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You walk down the corridor to my hotel room, still slightly puzzled, but excited by the note you found on your car: “K, 7 P.M., you know where. Wear something cheap. All my love, J”. You get to the door and knock, once…..that’s when you notice the door is unlocked and partly open, almost in anticipation, to match your lips. You push and the door sighs open, just as you match it with the breath you didn’t know you were holding.

You walk into the darkened room; casting a perfectly formed silhouette as the light from the hallway plays over your gorgeous, flawless figure. You turn around to shut the door…….and I’m on you. I pounce from a corner and shove you against the door, slamming it shut with our bodies. You feel my powerful chest against your back as I sink my teeth into your shoulder, just below your neck, as my hand grips your face. You let out a whimper of shock, pain and pleasure — I respond by grabbing your hands, forcing them behind your back and handcuffing you.

You begin to protest as I spin you around to face me. I kiss you, hard, violently, biting your lips while I rip open your shirt to expose your heaving breasts with your hardened nipples poking through the front………your shirt is forced down your arms and around your cuffed hands as you start to whimper in delight and shock……..your shock only increases as you feel something cold and steely against your breast, then you realize I’ve cut your bra open to expose your perfect breasts.

You’re still dazed as I force you to your knees; your head dangles in the heady confusion and raw emotion of the moment — I grab your hair, force your head up, grip your jaw with my other hand to force your mouth open and your eyes water as I force my fat, hard cock into your mouth. In one motion I’m all the way in your greedy mouth and my balls are hot on your chin. You whimper and I respond by pinching both of your nipples, HARD, which causes you to moan in pleasure/pain…..the vibration on my cock excites me even further; I grab your face in both hands and start fucking it. I start with long, slow marks head bobbers porno strokes, but quickly graduate to hard, powerful thrusts……..my head slamming the back of your throat as my balls slap your chin. Your eyes are watering as I invaded your mouth with my hardness, but that doesn’t compare to the wetness in your crotch….you can feel your juices oozing down your thighs….I smell your juices and start fucking your delicious mouth even harder………you feel my cock grow as my orgasm approaches………I give one, final thrust, filling your mouth with my cock as I explode…….you hear me unleash a guttural growl as I fill your mouth with one shot of hot cum, then I pull out and put the rest of my hot load all over your face. You’re such a good girl.

Your head bows as you believe we’re finished. I stand over you and declare “Oh, we’re not finished yet…….” and I grab you, one hand grasping your hair, the other hand on the handcuffs, and force you up. You’re only standing for a second before you feel my hands around you, then, all sense of orientation leave you as your suspended through the air, only to land, face first, on the bed, your hands still cuffed behind you, covered by your ruined shirt. Your next sensation is auditory as you hear my excited, labored panting mixed with the ripping sound of your shorts and panties….then, you’re naked……you feel the cool air mix with your hot, juicy pussy as I spread your legs.

I force you to your knees, with your face still buried in the pillow, which is now covered with the cum I sprayed on your pretty face. You feel your pussy lips spread as I move your smooth, taut legs open….your ass in the air……then your breath hitches and you coo as you feel my face against your pussy; my tongue entering your wet hole. I begin fucking you with my tongue, your moaning gets louder, but you can barely hear yourself over the sounds of me hungrily slurping your juicy pussy…….my tongue is playing around your pussy hole, licking the inside, forcing its way in massage porno and out…..and I bring my thumb up to start rubbing your engorged clit.

Immediately you feel your orgasm build…..your ass starts moving against my face and hand…….your pussy starts to rain juice over my tongue as you approach your climax……you start to scream, then, the next thing you feel is the cool air on your drenched pussy and a hard slap on your ass. You let out a long moan that is a mixture of disappointment and excitement…..you start begging me to finish you off…………….I slap you on the ass again, even harder. As your ass still records the sting of my slap, I drive two fingers deep into your pussy while my other hand reaches under you to pinch your nipple. You meet my strong hand with your sexy ass and begin pumping your ass on my hand……….you immediately start to scream as your orgasm overtakes you……and I pull my fingers out and jam them in your sexy mouth, letting you slurp your own delicious juices off my strong fingers. You moan and slobber over my fingers…..you look up at me and beg me in your best little girl voice “I can’t take this, please let me cum!” I respond with two, sharp smacks to your ass, force my way around to your front, grab your hair and drag my semi-hard cock across your lips, demanding they be let in.

Your mouth opens and sucks in my thickness……..you suck on it, hard, longingly, as I’ve taught you to do…..in mere seconds I’m rock hard again. I let you feel the large vein under my cock across your tongue as I slowly pull out………then I’m behind you. I grab your hair in one hand and the ‘cuffs with my other as I force my fat cock into your sopping wet pussy. In one, long, slow fuckstroke, I’m all the way inside you…..your ass meets me; resting on my body as my cock throbs inside of you……and you start to scream as you cum all over my hot cock……your juices flowing over my cock, onto my balls……..as your orgasm subsides, I pull out and force my way back in your mouth, letting you suck your meet-suck and fuck porno sweet cum off my cock and balls.

Once satisfied with your cleaning of my hot cock, I return to your ass, waving in the air…a red flag for my bull cock. I re-enter you….you bite your lip through the pillowcase as I start fucking you……….slowly, at first…..pulling my cock all the way out with each, slow stroke, then plunging it back in you with the same care and deliberation…..slowly filling you up…….you start to whimper and I respond by picking up the speed…….my hands are hard and greedy on your hips as I start to fuck you with more force……you can feel my fingers digging into the flesh of your hips and ass…..you know there will be bruises there…………I can tell by your whimpering and moaning that another orgasm is building……….your next sensation is shock, awe and pleasure as one hand leaves your hip, only to be replaced by a finger running up your ass. You stop as your ass adjusts to the presence of my finger…….I leave my finger all the way in as my cock is buried all the way inside you, letting you get the full measure of both……..you breathlessly, almost silently start to exclaim “Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah” as you start moving your ass again over my cock and finger…………my other hand leaves your hip and grabs your hair…….I’m fucking you hard and fast now from behind, holding on to your hair while positioning a finger in and our of your tight, beautiful ass; my hot balls slapping your wet pussy. You start to scream as you feel my cock get even fatter, knowing what’s coming………..your orgasm builds more quickly than you ever thought was possible…..you scream in surprise and amazement as your pussy spasms around my cock in your biggest orgasm yet……….I start to yell like a jungle animal and match your orgasm with my own………pumping your sweet, hot, wet pussy with my own, hot cum. You feel my explosion against the walls of your pussy, which extends your own orgasm…….our screams are deafening………..then, spent, I slump over your perfect ass, my finger and still semi-hard cock sliding out of you.

Fifteen minutes later, we’re cleaned up, the handcuffs are off and you’re peacefully floating in and out of a soft sleep as I stroke your head as it’s resting on my chest………all you can hear is our own, soft breathing and me: “I love you, K”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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