Julie and the Team part 3

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Julie and the Team Part 3

Ethan’s main bathroom had a large shower in a big spa bath, and I took my time cleaning myself up – then I looked at myself in the large heated mirror. I was really feeling sexy, with all the attention these guys were paying me. After I dried myself off, I reached down and gently rubbed my pussy with one finger, discovering that of course I was still very wet and slippery. I left the towel in the bathroom – now completely naked I walked back downstairs and entered the lounge. The guys were all sitting around wearing their boxers, and there was a round of applause as I entered the room.
‘Julie! Good to see you!’ said Joseph.
‘Encore, encore!’ shouted Ethan. I posed and felt a rising excitement once again as I felt four pairs of horny male eyes staring at me. Mike stood up and gestured for me to sit. I took his seat, between Sean and Joseph.
‘Ready for round two?’ Sean asked me quietly, with a big smile.
‘Bring it on!’ I replied, licking my lips. The guys all stood up now, and stripped off their boxers. They all had nice hard cocks again, and they watched as Mike knelt in front of me and pulled me forward to the edge of the seat. He quickly got down and licked my still wet pussy. He slid his tongue up and down my slit, and I moaned softly as he flicked my clit very gently. I lay back and closed my eyes, idly caressing my tits as Mike ate my wet pussy.

‘Julie, we’ve got another treat for you,’ I heard Ethan say. I opened my eyes and looked up to see a girl standing next to Ethan. She was wearing a very tight pair of jeans and an equally figure-hugging t-shirt, and she smiled down at me, with a little wave, her head tilted sideways.
‘Hi!’ she said, grinning.
‘This is my girlfriend, Alice.’ said Ethan,
‘She wanted to meet you.’
‘Hi!’ I said breathlessly. Mike had stopped licking my pussy and was looking up at me, watching my reaction. He stood up and Alice took his place, immediately leaning down to lick my wet, hot pussy. Mike got up on the couch next to me and put his cock against my lips. I looked down at Alice as I opened my mouth, and she flicked her tongue expertly against my pussy lips, teasing me. I moaned and sucked Mike’s cock.
‘I think you two will get on just fine!’ said Ethan, laughing. I sucked harder and harder as Alice tenderly rubbed my clit with her tongue. I moaned, my eyes closed, as she rapidly brought me to a deep, powerful orgasm. Mike’s dick slipped out of my mouth as i gasped, breathing hard, my lungs working as I groaned with ecstasy.

Alice stood up and stripped off her clothes quickly. She licked her lips and then bent down to kiss me. I looked at her beautiful body as she approached me. She had quite short jet black hair and very dark almost black eyes, her face had a hint of south east asian features. Her firm breasts were quite small but round, with small hard light brown nipples. her waist was slim leading to gorgeous hips and legs, and i noticed her pussy was clean shaven. I kissed her deeply, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as I tasted my pussy in her mouth.
‘Mmm, you taste good!’ she whispered gaziemir escort bayan to me.
‘I bet you do too!’ I replied. This brought a small round of cheers and whoops from the boys. Alice stood up, and Ethan pulled me to my feet, then lay me down on the duvet again, on my back.

Alice stood over me, and facing towards my feet, she lowered her pussy to my mouth, straddling my face. I was so horny I had no hesitation in tasting her wet, tight snatch. I ran my tongue along the edge of her pussy lips, and then slid it gently between them with a moan, licking her slippery pussy juices. She writhed her hips, and I looked up to see us surrounded by a circle of four cocks. The guys took turns letting Alice suck their dicks. She groaned and rubbed her pussy against my face as I licked her. I put my tongue against her clit and rubbed it slowly, getting harder and harder as she moaned louder. Soon she collapsed forward onto her hands, her body shaking. She let out a series of small, quiet squeals as she came, and I tasted a hot, slippery gush of her pussy juices as she came on my tongue. I licked her until she suddenly moved up and turned over, lying on her back next to me, gasping for breath.
‘Oh, my, god!’ she panted. The guys all grinned down at us.
‘Good, huh?’ asked Ethan.
‘Fuck yeah!’ cried Alice, with a loud peal of laughter. I lay licking my lips while the guys had a brief conversation I couldn’t hear.
‘OK girls, hands and knees please!’ said Sean, clapping his hands. Alice laughed and got up, quickly getting on all fours on the duvet. I got up and Joseph turned me to face the same way as Alice, so we were next to each other. I turned my face towards her and she kissed me. I grinned.

Mike got behind me and quickly slid his dick into my pussy with a moan. Joseph stood in front of me and pushed his thick cock into my mouth. At the same time, Ethan put his dick into Alice’s mouth and Sean started to fuck her wet cunt. This went on for a few minutes, until Mike spoke up.
‘OK, change,’ he said. Mike and Sean pulled their cocks out of our pussies, and Ethan and Joseph out of our mouths. Sean came in front of me, and put his dick into my mouth, fresh from Alice’s wet slit.
‘Taste her on me, suck me clean!’ said Sean, grinning. Mike went in front of Alice and gave her his cock to suck.
‘Yeah, lick Julie’s pussy off me,’ he told her. We both began to suck hungrily, licking the pussy-flavoured cocks in front of us and sucking them deep. Meanwhile, Joseph got behind Alice and shoved his cock into her cunt. Ethan slipped his dick into me with a groan and began to fuck my hot pussy.
‘Oh fuck yeah, good girls!’ moaned Joseph as he fucked Alice hard, holding her slim waist as he pounded her.
‘Your pussy is so hot,’ Ethan told me. He slapped my ass playfully as he fucked me.
‘I don’t know about you guys, but I fancy fucking these girls in both holes,’ said Sean, pulling his dick out of my mouth and slapping my face with his dick.
‘Oh yeah!’ said Mike, pushing his dick deep into Alice’s mouth and then pulling it out as she gasped. Joseph escort gaziemir and Ethan pulled out, and pulled us to our feet again.

Joseph and Ethan lay back on the couch, and turned us to face away from them. Joseph pulled me down towards him, guiding his cock to my tender little asshole. I turned to see Alice lowering her ass onto Ethan’s cock, and heard her groan with pleasure as she suddenly let his dick enter her asshole deep. She leaned back against him, his cock buried deep in her anus. I pushed down and gasped as Josephs cock stretched me open, then I dropped suddenly as his cock slid inside my ass. Joseph pulled me back against him, and Mike moved in, spreading my legs.
‘Yeah, you want your pussy full of cock too? Want me to fuck you?’ he asked, rubbing my pussy lips with his dick.
‘Yes, fuck my wet cunt!’ I moaned, almost angrily. Mike grinned and shoved his cock into my pussy, making me grunt, then moan, with pleasure. Sean started to fuck Alice’s pussy, and we both gasped and moaned as the boys fucked our tender holes.
‘Mmmm, fuck, FUCK, YES!’ groaned Alice, throwing her head back, breathing fast as she started to cum.
‘Yeah slut, you fucking love it!’ Ethan growled, shoving his dick deep into her asshole as my boyfriend fucked her quivering pussy. Alice screamed with pleasure.

Sean pulled his dick out of Alice, and Ethan lifted her off himself. I complained as Mike pulled his cock from my pussy, and Joseph pushed me up, his dick slipping from my asshole.
‘Suck it, lick me clean!’ Ethan told Alice, making her kneel in front of him and then pushing his dick into her mouth. The other three guys lined up and as soon as Ethan took his prick out of Alice’s mouth, Sean pushed his in. Alice sucked all four of them clean, licking their balls and sucking their cocks deep. I sat on the couch and rubbed my pussy while I watched her hungrily taking each cock into her mouth. Sean turned to me with a big smile. I grinned back, fingering myself.
‘Now, make sure Julie gets off, I want you to lick her pussy and asshole until she cums!’ Ethan told Alice.
‘Yes sir!’ Alice said, with a mock salute, and she moved over to me, pushing my hand away and diving into my wet snatch. Her tongue licked me all over, and she pushed one of my legs up, moving down and licking my tender asshole hungrily. She pushed her tongue into my ass, making me groan as she rubbed my clit with one finger. She put on a good show for the boys, fingering my asshole and then sucking her finger clean, licking my wet cunt, and at one point moving up to lick and bite my nipples. she hooked a finger into my pussy, rubbing the inside of my vagina while her tongue lapped at my clit, and I suddenly came, a massive wave of pleasure taking over my body, making me writhe in ecstasy. Alice licked and sucked hungrily, tasting my pussy juices and licking me tenderly until my climax faded.
‘Holy shit!’ I panted as I lay back on the couch.

The boys gathered around, slowly stroking their rock hard dicks.
‘Are you feeling horny, babe?’ asked Sean, smiling wickedly. I laughed, and then looked gaziemir escort at him with my eyebrows raised.
‘Am I horny? Fuck yeah I’m horny!’ I replied, rubbing my tingling pussy gently. Mike and Joseph laughed and Ethan stepped up to me, smiling.
‘Alice has something she wants to do,’ he began, turning to his girlfriend.
‘Are you horny enough to do it?’ he asked.
‘To do what?’ I replied, looking at Alice, who winked.
‘Oh, we can’t tell you – you’ll only find out if you do it!’ said Ethan.
‘You know you want to!’ said Alice, leaning over and kissing me.
‘Fuck yes, I’m horny enough!’ I said, grinning. Mike and Joseph nodded to each other, smiling, and Ethan stood up, helping me up off the couch.
‘Good girl! You’ll love it!’ he said.

Ethan lay me on my back on the floor, and Alice quickly got on top of me, her face over my pussy and her pussy over my mouth. She started to lick my pussy again, very gently, her tongue barely touching me. Mike got behind Alice, kneeling down, he balls hovering over my face as he guided his cock into Alice’s hot asshole. He started to fuck her and I licked her wet slit as his dick slammed in and out of her ass. He started to grunt and moan, and then held almost still, just moving the head of his dick in and out of her asshole as he groaned.
‘Fuck! Yes, oh yes,’ he mumbled. He pulled his cock out of her, to be replaced by Sean. My boyfriend quickly forced his dick into Alice’s asshole, and she moaned into my wet pussy as she licked me. Sean pumped his dick into her ass until he gasped and I watched his dick throb and his balls rise up as he came in her anus. I flicked Alice’s clit with my tongue.
‘You’re going to love it, you cum-slut!’ Joseph mumbled as he took Sean’s place, fucking Alice’s asshole with his thick cock until he sighed with pleasure and pumped his cum deep into her ass. Finally Ethan put his cock into his girlfriend’s butt and thrust just a few times before groaning and unloading his cum inside her.

Ethan pulled his cock out of Alice’s asshole, and a drip of cum dangled from his cock, snapping and landing on my cheek. I could see all four guys now standing around behind Alice, looking down at me as she slowly moved up, straddling my face, her asshole clenched.
‘What do you want?’ asked Sean, quietly.
‘I want your cum!’ I moaned. Alice lowered her asshole towards my face, and I opened my mouth wide, putting one hand on each of her ass cheeks to guide her down. I saw her asshole push open slightly, and then a stream of thick white cum sprayed out of her asshole and into my waiting mouth. I kept my mouth open and the cum kept spurting, dribbling down out of her ass until my mouth was almost overflowing with hot thick sperm. I swallowed, feeling the thick cum as I gulped it down. I leaned up to lick Alice’s asshole clean, licking up the last drips of cum, pushing my tongue into her well used ass.
‘Oh, fuck, amazing!’ said Mike.
‘Good girls!’ laughed Joseph, grinning as I licked my lips.

Alice got down and kissed me deeply, her tongue exploring my mouth as she caressed my body.
‘Did you enjoy it?’ she whispered, licking my ear, and then kissing my cheek as she smiled at me.
‘Mmm, yeah,’ I mumbled, happily.
‘I hope you can return the favour,’ she said, her mouth widening into a big smile as I giggled.
‘Any time!’ I told her, happily.

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