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Kris grabbed his bag and waited in line as the people started to mill off the plane. He had been looking forward to this weekend for months now, and it was finally here. He and Kat had been dating for a while, and they got along really well. She was away at college though and he was here to visit her again. It was tough on them, being apart the way that they were, but between the occasional visit, phone calls, and web chats, they were doing alright. He made his way through the terminal and grabbed his luggage from baggage claim than made his way to the exit.

He hadn’t waited long before he saw her car pulling up to the curbside drop-off and pick up area outside the airport. He smiled as he saw her through the windshield and waved when she saw him. He threw his bags into the back seat then got into the passenger seat and leaned over to kiss her before she pulled away back into traffic.

They settled in for the drive back to her dorm. He had found a hotel that was close to her dorms, since the school wouldn’t allow him to stay in her room, and they would just be spending the weekend there. He reached a hand over and rested it high up her thigh. “How was the drive here?” he asked as he squeezed and rubbed her thigh.

She glanced over at him and placed her hand quickly on top of his, then placed it back on the steering wheel. “It was alright, though I’ve had trouble concentrating on anything this morning.” she said, then made a small sound of pleasure as he rubbed higher up her thigh. “For some reason, I’ve been wet since I woke up.”

He smirked and kept rubbing her thigh, working his hand more between her legs and rubbing her inner thigh. “I wonder why that would be.” he teased “Have you had something bad on your mind?” He slid his hand the rest of the way up her thigh and brushed his hand against her jeans, he could instantly tell just how very wet she was. “Oh you weren’t lying babe.” teen porno He said to her in a low voice.

She groaned out loud and closed her legs a little. “You need to behave baby, I’m trying to drive. You can play when we get to your hotel room.” She said a bit reluctantly. Kris could tell she was enjoying the teasing, but he knew she was right. He slid his hand away from her pussy, but kept it on her thigh the rest of the way to the hotel.

They pulled up to the front office of his hotel and she reached over to squeeze the obvious bulge in his jeans. “I’m sure the clerk is going to love this.” she said with a smile.

He let out a small noise and reached over to pinch one of her nipples. “It’ll be fine.” he said “I’ll be standing in front of the counter.” He got out of the car and went into the office to check in. He came back out a few minutes later and told Kat where the room was. She parked as close to the room as she could get, than they got out and brought their bags up to his room.

They dropped their bags at the foot of the bed and crawled onto the bed together, than collapsed into each others arms. They held each other tight and kissed hard, tongues sliding into mouths, both breathing a bit harder. Kris pulled away and pulled her shirt up and off of her, then reached up to squeeze her breasts through her lacy bra.

She moaned out loud as he started rubbing her tits and pinching her quickly hardening nipples. “Oh Kris yesss…” she moaned. He slid his hands beneath her and undid her bra, pulling it off and quickly moving to start sucking on her hard nipples. She writhed underneath him as he sucked and bit at her tits and nipples. Her pussy was soaked again and she started trying to push him further down her body.

He took the hint and started licking his down slowly down her body. He brought his hands up to undo her jeans, then pulled them tricky masseur porno off when she lifted her ass up for him. He tossed her jeans onto the floor and pushed her back down flat onto the bed. He spread her legs open and started licking his way up her legs and thighs. He pushed her legs open further and bit down on the inner thigh of her right leg and started sucking on the spot hard. He pulled his head back for a second to admire the dark bruise like spot he left on her thigh, than licked the rest of his way up her leg. He slid his tongue slowly over her slit through her already soaked panties and she let out a low moan.

She squirmed underneath him as he ran his tongue up and down the length of her slit through her panties. She brought her hands up and started squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. “Stop teasing me and eat me.” she said in a low, almost breathy tone. He smirked up at her expectantly and didn’t say anything. For a second she just returned his stare, than realizing what he wanted, put on her best pout and said in a little girl voice “please daddy, eat my pussy.” They both loved the pet name that she had called him since shortly after they had first gotten together.

He smiled larger and pulled the crotch of her panties aside and slowly ran his tongue up the length of her wet slit. She moaned out loud at the feel of his tongue along her flesh and pinched her nipples as he licked up and down, slipping his tongue deeper inside her with each lick. He licked and sucked her pussy and her breathing became faster and more frantic. Sensing that she was close he spread her pussy open and slid his tongue up and started licking her clit hard and fast. She screamed out and bucked her hips at the feeling of his tongue on her clit. “Yes, yes, oh yes daddy, lick my clit…” she panted as he licked her closer to her orgasm. He brought türkçe alt yazı porno two fingers up between her legs and slid them inside her, starting to pump them in and out of her while he licked her clit faster. This was enough to bring her over the edge and she screamed out and her pussy tightened around his fingers and she started cumming. He kept licking her clit while she road through her orgasm until she finally pushed him away.

He crawled his way up her body until he was hovering over her and kissed her hard, giving her a taste of her own juices. She moaned happily and kissed him back, than licked the rest of her cum off his face. She looked up into his eyes as she swallowed her cum. “I want you inside me…now.”

He got up and quickly stripped then climbed back on top of her. He straddled her and slid up between her spread legs. He reached down to take his hard cock in his hand and bring it up to her pussy. He teasingly ran the head up and down her slit a few times before starting to slide himself deep inside her. They both moaned out as he buried his cock as deep inside her as he could. He stayed there for a moment, enjoying the feel of her wrapped tightly around him before he started pulling back out. He started pumping in and out of her slowly at first, but quickly picking up the tempo.

She writhed underneath him as he fucked her, running her nails down his back and leaving little red welts behind. He groaned out loud at the feel of her nails down his back and pumped harder, slamming the full length of his hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. She screamed out loud and came all over his cock. He kept pumping through her orgasm and finally let himself go as she came down. He slammed himself deep inside her one last time and groaned out loud as he started to shoot his cum inside her, filling her pussy up as she continued to convulse around him.

He collapsed next to her on the bed, his cock slipping out of her, as they both fought to catch their breath. After a few minutes, their breathing returned to normal and he pulled her into his arms. She snuggled up against him and buried her face into his neck. “Rest up while you can,” she said to him “you’re going to need it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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