Katie’s Love Ch. 10

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Writers Note

This the tenth chapter of my story. This covers the years from 2002 until August 2008 and the bulk of it is what happened on one very special and wonderful night that happened that month. A night that many will find hard to believe, but I was there as the power and beauty of Katie’s love was shown once again.

When I originally laid out how I wanted to tell the story I had planned on it being eleven chapters in all. But there was one event that would have been at the end of this chapter, that I felt deserved it’s own chapter and this lets me tell a lot of more what happened there. So there will be twelve chapters in all to the story.

I would also like to extend my condolences to a very special fan of mine here on Literotica who has also become a special friend as well. She just had a terrible loss in her life and ‘C’, my heart goes out to you.


Things started to change for me in 2002. I had started a small part time business selling antiques back when we lived down in Harrisburg. It was specialized and mainly just something to do to pay for additions to my own collection. At the end of December in 2001 I had seen a house that was being remodeled that had a couple of storefronts in a small town fifteen miles from where my office was. I stopped in one day and talked to the building owner who was doing the remodeling. The lease on my office was up for renewal at the end of February and I was ready for a change of scenery. I made the arrangements with the owner of the building that I looked at and moved into the place in the middle of February. At first I just ran the computer business out of there but within a few months I opened up and started selling antiques as well.

Up to that point I used to always wear a suit and tie every day, but I soon stopped doing that unless it was to go see a corporate type client. Most days I just wore jeans and a work shirt. I started to let my hair grow long as well, one of those mid-life crisis type deals I guess. As time went on, it got long enough to the point of where I could pull it back into a ponytail. The first day that I did that, I was sitting at my computer, when I felt Katie giggle, then give a couple of tugs on it, and then give me a kiss and it wasn’t the last time that it happened either. I also started letting my beard come back over the winter months. That never gets real full, it tends to stay close to my face so I keep it trimmed and it would shave it off once the weather got warm again. One day I was taking some photos of some items to sell on-line and I took a picture of my head and emailed it to Jean.

She called me on Tuesday as always, and as soon as I answered the phone I heard, “You old fucking hippie! Nice pubes except they are on the wrong end of the dick!” which I should have expected.

I kept lighting both candles once a month or so, and while Elizabeth never once spoke to me, I knew that she was there. Then one day at the beginning of May of 2002, her candle would not light. I tried with my lighter and then by holding the wick over Katie’s candle which I always lit first, but nothing worked. I sat there for a while wondering what was going on.

Katie was there and after some time passed she kissed me and said, “She is happy now Tony. She is happy now.”

I thought about that for a little and I suspected what had happened, so the next day I made a trip up the cemetery. After stopping for a little while at Katie’s and Elizabeth’s graves, I walked over in the direction where Charlie had said that his first wife was buried. There was a fresh grave with a temporary maker with his name on it. I paid my respects for a little while and then headed back to my truck. I sat there for a couple of minutes, then headed over to the bar when he and I had shared a few beers that one day, and got a six-pack of his favorite brand. I went back to the cemetery and walked to his grave with a bottle concealed in my coat pocket.

I pulled it out, opened it and said with a smile, “One more ain’t gonna hurt nothing,” then I poured it on his grave.

The rest of the six-pack I took care of over the next couple of nights in the usual fashion. Every year after that when I made my trip to the cemetery with the roses for Katie and Elizabeth on November 3rd, I would have a bottle of beer for Charlie in my coat as well.

A year and half after I had moved into the store, the owner, with whom I got along really well, sold the building and the new landlord was a complete asshole. But the first guy started working on another property a few blocks up the street from where I was a few months later. I gave my notice and in February 2004, I moved up to that location where I still am today, and with the same landlord I might add. By that time I was focusing more on the antiques business but I still had a few computer clients although I was done with that all of that in another year. One of things I had the landlord do as he was working on my new store was to put in a concealed shelf inside the one wall that I could hide the candles on. I know, sounds crazy, but I didn’t izmir escort bayan want to take the chance of losing them in the event of a burglary. There is just something weird about them, and yes, they are still the same size as they were that night that I first lit them at Katie’s house.

In the fall of 2004, Jean told me about a blonde girl named Karen that wanted to get into the porn business. Jean said “Her family has money and she is a bored rich kid. She came in with all kinds of ideas, none of which I knew were going to work as far as making money. She wanted to do this and she wanted to do that and it mostly a lot of that soft porn romantic crap. I told her that we have tried that and it just doesn’t fly, the customers want action. I was ready to show her the door but she offered to pay for all the costs of doing her first film. I told her that it was a waste of money but it was her money and not mine.”

Jean went on, “Karen was a real pain in the ass to work with. She had her own script of course and she didn’t want any of our usual guys so she picked one of the guys that does set work for us. He has average looks and a very average dick. Plus, she isn’t shaved, not her cunt or under her arms. Some customers like that, but most don’t and her underwear looks like something my grandmother would wear! And no spanking, none at all, not even play slaps while they were screwing. She did most of her own directing and editing. I watched the film, it was okay, although I thought it was a little boring at times. Nice creampie shot at the end though. So we made a page for her off of the main website and damn if it didn’t take off. In a month we put her on her own webpage. It totally surprised the hell out of me and she is getting a lot of hits from women, like forty percent, which is unheard of in this business. She’s done a second film and it’s been even more popular.”

I asked, “I guess you learned something new?”

Jean said, “Hell yes and I paid her back for the first film.”

Jean sent me the link to her page. I couldn’t watch the movies because I was still on a dial-up connection, but looking at the preview stills, I could tell that Karen was a good looking girl in her late twenties. She had a little more weight on her than the average porn starlet that Jean was pushing with big natural breasts and that great blonde bush.

The last Tuesday in February 2005 Jean called me and for the most part it was the usual Jean phone call, but for some reason she sounded different, almost happy, which was very unusual for her.

Jean said, “I have something to talk to you about Tony.”

I said, “Go ahead.”

She asked, “Do you remember me telling you about Karen?”

I answered, “That good looking pain in the ass blonde with the big boobs who doesn’t shave?”

Jean laughed and replied, “Yes, that is the one. I have really gotten to like her. We were working in here Friday afternoon talking about her next shoot and she asked me if I was doing anything for supper. I rarely go out with any of the girls here and if I do, it is usually a bunch of us that go out together, but I said what the hell. We went out for supper and I had a good time, then she asked if I wanted to go hit a club with her. I wasn’t going to, but I hadn’t been out dancing in a long time, so I thought why not. We both went home, changed clothes, then I picked her up with the limo and we headed to a dance club. I had a great time! We danced and danced, not just with each other but other guys and girls. The last song of the night was a slow song, we headed out together and she moved in real close to me. All evening I had these feelings about her but I hadn’t said anything. About halfway though the song she looked me in the eye, then she kissed me. At first I resisted but then I gave into it. Tony, that was a kiss!”

I laughed and said, “It sure sounds like it.”

Jean went on, “I didn’t want it to end. After the song ended, we went back to our table and I asked her if she wanted to come up to my place for a while. She said, “I’d like that very much, Jean,” so we left and headed to my home.” Jean paused and said, “She is just like you.”

“How?” I asked.

“Karen makes love with her heart first and her body second,” Jean said. “I haven’t felt that good with anyone except you in a very long time and I think you know who I am talking about. She stayed there all night and Saturday night as well. I called the office on Saturday morning and told them I wasn’t coming in and we spent the whole day together and not just in bed. We talked about all kinds of things, music, art, movies, books, you name it. We went food shopping Saturday afternoon and she cooked a great supper for us and made breakfast on Sunday as well. She had to go someplace Sunday afternoon and isn’t going to be back until tomorrow, something about family business. I really hated to see her leave and I have been missing her ever since.” She paused and said softly, “I don’t know what I am going to do.”

I asked, “Why? She sounds great.”

Jean answered, “She is, too great maybe. escort izmir Suppose it was just a weekend of fun for her? I can’t believe I’m feeling like this. A big part of me doesn’t want to feel like this. Damn it!”

I said, “Jean, you have been hiding from love for too damn long. If feels real, go for it. I remember you telling me a long time ago that I would never find another Katie, that if she was out there, that she would find me.”

“Damn you,” she replied and added, “Son of a bitch,” and she started crying a little.

“You have more balls than any other woman that I have ever met, Jean,” I said, “And I know you have never walked away from a fight. So what is the worst that can happen here? It doesn’t work and you just go back to being your usual lonely miserable self who hides behind her work. You have had quite a life Jean, now how about doing some living?”

She said, “You know Tony, my brain wants to reach through this phone and slap the shit out of you, but my heart knows that you are right.”

I replied, “If I was in your shoes, there would be no question or doubt at all. Hell Jean, if I had the opportunity to go back and relive those twelve wonderful months with Katie, even knowing the whole time what was going to happen, do you think for one fucking second I would not go back?”

“I know you would,” she said, “I guess I will just have to wait and see.”

I replied, “Let me know how it all works out. But do me one favor? Instead of spending tonight preparing yourself for worst that can happen, try preparing yourself for the best?”

She finished with, “I’ll try. Well I’ve made a mess of both of our days. I’ll talk to you soon,” and she hung up the phone.

I got an email from her on Friday but she didn’t mention this subject at all. The next Tuesday morning I got a box delivered by Fed-Ex with an address label from Jean’s company. It was a long square box about the size and shape to hold a bottle of wine. I opened the box and inside was a note and something wrapped with a lot of bubble wrap.

The note read, “Tony. I know you don’t want any gifts from me but I’m pretty sure that you won’t send this back or pour it down the drain. I want to say thank you. I’m scared as all hell with what I am feeling right now but sometimes you have to take that chance and let love come back into your life. Love Jean.

Underneath that in a different handwriting was, “Tony. I also want to say thank you. Love you! Karen.”

I smiled and put the note down. I carefully opened the box and there was a bottle of my favorite single malt Scotch, except, this one was twenty-five years old. I looked the up the price on-line and was very surprised at how much it cost. I never did any drinking before suppertime as a rule, but rules are made to be broken. I had an advertising shot glass at the shop that one of my PC suppliers given out a while back. After I washed and dried it, I carefully opened the bottle and poured me a shot making real sure not to lose a drop, then I sipped and savored it for a long time. Heaven may not come in a glass bottle, but this was pretty damn close. I kept that bottle at the shop and made it last a good six months.

In September of 2005, Karen moved in with Jean. And while Jean was still Jean most of the time, by then it was easy to hear the smile in her voice any time she talked about Karen. She told me that Karen had taken over all the household chores at her place.

Jean said, “The damn maid quit the week before Karen moved in and I hadn’t gotten around to finding another one.”

I asked, “That was what, the seventh one this year?”

She replied, “Eight, there was one that only lasted two days that I didn’t tell you about. Anyway I told Karen that I would hire someone but she wouldn’t hear of it. She really likes doing that shit, just like Katie. The only room she won’t go near is my playroom. I showed it to her right after we started dating and she wouldn’t even walk through the door. It isn’t worth the hassle to hire someone to clean just that, so guess who is cleaning her own playroom these days?”

I sat there quietly for a few seconds with the image in my head of Jean dressed in a French maid costume merrily dancing around as she cleaned her playroom.

Then I heard, “Fuck you Tony!” and I laughed as she added, “Besides I have no fucking idea where my French maid outfit is anymore.”

I replied, “One of these days you are going to have to tell me how you pull off that mind reading trick over the damn telephone.”

Jean laughed and said, “I don’t have to be a damn mind reader to know what you are thinking!” and we both had a good laugh.

One Sunday later that month, I had to make a trip to a place down along the Delaware river, north of Philadelphia. There was a small section of Interstate highway that I needed to travel on that ran south of Bethlehem PA to get to the road that led down to where I was headed. The ride down was okay but on the way back I could see that traffic was backed up on the Interstate in the direction that I needed to go, so I izmir escort just stayed on the back roads. As it happened, the street I drove on was three blocks over from where Katie’s house was. I hadn’t been by there since the weekend after she died back in 1981, but I decided to go take a look. Katie came to me lightly as I drove down the streets.

The neighborhood in general had gone down hill. Not that anything ever stays the same, but this was just not nice to see. As I remembered the walks we used to take on Wednesday evenings, I drove down the street where her house was on the opposite side and I pulled over in front of what used to be Mrs. Johnson’s house. Katie’s house was for sale and must have been for some time. The lawn hadn’t been mowed and the shrubs were very overgrown. It was also easy to tell that who ever had owned it last, had not taken very good care of the house. The front door and windows needed painting, the roof looked like it needed to be replaced and one of the gutters on the side of the house was hanging down.

I heard Katie say softly, “My house looks so sad Tony.”

I replied, “I know Katie. It is a real shame.”

She kissed me and after sitting there for another minute, I got back on the road. The radio station that she used to listen to, had changed to a different musical format, but I found another one that played the same soft and easy music that she used to love. Katie stayed with me for the rest of the trip back to my shop.

At the end of November 2005, my Internet provider finally came up with a reasonably priced cable modem service for small businesses so I made the switch over. Jean had been bugging me to do that for a long time and of course, even offered to pay for it. I emailed her and told her that I was officially high speed. She sent me an email back that had an full access password to all of her websites, a link to download some software, and a registration key number for that software.

The software was for video-conferencing and her note about that was, “I own the company that wrote it so don’t give me any grief.”

I got it installed and working with my mic and camera. I had to register on a server, which I did, and then I sent Jean my user ID.

She sent me another email saying, “Be online Tuesday at the usual time,” which was 4:00 PM when she would usually call.

Over the next few days I got to check out a few of her websites. Most were okay, mainly sweet young things getting fucked by a bodybuilder type guy with a fire hose for a cock. But I did check out Karen’s videos and I liked those the best. I won’t lie, the thought of having a three way with her and Jean passed through my mind a few times and my cock liked the idea as well. Tuesday arrived, I went online with the software, then Jean popped on and said, “Finally, you are out of the damn Stone Age!”

That was the beginning of the next chapter in our friendship. The chats lasted usually ten to twenty minutes. Once in while Karen would be there and it was easy to see why Jean had fallen in love with her and it was also easy to see watching Jean’s face, just how much in love with her that she was. Karen was a lot of fun to talk to and she would have a lot of fun teasing Jean as well. Occasionally, Jean would also have one of her newest porn stars come in and do a strip for me. I will tell you, nothing beats having a twenty-one inch monitor filled side to side with a shaved cunt a Tuesday afternoon.

Of course these chats were a perfect opportunity to do some ball busting with Jean. I had been busting her chops for a long time as we had talked on the phone, but it was a hell of a lot more fun being able to see her face as I did it. She had sent me a link to a movie that they had just finished. There was a girl, who couldn’t have weighed ninety pounds if that much, and whose ass couldn’t have been more than fourteen inches across, getting rammed in her asshole for twenty minutes by a guy with a dick that was over two and one half inches thick.

I asked Jean, “I have a question. How many days did she have to wear a diaper after she did that video?”

Jean laughed, “She was fine,” then she paused and said, “But we keep a few here just in case.”

I said back to her, “That is a hell of way to make a living.”

Jean replied, “You know the old saying Tony, if you want to be a lumberjack that you had better be able to handle your end of the log. She knew what she was getting into or should I say, what was going to be getting into her.”

I asked, “So Jean, back in the day, how many times did you have to wear a diaper after a hard ass fuck shoot?”

Jean got this nasty look on her face as she leaned real close to the camera and said, “Shut up!” and I roared with laugher. Then she added, “Just once and that was after I did three in one day.”

The next year was the twenty-fifth anniversary of Katie’s passing and the fifth anniversary of Elizabeth’s as well. November 3rd fell on a Friday in 2006 and I made my visit to the cemetery. The weather that day was cloudy, cold and damp, what is called raw. I got there early in the afternoon, left my roses on the graves and gave Charlie a drink of his favorite beer. The next Tuesday I was online and waiting as always. Jean connected and I saw her and Karen in the office together.

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