Kim , Stephanie Ch. 2

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Kim Wanted More

It wasn’t long after my first visit, that my cell went off one Saturday night at about 9pm. My has been out of town for about a week now, and I was still at the office, catching up on some paperwork. It was Kim, almost getting right to the point in the most sexy voice I has ever heard over the phone. She wanted me to come over for a few drinks at a club she and her husband owns.

I wasn’t really in the mood for paperwork anyway, so I decided to take her on her offer. Needless to say, I was almost always horny and I haven’t had any relief this past week, except for a few times masturbating while watching some porno flick. I was still dressed in a suit (my company made use wear suits while at work), and I drove over to the club.

When I entered the club, I was surprised to say only a few people sitting at the U-shaped bar. The place was dimly lid and created a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. There must have been only seven or eight other people, all men, sitting around the one end of the bar. They were caught in some game of dice, in which Kim’s husband partook.

When I sat down at the opposite end of the bar, I had a clear view of the group of men. Andre (Kim’s husband), walked over to get my order, and I could see that he had obviously had too much to drink already. His voice was loud and he was rather strolling than walking behind the bar. I ordered a beer and after handing me a draught, he returned and continued his game of dice.

I looked around, but couldn’t find Kim, when I started thinking she might have set me up or I could have misunderstood her in some way. I thought to myself that I would just finish this one beer and then head off home, maybe jerk myself off before turning in for the night. The door to the kitchen swung open, and there she was. Dressed in a very short, tight fit skirt and a white blouse spanning her fabulous breasts. I almost immediately noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra and her perky nipples clearly visible underneath the garment. I couldn’t help to feel my own arousal starting to whirl in my pants.

She stopped at the group of men, exchanging some small talk, and I caught her eyes as she looked over to where I was sitting alone. She smiles and walked around the bar and sat herself next to me, seemingly very happy to see me. “So glad you could make it ..”, she said in a kind of seductive way. I smiled and felt her hand on my leg. I looked over to where her husband, and saw him standing with his back to us.

My heart was racing away with me and I nearly let out a loud gasp when out of the blue she grabbed my cock through my pants. It was hard as a rock by now and was really in great need to be released of the confined of my pants. The excitement of Kim grabbing my pole while her husband was standing merely 6 feet away, was tremendous. I was starting to become daring myself and slid my hand onto her naked leg, rubbing it bahis firmaları gently up and down.

It was just unbelievable, but next thing I know she was starting on my zipper and I could feel the pressure on my enormous bulge releasing as my cock popped past my boxers and was in the open now. My hand had found it’s target by now, and the feeling of her wet, warm and naked pussy on my fingers was almost to much for me. Kim slowly started jerking my solid cock as we continued small talk. She looked me straight into the eye and shifted herself forward, sliding my fingers into her wet cunt. This was just unbelievable, it couldn’t be happening to me.

When I dared look down to her blouse, the most beautiful sight of her hard, erect nipples caught my eyes. I feasted on them as much I could, without being to conspicuous about what was happening underneath the counter. My heart gave a few big leaps when her husband turned around to pour someone a drink, throwing some conversation in my direction about how everything’s going or something like that. If he just knew that his wife was holding my cock while I had three of my fingers buried deep into her hot cunt, he would surely have had a heart-attack.

The moment he turned his back on us again, we continued our journeys of pleasure. Kim slid her finger on my cock’s head, and smeared the glistening pre-cum all over, sending massive skivers of excitement through my body. I had found her swollen clit and was teasing it between my wet fingers, causing her to let out soft, hissing sounds as her lust for me grew ever more. I knew by then that I just needed to fuck her soon, our previous encounter still fresh in my mind.

We sat there secretly playing with each other for a good 15 minutes, when she tugged my hard cock back into my pants, zipped me up and whispered in my ear to meet her at her house in about half an hour. She disappeared after briefly saying something to her husband, who just nodded. With all the excitement going on around me, I almost never touched my beer, and was now eagerly gulping it away, maybe to calm my senses a bit.

After about another 15 minutes, I left with a general wave to everybody, and got into my car quickly. I decided to drive up to her house and wait in the car until the half-hour was over. While sitting there, I started imagining all the things I wanted to do to her, how I would fuck her, taste her and lick her beautiful cunt lips. Tonight she had been even more slutty than the previous encounter, and it excited me even more thinking of that.

When the time was finally up, I got out and walked up to the house. She must have been watching me, since the door opened even before I could knock. My erection jumped to full attention with the sight that greeted me. She was wearing only a very thin gown which flung open as she moved, revealing that she had nothing on underneath it.

I couldn’t control myself any kaçak iddaa longer and grabbed her roughly, pushing her back into the house, as I heard the door slam behind me. I started kissing her fiercely, when she brought her hand up and place a finger over my mouth, slightly pulling away. She turned around, leading me further into the house to a big bathroom. There she slowly started undressing me, kissing my body all over with every piece of clothing that feel to the floor.

When I was finally naked, she turned around and turned on the shower, then slid off her gown revealing her luscious, naked body and pulled me with her under the shower. The shower cubicle was about twice the size of an average shower with a rack of various shampoo’s, oils and other bottles fixed to the far end.

There, under the warm running water, she started kissing me, letting her hands run over my body, as I returned the favor and explored hers. She was so soft and her whole body reflected a sensual burst of energy. She picked up a bar of soap and started washing my body from top to bottom, hesitating for a long while at my massive erection, playing with my balls and giving my cock a good soaping.

Before I could return the favor, she turned off the water and took a bottle which looked like it contained some oily substance from the rack. She opened it and poured some on my chest, rubbing it all over my drenched body. After pouring some more on me, she handed me the bottle which I took she wanted me to do the same to her. Of course I didn’t even hesitate and spilled far to much on her, spilling some on the shower floor. Our hands continued to rub the oil all over each others naked bodies and I realized she paid particular attention to getting my dick all oily. When she tuned around, I rubbed the oil over her back, down to her beautiful tight ass, and slid my fingers down her crack. She moaned as I did this, whereupon I took the bottle once more and dripped some oil right between her ass cheeks, rubbing it in and down to her full, swollen pussylips.

Our bodies were glistening with all the oil, and I felt her ass pressing hard against my cock. She wiggled her ass against me while I cupped her breasts from behind, gently squeezing her slippery, hard nipples. Her moaning became increasingly louder and my cock was painfully aching to slip into her wet cunt. I put my hands on her shoulders, pressing her down. I felt her warm, wet cuntlips on my throbbing cock as she bent down further, using my one hand to guide it’s head to her waiting pussy. I grabbed her hips with both hands while she held on to the rack on the wall, and slammed all 9″ of my monstrous cock deep into her pussy. I slid in so easily with all the oil covering it and her juices now flowing from her swollen cunt. I started pounding her pussy with increasing force, hitting her top with every deep thrust, pulling her hips towards me as I enter. I could feel my kaçak bahis balls slamming against her crotch, which only excited me more.

Her ass was quivering, her breasts shaking, as I continued my pounding, ever harder and faster. Her body started trembling uncontrollable as she reached an enormous orgasm, her pussy clamping down like a vice on my shaft as I continued fucking the living shit out of her pussy. I looked down at her ass and couldn’t resist the attraction of her tight puckered asshole staring up at me. I slid my thumb into her ass as I slowed down on my pounding, wondering whether I rather wanted to cum in her pussy or in her ass.

When her hand reached under me, grabbing my balls and gently rolling them in her hand, I slid my throbbing cock from her glistening pussy and guided it towards her tight hole. Grabbing her waist one again, I pressured my cock’s head against her hole, until I felt it slip in, slowly. Her cunt juices, mixed with the oil, made it relative easy and I slowly applied pressure, sliding my 2″ wide monster slowly into her tight ass. I could feel her ass relax as I continued driving my pole into her until all 9″ were buried inside of her.

I kept it there for a while, allowing her time to adjust to my thickness, until she started rocking her body forwards and backwards. The sensation this caused on my cock was unimaginable, and I slowly started meeting her rocking motions with my hips, feeling my rock sliding in and out of her tight channel. As I picked up my pace, I felt my balls slamming against her swollen, well-fucked pussy lips, feeling her hand grabbing them and rolling them occasionally. My balls were aching, and I felt the pressure of my cum welling into my cock as it swelled even more, then erupting a massive blow of warm cum deep into her tight ass.

My cum was spurting from her ass as I pumped my cock with incredible force into her tight asshole. When I was finished, cum was running down her inner thighs and covering my crotch. She was leaning back at me as I felt my limb cock sliding from her cum-drenched ass. I cupped her breasts, caressing them and I turned her head to kiss her.

After standing there kissing and cuddling for a while, I turned on the shower again, and washed her whole body while she just stood there, enjoying the attention I was giving her. I dried her off, picked her up and carried her to her bed, where we started talking as I rubbed her whole body with scented cream. I sat with her for a while and then kisses her good-night and went home.

I am not sure, but I think after that night, she was a bit in love with me. I started getting unexpected calls at all hours of the day, just wanting to find out how I was doing. I knew this could be dangerous since I am married and it’s a rather small town we live in, so I didn’t encourage her affections too much. There was however one thing I hadn’t anticipated, and that was her daughter Stephanie, but I’ll tell you about her next time.

Please take the time to vote on this story or e-mail me if you like. Remember, this is not fiction, it really happened to me. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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