Large Lifestyle Ch. 11 – Slutty 3Some

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After being caught by a few friends who saw Rick fucking Carol and her friend Jessica, one friend made a wild demand. She would delete video of Carol and Jessica and Rick, if Rick had sex with her. Eventually, Carol decided getting the video deleted was important. Mary met Rick and Carol at her apartment and Rick began using her body. And that’s where the story continues…

Mary couldn’t believe what she was hearing, but she also felt that need inside her. She wanted Rick to flood her fertile body with his cum, force it so deep inside her. She wanted to be bred like an animal, forced to accept an alpha males cum, a man that she didn’t even know and was barely acquainted with but who obviously had complete dominion over her body. She thought about how embarrassed she would be explaining to her parents that she was knocked up by a borderline stranger and she didn’t care, she wanted this dick to explode inside her. Her body was still tingling all over from the tidal wave of an orgasm she’d just been through. Her vision was blurry as she looked up at Rick.

“Please, please give me your cum, that’s all I am, a receptacle for your DNA, please use my body. That’s all I’m good for. My body is yours. I offer it to you as a breeding ground. Take it. Use it. Hurt me. Please, hurt me. Do anything you want as long as you fill me up with your cum.”

Carol spanked Mary’s ample ass repeatedly. “And you know what? You know fucking what? While he puts a baby in you, you’re going to give me a god damned orgasm. You’ve obviously had enough, its my fucking turn.”

Mary stayed on all fours on the bed while Carol stripped her clothing off. Rick took a few moments to watch Carol undress as he moved behind Mary and rubbed his hard dick all over her butt and between her legs. He saw Carol’s tits bounce nicely as she moved to get onto the bed with Mary. Carol layed down and positioned her sex beneath Mary’s face. Carol reached up and slapped Mary and said, “You better make me believe you want this after everything he’s given you so far. I’ve allowed you to have the pleasure you’ve had. You owe it to me.”

Mary stared at Carol’s bare pussy spread out before her as she felt Rick’s dick probing her own. Just then she felt the tip of Rick’s dick press inside of her and his hands grabbed onto her ample ass. Rick pressed his hands into her flesh as he slowly pressed his long, thick dick forward. Mary wanted it so deep inside her but was grateful that he was taking it slow. Her body had been a little overwhelmed by everything bahis firmaları already.

Tentatively, she leaned her face down and began kissing Carol’s hips and tracing a line down to her pusy before kissing all around it. Eventually she felt Rick’s dick push all the way inside her, filling her up completely and then he kept pushing. She groaned at the sensation of being fuller then she ever had been and buried her face in Carol’s pussy to stifle her moans and began using her tongue lightly on Carol.

As Rick began to pull out slowly and start earnestly fucking her, Mary lifted her head from Carol and spit some of Rick’s cum onto Carol’s pussy. Then she looked Carol in the eyes and said, “You ever had another woman spit your own boyfriends cum onto your pussy?” Then she used her tongue to start swirling the cum all around Carol’s bare pussy, sliding her tongue inside, trying to jam some of Rick’s spent cum into Carol’s body. Carol moaned as he eyes boggled at what Mary was doing to her.

“Yes Mary dear, put your tongue in me, plant his cum deep inside my body. I let you have it, now give it back to me.”

Rick was reveling in what he was seeing. Not only was Mary’s body bent over in front of him, submitting to whatever he wanted to do her, but the sight of her big, firm ass below him was intoxicating. Her asscheecks jiggled and flexed erotically as he slowly fucked into her body over and over again, loving the feeling of her pussy coating his dick. She was so wet and warm and felt amazing. But in addition to all that, he could see Carol spread out in front of Mary, her tits gently swaying as Mary made a meal out of her pussy. Carol looked up into the sky and moaned and said, “Holy shit.”

Rick heard Mary moan as he continued fucking her and gave her a spank on the ass, hard. “You like that, slut?”

Mary looked back at him, sweat beading on her forehead, and said, “Yes sir, please keep fucking my dirty, slutty body.” And then Mary turned back around and buried her face back in Carol’s pussy as she moaned again.

Rick felt his dick get a little harder and began to fuck Mary a little faster, feeling his pelvic bone push into her ass as he jammed his dick inside her as far as he could go. He felt himself bottom out inside her body and loved the feeling of her gripping onto his dick as he pulled out before he jammed it back in.

Rick pulled his dick out and began rubbing it all over the outside of her pussy and up to her asshole, then back down again. He continued this kaçak iddaa teasing, using his fingers to touch her ass, her things, her clit and her asshole. Then he pushed his dick back inside her suddenly and saw her back bend, her body heave as she moaned his name loudly, feeling her body invaded again brought back the feeling of being supremely filled again, fresh and new after being empty for a short time.

Rick wanted to grab Mary’s head and turn it to face him, but he also didn’t want to stop Mary from going down on Carol as it appeared that Carol was about to explode in an orgasm. Instead he leaned forward, pressing his body against Mary’s back, reached his arms around her and grabbed her tits in his hands and pulled her close to him. He whispered in her ears, “Your pussy feels so fucking good Mary. You’re being such a good little girl. You feel so warm and tight. You’re doing so good. My big fat dick is going to cum so deep inside you. I can feel myself hitting the end of you, you don’t have any more room left for me, do you? I can’t even get myself all the way in your tight little pussy, can I? Is that what you want? You want me to get the last bit in you when I cum so deep inside you?”

Rick’s hands grabbed onto Mary’s tits and pulled her body close to him as he continued to pound her, a little harder now. Mary’s head burst up into the air as she yelled, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum again. Jesus Christ, cum inside me! Fill me up with your cum. Yes, yes please. Holy shit. Put a baby in me! That’s what you want isn’t it, to see my belly get fat with your kid. Do it, please fucking do it I don’t care just keep fucking me. Oh my god!”

Rick began slamming into her with everything he had now, his hands wrapped around her neck and pulled her up in the air. Carol stopped moaning, opened her eyes and stared at what Rick was doing. He pulled her head back so she was more upright, leaned back and held onto her neck with one hand. The other hand found her ass as he kept fucking her hard and slapped her ass, hard. Over and over as he pounded her. Then he rubbed that hand between her legs, getting his fingers nice and moist and began probing her asshole with his finger tips as he continued to fuck her. Over and over.

Mary’s vision was starting to blur as she felt another massive wave of an orgasm begin to build inside her and the diminished oxygen from Rick’s hand around her neck began to take its toll. She didn’t dare say anything though. It felt amazing to be abused this way, to feel adrenaline kaçak bahis coursing through her as part of her brain was telling her she was in danger, while the other half was telling her this was the best fucking she’d ever experienced by far.

Rick whispered in his ear again as he squeezed her neck a little tighter, “Everyone is gonna know how you got pregnant. How you let a virtual stranger knock you up and they’re going to assume that you were so in love with the filthy fucking that you got, that you decided to keep the baby as a remembrance. Everytime they look at you, they’re going to know what a complete slut you are and that you begged me to overflow your body with my seed. Aren’t they?”

Mary was starting to see stars as she croaked out, “Yes. Yes, they’ll know I’m your breeding slut. Nothing better than a baby maker for you.”

Sweat began to trickle down Rick’s forehead and down his chest as he felt his body start to tingle all over and a wave of pleasure building in his dick. He saw Carol splayed out on the bed in front of him, furiously rubbing her clit and sliding her own fingers inside herself now that he had pulled Mary off of her. He wanted to see Carol explode in an orgasm too. He pushed Mary’s head down hard, pressing her mouth into Carol’s body. Then he grabbed hold of Mary’s ass with both hands and held on tight while he tried to fuck her until he finished.

He watched as Carol’s eyes went wide as Mary began using her mouth on Carol’s sexy pussy again. Carol’s eyes rolled in the back of her head and she moaned and said, “Cum inside her now!” Carol’s heart raced as her body was thrown into a wild orgasm as Mary continued running her tongue all over her pussy and slipping it inside her.

Rick couldn’t hold back anymore, he squeezed Mary’s ass cheecks and slammed his dick into her, unloading his cum as deep into her waiting body as he could. Over and over his dick throbbed as he cried out through his orgasm, spanking Mary as his dick jerked inside her young, fertile, unprotected pussy. As he was finishing he could feel Mary jerking on his dick again, her head tossed back as she screamed for him to “Keep coming, please keep coming.”

Then they all three collapsed on the bed, spent, sweating, and breathing like they’d just run a race. Mary and Carol were facing each other, holding each other, hugging each other. Carol kissed Mary on the mouth and snuggled closer together. Rick pushed them even closer together to make a space for himself on the bed, breathing heavily as he collapsed on the other side of Carol.

Rick was the first to speak as he said, “Well, I hope that was memorable for you Mary.”

Mary said, “Oh it was daddy. Best fuck of my life. Best day of my life.”

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