Lesbians find a Gay Sperm Donor

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Jason returned to his apartment the day after his boyfriend had dumped him feeling as worthless as ever. They had been together three years, but ever since they had started discussing the future and possible marriage, Jason felt that Michael had become as distant as ever. He tried to ignore it, but deep down Jason knew that this was coming.

Collapsing on his couch, Jason did the one thing that could get his mind off of constantly thinking about where everything went wrong: he turned on his nintendo switch and began playing video games. It seemed like a Mortal Kombat kind of night. He figured he would one day outgrow his love of gaming, but at 35, it hadn’t happened yet. He was a self described tech geek that worked as a computer coder. He tried to fight out his frustration with Kitana, his favorite character. A few fatalities in and he got a text from someone he hadn’t heard from in ages.


Hey stranger! I know its been like forever, but I’m moving back to town! I want to be closer to my grandmother, and I found a nursing job at the hospital. Oh, and I’m married! I found this wonderful woman named Tara and she’s in sports med. We’re coming back in a few weeks, we’d love to see you!

Jason read the text and responded, telling her that of course he’d be down for hanging out. Meg was a dear friend from undergraduate school that left about 10 years ago. They occasionally talked and saw each other when she was in town to visit family, but over the years they seemed to drift apart a little bit. “At least I’ll have a friend here again,” Jason thought. Over the years it seemed that everyone he was close to had moved away. Meg was his hag in college, and the two were inseparable.

A few days after Meg and Tara had settled in, they invited Jason over. “Jason!” Meg said has soon as she opened the door, and practically jumped into her arms. She was a shorter woman with short black hair, who had a trendy style and wore lots of makeup on her pale face. “Its been forever!” Jason said, and she led him into the living room. Tara entered and shook his hand “So this is Jason!” she said.

Tara was almost as tall as Jason, who was 6’1. She had a very athletic build and was more lean where Meg was curvy. “We’re watching Bridesmaids, and we have plenty of wine,” Meg said. “Ha! I can’t count the times we’ve seen this,” Jason said, and happily sat down with them on the couch.

After several glasses (or was it bottles?) The three dikmen escort bayan of them were trashed and Jason had to pee. In the bathroom, Jason looked at himself in the mirror. “At least I still get carded” he thought, although he was still feeling pretty lousy for being dumped. He looked in disdain at his slightly overweight fame, pushing in his stomach through his Legend of Zelda t-shirt. “Its time for the gym,” he thought, and rejoined the girls.

After more alcohol, which seemed impossible, the three of them got into drunken chatter. “How long have you been together?” Jason asked, and Tara responded “Five years. We tied the knot last summer. I know I should have told you, but we just went to the courthouse. Nothing big.” “Its no problem!” Jason responded. “You’re adorable, like a cute computer nerd,” Tara stated, and she kissed Jason on the cheek. “This boyish face and dimples. And that nervous laugh.” Jason was sitting between them at this point, and was feeling pretty smashed.

“I think I may need to crash on the couch,” he said. “No problem!” Meg stated, and in their drunken stupor, they shifted their conversation to something more serious. “We want kids,” Meg said. “I was under the fence about it when I was younger but the older I get, the more I want them.” Tara agreed, and Jason replied “I think thats great! You know I always wanted kids, but I don’t exactly like vagina.” That got them laughing again.

“Are you going to adopt?” Jason asked. Tara replied, “we discussed it, but I think we want to go all the way with this motherhood thing. If straight women can birth a child, then so can we.” Jason pondered that a bit “Ah, so you’re going the traditional route then. I guess a sperm bank?” Meg looked at him and said “we’ve thought of that too, but I think we want to know the person. That makes things even harder.”

Tara joked, ” well, he has sperm,” and they all started laughing again. “Yes I do. You know, I would consider the thought,” Jason said, and both women stared at each other, smiling. “You would?” Meg said, and Jason nodded. It was now or never he thought, and even though If he had to be an “uncle” or something, the idea made him happy. At this point they were passing out, and the girls left Jason on the couch and they went to sleep. Jason had to leave early for work, so he let himself out while Meg and Tara were still in bed.


A few days later, Jason got another emek escort bayan text from Meg:


So I know we were trashed the other night, but are you seriously considering helping us get pregnant?


Why not. If I were doing this for anyone, it would be you.


Great! I don’t know how to do this, but Tara wants to carry this time, and her fertile time is in a few days. Can you come over and give it a try?


I guess so. I guess we’ll need a turkey baster.



This seemed soon, but Jason started to feel like his life had purpose and began to get excited. He researched how this sort of thing could be done at home, and when he arrived at their house they day they’d scheduled, he at least felt more informed on the process.

“So, I guess I need a cup or something?” Jason asked, and Meg said, “Well, how do you feel about going natural.” The question didn’t register with Jason at first, and then he said “Are you serious? I’ve never been with a girl before. Wow, I don’t know.” “Well,” Meg said “I did give you a blowjob once. I know we were drunk then, but I remember it ending well.” She laughed. “And in my eye.”

Tara laughed this time, and said “we can take care of it. Meg and I have both been with men before. Just lay back and let us take care of you.” Jason thought again, and wasn’t exactly aroused at the idea, but wasn’t turned off either. “Well, I guess we can give it a go,” he said, and they went to the bedroom.

It was all business for Tara and Meg, and they stripped off their clothes in like 2 seconds. “C’mon, don’t be shy.” Meg said, and before he knew it Jason was standing there in his Starwars boxers. “Lay down.”

Jason did as he was told and felt a little intimidated looking at the two women before him. “What if this ends horribly and I can’t perform,” he thought, but shooed the though away when they started to tug at his penis.

“Well, its getting hard at least,” Tara laughed, and sat down beside Jason as Meg began to eat her out. “We’re gonna have Tara ride you, and I’m going to try to help her get off. I read that it helps the sperm get up in there when the female orgasms,” Meg said, and even though they were about to have sex, the three laughed. The feel of it all began to get more casual, and Jason was feeling good.

“Ok, I think we’re ready for entry,” Tara said, and let go of his cut cock eryaman escort bayan with the large bulbous head. “This thing is about 7 inches, which is perfect. I was afraid you’d have a monster,” she said, and again the three laughed and Tara situated herself on Jason’s cock. Jason felt a wet but tight sensation, like a wet warm hug, and as Tara began going up and down, he could feel Meg’s hand on his balls.

“I remember you’re sensitive here,” she said, and all Jason could do was croak out “uh huh.” Meg put her other hand on Tara’s clit, rubbing in a way she knew he liked. “Just tell me when you’re ready to cum,” Tara said, “and I’ll try to get mine too.” Tara began moving her hips, and Jason thought she looked like she was working out, with a determined look on her face. She was very fit with smaller boobs, but he could admire her beauty and conviction. And to his surprise, this turned out to be fun, even though he was imagining a cock being shoved into his face. “Wouldn’t that be hot right about now” he thought, and could feel his dick getting harder.

“Oh!” Tara cried out. “I can feel it getting rock hard!” She said, and Meg continued her stimulation on Jason’s balls and Tara’s clit. Probably eight or so minutes in, and Jason realized he was going to cum. “I think this is it,” he said, and Tara began to ride faster, obviously trying to orgasm with him. Jason could feel Meg’s hand began to squeeze his nutsack, and he let out a cry. “Cumming!!” he said, and he let out several days worth of cum into Tara’s cunt. Tara began to shake, and Jason realized she was also cumming.

“Well you did it,” Meg said, and Jason responded, “Do I get a high five?” And they laughed, and Tara actually gave him one. They sat like that for a while, with Jason’s cock still linked in Tara’s vagina. “I guess I’m going to have to sleep with his jizz in me,” Tara said, and slowly slid off Jason.

“I hope you’ll be ok with this, but we’ll need to do this the next two evenings, and if it doesn’t take, would you be willing to try again next month?” Meg said, and Jason replied “Well I guess we’re already balls deep into this,” he said, which got laughter from the girls. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Tara said.

It did take another month, but Tara did indeed get pregnant…with twins. Reverse cowgirl seemed to do the trick. After the girls were born, Meg and Tara decided that 2 was enough, but Jason remained very involved. Tara and Meg made it a personal mission to find Jason a man, at the very least for helping them become mothers, and was finally successful. A hot nurse practitioner, a nerd at heart, and ten times the man Michael was. Jason never had pussy again, (he liked dick too much) but he never regretted his decision to help out a friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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