Late night bus

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Late night bus
Late night bus.

I will start this off with the usual introduction about myself.
My name is Mrs Tina Jones, I am 51, married with son’s age 18 and 21.
My husband is the only man I have known intimately.
I am a big lady, size 18 to 20 with large and now saggy breasts.
I am not all that highly sexed, never have been, once a month was good enough for me.
A few months ago my husband had a mild stroke, so even that once a month thing stopped and I must admit that I did masturbate a couple of times in the last two months, something I rarely did through my life.
On one occasion I am also am ashamed to say that I had a naughty dream about one of my son’s friends, he just popped into my head out of the blue, his name is Shane and he just has something about his face, his eyes that make you melt when you look into them.
I hardly ever drink, when I do it is an occasional glass of wine with a Sunday meal and that is about it. Once a year I do go out with my friend Diane who I must say, my husband does not like, we usually head to the centre of Manchester some 25 miles away where there are a lot of pubs and clubs to visit, it is a 45 minute bus ride away.
We did that last year but I ended up coming home early after I fell out with Diane over something with which I can’t remember, we made up of course after she split from her husband some 6 months ago.
I reminded my husband that I was going out on Saturday with Diane, he reminded me of last year and the other times we have fallen out but as ever I did not listen to him.
Saturday came; I very rarely went out so had I only had a choice of a few decent clothes, I decide to wear my blue and white flower blouse showing quite a bit of cleavage, my short white denim skirt, which was now a bit tight on me as I have put on a little weight since I bought it, white bra and my white lacy knickers.
As the last bus home was at 1am we decided to go a little earlier so we could get a few pubs and clubs in.
We got the 3pm bus in town to Manchester City centre, 45 or 50 minutes later arriving in Manchester we headed for our fist pub, my friend Diane would have two drinks for every one I had, as I don’t can’t handle my drinks.
By 8pm I was feeling the effects of what drinks I had but Diane was already the worse for wear.
Some men in their mid 20s started talking to us, well me as Diane was now a little incoherent and slurred a lot so I was the only one that could have a decent conversation with them.
I was talking to one man, quite good looking when Diane came between us and took over the conversation, I new she was trying to chat him up as she was no güvenilir bahis longer with her husband but it still felt rude.
Eventually she scared them off and we moved onto another pub.
A similar thing happened in that put, I was talking to some bloke when again Diane butted in, I was started to get angry with her, but as I hate confrontations I stayed quiet and gave a fake smile as the man walked off.
I stopped talking to Diane and continued to drink as she was making me mad, I was starting to feel a little giddy, it was just gone 10pm, a group of men could see that Diane was out of it and it looked like they were trying to take advantage of her, one bloke had his hand around her waist, and then under her breast making it look like he was trying to steady her on her feet but really he was having a cheap grope of her.
The bloke stood next to me asked if I was okay and put his hand round me just under my right breast, I turned to say something, to get off me, I looked at him, he was really good looking, I don’t know but if he had not been as good looking what would I have done?, I smiled and said I was okay, all the time his hand taking hold of my breast a little more.
I started to feel the beginnings of arousal, it had been a good month since I had masturbated but what was more shocking was that I was feeling this while out, something that had never happened ever before in my life.
Just then Diane pulled away from the man who had hold of her and took the good looking man from me, putting her arms around him, I shouted at her and some bad words were exchanged between us with her pointing out that I was married and that she was free.
I stormed out and headed for the bus stop, I had enough of her, it was just after 10.30pm.
By the time I got there it was 10.40, I had a 20 minute wait until the 11pm bus home.
The night air started to get to me, making me sway, I leaned against the bus stop, then a group of 6 lads, all about my sons age came and stood next to me,, I thought one of them was Shane but it wasn’t, eventually one of them started talking to me, the one that looked like Shane, he asked me if this was the right bus stop for Warrington, I told him, that was the bus I was getting, I get off some 7 miles earlier and the bus continues on to Warrington.
They looked very intimidating at first, all had them hoods on, all talking and moving around constantly, there were 4 white lads and two black, after 10 minutes of them talking to me I noticed that they were being fairly friendly, I was asked why I was alone and they said they would keep me safe on the bus home as some drunks türkçe bahis get on at this time of night, I said, “Thank you “.
The bus came, one lad got on first and shown his return ticket, I got on behind him; there were two elderly people at the front and a middle aged man in the middle.
The others pilled on behind me and I have no idea how but I just seemed to go with the flow and was swept down the bus to the back seat as the others followed.
They were still talking nicely to me, being very friendly, I had one lad either side of me, on the seat in front of me, two lads turned to kneel on the seats facing us and joined in the chat, a fifth lad stood in the isle at the edge of that seat and the sixth sat on the seats next to him.
I must say I started to feel intimidated again, as I was totally surrounded by them, no one could see me with the lads in front of me kneeling up and looking over their seats.
They still continued to talk nice, I was starting to feel tired, I closed my eyes for a second and my head fell back and made me wake up with a start, the lad to my left was talking to me, I had stopped answering them but just listened, he then put his hand on my knee just below my short denim skirt, I looked at his hand and then at him, he was still talking nice, his hand slid up my leg and a shiver went through my body, I did not say anything and I have no idea why, the lad on my right then did the same and my white lacy knickers soon came on show to them all.
The lad on my left then started to rub my pussy through my knickers, I kept slowly closing my eyes and then opening them, my head swaying from side to side, the other lad then started to squeeze my breasts through my blouse, all the while they were all talking nicely, I am sure they were trying to disguise what was happening, every time the bus stopped and someone got on I got a fright, but with all these lads down here at the back no one would dare venture here.
The lad on my right then undone the buttons on my blouse and pulled it to the side, almost off my shoulders and then the other side, my breasts in my bra were now on show, again the lad on my right then reached over and slid his hand inside the left cup of my bra and took hold of my breast squeezing it, the lad on my left then moved and another lad, a black one sat next to me, he had a quick feel of a breast before he too started to rub my pussy through my knickers, the lad with his hand inside my bra then tried to get my breast out, he struggle a little but he managed it and my breast sagged down over that bra cup, he then did the same to my to my other güvenilir bahis siteleri breast and so there I was with both breasts flopped down out of my bra, the black lad then tried to find the top of my knickers, but my big stomach got in the way, he struggled some more until the other lad tried to help, they found the top, as they pulled the front of my knickers down a little my bottom stopped them going any further, I still don’t know why but I lifted my bottom just a tiny bit and they slid my knickers along my thighs, over my knees and down my legs taking them off, they were handed to a lad looking over his seat in front of us.
They still could not see my pussy with me being sat there with my big stomach hanging down, they tried to move me a little, to make my bottom slide to the edge of the seat, I helped a little, my legs were then moved apart, still not getting a full look at my pussy, my knees were then bent and my legs lifted until my feet touched the edge of the seat, now my pussy came into full view for all of them to see, up until that moment my husband was the only man to have ever seen my hairy pussy.
I new after the rubbing before my pussy lips must have been apart, open, the black lad started to rub my pussy again as the others continued to talk nice as if nothing was going on.
The other lad was lifting and squeezing my breasts, until he decided to join the black lad in rubbing my pussy, inserting a finger now and again.
I closed my eyes and let my head roll back for a few seconds, I was already close to coming as I had been aroused for some time, just as I was about to come I opened my eyes to see the two lads looking over their seat at me filming me with their phones, that set me over the edge and I came, when I come I do not make much of a noise I was just breathing heavy.
Eventually they took their hands off me and after a few seconds I tidied myself up, I was just two stops away from my stop.
When my stop came I got up and staggered and bumped into the seats as I wobbled down the isle to get off, as the bus pulled away with those lads still on it, I walked home in a daze and thought, thank goodness they live some 7 or more miles away and that the chances that I would ever bump into them again were virtually 0.
The first few days I was a little ashamed of myself, but after a week I started to smile about it.
Two weeks later I was in our local superstore with my husband doing our weekly shop, two lads I did not recognise stopped and said hello to me, my husband asked who they were, they said they had helped to see me home safely on the bus they other week, “Oh yes, thank you”, said my husband, I said I thought you lived in Warrington, 7 or 8 miles away?, “No, we got off at the next stop”, he said, my husband walked on and one of the lads said, “Be seeing you Tina”, and waved his phone at me while laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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