Knock. Knock.

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It’s a nice hotel. Nicer than I am dressed. That’s alright. I won’t be wearing my clothes for long.

His room is

38, which should be almost to the end. It gives me too much time to think about what is in the bag. It’s an ordinary plastic bag. The checker filled it when Mistress bought the items. It says Walgreen’s on the side. Ordinary. What’s in it is also ordinary for some women—contraceptive sponge, condoms, his-and-hers lubricant. Nothing fancy. After all, Walgreen’s sells them all. These are normal things for some women. Not for me. I’ve never done that.

Mistress says Jason is getting famous. That’s good. I like Jason. There was a catalog with lots of pictures. Jason, Peter and Justin were stuck, so Mistress was brought in to move things along. What they needed was a theme and some good shots for the cover and back. Jason was one of the crew, but Mistress saw him as more. Now that the pictures are out, everyone sees him that way.

Mistress tied Jason up and hung him on the wall. She had Paul tighten her corset while Jason watched. After some stretching, Mistress picked up her bahis firmaları favorite crop and went to play with Lil J, which is Jason’s penis. He was wearing a jock strap and Lil J was so hard that the waistband didn’t touch skin in front. When Mistress flicked Lil J’s head with the crop, the cum squirted all the way through the fabric. I wish I was him.

That all happened before I met Mistress. By the time I came in, Jason was back to being part of the photography crew. We worked together a couple of days doing boring drag-and-drop work. Once that was done, we finally saw the images of Jason. There were four cameras and hundreds of images. Mistress found exactly the right one. It shows Jason looking out of the frame. Peter is a professional. He worked at it for hours, as did Jason and I. Mistress took only a few minutes. I wish I could watch her do it again.

For that matter, I wish I could suck Jason again. That was fun. It was during the wrap party. Mistress had me suck Jason in front of Justin and Peter. We have video. Jason was my first blow job, so he gave me pointers. It was almost kaçak iddaa like being in Mistress’ control. After I finally managed to get Jason to come, Mistress barely gave me time to swallow. Instead, she had me get in punishment position so Peter could fuck my ass. I think Mistress planned that because she had me wear the

spreader all afternoon. Peter was much bigger than the plug. That was fun too.

Later Mistress and I watched the video together. I like that. Mistress ties me to a stool, or something, then plays a show or some video she edited that day. The first time we did it, I had a stiff neck from looking up so much. After that, Mistress always tied my hair to my wrists or ankles. She is so thoughtful. Usually, she rests her hand on my ass and strokes it a bit. Sometimes, she will play with the ass plug or run her nails along the tender places, but not often. Mostly she just pets me while we watch.

After the party was different. Mistress told me that it was role playing. Pretend. Not the same as life. That was the truth. Being with Mistress is much better than life. Life means kaçak bahis bosses that are upset with you for things you cannot control, for words you have not spoken. Life is hard and cruel. Mistress’ may bind me and whip me, but it’s all about getting me off, making me feel important. I want to do it all the time. Mistress says no. She has a job for me.

Mistress is getting married. She wants to have children and wants me to be the nanny. I love that. I would have a place and a job and I would still be with Mistress. More than that, she would trust me with her children. Mistress does not trust easily. That’s the catch. Mistress says that she will keep me if I want it, but as her pet. Mistress would not trust a pet with the baby. She told me to choose.

What choice was there, really? I want to be Mistress’ pet, but her trust is more important to me. So, I need to learn about living on my own. Mistress says I should learn how normal women do sex. No ropes, no whips, but babies can follow. She calls it vanilla sex but not like that is a bad thing. Jason knows a lot about it. Mistress says he has been with over a hundred women. He can teach me if anyone can.

So, I stand in front of door

38, with a Valentine’s card and a Walgreen’s bag full of lubes and contraceptives. No more pretending.

Knock. Knock.

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