Libby’s Whorehouse Ch. 4

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Maria, Teri and Norma were whores but Crystal was a slut. Libby never rushed her favorite customers like me and we would sit around and talk and have a couple drinks. She usually had at least two and often three or four girls in the house at any one time. Libby had told me that she had “someone special” named Crystal for me and to hurry up and get there. The first time I saw Crystal at Libby’s she was sitting across from me on the couch with one of the other girls, a very intriguing looking black lady with great tits and a fine smile.

Libby often “fibbed” about the looks of the girls and as I checked out Crystal I was sure that she had done so this time. Crystal was a thin woman with real short blond hair. Her tits didn’t look real promising and she was dressed in a cheap, short skirt that allowed her stocking tops to show and a blouse with long sleeves. Real white trash!! She crossed and uncrossed her legs nervously several times when she knew I was looking and made sure that I could see her panties. Libby told her to get me a drink.

When she came back with the drink she took the opportunity to sit next to me on the couch. We all drank our vodka, laughed at dumb, dirty jokes and chatted about nothing in particular. Shortly, the doorbell rang and another customer entered and Libby quickly ushered him and the black girl – who I was really interested in – into the bedroom to do their thing. After a few minutes ataşehir escort Libby excused herself to go make lunch leaving Crystal and me alone in the living room.

She had barely left the room when Crystal started rubbing my thigh and said, “Libby told me what you like and said to be sure to please you.” She quickly moved her hand to my cock and in a flash had my zipper unzipped and started French kissing my ear. I quickly responded by reaching my hand up her skirt and feeling her through her panties. She opened her legs and put one foot up on the couch to allow better access to her cunt. Just as I was about to slip my hand under her panties Libby came back into the room and told us “Save that stuff for the bedroom.” We composed ourselves and waited while the other couple finished. It seemed like forever.

As soon as the bedroom was available and Crystal and I wasted no time. I sat on the bed with her standing before me and reached up her skirt and felt her fanny though her panties. I traced the crack of her ass down to her asshole and spread her cheeks and felt it with my middle finger. She pushed back on my finger and I knew that I was in for my kind of thrills!! I asked her if she would give me a real nice pussy show and she immediately laid down on the bed, spread her legs and proceeded to pull her white panties aside and showed me her dark brown haired cunt.

As she masturbated for me she spread kadıköy escort her lips open to reveal a cute small hooded clit, a pink, juicy cunt hole and a very clean, puckered asshole. In a flash my tongue was slowly licking her all over starting at her clit and working down to her asshole. Her feminine aroma was fabulous and my hardon grew immediately. All the while she pinched her clit and fingered herself until between my tongue and her masturbating she came with a thunderous orgasm.

I stood up and she started licking my balls and sucking my cock until I had to pull out because I didn’t want to come yet. I lay on the bed and she positioned herself between my legs and once again started her licking and sucking. She licked slowly from the tip of my cock, past my balls and down to my asshole and back up again several times before she started about the best slow sucking blowjob I’ve ever had. Her technique was incredible and as she sucked up and down my cock her tongue never stopped licking me softly. I could see that she was fingering herself as she sucked me and when I suggested that she turn around and let me eat her more she did so without any hesitation. She slowly pulled down her panties that she was still wearing and handed them to me and told me to suck or sniff them if I wanted to.

Before I had a chance to do any of that her cunt was positioned over my mouth and I lapped it furiously. She continued to bostancı escort bayan suck and lick me and I ate her cunt hole and asshole in a 69 fashion. The sight of her pink hole and her little clitty combined with her expert cock sucking almost made me come several times but she seemed to anticipate this and slowed down when she sensed my impending orgasm.

She came several times and my face was soaked with female jism. She asked me, “Do you want to fuck or should I suck you off?” I told her that I definitely wanted to fuck and she stopped her sucking for a moment and then started again. Something was different! My cock felt different! One quick look showed me what it was. She had put a rubber on me with her mouth. Wow! What an expert! She smiled when I complimented her and turned over on her back spread her cunt lips with her fingers and I took this opportunity to give her cunt and asshole a few final licks before plunging my engorged cock into her.

We fucked like crazy for a few minutes and then we changed to the doggy position. When we did the sight of her asshole and wide open cunt drove me crazy and I would have come right then if she didn’t ask me to let her get on top. We did, and after only a few strokes I shot a huge load.

I lay back with my eyes closed and just savored the memories of a great fuck when I realized that she was licking down my stomach to my now softening cock. She once again took it in her mouth, bit the tip off of the rubber and sucked out the cum and swallowed it. I wanted to keep her panties, but she said she didn’t have any more with her. She gave me a pair of nicely stained great smelling pink panties the next time we met. I still have them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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