Lara’s Special Dr Visit

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The doctor was in.

He was new to the practice, he’d wanted some quick money for a few months before a monster holiday and this place paid very, very well. A lot of the stuff he didn’t understand, for example why he’d had to undergo a complete physical naked as the day he was made, or why many of the rooms were soundproof. But the money was worth it, and all he had to do was work for a few weeks.

It wasn’t just the money either, the nurses at this place were phenomenal. They all had either legs from here to next week, the curves of Christina Hendricks or both. A few weeks in after some routine work he’d finally asked one of the nurses out for a drink. Her name was Danielle and she had an arse that could crack a walnut at twenty paces just by looking at it. On top of a fantastic behind she had big, full tits that were always perfectly covered yet visible at the same time.

They went to dinner and he thought the date was going really well until she asked him what he knew of the practice. He did his work that he knew was the bread and butter, but he didn’t know the other goings on. Women were always coming in for “treatment” but he never knew what that was for. The whole night her leg had been resting on the inside of his but suddenly it started caressing up and down. Pearls of laughter streamed out of her mouth throughout the restaurant. She leaned forward, showing stunning view down her top and asked, “do you want to know what we do?” Jack gulped slightly before pausing and saying, “yes. Yes I do”.

Danielle explained that the practice was a service provided to the sex crazed ladies of the city. The practice had developed methods for women who couldn’t last a week without thinking about sex every waking moment, who regularly craved it even with willing partners who tried to meet their needs. All the practice did was reduce their craving so that they could get on with their day to day needs and still have great sex lives with their partner. Just the thought of it made Jack’s dick twitch a little bit, he might get to work and let off a bit of steam at the same time.

They got the bill and made their way back to his place. As Jack turned back from closing the door Danielle’s dress was on the floor as she walked into the middle of the living room. She had phenomenal legs, leading from heels up a beautiful line towards a perfect arse framed by black panties. As he watched her walk she unhooked her bra and dangled it from her right hand before dropping it onto the floor. Each side of what he could only imagine to be two perfect breasts were visible from either side of her frame. She turned her head and asked him if he was coming, or if he was just going to stand there. Then walked, big breasts swaying, towards the couch as Jack tried to not run towards her his cock tenting his pants.

He stood in front of her and Danielle just smiled as she looked at his tent, then undid his pants as he just took in the view of this busty jewel kneeling in front of him. He took off his shirt, showing his big musculature as she revealed his cock. She looked up at him, his stiff, thick cock defying gravity next to her face. “Reading your physical file I knew I just had to have it, its big, thick, and your sperm volume was through the roof”. Without any more words she started to suck on his dick, its eight inch length soon disappearing down her throat. Her big tits swayed as she bobbed up and down on his cock, clapping as they hit each other with each time she engulfed his dick. Jack’s balls were twitching so he removed his hard dick, oozing precum from her mouth and guided her to sit on the couch. With her leaning back he sucked on each of her pink nipples, rubbing the huge mounds of tits with his hands as he made her nipples hard with his mouth.

He worked his way down to her panties, kissing the inside of each of her thighs as she sighed and groaned. He took off her panties and continued to kiss her thighs, her pussy lips glistened with moistness. Jack kissed closer and closer until his tongue was dividing her inner lips right up to her clit causing Danielle to give out a strong sigh. He started to pay attention to her clit as he slowly started to finger fuck her drenched pussy. He put in another finger and she started to breathe shallow with every passing moment, he removed one of his sopping fingers and gently tested the waters at her back door, her response was enthusiastic and his drenched finger popped into the busty nurse’s arsehole. Finger fucking both her holes and sucking on her clit had her on the edge of her orgasm and he played it out slowing his attention and making her grip the sides of his head and forcing his face against her pussy making her kemalpaşa escort drive herself over the edge.

She surprised him as she finished cumming, standing up and bending over the couch. “I know you can do that now, all I want you to do is fuck me as deep, as hard and as fast as you can, I’m going to have you so many more times before the night is over and I want to see how much you can cum”. Jack slipped his rock hard dick into her drenched pussy and slowly pushed it to its depth. He pulled out his whole length and began to increase his pace, soon slamming his dick hard and fast into her snatch. His cum filled balls were slapping against her clit as she tried to stand upright under the onslaught of his cock. Jack was gripping her hips and slamming into her pussy with full force, his balls were slapping harder and harder as he pushed harder and deeper into her hole. Danielle was moaning into the back of the couch

“Fuck me, oh my god, that’s. Fucking. Deep. Fuck. I’m. Cummminggggg”

Her pussy gripped his dick as she came driving him over the edge and he grunted as he felt a big load coming up from his swollen ball sack. Danielle slid off his cock and got onto her knees, gripped his hard dick and started to wank him off as she looked up at him.

“I want you to cum on my tits Dr, blow that big load all over them.”

Jack felt his balls twitch and his dick stiffen as a huge jet of cum blasted out of his cock and landed right between her big tits. She just kept jacking his cock as spurt after spurt of cum shot out of his dick. Coating her tits completely with wad after wad of sticky sperm. When he was finished, his thick dick twitching in her hand. Danielle just looked up from her covered chest and told him he had plans with the rest of her holes for the rest of the night.


His only “treatment” of the day arrived at the end of his shift.

Danielle walked her in and got her undressed into a robe in the room before coming to get him.

He smiled nervously to himself and then walked into the room.

“Lara, thank you for coming in today, what can we do for you?”

In front of him was a curvy young twenty three year old with 14J breasts and curly brown hair. 14J… he could feel the blood going to his cock already.

“Well doctor, I’ve had this craving for ages, I just have needed to be fucked nearly every hour of the day, and its getting in the way of things. Don’t get me wrong, I love having sex and getting dick but I need to get on with my day sometimes.”

As she talked her enormous tits jiggled and Jack’s dick almost sprung out of his pants with the idea of seeing them out in their soundproof room.

“So you’re obviously familiar with our treatment here at the clinic, Danielle and I are going to supersaturate your desire for sex, you’ll need a weekly follow up for about six months and then we can re-evaluate from there. Does that sound good?”

Lara just nodded with her eyes wide open. A small amount of blush on her cheeks belied her nervousness, but her robe inched open revealing more and more endless cleavage until she was naked without a robe. Danielle moved over to her, unbuttoning her uniform and dropping it to the ground. She was wearing red lacy lingerie, her big full GG breasts no match for the sheer size of Lara’s. She walked over, cupped one of Lara’s big tits in both of her hands, bending down to suck gently on her nipple. Lara let out a shudder as Jack continued to read her file.

“It appears your need is incredibly extensive, so today we are going to start with you and Danielle, then progress to your preference of treatment, the deep anal stimulation. If you are at any point uncomfortable, please let us know”.

Lara merely moaned as she started to make out with Danielle, unhooking her bra and releasing her big, perky tits. Danielle laid her down on the special bench, Lara’s head hanging off its edge, her legs parted as the nurse began her adventure towards an already soaked pussy.

Jack removed his shirt and pants, his muscular frame making Lara’s eyes light up, but not as much as his thick eight inch cock did. He walked over to her head dangling off the bench and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of her mouth. All she could see was the width of his cock and big balls about to obstruct her vision if his dick disappeared down her throat.

Danielle was making her pussy sing as she sucked on her clit and slowly fucked her with two fingers. She felt a third play with her ass but didn’t register it as she had engulfed half of the doctor’s dick and was working to fit the rest of it in. Soon she had two fingers in her escort kemalpaşa pussy, two fingers in her ass, a mouth on her clit and a thick cock buried in her throat. She was on the verge of cumming and it had only been five minutes, yet the thick dick in her mouth, the big balls obstructing her vision and her pussy that was soaking wet sent her over the edge for her first orgasm. Danielle kept sucking making Lara buck up and down until she was on the edge again. Abruptly Jack’s dick pulled out of her mouth and the nurse stopped giving her head which left here wanting on the bench.

Jack and Danielle swapped places, she dropped her tight pussy onto Lara’s open mouth and facing Jack started pinching and pulling Lara’s big nipples so they were standing at attention as she lay on her back. Jack’s thick cock head eased its way into Lara’s pussy, its wetness completely enveloping his cock, his balls dragging along the bench as he slowly put his whole dick inside her. Moments later he was completely out of her pussy, making her lips twitch as they tried to keep him inside her. He picked up both of her legs and put them over his big shoulders before gently burying himself again, deep inside her. His balls tapped against her arse as he went in as deep as possible, Lara’s stifled moans escaping from beneath Danielle’s wet pussy.

Jack placed his arms on either side of Lara’s body, tilting her hips up so her arse was off the ground. He proceeded to completely and utterly fuck her sopping wet pussy, with deep hard thrusts that sent her tits flying as she was trapped under Danielle. She was moaning loudly as his thrusts increased in pace, his strong arms supporting most of his weight and her legs as his thick dick pounded her harder and faster, his balls slapping up against her arsehole. She started to buck her hips as she was closer and closer to cumming for the second time, Danielle’s huge tits were heaving as she was close to climaxing and they came at the same time, Jack’s big dick buried deep in her pussy as it clamped on his cock, sucking it deeper and deeper as her pussy twitched around him.

Once she had stopped Jack looked across at Danielle, they both nodded to each other, her cheeks flushed with her orgasm. Jack instructed Lara to get onto all fours and she shakily turned over as Danielle skilfully got underneath her as Lara prepared for what was to follow. Jack slid his thick dick back into her pussy, stretching it with slow deeper thrusts as Danielle clamped her mouth on her clit. Lara tried to lick Danielle’s sweet pussy but was distracted with Both Danielle and Jack’s attention to her pussy. His big balls were tapping on Danielle’s eyes as he pushed deeper and deeper into Lara’s pussy slapping against her face rhythmically as Lara’s sensitive pussy took his thick dick. Jack grabbed her hips as she started to thrust harder and harder, driving his dick deep into her soaking wet pussy until she started to once again twitch on his dick, her clit was incredibly sensitive as Danielle sucked and licked until she felt wave after wave of orgasm building inside her with Jack’s thick dick slamming into her and her clit tingling. She moaned and shuddered as she came hard on his dick, he and Danielle continued their work until she had to jump off her face and his dick.

She was panting heavily and lying on her side, her pussy was electric with her orgasm and was sending pulses through her body as she had post orgasm twitches. Danielle pushed Lara onto her back and she felt Jack’s dick push against her lips as she lay on her back on the bed. She parted her lips and felt his cock slip down into her mouth and down her throat. His big balls rested on each of her eyes as she deep throated his cock, coating it with her spit as she came around post orgasm. Jack saw she was becoming orientated and told her to get off the table and onto her knees on the floor. Her big tits heaving she kept sucking her dick as she kneeled, she sucked each of his balls and then deepthroated his thick shaft, bobbing up and down as Danielle started to finger herself as she watched the Dr work Lara’s throat. He gripped either side of her head and slowly started to fuck her open throat. She gagged a little at first, but eagerly took his dick as he picked up his pace. His balls tapped against her chin as he fucked her throat pushing deeper for longer as he tested her ability. Once his dick was coated completely in spit he pushed her over again onto all fours and Danielle gently lubed up Lara’s arse.

As she fingered lubricant into her tight hole she asked Lara, “I assume you’ve done this before?”, Lara nodded, but swallowed a little bit as she said, “I have, kemalpaşa escort bayan but not that thick”. Danielle smiled at her and replied, “Well you are in for a treat then”. The swollen head of Jack’s dick was throbbing at the thought of stretching out Lara’s arse. He gripped his thick penis at its base and directed it slowly but firmly into her back door. Lara let out a gasp as he slowly pushed his length deep into her arse, half way in her pussy was dripping with her juices, the width was making her entire pussy tingle. By the time his whole cock was inside her Lara was panting with yet another orgasm building as the Dr’s balls tapped gently against her clit. Danielle reached under Lara and started rubbing her clit, feeling Jack’s full balls tapping against her hand as Lara’s arse was slowly, yet deeply fucked.

Lara could feel the doctor’s thick cock sliding in and out of her lubed hole, Danielle’s fingers magically playing on her clit, his balls increasing the force to her clit with every plunge into her hole. Her nipples were dragging along the carpet and she was being overwhelmed with sensations as she felt her back door tingle and start an orgasm that she knew was going to be bigger than all of her previous ones. As though he knew Jack started to increase the amount of cock kept inside her as he pulsed his dick inside her. Danielle’s fingers played her clit like a violin and she bucked up and down on the Dr’s cock as he pinned himself deep inside her by holding her hips into his own. His balls were coated with her cum as jets of Lara’s squirt covered his ballsack as she came. As the orgasm subsided she felt limp and slid off his cock onto the carpet. Danielle stopped playing with her clit and they both gave her a second to recover.

After about a minute Lara’s once again insatiable lust for sex brought her back to the room, the doctor was lying on his back with his busty nurse riding his cock. She was leaning back, tits heaving as her pussy gripped his cock while she rode him. Jack guided Lara to Danielle’s pussy and she put her pussy for his mouth’s attention. She was trying to get good access to Danielle’s clit so that she could return the favour but she was moving too much on the doctor’s dick. The busty nurse solved this by rising off his cock and easing it into her arse. Jack gently thrust up the big titted nurses butt hole so that Lara could make her cum with her mouth. She then put two of her fingers into Danielle’s pussy, feeling the Doctor’s cock pushing into her arse through her wet hole. This drove the busty nurse over the edge and she came with a shudder on his cock. Lara lapped up her flood of juices, showing she didn’t just skill when it came to cock. Jack’s cock remained inside her as both girls started to make out on top of him. He was pinned as Lara ground on his face and the girls kissed and groped each others huge boobs. Soon they both stood up and the next phase of Lara’s treatment began.

Danielle put on a strap on, roughly the same size as Jack’s cock but not as thick, and lay down on the floor. Lara got on top of the plastic dick and buried it deep into her pussy. The doctor got down behind her and eased his lubed dick into Lara’s back door. As he pushed his thick length into her arse Lara kissed Danielle, their big tits touching as she moaned into the nurses mouth. Both Jack and Danielle started to fuck her holes, she was tight in both as she was fucked by the two of them. Danielle then pushed a button on her strap on and herself moaned as it started to vibrate. Lara pinned herself down onto the rubber vibrating cock and both of them rocked into each other with the pulsing cock buzzing between them. The doctor then started to fuck her arse with more vigour, his balls slapping into their joined pussies. Danielle sucked on Lara’s massive tits as she felt the doctors thick cock plunging into her arse, slamming into her as he began to feel himself losing control of his cock. Lara felt herself being overwhelmed with the buzzing cock in her pussy and the thick dick pummelling her arse as well as Danielle’s attention to her nipples. She and the big titted nurse came at the same time, gripping each other Jack’s dick buried itself deep in her back door.

He pulled his cock out of her arse slowly so she could remove herself from the dildo, he stood up and both girls turned to face him on their knees. They pushed their enormous boobs together as he stroked his dick, Danielle moved and told Lara she deserved the full load after the fucking she had just taken. The busty nurse sucked on his balls as she jacked his cock, aiming it squarely at Lara’s enormous tits. She furiously wanked his big dick driving the cum out of his balls and sprayed her huge cleavage with his load. Rope after rope shot out and coated her tits, she grinned as the last spurts fired into her tits, his balls draining of their load. Even though he had cum an enormous amount he had barely covered her boobs, that was something that would have to come at a later appointment…

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