Julia’s Paris Adventure Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: The meeting

Julia’s boyfriend having dumped her the previous week she had been left with no one to go with her to Paris. Thankfully she had found a friend who was up for a free holiday however her friend had vanished off to the shops leaving on her own again. Looking through the guidebook Julia had found one museum taking her interest- maybe she was feeling sexually frustrated or something but she wasn’t sure? She found herself wandering to the red light district and the erotic museum.

She found herself to be the only one in the museum as she began to walk through. By the second floor she was beginning to get turned on by all the pictures and statues on display in a large number of sexual poses. By the third floor she was regretting coming especially as she didn’t have her boyfriend to jump on and drag into some cupboard for some mischief making.

She sighed and flicked her brown hair off her face as she stared blankly at a picture of a Japanese man dressed in his kimono and sword at his belt ravishing his half dressed breast exposed woman from behind. She could feel tingling in her groin and her knickers were feeling damp as well. In her absent-mindedness her hand wandered to her plump breast. She cupped anime porno her breast and softly began to knead and squeeze it.

Julia jumped when a voice by her ear whispered with a French accent, “You like it do you?”

“I…” She twisted round to find out who had spoken.

“I saw you.”

“Saw me what?”

“Doing what any normal woman should do.”

Julia blushed, “I… sorry… I didn’t mean to.”

“Where is the man to be doing it to you?”

“I don’t have one.”

“I’m surprised, a pretty girl like you.” He smiled. He stroked his fingers over her lightly freckled face. Julia giggled and blushed all over again.

The French stranger leant in and placed a kiss on her lips. She was startled by the forwardness but didn’t pull back. She didn’t stop him when he pushed her against the display case. He kissed her lips hard and then his lips trailed over her cheek to her neck and nibbled at her ear. At the same time one of his hands was boldly moving up her t-shirt to her naked breast and drawing the nipple of it out. She gasped at his cool hand on her warm skin.

Common sense escaped Julia as her hand made for the man’s trousers. No brain was needed for her to know he was highly asyalı porno turned on by her. Her fingers nimbly undid the button and zip to draw his large cock out. She glanced down and was impressed with the size- even bigger then her ex’s!

In her ear she heard him murmur, “Those eyes are burning with passion and desire for someone to fuck you. You want that?”

Her reply was to press her lips against his and thrust her tongue into his mouth. His response was to twist her round and push her skirt up on to her hips and pull her wet knickers to one side. His fingers worked their way forward until he found her clit. He rubbed at it hard until he felt Julia shudder and moan from his touch. He smiled and dipped two of his fingers into her wet entrance. His fingers were rapidly soaked from the juices that were begging him to take her.

With his knee he nudged her legs further apart while he pushed his trousers down so they wouldn’t get in the way of his thrusting. He held her hip with one hand while he guided his hard prick towards her eager wet hole. With it on the edge of her opening he didn’t have to do anything more as she drove herself on to his cock. He smiled and grabbed her breast with his babes porno free hand as he responded with her and repeatedly speared her on his thick cock.

The hand on Julia’s hip moved to her clit and began to rub it. She moaned aloud as he continued to ram hard into her and rub her sensitive spot. She clawed at the glass on the display case in her ecstasy. The Frenchman looked down and smiled at the sight of his massive cock thrusting into the Englishwoman and her taking it all so willingly.

With a heavy sigh Julia collapsed on to the display case she came- an explosion of protesting sensitive nerves. Having felt her tightening on his cock the Frenchman couldn’t contain himself as well and he shuddered as he shot his load deep into her in several spasms. He withdrew from Julia gently put his softening cock away and from his wallet took out a card. He slipped it under Julia’s hand and quietly walked away with a feeling he was definitely going to be seeing her again.

Julia only took a few seconds more to recover before sorting herself out- pushing down her skirt and adjusting her t-shirt into place again. She was about to leave when she noticed the card on the display case. She picked it up and read “Andre Garcon- painter, sculptor.” Under his name was his Paris address. She smiled and as she walked from the museum she began to consider seeing him again. It had been a long time since she had felt so amazing after sex. She glanced at the card again and made up her mind there and then….

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