Keeping Mum Warm

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Keeping Mum Warm
It was winter and my mum came out of her bedroom to tell me that it was so cold in her room and did i want to sleep in her bed to keep warm”.

My mum hab a king-size bed and heavy covers, Yet she is always feeling cold for some reason. I jumped into the bed while she went to get herself a drink of water, and god the quilt was heavy and i could hardly lift it to move myself around..

My mother returned with a drink of water and she placed the glass on the bedside cabinet, turned off the light then got into bed. After a while i fell asleep next to my mum and she was cuddling up close to me to get my body heat.

I awoke with my boxers pulled half way down and my mother stroking my erection (i guess i was having a good dream) and i opened my eyes and sat up quite quickly, My mother jumped back apologizing to me and not making eye contact wih me. When she looked me in the eyes i playfully said “you’ve seen mine, can I see yours” (i had fantasized about my mother, but i did not plan for this to happen).

She hezitated for a couple of minutes then slowly hooked the waist line of her silk pajama bottoms with her thumbs, and slowly slid them down to her ankles. I stared güvenilir bahis at my mothers hairy vagina, and slowly reached over and ran my fingers through her pubic hair and down to her wet pussy. She trembled and let out a deep sigh as my fingers ran through her pubic hair. I soon slid my middle finger into my mothers warm vagina, she started letting out short low moans and she tilted her head back as i slid another finger in.

I had got to the point where she started grinding on my fingers, trying to make them go deeper and deeper. I could smell the aroma of her sex juices filling the air, and then while still fingering her i lifted her top and started to rub her perfect 38C breasts. I had got her pussy so wet it was leaking, and her body squirming before she started saying “Please.. stop teasing me.. fuck me please darling fuck me”.

I felt the need to obey my mother and without a second thought i sat up and rolled in front of her spread legs.. i slowly advanced up her body till we were face to face and she lifted her head up to kiss me and i her kissed her back, While we were passionatly kissing i took my hard cock in my hand and placed the head against her türkçe bahis very wet pussy lips and slid my head in slowly, She was still kissing me and let out a soft moan in to my mouth.

In between her moans i could hear her saying “faster..please.. go faster Mark” again i obeyed my mother and in good time i started thrusting my hard young cock into her faster and harder and she started to moan uncontrollably.

I could feel myself wanting to cum and i quickly pulled out and my mother just lay there on her back trembling and rubbing her clit begging me “please put it back in.. dont stop please”. ..
i quickly gave her a kiss on her lips and asked her to get on all fours.

My mother got on all fours as requested.. i stared at her very wet pussy and i could feel my cock twitching.

My mother moaned and squirmed as i probed her hairy pussy with my finger preparing it for my cock.. I slid a second finger in and she started moaning a bit louder, and with that i removed my fingers and heard a slight *squich* as i removed them. I got on my knees and i placed one hard on the arch of my mothers back and i held my cock in my other hand, as i slid the head of my cock into my güvenilir bahis siteleri mothers wet pussy i could feel the tremendous heat of her passage. as i slid my cock into her hairy hole deeper i could feel her grip my cock like a vice and i let out a loud “JESUS DARLING!!” as i finally got the full length of my cock inside my mothers wet hairy pussy.

She begged me to fuck her and make her come, and i did as my mother pleaded and i started sliding my cock in and out of my mothers pussy and she was moaning so loud i thinking the neighbors would hear her. She massasged her clit with one hand and with the other free hand she was rubbing and squeezing her tits moaning ” YES OH GOD YESSSS MARK FUCK ME”. I was so turned on by my mothers moaning i started to moan myself and i could feel my cock throbbing inside of my mother when she started screaming “OOOOOOOH MMMMMMMMMMM” and i could feel her squirting her juices all over my legs and the covers. With the intense heat of her pussy juice i started to empty my balls inside my mother and she continued moaning with my cum shooting deep inside of her wet pussy and we both collapsed. I could barely pull my cock out of her hairy hole i was exhausted..

We lay there for quite some time before we had the strength to get to the bathroom to get cleaned up. We both agreed to never tell anyone what had happened.. But she couldnt expect me to keep this to myself all my life could she?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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