Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 3

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Learning to be a Good Boy, Part 3
As a surprise to both of us, my young cock remained hard! I would thrust into Mrs. Perkins five times, then drop to my knees, slurp my own cum from between her sticky folds, stand and repeat.

“Oh, Baby” purred Mrs. Perkins, “you’re staying HARD for your Mommy, aren’t you?”

“Yes Mommy” I replied, as I grinned from ear to ear.

“Well then” She continued, “if you promise to keep that young little cock of yours as hard as it is right now, and IF you can keep trusting into Mommy until I tell you to stop, Mommy might not punish you…. That’s it, Baby-Boy, keep fucking Mommy!”

With those words of direction, Mrs. Perkins lifted her legs all the way up toward her shoulders and lay her head back. I kept up my trusting and she seemed to get really excited.

“Squeeze Mommies nipples” she added, “Flick them with your fingers as you fuck Mommy.”

I did as she instructed and soon Mrs. Perkins began to moan and her pussy was getting even wetter.

“Don’t stop, Baby-Boy” she insisted, “don’t even slow up… just keep doing this…”

I was doing my best to maintain my trust while flicking her hard, pebble-like nipples. To my amazement, Mrs. Perkins then began moaning louder and louder. Her words were not intelligible but her pleasure was.

“FUCK” she suddenly yelled.

I instinctively slowed because I thought that I might have hurt her.

“NO!” She yelled, “Don’t stop… don’t EVER fucking stop!”

I resumed my thrusts and nipple play when I felt her pussy begin to spasm and throb and actually grip my cock. Her cream coated my cock and she got really wet as she panted out her pleasure.

“That’s it, honey” she chanted between breaths, güvenilir bahis siteleri “Fuck your Mommy… fuck Mommy good.”

That seemed to trigger something inside of me and I felt my own cock throb and spasm as I shot more cum into Mrs. Perkin’s very wet hole. As I did, I naturally slowed my thrusting and Mrs. Perkins opened her eyes, looking somewhat disappointed.

“If you’re done” she stated, “Back to your knees and gently… VERY GENTLY, lap at the gift of Mommies cunt and all that it holds for you.”

Naturally, I lowered to my knees and gazed into her wet, still-gaping opening. I noticed how pink and wet she was… but then saw it… the white cream center was beginning to dribble form her. I instinctively moved my open mouth to her HOT pussy and gently slurped the syrupy mixture out of Mrs. Perkins. I then felt her fingers slid through my hair as she encouraged my oral homage.

“You’re such a good boy for Mommy” she purred. “I want to teach you so much… are you willing to learn from Mommy?”

All I could do was nod my head as I continued to gently lap at Mrs. Perkins soaked center.

“You did VERY well today” she continued, “But you need to understand that today was a treat. From now on, you need to focus on Mommies needs as I teach you to put the pleasures of others first… ahead of your own. Do you understand?”

Again, I nodded as my face was pressed against Mrs. Perkin’s wet, matted fur between her legs.

“You need to understand that a HARD boy is a Good boy. In my presence, you must be naked and hard ALWAYS. Being hard for me is how you show your gratitude and appreciation. Should you selfishly go soft, as you are right güvenilir bahis now, I will be forced to treat you like a girl.”

I stopped licking her and lifted my face.

“Like a girl?” I asked.

“Yes” She replied, “Like a little girl who only has holes to pleasure others.”

I must have looked shocked so she added:

“But don’t worry about today, about right now” She added, “As I said, today was a treat to show you how wonderful it can be with your new Mommy. Sit back on your feet, now.”

I did as I was told and Mrs. Perkins sat up and cupped my chin in her hand.

“If you are a good boy for Me, you will have the most incredible summer ever.” She explained. “Do you want this for yourself?”

“Yes Mommy” I replied, gazing up at her naked beauty.

“I will teach you the gift of pleasing others, “she continued, “putting THEIR pleasure ahead of your own. In return, you will feel purpose and eventually, more satisfaction then you ever could have imagined. Now place your hands, palms up, over your thighs… open your knees slightly, and look down.”

I did as I was told.

“Good boy” she praised. “This is your submissive position and If I say “kneel”, this is your position.”

Mrs. Perkins stood and walked slowly around me.

“You will clear your Wednesday schedule” Mrs. Perkins explained, “and plan to be here every Wednesday, all day. The other days, you will mow other’s lawns and work hard, keep in shape and think about your new role with Me, your Mommy. Every Wednesday, you will arrive here at exactly 8:00 am, let yourself into the garage door, strip in the laundry room and kneel, as you are now. You will wait in this position until I either bahis siteleri come to you or call your name to join Me. In the beginning, I will train you to be the Good Boy that I desire as I train you to control your body. Next, you will learn to make other’s pleasure the most important purpose that you have…be it Me, your new Daddy, your new Sister or even other’s that I offer you too. Do you understand?”

Her last comment, ‘New Daddy, New sister, others’… made my eyes pop open wide.

“Is there a problem?” Mrs. Perkins asked.

“Um…” I stammered. “Others, besides you?”

“Of course, baby-boy” she replied with a smile, “Once I’ve trained you properly, it would be selfish of Me to keep you all to my own!”

Mrs. Perkins than sat on the corner of the bed.

“Stand” she said softly, but with no doubt as to what she wanted. “and come here in front of Me.”

I did as I was told.

She reached for my flaccid cock and gently cupped my balls.

“Bend at the waist” she said softly, “And suckle Mommies nipple.”

I did as I was told.

“Naturally, if you were to get hard again” she continued, “you would be paying Mommy a huge compliment.”

As I carefully suckled Mrs. Perkins’ nipple, she expertly played with my cock and balls. Soon, I was rock-hard again.

“Good Boy” she noted, “Now, lay here on the bed, on your back.”

I did as I was told.

She climbed up and straddled my waist.

“Moving forward” she detailed, “I will be the one on top. Mommies should always control the fuck… do you understand?”

I nodded as she took my cock into her hand and guided it up into her steamy opening. Once I was inside of her, she closed her eyes and slowly rocked on top of me.

“Caress my breasts” she instructed, “My Mommy breasts… toy with Mommies nipples.”

I did as I was told and was treated to a very long and sensual fucking.

“Remember” Mrs. Perkins reminded me, “I have to cum first…. DO NOT disappoint Mommy.”

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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