Julie: Ch. 3

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Julie Ch. 3: The Seduction of Jeffrey

Cindy’s party had marked the end of another school term and the beginning of an extended holiday, so it wasn’t at all surprising that for the next week I saw little or nothing of her. Trips to the beach and up to the lake, picnics, shopping sessions and a series of parties all conspired to keep her out most of the time, but after that first week, the holiday enthusiasm waned slightly and she and her small group of friends became more and more fixtures around the house … or more appropriately around the pool. A state of affairs that I didn’t mind at all, as I enjoyed the fresh enthusiasm of the teenagers .. as well as enjoying seeing their lithe young bodies in various stages of undress.

Of course, Cindy drew most of my attention, she always looked so stunning in her brief bikinis, some of which were the fruits of her various shopping expeditions and so small that they hardly qualified as bikinis at all … not that I minded one bit, I drooled over her ripening young body along with most of the boys present, the main difference being that when the boys all had to go off to their own homes, I was left to cope with one very hot and horny young lady!

After the night of the party nothing had happened between us, partly because of her busy schedule, and partly I guess because both of us felt a little awkward and uncertain about what had happened and whether it should happen again. That was resolved the second day of her group hanging around the pool, when on the departure of the last person she burst into my room and thew her arms around my neck and almost burst into tears as she told me how turned on she’d become during the day with all those boys looking at her and taking every opportunity to touch her. I didn’t need to ask her what she wanted me to do, and I certainly didn’t need a second invitation, I just drew her down onto the bed and slipped off her bikini top and started to run my lips and tongue over her firm, young breasts. She reacted immediately, lifting and arching, thrusting her breasts firmly into my questing mouth, and crying out, “Oh yes mom, oh god yes, make me feel good mom”

I did my best not to disappoint her, licking and sucking every inch of her delicious body, before removing the bottom portion of her bikini, spreading her legs wide apart and thrusting my tongue deep into her sweet, juicy pussy. She convulsed almost immediately, an orgasm ripping through her, and that was a testament to how turned on the day had made her, and , of course, I lapped up the juices flowing copiously from her. Lapped it up and created even more as I took her clitoris in between my lips and my tongue and vibrated it frantically, sucking it hard and thrashing it with my tongue as she bucked and screamed out yet another orgasm. I’m delighted to say it wasn’t all one way traffic either, and it wasn’t long before she’d switched around and had her eager young tongue firmly wedged into my steaming pussy, and I was cumming and cumming.

After that it became an almost nightly event. Once the crowd had left she’d slip into my room and we’d sometimes slowly, and sometimes frantically make love to each other. I remember asking her once why she wasn’t setting her cap at one of the hunky young men that came around so often, and she told me she wasn’t ready to be steady with any one of them, and they seemed to want that before anything else could happen. I laughed, “Wow, boys sure have changed since my day! Back then they couldn’t wait to get into your pants, and the last thing they ever wanted was a commitment!” I said.

She grinned impishly at me, “Oh, and how did you handle that, mom?” she asked.

“That depended on the boy” I said , with a grin, “If I really liked him, well, I was happy to go all the way, but if I didn’t, I had a great ‘Freeze’ look that sent them scurrying for cover”

“And were you very .. um .. active, mom?” she asked, curiously.

I grinned widely, “Well, let’s just say I was awfully horny when I was a teenager … just like you”, and then to the accompaniment of her loud moans and lots of wild thrashing, I showed her just how hot and horny she really was! … and she did the same to me!

Over the weeks that followed, her group settled into a regular number of about 3 girls and 4 boys, and became an almost regular feature about the house, so I got to see lots of them and they got to see lots of me. In fact, I would often join them in and around the pool in my own brief bikini, and was soon being treated as just one of the gang. Well, maybe not quite one of the gang, because they all recognized that I was Cindy’s mom, so were a little reluctant to get too familiar, even when we were frolicking around in the pool, and I used to play on that fact, and tease some of the boys with the occasional glimpse of parts of me they shouldn’t be seeing.

First and foremost of those I teased, was Jeffrey. I remembered how he’d been perving at me during Cindy’s party, and how he’d reacted so much that he needed to dive in the water to cool off. I also remembered his father coming to pick him up, and how he’d reacted too, so right from day one of their poolside visits I began to tease him. That first day he’d come inside to get a fresh drink from the fridge and I walked into the kitchen as he was kneeling brazzers porno down trying to decide which drink to have. I walked over and leaned right over him to grab a drink for myself, and he lifted his head thinking it was one of the others from the pool. His smile became frozen when he found himself staring down the top of my T shirt which had billowed open as I leaned down, because I wasn’t wearing a bra, and he had a perfectly clear view of my firm breasts with their hard, tall standing nipples. I made quite a production of trying to decide which drink to have, staying leaned over for quite some time, all the time knowing that my breasts were within a few inches of his drooling eyes. Then I straightened up and smiled at him warmly and walked off as if I was totally unaware of what I’d been showing him. I chuckled to myself as I realized it took him a long time to cool down enough to go back out to join the others.

Then there was the time a day or so later when it got so hot they all vacated the pool and came into the lounge, and the air conditioned comfort and lay around playing music and music videos. But at one point I noticed Jeffrey slip outside and dive into the pool to refresh himself. Looking around and satisfying myself that everyone else was engrossed in the video, I slipped outside too and dived into the pool, but not before slightly loosening my bikini top so that the dive conveniently tore the top off my body. I surface with a squeal only a few feet from Jeffrey, my hands clasped over my naked breasts, “Oh. Jeffrey, Jeffrey” I stage whispered urgently “Help me, quick, I’ve lost my top, it’s down there somewhere”, nodding and directing my eyes down into the pool, “Oh, this is so embarrassing, if the others see me I’d die”

For a moment he seemed too stunned to move, staring almost glassy eyed at me, “Quick, quick, there it is, there, there at the bottom of the pool” I whispered urgently, but in pointing to the bikini top I had to take one of my hands off my breasts, and I saw his eyes widen even more as one of my naked breasts came fully into his view. I made no attempt to bring my hand back to cover up, enjoying the heat I could see in his eyes, feeling my nipple swell and harden before his very eyes. I think it was the sudden shudder that went through him that broke the spell, and he backed away and arched his body as he dove down into the water. I watched him swim around, frantically trying to grab my bikini top, which seemed to have a mind of its own as it skipped along the bottom, moved by the water disturbance he was creating as he threshed about with his feet, trying to hold his head down in the water. Then he managed to grab it and spluttered back to the surface brandishing it like a trophy, and grinning at me in a very red faced sort of way.

I immediately reached out to take it from him. but he moved his hand back, dangling my bikini top high and grinning at me. “Quickly” I said, glancing around, “Before anyone comes, oh I’d be so embarrassed”

An almost evil grin came onto his face, “Mmm, so don’t I get a reward for bringing it up from the bottom, for saving you from embarrassment?” he asked.

I glanced around again, “But you haven’t saved me from embarrassment yet, someone might come out any moment” I said, taking my other hand off my breasts and reaching up with both hands trying to reach the top. I saw his eyes immediately drop to drink in my fully naked breasts and his tongue slip out to brush over his lips, but I still couldn’t reach the top. I almost stamped my feet in the pool, “Ok, what do you want, a reward?” I asked, with pretend impatience.

He grinned again, “Well I certainly think it’s worth something … Something like a kiss?”

I dropped my arms down to my side, making no attempt now to cover my breasts, “A kiss?, aren’t I a little old for you to be wanting a kiss from” I asked, almost coyly.

He blushed almost scarlet, “You’re not old…you’re…beautiful” he spluttered.

I glanced around again, pretending to be really concerned, although I didn’t really expect any one else to put in an appearance, “Well, ok, if you feel like that … but it can only be a quick kiss” I said, and moved slowly up to him and slid my arms around his neck. I held myself back slightly and allowed my hard nipples to brush sensuously over his naked chest, before pulling myself up onto tip toe and pressing my lips suddenly onto his. I’d certainly intended that it would be one of the quickest kisses ever, but he was a little too quick for me and his hands seemed to leap from nowhere and wrap themselves around me, pressing me close, resting momentarily on my buttocks, cupping and stroking them. Then his tongue slid forward and tried to push in between my lips, but I dragged my head back, “Oh no” I exclaimed, “Not a tongue kiss, that wouldn’t be right at all, after all I am Cindy’s mother”

I saw the disappointment in his eyes, but I also felt the enormous bulge in his bathers, and I squirmed against it, letting him know with my eyes that I knew exactly how he was feeling. Then I stepped back, grabbing my top from his hand and struggling to put it back on. Finally covered up I grinned at him, “Thank you Jeffrey, you’ve been so sweet, remind me to call on you again if I get into any clip4sale porno problems” I said and lifted up to brush his cheeks with my lips once more …at the same time letting my hand trail briefly over his bulging cock. Then I turned and hurried from the pool and rushed back inside. I noticed that it was a considerable time before a rather sheepish looking Jeffrey, slipped in through the door and sat at the back of the room, hoping, I’m sure, that no one had noticed his absence.

Of course I flirted and flashed a little with the other guys .. and even with some of the girls, but it seemed to be Jeffrey that I got the greatest reaction from, so him I tended to concentrate on. Cindy noticed, of course, and sometimes structured things so I’d have the opportunity to work on him. She told me she loved to watch me at work, getting him all hot and bothered, and at times it excited the hell out of her .. a fact that made our evening get togethers so much more spicy. It was when she asked me if I’d ever really want to do anything with him that I had to stop and take stock, and I had to admit to myself that progressively I was getting more and more turned on with our little games, and on the occasions when I’d brushed against his swollen cock I’d been surprised and impressed with how big it was, and there had been a couple of occasions when I’d actually wondered what it might be like.

When I admitted that to Cindy, her eyes widened, “Wow mom!! you and Jeffrey…doing it…Mmmm that would be awesome!!” she said.

I was quite stunned by her reaction, assuming she would have been annoyed or laughed it off, but I could see that she was serious, and that made me think of it even more. The flirting over the next few days took on a new edge, and I found Cindy conspiring even more, like the day she told Jeffrey a time to come over that was half an hour earlier than anyone else, then made sure that she was out of the way. I certainly hadn’t expected him that early and was still in my bathrobe, with nothing on underneath it. I only opened the door because I thought it was Cindy coming back from her errand, and when I saw it was Jeffrey I almost slammed the door and rushed back inside. But common sense, or courtesy .. or was it an impish aspect of me? .. made me invite him in and offer him a drink. He sat on the couch and I fetched him a coke from the kitchen and leaned down to place it on the side table. It was only when I heard his sharp gasp that I remembered I wasn’t wearing panties, and realized he was staring at my totally naked butt. Again there was that momentary desire to rush off and get dressed, but again it was gone almost as soon as it had come, and I found myself strolling to the chair opposite and folding myself into it, my legs half tucked under me, lifting my ass cheeks slightly off the seat and giving him a birds eye view of my naked pussy.

Pretending not to realize my exposed state, I sat and smiled at him and talked to him about what they were planning for that day, and wondered where Cindy had got to and where the others were. All the time I was squirming slightly, giving him flashes of the pink inner area of my pussy, watching the play of emotions in his eyes and right throughout his face. At first he tried to look away, a flush moving up from his neck, but because I kept on asking him direct question, he kept on having to look at me, and his eyes would flicker and drop, and I’d shift a little on the chair, and the flush would start again. At one point I mentioned something I’d read in the paper that morning, a paper that was lying just at the back of my chair, so I squirmed around, getting to my knees and draping myself over the back of the chair to retrieve it. In that position, my robe was almost around my waist, and the whole of my naked ass was revealed to his eyes. I had to spread my legs quite a bit to stabilize myself as I reached down for the paper, so not only did he get an even better view of my naked ass, he got a pretty clear reverse view of my pussy, and although he tried to stifle it behind his hand, I heard the deep groan that was wrenched from him.

Of course, when I turned back and resumed my seat, I smoothed down my robe without even hinting that I knew it had ridden up so far. His face was brick red, his eyes, almost popping from their sockets. I found the item I was referring to, and almost leaping from the chair I hopped over to where he was sitting and showed it to him. Of course I had to lean over to do that, and the top of my robe bulged and opened, and he was getting another close up view of my firm, ripe breasts and their so hard nipples. He couldn’t help himself, my little show had turned him on so much, and his hand came up and slipped under my robe to stroke my naked ass. I pretended not to notice, letting him cop a really good feel, then the door crashed open and in dashed Cindy … Jeffrey’s hand disappeared like a shot! I just straightened up and smiled at Cindy, admonishing her for disappearing and leaving me to entertain one of her guests, then swayed out of the room with an extra twist of my hips for Jeffrey’s benefit.

Cindy had other ideas, and intercepted me just as I reached the corridor, apologizing most profusely, and giving me the reason’s for her sudden departure. All the time colette porno she was keeping me with my back to Jeffrey, and to my astonishment .. and incredible excitement … she slipped her hand forward and started to gently stroke her fingers along my pussy. Damn, I near came on the spot, and wondered if Jeremy had noticed my ass jump when she first touched me, I could certainly feel his eyes boring into my ass .. or was I still feeling the residue of his earlier stroking. I quickly grabbed her hand and moved it away, mouthing the word ‘bitch’ as I moved quickly past her and fled to my bedroom, where I rammed my fingers deep into my pussy and thrust myself to a most powerful orgasm. Making a mental note to get my own back on that horny daughter of mine, I finally clambered into the shower and allowed the cooling water to drain all my excitement away.

The next few days were fairly mundane, with little real opportunity for me to tease and arouse Jeffrey or any of Cindy’s other friends, although I did manage to grab one intensely erotic and sexually satisfying session with Marian, my surprisingly horny next door neighbor. The fourth day, however, proved to be entirely different. It was one of those stinking hot, humid days when the only thing preventing you from spending the whole time floating in the coolness of the pool was the fear that if you did so you’d end up with skin like a wrinkled prune. It was therefore a day of relaxing in the relative comfort of the air conditioned house, and when even that failed to keep you cool enough, a quick dash out to dive in the pool, float around until that too became warm and uncomfortable, and a quick dash back into the house to shiver momentarily in the inner coolness. Cindy disappeared early, telling me that she and some of her friends had decided on a trip down to the ocean, some two hours drive away. I told her she was nuts to be driving so far in all this heat, but she just smiled and said she had to go because everyone was expecting her.

I have to admit I missed having her and her friends around, the house felt quite empty, and as I knew that Marian had gone off to visit a sick relative with her husband, it looked as if it was going to be a particularly boring day. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when the doorbell rang just after lunch, and a very hot looking Jeffrey was standing there in his shorts and T shirt. I had on one of my brief bikinis covered with a loose top that barely came down to the top of my thighs. I stood there a little bemused for a moment, and then smiled and asked him inside, opening the door only sufficiently wide to allow him to squeeze through … on the grounds that I didn’t want to let too much of that unbearable heat in, but in reality to make sure that he had to brush up against my body as he moved past. His arm briefly pressed against my firm breasts, and I saw the quick flush that came to his face as he felt them, so I was instantly in a better mood.

We moved into the lounge and I offered him a cool drink, an offer he was only too pleased to accept, then asked him why he hadn’t gone with the others. He looked totally confused, “Gone where?” he asked, “With whom?”, when he’d headed for home the previous day Cindy had called out that they would all meet at her place just after lunch and plan the day from there, so here he was. I sat opposite, giving him a momentary flash of my bikini clad pussy, looking equally puzzled, explaining that Cindy had left early saying she and her friends were going off to the beach, and I assumed that he was included in that party. He sighed and flushed, indicating that he’d had to leave early the previous day and the plans must have been made afterwards and they’d forgotten to let him know, or assumed he was still there and already knew. He finished his drink and stood up, flushing slightly, and apologized for intruding and said he’d head off.

I waved him back to his seat, smiling, “Why?” I asked, softly, “Do you have anything else you were planning to do?”

“Uh…No..” he stuttered.

“Well since you’re here now, and its probably partly Cindy’s fault that you’ve been left behind, you’re welcome to stay on and enjoy the air conditioning and a dip in the pool if you want to? I said. Then rising to my feet I added that I thought it was time for a dip anyway, and lifted the loose top up over my head and tossed it onto the chair, seeing his eyes immediately sweep up and down my briefly clad body. “Coming?” I asked, somewhat suggestively, and saw the quick jerk of his body and the swift rise in the bulge in his shorts. Then I turned and swiveled my hips across the floor to the kitchen and then out to the pool, feeling his eyes boring into me most of the way. I was barely in the pool myself when he erupted from the back door and threw himself into the water and raced up and down for a couple of lengths to use up some of that special energy he’d been feeling since he saw me again in my bikini, and I smiled to myself. It gave me the time to really look him over, admiring his beautifully sculptured, tanned body, feeling the heat start in me that had nothing to do with the sun. I swam slowly up and down the pool a couple of times, then just floated in the shallow end, my breasts rising firmly above the water line, feeling his eyes on them, smiling quietly to myself. Then as the cooling effect of the water wore off, I hauled myself from the pool and headed back inside, seeing his face drop slightly, “Come on” I said, smiling “You’re wet enough to make the air conditioning more effective, and it’s time for another drink anyway”, and I moved inside.

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