Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 03

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Tanner was pacing in front of the airport exit. The airport security had finally stopped bugging him when he told them he was waiting for his roommate. It satisfied the security people, but it really wasn’t that simple. Tanner had to admit, even if it was only to himself, he was falling in love with the handsome lacrosse player. Which scared the shit out of Tanner. Only two people knew he was gay, Randy and his sister, Jo, who had figured it out on her own. If his parents found out he didn’t think they would be very happy, but he also knew he couldn’t share his life with Randy from the recesses of the closet. He didn’t want to lose his family, but he couldn’t lose Randy either. He wanted to have Randy, and the support of his family, why did so many people make what seemed so simple to him be so difficult.

Tanner let out a sigh, realizing this was the same argument he’d been having with himself since Randy had left for winter break. Right now the only thing he knew for sure was he desperately missed Randy, and all the long distance phone calls and Skype chats just seemed to make Tanner ache a little more. He glanced over at the arrival boards and saw that Randy’s plane should have landed 10 minutes ago. Where the hell was he?

Suddenly two powerful arms wrapped around his waist from behind and picked him off the floor. Twisting, Tanner’s face exploded into a smile to see Randy.

“Damnit, boy!” said Randy with a grin, “I thought you’d be waiting to see me as soon as I got off the plane. But no! You’re over here trolling for twinks.”

“There was another exit?” said Tanner in a squeak. Clearing his throat he started again, “There was another exit? I’ve been waiting here forever.”

Randy chuckled and sat Tanner back on the floor. “Yup, there are two, and you missed the one I was on. Come on, let’s go get my shit.”

The pair practically sprinted down the walkway to retrieve Randy’s bags and go back to their apartment for some time together before starting the drive down state to the ranch Tanner’s family owned. Randy had left on the florescent tape Tanner had covered his bag with when he’d left, and had Tanner carry it to the pickup, which had both of them snickering.

Once they were in the pickup and on their way to the apartment, Randy was constantly touching Tanner’s thighs and arms. At one point Randy reached up and grabbed Tanner’s hard nipple, causing him to gasp and swerve onto the shoulder. After he wretched it back onto the highway, Tanner flashed Randy a stern look, which only served to make him giggle. He went back to teasing, letting his fingers glide up Tanner’s thigh, almost to his cock, but never actually touching it.

By the time Tanner parked outside their apartment, he was only seconds from exploding. Turning he thumped his finger into Randy’s chest and said gruffly, “Stop it! I don’t want to shoot in my jeans.” Randy’s face broke into a broad smile, causing Tanner to let out a sigh and lean against Randy’s muscular shoulder. “I’ve missed you, a lot.”

Randy cupped Tanner’s chin and kissed him softly on the forehead. “I’ve missed you too. Let’s get inside. God my balls are aching. I’m not sure if I didn’t get myself as worked up as I got you.”

Tanner laughed, “Oh stud, I can answer that. I’m definitely more horned up!”

With a ribald laugh, the pair sprinted for the stairs, only to hear their names being called.

“Randy! Tanner! You boys are back. How was the trip?” asked Jenny.

“Fine, Ma’am,” Tanner told their landlord. “And how were your holidays?”

At this point the two were committed to the regulation fifteen minutes of small talk required from anyone in Oklahoma when you see each other after a trip. Both boys were fidgeting with their aching hard cocks by the time they heard the blessed words that ended their conversation.

“Well I’ll let you boys go. Enjoy the rest of your holiday,” said Jenny with a smile.

The boys turned and ran for the stairs, their need having made them even hornier than they were before. Jenny watched as they crowded through their door and then turned to walk back into her house. Boys and their hormones, she thought, it never changes.

Tanner slammed the door shut and turned on Randy with a ferocious sexual hunger. He grabbed Randy head, pinning it tight in his hands and kissed him hard. Three weeks without his man had driven Tanner to this point, and the drive to their apartment with Randy teasing him the entire time had put him in an aggressive fervor. He covered Randy’s face with hard, need-filled kisses. Working his way down, he sunk his teeth into his lover’s muscular shoulder and neck, leaving a vibrant red mark on his sinewy throat.

Tanner felt Randy’s hands pawing at him, almost ripping casino şirketleri off his shirt as he tried to strip his lover. As Tanner’s shirt fell to the floor, Randy grabbed him and yanked him closer. Twisting his head, Randy fastened his teeth on Tanner’s nipple and bit down hard.

“Fuck! Oh holy shit!” screamed Tanner, writhing in Randy’s arms.

Randy stood up, taking both of Tanner’s nipples and twisting them. “You like that, babe? Fuck, you can’t imagine how much I need you,” said Randy with a lust filled voice.

Releasing Tanner’s nipples suddenly, Randy pulled them together tightly. Kissing and biting the side of his neck, he cupped Tanner’s firm ass in his hands. As their passion continued to build, Randy slipped his hands inside Tanner’s pants and rubbing his hands over his tight, hairy ass. Soon the sexual intensity was reaching a head. Randy gave Tanner a passion filled kiss and then dropped to his knees in front of his man.

Reaching up, he unbuckled Tanner’s belt, opened his pants and tugged at them until they were wadded up on his thighs. Randy looked up at a panting Tanner, and then at his precum soaked underwear and bloated cock. He ran his finger along the length of the trapped cock, and felt Tanner tremble. Randy looked up and smiled.

“How close are you, babe?”

“How the fuck close do you think I am? You were teasing me all the way home, asshole!” said Tanner with a stifled chuckle.

“Good,” said Randy. He then ripped down Tanner’s briefs and caught his cock as it swung upward and buried it down his throat. Randy swallowed and adjusted, ramming more cock down his throat until he could feel Tanner’s pubic hair rubbing against his lips.

“Ah, Ah, Shit! Ah!” screamed Tanner.

Tanner grabbed Randy’s head and started fucking his face like a wild man. His hard cock rammed into Randy’s face without any thought of tender love. His hormones and lust flared like an exploding fireball and he used Randy as his convenient recipient. Fortunately for Randy, Tanner had little control left and Randy’s slick throat almost immediately obliterated the infinitesimal thread that remained. Tanner grabbed the back of Randy’s head and rammed in hard, pinning Randy with his hard cock down his throat.

Randy felt the first shot of cum hit the back of his throat, followed rapid fire by a barrage of volleys. Randy swallowed frantically, trying to keep up with the rapid flow, but found it impossible. White cum leaked from the sides of his mouth as he drank down the youthful protein. But the frantic release, while huge, was short lived. Randy let Tanner’s dick slide from his mouth and slowly licked the remnants of cum from its circumference until it was glistening with saliva.

Tanner gasped and shook with each touch of his boyfriend’s tongue. He was still holding Randy’s head, but now it was for support. As his desire spiraled down, he realized that his passion had driven him past their safe level, and he wasn’t sure how Randy would feel about the way he was just used. Tanner hesitantly looked down to see how much damage his rampant passion had caused, only to see Randy grinning up at him as he wiped the last trail of cum from his face.

“Fuck! That was hot,” said Randy passionately.

Tanner chuckled and lowered himself until he was kneeling in front of Randy. Leaning over, Tanner gently kissed him and then licked a white fleck from his cheek. Pulling back slightly, he searched Randy’s face for signs of concern.

“You ok?” asked Tanner.

“Oh hell yeah! Well I will be when this guy is taken care of,” said Randy with a rough chuckle and a motion to his cloth-trapped cock.

Tanner smiled as his hands trailed lower, taking Randy’s package in his hands and squeezing slowly until a deep groan leaked from Randy’s mouth. Tanner began kissing up and down Randy’s neck while he grasped and squeezed his nuts and swollen cock. Hungry for his lover’s dripping cock, Tanner lowered the zipper, reached inside the dark slit and slowly fished out Randy’s wet cock. As it leapt free, Tanner looked down and licked his lips at the sight of Randy’s cock.

Tanner slowly lowered himself until he was almost lying on the floor. He kissed the tip of Randy’s dick, letting his tongue travel around its edge as he did. Raising back again, he kissed Randy, letting some of the passion come back into his touch.

“What would you like for me to do about the little guy?” said Tanner with a smile.

Suddenly Randy turned crimson at the question and Tanner cocked an eyebrow at his reaction.

“What?” said Tanner.

“Well,” started Randy, “I’ve been looking on-line . . .”

“Oh? You surfing porn without me?” said Tanner with a smile.

“Ah. Well. Kinda,” stammered Randy.

“And what did you find that you’d like to try?” said Tanner, getting interested in whatever was getting his much reaction from his typically calm boyfriend.

“Rimming,” said Randy as his skin got even redder.

“You want me to lick your ass?” said Tanner.

“It casino firmaları was just an idea, you don’t have to, don’t sweat it—” said Randy.

“I’m, well, it’s just that we haven’t ever talked about it before. Babe, I’m not sure I can lick your asshole,” said Tanner with doubt in his voice.

“Ok, I understand. It was just a thought,” said Randy.

“Now, don’t dump the idea. Your ass is fuck’n hot, and I love the feel of it in my hands. I’m just not real sure about lick’n the little pink starfish,” said Tanner with a chuckle.

“Oh, I can guarantee it won’t be fishy,” said Randy with a chuckle, starting to relax as they discussed it more.

“Does it sound hot to you babe?” asked Tanner as he began to think about it more.

Randy pulled up his cock and ran his finger through the precum drooling from it and then looked up at Tanner with a smirk. “What’da you think?”

Tanner chuckled again and smiled as his lover. “Alright, I’m willing to try just about anything once, but you’re going to go do a little cleaning for me first,” said Tanner with a nod toward the bathroom.

Randy chuckled, “Probably a good idea. Be right back.”

Tanner watched, amusement on his face as Randy unfastened his pants and stripped on his way to the bathroom. Once his clothes dropped to the floor, Randy almost sprinted through the door. Tanner immediately heard water running and a few heartbeats later, Randy was back and pulled him to his feet.

“You sure, Tanner? We don’t have to do this,” started Randy.

“Shutup and lay on the bed you big dumb jock. And get your ass ready for a thorough eating.”

Randy shot Tanner a grin and crawled onto the bed. Tanner watched as his hard ass flexed with movement, his athletic body never failing to entice Tanner. He watched as Randy slowly lowered his chest to the bed while his ass was in the air, his knees spread wide to give Tanner better access.

Tanner crawled up the bed and grabbed Randy’s melon shaped butt in his hands and opened his crack. Leaning down he enjoyed the dark hair curling from his crack, and the pink hole puckered at the base of the trench. As he leaned in, Tanner inhaled deeply, the scent of his lover setting off fireworks in his head. The mellow earthy tone was buried deep in the masculine smell of Randy. Tanner had been more than a little concerned about how he would react to Randy’s butt, but it was nothing like what he’d imagined.

Leaning in he slowly tongued the base of Randy’s scrotum. As he worked over the soft skin between Randy’s spread legs, Tanner began to relax more with each swipe of his tongue, moving closer and closer to his ultimate goal. The slow build up was not only driving Randy wild with desire, it was evaporating the last of Tanner’s hesitation. He moved his mouth to the top of Randy’s ass, loving the taste and texture of it. As Tanner continued to explore these new sensations, he soon had Randy’s trough of masculinity drenched, spit dripping off his boyfriend’s nuts and onto the bed.

Tanner lifted off his lover, watching for a second as Randy’s hole pulsed with need. Swirling his tongue in circles along Randy’s crack, he slowly, so very slowly, zeroed in on his target. Finally reaching it, Tanner quickly flicked his tongue over Randy’s flexing hole.

“Fuck! Oh shit! Yesss!”, squealed Randy.

Tanner pulled up, cataloged his feelings, and realizing he was enjoying everything. It was the most intimate thing he could imagine, and the only detectible taste was simply distilled Randy. Moving back in again, he pressed his mouth against Randy’s hole and licked it frantically. When Randy’s squeals reached epic proportions, he knew it was time. Pressing his mouth against Randy’s butt, Tanner’s tongue darted out and speared Randy’s hole.

Randy practically roared at the sensation, the tentative finger play the two had tried was nothing compared to the sensation of Tanner’s hot tongue driving itself into his puckering butt. He tried to lay still on the bed, but the electric jolts emanating from his ass soon had him spread as widely as possible and pressing back against Tanner, wanting more and more.

Suddenly he felt Tanner’s hand wrap around his throbbing cock and pull it down between his spread thighs. While Tanner continued to french his lover’s hole, he started stroking Randy’s thick, hard cock. As his stiffened tongue found its way into Randy’s butt again and again, Randy was almost screaming with desire, his face buried in the pillow as he let out repeated cries as the passion built. Randy was incoherent with lust as Tanner stroked his dripping cock. His balls were already tight against his hard shaft when Randy felt Tanner press his face hard into his hairy crack, shoving his tongue deep inside. The extra bit of tongue up his ass drove Randy over the edge.

“Oh! Oh! Fuck!” screamed Randy into the pillow.

Randy erupted, his cock shooting on the bed as Tanner continued to lick and kiss at his hole. His body was overloaded with firing nerves as he shot volley after güvenilir casino thick volley of cum onto the bed. With a final massive shiver, the last of his orgasm released Randy and he slumped against the bed.

“Oh shit. I’ve never come so hard. Look around down there for my balls, cause I think I shot them out,” mumbled Randy.

Tanner chuckled, leaned down and planted a kiss on Randy’s hip. “You are so fuck’n sexy,” said Tanner.

Randy glanced over his shoulder and chuckled softly, “You just like me with my ass in the air.”

Tanner grinned and then ran his finger down Randy’s crack, teasing his hole again. A tremor ran through Randy’s body as new sparks of desire flared inside him.

“You better stop that or I’ll pin you down and have you eating my ass until I cum again,” said Randy with a smirk.

“Hmm, sounds yummy. But how about we shower and grab something to eat before round two,” said Tanner.

“Probably a good idea,” said Randy with a grin.

After spending the day reacquainting themselves with each others bodies, Randy and Tanner left to spend time at Tanner’s parent’s ranch, which was located a few hours south of the university. They were both excited to be together again, but knew they had to watch their displays of affection since Tanner wasn’t ready to come out to his parents. While there was some work Tanner’s dad needed help with, the pair also had quite a bit of free time to relax.

Their return ride from a routine pasture check had somehow turned into another competition. Randy topped the hill, his horse almost sitting down as it spun on its hindquarter, and raced into the wooded valley. Randy could hear Tanner whooping behind him as they galloped toward the ranch. Randy might not have been experienced riding Quarter horses a few months ago, but his athletic body had quickly adapted to the quick little ranch horses.

Rounding the last thicket of trees, he crouched across the horse in an attempt to beat Tanner back to the corral. He could hear hoof beats close behind him as Tanner closed the distance. Urging his horse to greater speeds, determined to win this time since he had already cheated with a head start. But by the time they had covered all but the final 100 yards, they were neck and neck and Tanner was flat against his big stallion. Randy couldn’t understand how Tanner could get that horse to move so fast. Randy had ridden him too, but had lost even then. As he saw the opening in the metal fence fast approaching, Tanner sudden shot ahead of him, winning their impromptu race.

Randy brought his horse to a sliding stop and then let him walk slowly over to Tanner’s mount. Positioning his horse close to Tanner’s, Randy quickly leaned in and stole a kiss.

“Hey!” hissed Tanner, “My folks could see us.”

“They went to town, remember? Nobody here but us boys,” said Randy.

Tanner looked around quickly and then took off for the stables. A split second later Randy’s horse leapt to follow. Dismounting, they quickly unsaddled their cooperative partners and, after a cool down walk, had them brushed and bedded down. Walking back into the alleyway, Randy felt strong arms wrap around his chest and hold him tight. He twisted until the two of them were face to face.

“Hey, good-look’n,” said Randy with a smile.

Tanner leered at Randy and shoved him against the hay stacked opposite the stalls. Pinning his lover against the bales, he leaned in and bit down on Randy’s neck, sucking and biting as his hands urgently explored Randy’s body. He pushed Randy’s shirt up, loving the feel of his lightly textured chest. Leaning in he sank his teeth into Randy’s neck again, matching the spot, wanting to mark his man.

“Oh jeez! Get a freak’n room would you!”

Tanner and Randy flew apart. Both frightened for the second it took to recognize that it was Jo who had caught them.

“Sorry, Jo. We forgot you were here. I guess we got a little carried away,” said Tanner as he tried to catch his breath, trying not to think about what would happen if Jo had come along ten minutes later.

“A little? I’ve known girls that had to get married and got less action than you two just now,” said Jo with a grin.

Randy chuckled, “I’d let him marry me to make an honest man out of me.”

Tanner’s head snapped to look at Randy, but before he could formulate a reply, Jo responded to Randy.

“Oh you know you’re safe in Oklahoma. They wouldn’t know marriage equity in this state if it bit them in the ass,” said Jo. As soon as the words were out, she regretted them, even if she was just teasing Randy. She didn’t mean to remind her brother or his boyfriend about their second-class citizen status in the state. The silence stretched out for an uncomfortable length of time before Randy walked over and grabbed Jo in a hug.

“It’s ok. I know you were just messing with us,” said Randy.

Tanner patted Jo on the back and agreed, “It’s ok, sis. We were all just goof’n.”

“I know, it’s just stupid that they are so freak’n backward about it,” said Jo.

Tanner patted his sister again, and then they all headed to the house without another word. As they went through the door, they walked to their respective bedrooms to clean up before their parents got back from town.

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