Leslie Amadeus and the Frat Party

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This is the sequel to “The Violation of Leslie Amadeus” If you have not read it, you may want to go back to it and get caught up. For those of you who have already read it, this is how my nightmare continued…

On my knees, my face covered in cum, I continue sucking Jacks soft penis. Jack reaches down and wipes his cum off my face with his fingers and feeds it to my mouth. I stop sucking his penis just long enough to lick his fingers clean, then continue sucking his penis. When my face is wiped clean, he instucts me to get up. I stand up and the camera is back on me. I hear a loud roar from downstairs. Bow to your audience. Jack says. I start to bend forward to take a bow, but Jack stops me. No no no Leslie…turn around and take a bow. I turn away from the camera and bend over. The kids downstairs clap and cheer as if I were a performer…which I guess I am. Now spread your ass cheeks. Jack commanded. I reach behind and grab my butt cheeks and spread them apart. I can feel my butt hole being spread, and again I feel humiliated, but continue to perform for Jack. Look up at the TV. Jack says. I do, and see myself bent over pulling my butt cheeks apart and spreading my butt hole. Again downstairs goes nuts, and I can feel the tears starting to run down my cheeks. What will I do to humiliate myself next?

What has happened to me? Only hours ago I was a good girl, with good morals. Still a virgin saving myself until I was married. But now I have willfully done the most disgusting, humiliating acts, and in front of an entire frat party.

Let’s go for a walk. Jack says. I reach for my clothes, but Jack slaps my hand away. You won’t be needing those anymore. He laughs as he grabs my hand and leads me out the room. Oh my God…he is going to take me down into the party! I want to beg him to stop, but the words won’t come out of my mouth, and I follow him to the door. We walk out to the bannister and Jack pulls my arm up over my head as if I had just won a boxing match. All the kids downstairs raise they’re beers in a toast to me. Jack pumps my arm and my breasts shake freely in front of my audiance. My humiliation continues.

We walk down the stairs and as we get to the bottom, the mob starts crowding around to get close to me. Hands are all over my naked body. I try to slap them away, but there are too many. The boys are grabbing at my breasts, twisting and pinching my nipples. Fingers shoved in my vagina, and trying to penetrate my anus. Oh my God, I am being mobbed and molested. Try as I may, I cannot stop they’re probing fingers from entering my body. I pray that Jack will tell them to stop, but he doesn’t. We just keep on walking, and as soon as one finger pulls out of me another replaces it. Even some of the girls are grabbing me, and sticking there fingers in me.

They get in my face and scream at me, and there alcohol stench breath fills my nostrils. You stupid whore! says one. Your bald cunt hole feels so fucking good! says the guy with his finger inside me. I knew you loved to fuck, you stuck up bitch!! screams another. Finally Jack tells them to stop, and they all back up a little. It is quiet, and I stand naked in the middle of a circle of drunk partiers.

I look around and see some familiar faces from campus, and I want to disappear. OH God…there is my cousins asshole boyfriend Steven. Oh my God, I can’t believe he saw all this. I hate that bastard, and he knows it. And he hates me too. Oh God, I just know he is going to tell Jessica. And as I look closer, I see Jessica standing behind him. Almost hiding. Oh my God, my own cousin saw what I did. Tears feel as if they will flood down my face, but for some reason they don’t.

Well…says Jack. I’ve had my fun…Steven…she’s all yours. What did Jack just say??? Oh God no…I am not doing anything that fat bastard Steven tells me to. I hate him! Jack leans over and whispers in my ear. You will do anything Jessica tells you to. I nod my head.

Steven walks toward me and Jack fades away. I look in his eyes and can see his hatred of me. He hates me because I knew he was cheating on Jessica and I told her about it. He was having sex with different girls all the time and bragging about it. Jessica always had low self esteem. She is kinda cute, but just really plain. Boys never really paid any attention to her so when Steven started giving her attention, she grabbed on to him, and no matter how bad he treats her, she won’t leave him, and he knows it.

Steven walks right up to me and grabs my breast. I slapped his hand away and stared at him. OH your fiesty. He says. I said nothing. Hey Jessi, come on over here and calm down your bitch cousin. Jessica meekishly walked over, but never looked at me. Steven whispered something in her ear, and Jessica shook her head no. He said nothing. Steven NO… Jessica pleaded. Steven bursa escort just stared at her. You said you would. He sneered. Jessica looked as if she would cry, and said. Yeah, but not with my cousin, and not in front of all of these people. She pleaded. Steven said nothing, just stared at her, and I saw Jessica’s body slump in defeat.

Jessica walked over to me. Got on her tippy toes and whispered in my ear. Make out with me. The thought of kissing my cousin tore through me like a tornado, but I remembered what Jack said, and leaned toward her for a kiss. Jessica met me, and our lips touched. The crowd started cheering. We kissed softly, but Jessica wrapped her arms around my naked body and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was really kissing on me hard and Steven was hooting and hollering at his girlfriend french kissing her cousin. Jessica pulled her mouth away, and whispered in my ear for me to take her top off. She put her mouth back on mine, stuck her tongue back in my mouth, and I started unbuttoning her blouse. I got it completely unbuttoned and pushed it down her arms. She was not wearing a bra, and her small freckeled breasts hung free.

Feel me up. She said between sloopy kisses. My hands went to her small breasts, and I massaged them. Steven now had the camera and was filming us. Looking good Jessi, doing great honey. He said to her. Jessica was now grabbing my breasts and squeezing them. The kids around us were loving it. Suck Them. She said, and I bent forward and started sucking on her small nipples. Jessica grabbed my head and pulled me into her. I sucked on her nipples for awhile when Jessica stopped me and told me to take her skirt off. She looked ashamed and scared, but just stood there waiting for me.

I got on my knees and slowely pulled her short skirt down. She was not wearing any panties. Her vagina was bald. I pulled her skirt down to the floor and she stepped out of it. Check it out!!! the boy behind her yelled. She’s got a butt plug in!!!! He laughed. Everyone pointed and laughed as Jessica stood in shame, tears welling up in her eyes. Show your cuz. Steven said. Jessica turned around, and sure enough she had a big purple plug in her butt. You love having things in your ass!! Don’t ya honey. Steven yelled. Jessica just stood there ashamed, and humiliated, but nodded her head.

Well go on. Steven said to her. At that Jessica again whispered in my ear. Eat my pussy. I leaned forward and started licking her smooth bald pussy. Jessica put her hands behind my head and started grinding on my face. She pushed me to the ground and straddled my face and kept on grinding. I licked her vagina ferociously. The frat party was going nuts again. Jessica turned around and was now facing my feet. I could see her purple butt plug sticking out of her butt just inches from my nose as I continued licking her vagina. Go on Jessi, eat that pussy!! Steven said, and Jessica leaned over and put her mouth to my vagina. She inserted her tongue and started licking around inside of my sore vagina. The frat party was being treated to cousins sixty nining each other, and they loved it. Each time I think I can not be humiliated any more I am always proved wrong.

As I licked away at her vagina I heard Jacks voice. CUM. Was all he said. I opened my eyes and his face was inches from mine. He gave a little tug on Jessica’s butt plug and pushed it back in as he stood up. Oh God…her tongue feels so good inside of me. I have to stop licking her to catch my breath. Oh Godddd…feels so good. My hips start to gyrate. Jessica keeps her tongue swirling inside my vigina, and it feels wonderful. Her tounge feels so good probing inside my pussy. Oh God here I cum. Uh uh uh…oh yeahhhh….oh oh oh…oh God…oh God…oh Godddddddd. I thrash harder and force my hips up to meet her mouth. Electricity flashes though my thighs, and I gush my cum on her face. Keep Eating Jessi, Keep eating!!! Steven yells, and Jessica continues licking and sucking my gushing squirting vagina. Another one, and another splash against her face as she continues sucking and licking.

Yeah!!!!! yells the party. Cheering,laughing and high fiving each other. What is that shit? I hear one of the boys asking. I don’t know. says another, but Steven’s girlfriend sure seems to like it. She is lapping that stuff up like a puppy dog. He laughs, as Jessica gulps down my fluids. I open my eyes and see the purple plug in Jessicas butt starting to work its way out. It is much thicker than I thought it would be. Jessica reaches back and pushes it back in. Never taking her mouth away from my vagina. That was close Jessi. Says Steven. You know what happens when that plug falls out of your ass. Jessica said nothing, just continued licking my soaking wet vagina.

Go put it on. Steven orders. Jessica stopped licking me and looked up at him. Her face was bursa escort bayan smeared with my juices. Steven…she said. He didn’t say a word, just stared back at her. She got up off of my face and slowely walked over to her purse. The plug in her butt wiggling back and forth as she waddled over to her purse. She opened up her purse and pulled out a leather belt with a huge red dildo attached to the front. The party just yelled. Whoooo Hoooooo, she gonna fuck her!!!!! OH god… I thought as I sat on the floor watching my cousin strap the leather belt around her waist, and then between her legs, with the big red dildo hanging down in front.

Steven walked over to her and told her to turn around. She did, and he grabbed the belt between her legs and tightened it up, almost lifting her off the ground. Thats so every time you thrust into her, it will push on your butt plug. Everyone laughed.

Jessica turned around and faced me. Your gonna want to lube that thing up good. Steven says to me as he tosses a bottle of KY Jelly in front of me. Jessica walks over to me. That big red dildo bouncing between her legs with each step. She stops with that dildo right in my face. Lube it up good Leslie.
She says almost in a whisper with her eyes down. I grab the tube of KY and squirt it into my hand. It is cold and slimy feeling. I reach up for the dildo. It too is cold, and rubbery feeling. I rub the goop all over the rubbery falice as Jessica watches me. I’m sorry Leslie. Jessica says almost crying. Turn around. She says. On my knees I turn around and face away from my cousin. Get on your hands and knees. Jessica tells me. I lean forward and put my hands on the ground. My butt raises to her.

I feel her hands on my butt cheeks as she spreads them apart. She touches the dildo to my anus. Oh God NO! Jessica No! Please NO! Not there Jessica, please! I plead. The crowd cheers. Fuck that Ass!!! Fuck that Ass!!!
Steven leans down and whispers in my ear…Jessi doesn’t really like it either. He says to me. But she takes it in her ass all the time, because I love fucking ass!!! I don’t know why I’m letting you have the honors Jess, probably because she’s your cousin, but go on and pop that ass. Steven laughs as everyone else joins him.

Jessica pushes forward, and I can feel the cold slimey tip of the dildo start to slither it’s way into my tight butt hole. I try to lean forward, but Jessica grabs my hips and holds me back. Pop that ASS!!!! Pop that ASS!!!! the party is chanting. Jessica holds my hips and slowely starts pushing the slippery dildo into my butt hole. I scrunch my face in pain as the dildo slowely and steadily plows into my butt. She just keeps on pushing and pushing. I feel like the thing is in my stomach when I finally feel her thighs touch my butt cheeks. My butt feels slimey and full. I have my head down, my eyes squeezed tightly shut in pain. Jessica just holds that dildo inside of me.

Steven is whispering in her ear. Then stands back and continues filming. Flashes from peoples cameras are going off left and right. It feels like a baseball bat is in my butt. Jessica releases my hips and grabs my hair. She twists it around her wrist and pulls hard. My head snaps back as I let out a yell. She pulls the dildo back and as she pushes it back into me she pulls hard on my hair again. With each thrust into my butt, she would pull back hard on my hair, snapping my head back. Wooooo Hooooo ride em cowgirl!!! I heard someone yell. Pound that Ass!!! She worked into a rythem where she was thrusting and pulling and thrusting and pulling so hard that I felt my head would snap off. And the kids loved it.

I didn’t know which was worse, the pain of having my butt violated, or the humiliation of having my very own cousin raping my ass. I thought back to the days when Jessica and I would bake cookies togther, or sit in our beds and talk about boys. And now I look at the TV screen, and I see that same girl straddeling my butt and fucking my ass with a big red dildo. Pulling my hair, and violetnly pounding a fat rubber cock into my butt is the same girl who I used to pick flowers with. How did we get here?

When Jessica thrusts the dildo into me I feel like I am being split in half. The pain is incredible, I feel as if I will burst into tears, but the tears just won’t come.
Jack is now whisering in my ear. You love taking it up the ass Leslie. Oh God, he’s right, that dildo feels so good blasting in and out of my butt. As she continued slamming that cock in my ass I saw Steven walk up to her and put his penis in her face. Jessica opened her mouth and took it in, but never missed a beat in my ass.

The party was going absolutely crazy. As my head was being snapped back and forth I could shakily see the crowd in front of me slowely start to part. And walking through the parting was a huge titted girl escort bursa wearing a huge dildo between her legs. It was Ashlee, the girl Steven was cheating on Jessica with. She walked right up to me and put the big green dildo right in my face.

Suck it. I heard Jack say. I opened my mouth, but Jessica was pulling my hair so hard, I couldn’t get it in my mouth. Fucking Bitch! I heard Jessica yell at the girl who she knew was fucking her boyfriend. Ashlee just smiled at her as she grabbed my jaw, and forced the dildo into my mouth. The two continued throwing insults at each other as one fucked my ass, and the other fucked my mouth.

Ashlee pulled her dildo out of my mouth and lay on her back in front of me. Don’t just look at it Les. I heard Jack say. Go get on Ashlee’s dick!! Jessica pulled her dildo out of my butt, and I crawled over to Ashlee. She had a shitty grin as I straddled her and put the tip of her dildo to my vagina. She just started laughing. Look at you, you stupid cunt. She said to me. You thought you were so good, and so proper…you thought you were better than everyone…and look at you know. She sneered. She was right. I did think I was better than all the party crowd. But now, here I am subjecting myself to them. I am nothing but a dirty slut for them to play with. How did this happen to me?????

Fuck it!! Fuck it!! Fuck it!!! the crowd chanted as I slid Ashlees big red dildo up my vagina. Ashlee was still laughing as she started thrusting her fake cock into me and reaching up and grabbing my tender breasts. I felt Jessica’s hands on my hips and felt the tip of her dildo back at my anus. Ashlee started laughing even harder. Haaaa…you are going to be soooo full of rubber!! Ashlee forced my legs out wide, and pulled me down on her. She grabbed my butt cheeks and spread them. The camera was shooting from behind me, and as I looked at the TV. I could see myself bent over squating on Ashlee. Her big red dildo shoved in my bald vagina, and her fingers in my ass, spreading it apart. I could see and feel Jessica’s big green dildo touching my anus, and she slowely started pushing it in.

Oh God, with both of my holes being scewered at the same time I just felt so full. The pain was intense, but somehow Jessica’s dildo felt so good barging it’s way into my butt. Jessica sunk it to the balls in my ass, and her and Ashlee both started violently slamming their dildo’s into my cunt and ass. It was as if they were trying to fuck each other and make it hurt. The problem was that both were fucking me, not each other. And they were both winning. My holes were taking a pounding.

Hey…Who wants to get their pussy eaten??? Shouted Steven. Everyone hollard, and the boys all started pushing girls forward and laughing. But to everyone’s suprise the homecomming queen Stacey Baullar stepped forward on her own. She had on a pair of shorts that she quickly stepped out of. She was wearing a pair of white cotten panties, and she slowely slid them down her legs to her ankles revealing her nicely trimmed pussy. Everyone was shoked, because everyone knew Stacy was a little goody two shoes, and here she is taking her clothes off in front of a frat party.

But she was not shy as she placed her soft pubic hairs right in my face. Jessica continued ramming my ass as she said lick her. I put my tounge out and Stacey Baullar put her pussy on it. Ashlee was still angrily slamming her dildo into my pussy. My own cousin cramming my ass, and now Stacey’s pussy is in my mouth. How can this possibly be any more humiliating? I ask myself.

My question was answered all too soon. Stacey pulled away from my face. She looked down, put her fingers in her pussy, swirled them around and grinned at me. Ashlee and my cousin continued thrashing into my holes. Stacey turned around, bent over and put her pussy on Ashlee’s face. Eat me whore!! she shouted to Ashlee. Fuck you bitch. Said Ashlee. Eat her Ashlee!! shouted Steven. Ashlee looked pissed, but she opened her mouth and put her tounge in Staceys pussy. Stacey started grinding her cunt on Ashleey’s face. Now Stacey was the one laughing, as Ashlees once smiling mouth was now filled with cunt.

Leslie. Jessica says between thrusts. Lick out her asshole. Oh Fuck!!!…I have to stick my tounge in someones filthy asshole for the second time tonight. I open my mouth and Stacey reaches behind, grabs her butt cheeks and spreads them wide, revealing her puckered brown hole. I lean forward and stick my tounge in her butt hole. Stacey groans as she grinds her pussy into Ashlee’s mouth and my tounge probes her dark hole.

Bent over and sandwiched between a fat bitch whom I hate who has a rubber cock slamming my pussy, my own cousin simultaineously pounding her cock in and out of my ass, the homecoming queens shitter in my mouth and her pussy in Ashlee’s mouth. All in front of an entire Frat Party. Again I must ask…How can it get any more humiliating than this?

And the most disturbing question of all…Why do I like it????

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