Bath, from my book. Suddenly, the image of giving Oprah a foot bath on live TV filled me with lustful desire to bed the black woman that I was with now.

“Do you get off on me washing your feet, Honey?”

As soon as I asked the question, I couldn’t believe I asked the question. What if she did get off on me washing her feet? So what? Shut the fuck up? When will I ever learn.

Maybe she doesn’t want to be confronted escort sincan with the idea that she has a foot fetish. Maybe she’s embarrassed that she has a foot fetish. Maybe, it was as simple as she just wanted a foot bath because her feet where tired and swollen.

Sometimes, I wish I’d just shut up and not ruin things by opening my stupid mouth. Maybe this was what she was talking about when she mentioned my ruining her mood. I am such a fool and a dumb ass.

“You have no idea,” she said looking down and smiling at me with a look of love and sexual satisfaction on her face, as if she just had an orgasm.

“I’m glad I could make you happy, Honey.”

“I love my feet being touched, caressed, and massaged,” she said, so relaxed as if she had just received a full body massage. “Oh, yeah, baby, massage my feet,” she said as soon as I lifted her foot from the water, wiped it with the towel, and massaged it.

“How’s that feel, I said gently caressing her feet.”

“Your big hands feel so good on my little feet,” she said, as I towel dried her other foot and massaged it, too. “My feet are my nipples, my G spot,” she said lifting her freshly cleaned and dried left foot to my face.

“What? What are you doing,” I said leaning away from her foot. Eww. Gross.

“Suck my toes, baby. Lick them real good. I want to feel your tongue between my toes. Suck my toes real good. Go ahead, baby. Don’t be shy, sugar. Take each one in your mouth and give Mama’s feet a good saliva bath.”

Suddenly, I felt so used and abused, but I liked it, loved it, actually. I’ve never sucked a woman’s toes before. At first I was turned off by the thoughts of sticking her foot in my mouth, but I’ve had my foot in my mouth plenty of times. What difference would it make whose foot I had in my mouth, hers or mine?

Then, I was a little nauseous thinking about sticking my tongue between her toes, but her feet were clean. I just washed them. What the Hell? If this is what my Honey wants, if this is what gets my Honey off, I’m all for it. Maybe when I’m done with her feet, she’ll allow me to explore her pussy. Who knows, maybe she’ll return the favor by giving me a cock bath, if there is such a thing?

“Oh, yeah, Honey, wash my cock real good,” I imagined saying to her before holding it out by her mouth. “Now suck it. Suck it real good. Let me feel your tongue. Give my cock and my balls a good saliva bath.”

Putting some passion behind it, making it more sexual than hygienic, I sucked her toes, as if I was licking her pussy and sucking her nipples. The more she squirmed with delight, the more I licked and sucked to make her move with desire, hopefully for me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was just glad my football buddies weren’t here to see me doing this.

How embarrassing would that be? I’d never live down them calling me foot licker and toe sucker. They’d be wanting me to give them a foot massage, too, no doubt.

Only, I couldn’t believe that I was making her hot by caressing her feet and sucking on her toes. I’ve heard of plenty of guys having a foot fetish, like that Tanner guy from the Bachelorette, when he wanted to suck Jillian’s toes, but I never heard of a woman having a foot fetish, so much so that she was becoming aroused by me sucking her toes. Weird. When I looked up to see what she was doing, she had one hand down her panties and her other hand was fingering her nipple.

“Hey, let me do that for you,” I so wanted to say, but didn’t. Instead I kept my mouth shut for fear of ruining her mood. Only, I so wanted to say, “I’ve had quite enough of toe and foot duty. Give me one of your better body parts, your tits and/or your pussy. And what about your ass? Want me to lick your ass? I wouldn’t mind tossing your salad, Honey.”

Only, I was content helping to bring Honey to an orgasm any way that I could, even if I was at the opposite end of her body, her feet instead of her mouth. If sucking her toes, while she played with her pussy and fingered her nipples, made her cum, then who am I to question what gets her to where she needs to go?

Never have I experienced someone getting off on toe sucking and foot licking. Never have I sucked anyone’s toes and licked anyone’s feet. Never have I given anyone a foot bath. To be quite honest, she did have nice feet. Her feet were just as perfect as was the rest of her.

Suddenly, had I not ducked out of the way, Honey would have kicked me in the mouth. I thought she was having an epileptic fit. I thought she was convulsing. I thought I’d have to give her chest compression and mouth-to-mouth, but, she was just having a massive orgasm. Oh, my God. I’m the man. I’m the toe sucker, foot licker, and pedicure massager, who can get my Honey to where she wants and needs to go.

“Oh, baby, that was unbelievable,” she gushed. “You made me cum so hard,” she said breathlessly. “My pussy is soaking wet. I’m so horny,” she said looking at me, as if I was a red tag at a Bloomingdale sale. “Is there anything that I can do for you?”

Oh, Honey, you have no idea what I have in mind that you can do for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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