Kelsey’s World Ch. 02

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Kelsey woke at daybreak and went for a drive. Going to bed early wasn’t her usual thing, so she was surprised how good it felt to be up at the crack of dawn with the happily singing cardinals and goldfinches. She put on her favorite little chartreuse green bikini, left a note for her mom and walked out to the barn where her Jeep was parked. The Jeep wore a bikini too — that’s what the small awning like thing was called that stretched from the top of the windshield back over the roll bar, anchoring with stringy straps to the back of the body, much like her own stringy suit. She was in the mood for sun on that day, though, so she took the Jeep’s covering off. She pulled on a sweatshirt, a smallish one that hugged her voluptuous curves and ended right below her bellybutton. When she sat in the doorless Jeep she looked like she was naked from the waist down.

The drive was exhilarating. Cool and crisp and warm and sunny all at the same time. Kelsey’s long red hair blew wildly when she drove —Jeeps aren’t aerodynamic conveyances — but she kind of liked the untamed look. Driving through the countryside in the early morning light was something she’d have to do more of.

She circled back out of the hills around 9AM. Her mind was on Austin, the cute boy she’d given her virginity too by Brie’s pool four years ago. She pulled off the road next to a rocky creek, on a dirt parking spot fisherman sometimes use. The spring runoff from the winter’s snows was mostly over, but the creek still whispered though the woods. She pulled her sweatshirt off, leaned against the Jeep’s fender and texted the boy…

— You home yet? Awake?

— Got home Sunday. Awake now.

— Busy?

— No. My mom wanted me to go shopping or something.

— I’m coming over. I got a car.

— 🙂

The lush green of the countryside rushed past Kelsey as she hustled the red Jeep toward Austin’s house. She was wishing she had stowed something in the Jeep to fuck on, a sleeping bag or maybe a camping mattress. She added it to her mental list of things to get. Fifteen minutes later she turned into Austin’s tightly packed suburban neighborhood and pulled into his driveway. His mother was the first one out the door, after peering through the window at Kelsey’s arrival.

She jumped out of the Jeep as close to naked as a girl can be in public. Barbara had seen the thin, clingy bikini top from the window, but she assumed the girl would have shorts on, or jeans, or at least those legging things everyone seemed to be wearing. “Hi Mrs. Lowe!” Kelsey said brightly. “It’s Barbara, right?”

“Yes,” Barbara said. She was surprised a friend of her son’s would want to call her by her first name.

“You know, I’ve been wanting to tell you, Austin’s the sweetest, nicest boy. You must be a great mom.”

Barbara didn’t know what to say. She knew all about Kelsey — the porn, and the nudism — and didn’t at all like the fact that her son hung around with her. She had a feeling that sex was way too free among his circle of friends, and that Kelsey was the ringleader.

And yet…Kelsey seemed to be sweet and kind. She was certainly polite. Barbara had walked outside that morning thinking she’d say something — she didn’t know what — to give Kelsey a little piece of her mind about ‘good girl’ behavior. But it all melted away in the presence of the diminutive, smiling redhead.

“Why thank you, Kelsey, it’s nice of you to say that,” Barbara said. “I’ve met your parents. They’re nice, too.” Barbara didn’t tell her that she’d pictured them both naked, knowing about the nudism as she did.

“Hey, Kel!” Austin said when he walked out. “Sweet ride!” He gave her a quick hug that was mother appropriate.

“Where are you two off to?” Barbara asked as they climbed into the Jeep. She was standing next to Austin but marveling at the perfection of Kelsey’s big tits as the stunning young girl strapped on her seatbelt.

“I don’t know,” Kelsey said. “We’ll just see where life takes us I guess. Wanna come, Barbara?”

Barbara laughed, but Kelsey seemed sincere. “No, you guys just…have fun.” She suddenly pictured her son fucking the gorgeous girl, doggie-style no less, with those big tits hanging low. A quick blush flushed her face.

“See you later, Mom,” Austin said. He could tell something was going on in his mother’s head, but he didn’t know what.

“Bye, Barbara!” Kelsey smiled.

Barbara waved as the Jeep pulled away. Kelsey was the purest example of a person with sex appeal she could ever remember meeting. I’d fuck her too, Barbara thought. She’d never even considered such a thing before, but suddenly the thought of being with a woman didn’t seem so far fetched. As the thoughts ping-ponged in her head she blushed more thoroughly, tinting her neck and chest soft pink. She was glad no one could see her.

“How was graduation?” Kelsey asked Austin as they weaved their way out of his neighborhood.

“Hot. We were sweatin’ like crazy.”

“Me too. I think I’m gonna miss school beşevler escort though.”


“Wanna fuck?” Kelsey asked. “I’ve been horny since yesterday.”

“You’ve been horny since forever,” Austin said. His eyes twinkled as he took in the sight of Kelsey at the wheel, hair blowing, looking wild in her little bikini.

“I want you to meet Brie’s new friend, but first I wanna fuck in my new car. You can be my first, just like last time,” she said. Austin smiled. “Does that seat go back?” she asked. “I forgot to check.”

Austin pulled the lever on the side of his seat as they drove down a road that led out into the countryside.

“Oh my God that’s awesome!” Kelsey shrieked, thrilled at how far back the seat reclined. She glanced up at the roll bar and thought of a few positions to try.

She started looking for someplace to go. As horny as she was there was no time to waste. They drove past an old abandoned farm at sixty miles-an-hour and Kelsey almost locked up the brakes. The big tires howled in protest as they came to a dramatic stop on the quiet road. She put the Jeep in reverse, turned it around and backtracked to a weedy gravel driveway that led to a half-collapsed barn. She went off-road through tall grass and came to a stop in a clearing behind the derelict building.

“We fuckin’ now, Baby!” Kelsey said with a smile. Austin reclined the seat again and she rolled over onto him. She had his cock out of his shorts and into her pussy in a matter of seconds.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she sighed. “Raymond got me so fuckin’ horny yesterday and then he had to leave. Oh, God that’s good. I love your cock so much…”

She sat up and rode Austin while she untied her bikini top and tossed it aside. His hands went to his favorite tits. She ground her pussy hard on him.

“Oh fuck, I’m cummin’ already,” Kelsey said, her voice breathy and beautiful. She stiffened and let out a lovely cry. Austin pumped her pussy full.

Kelsey lifted herself off the breathless boy and let his cum dribble out of her. She scrunched her body down in the footwell, pulled his shorts down away from the mess, took his cock into her mouth and started to clean things up.

“I can never last my first time with you,” Austin said, still trying to catch his breath.

“Me neither,” Kelsey said, licking sloppy cum off him, teasing the wet cock with her mouth. “I love fucking you.”

Kelsey was comfortable scrunched up on Austin’s warm legs, so she stayed there, licking his balls, gently stroking him back to life. Austin kicked a foot free from his shorts and spread his legs a little, giving Kelsey more room.

“Take your shirt off,” she said. “I want you naked.”

Austin pulled it off and tossed it aside. He was more muscly than she remembered, and a little more mature looking. Kelsey liked it. She liked where they were, too, behind the old weathered barn, with swallows flitting back and forth right over their heads. It was like a hide-out in the old West.

“Your mom knows about us,” she said. She ran her tongue over Austin’s soft, hairless balls again.

“What do you mean?”

“She knows we fuck,” Kelsey said.

“What did she say?” Austin asked, looking surprised.

“Nothing. I could tell though.” Kelsey looked up at him and smiled. “You’re getting hard. Do you think about her?” She put the big cock in her mouth, taking it all the way down her throat and back out again in one fluid move. “Think she can do that?” Kelsey asked. Austin didn’t know what to say. “She’s totally a MILF,” Kelsey said. “I could get her in at Tucker’s easy, to do a scene with one of the guys. She’d be perfect.”

Austin was speechless. He knew his mom was hot, in an older woman kind of way, but he’d never thought of her with a cock in her throat, or all wild, making a porn.

“Ooo, Honey, you’re hard as a rock,” Kelsey smiled. “Fantasies are fun, aren’t they? Fuck me from behind. You can close your eyes if you want to.” She winked at Austin and smiled at the interesting look on his face.

Kelsey extricated herself from between his legs and hopped out onto the dirt. She untied her bikini bottom and was in her element again — naked under a cloudless blue sky. Austin joined her and she looked for a good place on her new Jeep to bend over comfortably, settling on the doorless side, with her forearms on the seat. Austin held the curve of her hip and slipped his hardness into her sweet pussy again.

“Oh, ffuckk!” he groaned as her velvety insides enveloped him.

“You can call me Mom if you want,” Kelsey said. She giggled.

“Shut up!” he said, giggling a little himself.

Kelsey’s pussy felt like heaven. Austin closed his eyes and dreamed.

Kelsey caused quite a stir at the Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to Brie’s house. She wanted to bring a dozen to snack on, and some good coffee for everybody. Austin waited in the Jeep while she went inside, with her wild windblown hair and her itsy bitsy bikini. She thought balgat escort nothing of it of course, but it was the beginning of the lunch rush and the place was full of workers from the construction site next door. It excited her and her nipples hardened, poking out the swimsuit’s thin fabric in an amazingly tantalizing way. Her pussy was making itself known too, its beautifully contoured lips still engorged from the out-behind-the-barn fuck session. None of the men were too rude or anything, but there was lots of murmuring and eye wandering, and some tripping-over-each-other behavior that Kelsey found amusing. She turned down an offer to get married.

When the Jeep pulled in Brie’s driveway Brie and Charity went out to greet them. Kelsey had texted a half-hour earlier that they were on their way. Charity was a bit freaked out when Brie read her the text — a different boy than Raymond coming over, for who knows what? She and Brie had been sunning by the pool, and she felt very bold, like she had graduated somehow, as she walked out to greet the guests in her two-piece bathing suit, without a coverup on or a towel around her. Brie, of course, was in one of her many sexy bikinis.

“Ooo, trimmed up, huh?” Kelsey said to Charity. “Nice!”

Charity blushed. The first words spoken were about her pubic hair! She was amazed Kelsey could tell, just from the way her boy-short bikini bottom fit her.

“Charity, this is our Austin,” Kelsey said, with a twinkle in her eye.

Our Austin? Oh my God, Charity thought. Just like our Raymond!

“Hi,” Austin said, extending his hand like a gentleman.

Charity took it, but she was nearly trembling. Austin was just too much, quite possibly the best looking boy she’d ever seen. Shirtless, the way Raymond had been, but perfectly sculpted, smooth and muscular, without a trace of geek. His face and smile were perfect too.

“We brought snacks,” Kelsey said. “Gotta soak up the booze with some sugar, right?”

They all went into the house, Charity trailing the others, watching the back of Austin as he walked. They gathered around the kitchen counter, opened the coffees and started munching donuts.

“Oh God these are good,” Kelsey said, groaning as the sweet mouthful lit up her tastebuds. “Look, my nips are hard.” Her bikini top was off in a flash and, sure enough, the decadent donut had turned her on. Everyone giggled. Charity was astonished how quickly, and easily, Kelsey disrobed.

“So what have you guys been doing?” Brie asked.

“We found a cool old barn and watched the birds fly in and out of it,” Kelsey said. “And I met Austin’s mom.”

“Really? What’s she like?” Brie asked.

“She’s a total MILF,” Kelsey said. “Really nice too. I bet your dad’s hot,” she said to Austin. “Is he?”

“I guess,” he said shyly. “I don’t know.”

“Yeah, he’s gotta be,” Kelsey said, eyeing Austin from top to bottom. “How fun would it be to hook them up with my mom and dad.”

“Holy shit, Kel!” Brie said. She was constantly amazed by the things Kelsey said.

“What am I missing?” Charity asked.

Kelsey held off answering. She thought maybe Brie could explain things a little more gently.

“Have you ever heard of open marriages?” Brie asked Charity. Charity’s eyes opened wide. She wanted to look at Kelsey but a wave of shyness hit her again. “It’s called swinging when you have parties and stuff,” Brie continued. “Her mom and dad are super nice. They’re not like creepy or ugly or anything, like the people you see in movies. Picture Kelsey in twenty years, with a super hot husband. If you were their friend, wouldn’t you wanna…party with them?”

Charity was speechless. Brie was worried that it was too much information, too soon. The two of them had had a nice talk about sex the night before, one that led to pussy shaving and a nice gentle sixty-nine, but Brie could tell Charity was still floundering a bit after being led into the truly deep end.

“I guess…maybe. With my husband you mean?” Swinging was a concept Charity had never even thought of before, let alone contemplated.

“Yeah,” Brie said. “I’m not saying it’s common, but it happens. It’s pretty hot when you think about it. Kelsey’s parents are super in love. It works good for them.”

Charity was silent again, mulling over the new, extraordinarily exotic information. She couldn’t really wrap her head around it, but it did help to explain Kelsey.

“My mom and dad are divorced, so your devious plan wouldn’t work,” Austin said.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Honey. I forgot,” Kelsey said. “Do you see him much?”

“No, he lives out west now.”

“Oh. Well, you got us, right? We’re all family now.”

“Yeah,” Austin smiled.

“So are we hangin’ for a while?” Kelsey asked Brie. “Should I text Raymond? Who else is back in town?”

“Maybe just Raymond today,” Brie said. She knew getting more of the gang together would overwhelm Charity.

Kelsey tapped out a text to Raymond. She was moaning batıkent escort into another bite of donut when he replied.

“He’s comin’,” she said. “I told him to let himself in.”

Charity was amazed again. They don’t even lock the door when they’re doing stuff? What if just anybody walked in?

“So, did you go bare?” Kelsey asked her. “Did you shave it?”

Charity was silent. There was no way she was discussing her vagina while she ate donuts with Austin.

“Do you like girls that are shaved smooth, Austin?” Kelsey asked.

“Sure. I’m not fussy, but yeah, it’s hot. If it’s super smooth it’s like, really nice to lick.”

“Yeah,” Kelsey agreed.

Charity didn’t join in the conversation, but if she had she would have said, “Yes, Brie shaved me as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I look forward to letting you lick me.” Once again she felt like she was in some kind of alternate realty, like Alice in Wonderland maybe, and Kelsey was the Cheshire Cat, bringing up wild topics and asking kooky questions.

“I wonder what it’d feel like to fuck a donut?” Kelsey asked no one in particular as she held one up and looked through the hole. “You ever try it Austin? You’re so big you’d just break it right apart.”

Charity’s lungs tightened up again. She suddenly wondered just how big he was. What Kelsey intimated fit the picture — a boy as beautiful as Austin should probably have a big one. Could he be bigger than Raymond, Charity wondered? Raymond’s was all she had to go on for reference, and his seemed plenty big.

“Nope, can’t say I’ve ever fucked a donut,” Austin said, smirking at Kelsey.

“I’ve heard of guys fuckin’ fruit. Like watermelons, right?” Kelsey asked.

“And girls fuck bananas and cucumbers,” Austin retorted.

“I tried it,” Kelsey said. “I’ll take a cock any day.”

And you can probably get one any day, Charity thought. She looked Kelsey over again, standing there topless and comfortable as can be. Charity was almost to the point were it seemed normal. It was either dangerous or wonderful, depending on your point of view.

“Wanna shop for suits tomorrow?” Kelsey asked her. Charity smiled at the sudden change of subject.

“Sure,” she said, looking at Brie for approval.

“She won’t let you out of the store with anything less than sexy,” Brie told her.

Charity giggled. She felt like maybe she was ready for that kind of thing.

“I know just the cut for you,” Kelsey said. “Your ass’ll look super hot.”

Charity wanted to giggle again, but her lungs locked up and she blushed.

“God you’re cute,” Kelsey said. “Don’t you love blushy girls?” She directed the question to Brie and Austin, but she never took her eyes off Charity. “I gotta lick your pussy, Honey. You ready?”

When Kelsey got horny there was no holding back. Charity was learning that quickly, but that particular request shocked her yet again. Even Brie was surprised. She knew Charity was ready to try new things, but wow, Katie bar the door when Kelsey’s around!

“Okay,” Charity said, barely getting the word out. Saying no wasn’t what she wanted to do, and after all, it was Kelsey who gave her the first orgasms of her life, and broke the ice in so many other ways.

“Fuuckk!” Kelsey said in a breathy whisper, when she saw Charity blush so pretty again. She stepped over to the girl and kissed her, open mouthed and sexy as hell.

Charity thought they’d be going out to the pool again, where she’d maybe have the cover of some water, or at least the distractions of the big wide world. But no. Kelsey took her hand and led her to Brie’s father’s room, the one with the king-sized bed.

Brie thought about giving them some time alone to get started, but she was horny too, and she loved a party. She gave Austin a sexy look, took his hand and followed the others to Daddy’s bed.

Kelsey pushed Charity down on her back on the big bed and mounted her. She kissed the willing girl, dry humping her with one hand while the other squeezed her tit.

“You’re bare, aren’t you,” Kelsey said. “I can tell.” She squeezed the girl’s pussy through the thin fabric of the bathing suit. Charity groaned loud.

Brie was quickly naked, and Austin was too. He was standing just inside the door, with Brie on her knees in front of him. His cock lay on her tongue for a moment, and then it was gone. Brie could swallow a big cock as good as anybody.

“You watchin’?” Kelsey asked, thrilled that Charity was. “It’s fuckin’ hot isn’t it? My boss at the studio wanted to hire Brie, but she said no.” Kelsey squeezed Charity’s pussy again, and put sweet pressure on her clit with the palm of her hand. “Isn’t that a nice cock?” Kelsey asked, watching the action too. “He’s gonna fuck you with that big thing. Fuck you real nice.”

Kelsey’s hand went to Charity’s soft belly and slipped under the boy-short bikini bottom. “Oh, Honey! God you’re so soft and wet!” She dismounted and pulled the little garment off Charity’s legs. “Oh fuck!” Kelsey said, wide eyed. “That’s so fuckin’ beautiful!”

Kelsey had Charity’s full attention. The nervous girl had lost control. Not in a bad way, it was just that things were sweeping her along, like she wasn’t really in charge anymore. It was a take-it-as-it-comes feeling that felt oh so right.

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