Letter from Palace Pier

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Dear Shoeblossom

I thought I’d never want to leave my wife and marry one of my adulterous “flings” .

Even when I began seeing Helix, my ditzy clerk at the pharmacy I own, I figured I would just have a good time with her and then fire her for, you know…

Abstracting Percodans or something.

It’s true, I’m a real shit. But Helix was a terrible flirt, and she was all over me much of the time.

And then one night we were in my car, and Helix was running her little fingers over my stiff cock, which was hanging out of my pants, and I was about to erupt…

And she SLAPPED me. “I’m done with you if this is all we’re going to have together.”

That’s what my ditzy clerk said, and she jumped out of the car and twitched her little butt into her apartment building.

And I’d been clear from the start. I’d been with my wife Marietta for 23 years, and wasn’t planning to leave her. Five kids, all of that.

Why didn’t I give Helix the heave-ho?

Part of it was because she understood me.

Across town from where the family and I lived, I owned a small apartment with all the stuff a single man would want…

I smoked dope there, did online gaming, and had occasional poker parties.

I also had my “toys”.

One of my favorites was my Trouble Strand.

This was a tri-chain thing, about a foot long.

Two of the strands had rat-traps stapled to them, which I’d snap on my nipples and the third chain was in a loop, which I could thread around my junk…my cock and balls.

When I jacked off wearing this thing, the chain would grow taut and pull against my nipples and also around my crotch area, and the pain was truly exquisite.

Perhaps I’m a bit of a masochist, since I also liked being spanked and humiliated by various women.

The first time I had shown this to Helix, she’d been sitting on a chair in my little üçyol escort apartment with her long legs crossed…those shorts!

Her tits had been almost ripping open her striped blue tube top, like the world’s hottest bumblebee.

I had suggested that Helix undress, but she had demurred, and insisted I display this peculiar affect of the Trouble Strand for her.

So I was slightly embarrassed, but very aroused as the chains were pulling on my nips, and my cock was getting harder, and I was jerking my dick.

“God, what a little freak you are, Giles.”

Helix’s cruel, feminine laughter seemed to reduce me to tears.

Here I was, in my mid-life crisis, showing a sensitive side of myself to this girl, and she was making FUN of me.

My other adulterous liaisons, they had either left on the spot, or they’d taken me to their bosom and told me they would make me feel better so I didn’t “need this.”

And of course there were the women who felt I needed therapy.

I had once brought a young black man up to see me beating my meat in the Strand.

He’d been a male hustler and he’d called me his “punk” and had raped my rear while reaching around and violently yanking at the chain till my chest was almost ripped off!

Actually I confess I saw Delehonte several times…that was some experience! But of course I like girls more.

But I couldn’t believe at the time how cruel Helix was being. She just sat there casually, smoking a joint and watching me flay away.

I was on my knees, jerking, and then she snapped her fingers and called me over to her.

Helix stroked the bulging glans of my cock with her pink nails and trailed her fingers in a little walk up and down my pulsating member.

My dick grew harder and harder, and of course the pull on my nipples was just searing.

These were huge rat-traps, üçyol escort bayan and the contraption had been built by a friend in the BDSM scene who knew his stuff.

Helix had smiled, her tongue peeking through her teeth, and she’d pulled up her striped top and showed me her cleavage. At this point, she hadn’t disrobed for me yet.

“Now keep your hands behind your back, you little weirdo.”

It had taken quite a bit of energy to keep my hands behind my back, but I’d done this as the Strand kept tugging at my sensitive spots.

Helix began toying with my foreskin, grasping and tickling my ball sack and yanking at the Strand now and then.

“Hold still now, you old faggot.”

As Helix pulled at the Strand, harder and harder, she took her burning joint and pushed it against the head of my cock, right underneath where it was especially sensitive, and I screamed.

“Oh, my whiner.”

I so wanted to fuck her now. At this point, Helix had removed her top and her boobs were kind of hanging out in the little demibra.

She let go of my dick with her right hand, still pulling the chain with her left.

Helix pulled the bra down a little to show me a strawberry nipple.

“Wouldn’t you like to suck on this, you little hamster?”

“Y-yes, oh, please.”

“But Helix doesn’t let old creeps who attach chains to themselves to touch her nice titties.”

And of course I had hung my head, thinking of what a sad little creep I was, really.

“Maybe your fat wife can let you suck on her distended, veiny bags if she wants to, but no normal girl is ever going to do anything but watch you be weird.”

“Y-yes, Miss Helix.”

“Poor desperate little Giles.” Helix stroked my penis faster and faster, and then, as my legs were buckling, she’d yanked her hand away.

“Life’s a bitch and then you die.” Helix escort üçyol had told me coldly.

The next day, in the store, Helix had called me into the back, and I’d officiously followed her, in my impressive white coat. I love being a druggist…

I was at one point going to be a doctor, but I ended up having an addiction to injectable Valium, and it just didn’t work out.

In my office, Helix opened her own white lab coat and she’d been naked underneath.

Helix undid her hair in the prim bun and shook it all over he shoulders.

She’d waved her tits at me and pulled up and kissed me madly.

“Giles, I am sorry if I was too hard on you last night, baby.”

“Oh…you’re so sweet, Helix, really it is all right. Oh, you’re so hot.”

“Did you jerk off when you got home?”

I smiled and kissed her neck. “You bet I did…thinking of you yanking the Strand…”

Suddenly Helix backed off. Her little fist punched me in the mouth.

“You went home and PLEASURED yourself without my permission?”

Then I’d been confused, and even more confused when she’d unbuckled my belt and pulled it out, and then unzipped my pants, stroking my cock.

“Look how limp it is now.”

Helix had doubled the belt in her little palm and she swung it and the belt slammed my prick into the desk four or five times till I fell to the floor, weeping softly.

But, as I looked up at her, Helix stood over me, proud breasts peeking out of her white jacket.

She opened her coat and of course she was starkers, and she pulled my head in to worship her shaven cunt…

We were rather distracted when we went back to work.

I am still somewhat amazed that I finally ended my marriage with Marietta, giving her most of my property.

Now I serve Helix completely. I come home every night, and I no longer make her work.

I strip and kneel and Helix berates me for being the schmuck I am, before getting me started on the home chores.

Sometimes she whips me for being inefficient, and more than once she’s had me in drag, and made me suck off whatever loser she’s met during the day.

God, I’ve never been happier!

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