Julia Takes Over Ch. 03

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Well, if you have read the first two installments of my story, you know what happened to me last weekend. If you haven’t read them, here is briefly what happened. I went from a normal, relatively modest man to a cum licking, cum swallowing, cum slut slave to my wife. In one day I went from basic intercourse and oral sex to me eating my cum from my wife’s mouth, her pussy, my hand and directly from my own cock. And I willingly swallowed every bit of my cum at the direction of my wife.

So it is Friday and I am on my way home from work. My wife told me early in the week that she was going to withhold my orgasm until this weekend and that she had several ideas she wanted to try on me. I have no idea what to expect when I get home, but I know I will be swallowing my cum and I know she has more, different activities for us to do. My cock is hard as I pull into the garage. I am not sure what is awaiting me, but I can’t wait to find out and obviously my cock can’t wait either.

I shut the garage door and get out of the car and walk towards the door. We have a three car garage which is attached to the house by an open breezeway. When I get to the door, I see a note taped to the door. I take it off and open it up. It reads:

My Little Cum Slut,

Time for a weekend of fun and games. Take your clothes off and put them in the basket beside the door. Then walk into the house naked. Be ready for a weekend of cum eating and much, much more. If you liked last weekend, you will love what I have in store for you this weekend. Now strip and get your ass into the house.

Mistress Julia

Wow, what is with the Mistress stuff? And how am I going to get across the breezeway and into the house naked without someone seeing me. It is 12 feet from the garage door to the door of the house. It is dusk, but I am not sure I would feel good about running naked from the garage to the house in the pitch dark. As this goes through my head, I look down and my cock is causing a tent in my pants. I take a deep breath and then peak out the garage door to see if anyone is around and to determine how dark it is. I realize I have no choice, so I close the door and begin to strip. I fold my clothes and put them in the basket. Once I am completely naked, I look down and my cock is pointing almost straight up. I’m not sure it could get any harder. I peek out the garage door once again. I look around to insure I don’t see any neighbors, take a deep breath and sprint the 12 feet to house.

Shit. The door is locked. What the hell is she thinking? I run back to the garage door and damn, it is locked also. I panic. What in the hell am I going to do. I crouch down and scamper back to the door of the house and ring the door bell. I am hoping no one sees me as I furiously ring the door bell and then start knocking on the door. I don’t want to knock to loudly or someone in the neighborhood will hear me. I must have been there for 30 seconds or so, but it felt like an hour. Finally Julia comes to the door, looks down at me as I give her a pleading look. She signals me to stand up. I know she is just letting me know she is in control, so I stand up and she slowly unlocks the door. I literally jump into the door and shut it behind me. She can’t help but smile broadly, almost giggling.

“Did I forget to unlock the door?” she asked coyly. She was standing there dressed in a tee shirt and nothing else. I could see her freshly shaved pussy not quite covered by the shirt.

I just looked down, wondering if anyone from the neighborhood saw me naked on the breezeway. Then I saw my cock sticking straight out. Julia saw me looking at my hard cock.

She said “Well, it looks like you liked being naked outside. Or at least your cock did. Did you like exposing yourself to the neighbors?”

I just turned red and kept my head down.

She walked over to me and said “I asked you a question!”

I knew I had to answer. I looked up and said “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I liked being naked outside.”

“Oh, so you like to be naked in front of others. I will remember that.”

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I had a feeling I would find out.

Then Julia walked over to me, looked me in the eyes and grabbed my cock.

“I have lots of new things to do with and to you. I have seen lots of kinky things on the internet that I know I will enjoy. Are you ready?”

I just nodded. She let that nod slip and told me to follow her as she led me by my cock back to our bedroom. Once we get there, she stood me in the middle of the room. Then she sat on the bed. She looked at me for a few seconds and then began to speak.

“I enjoyed last weekend immensely. And I know you did also. I have been on fire all week, looking at the internet. There are things there that I could not believe. But the kinkier the site, the hotter I became. So we are at a cross road. I cannot imagine not continuing down the path we started last weekend. And just so there is no misunderstanding, that path casino şirketleri revolves me dominating you in any way that pleases me and you willingly submitting to my every whim. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I was somewhat stunned. I knew I liked what happened. I knew I wanted to try more. But what Julia was saying took it to a higher level. She was demanding that I totally submit to her kinky whims, not matter what they are. I knew I had to answer her. And I knew what my answer meant. As I thought about what I would say, she spoke again.

“Just so you understand, it is my way or the highway. If you don’t agree to my terms, we are through. If you do agree to my terms, we will proceed with whatever comes our way. I will commit to you that our marriage will remain intact. Does that help clear up any misconceptions?”

You would think that this kind of moment would be somber and contemplative. Nope. My cock was hard as a rock and I knew that I could not wait for her to take over and rule me with her iron will. I looked at her with a small smile and said

“I accept your terms.”

She smiled and asked “Are you sure?”

I looked her in the eye and said “I am yours to use as you please.” I almost came when I said that.

She stood, walked over to me with a smile and said

“Great. Let’s get started. The first thing we are going to do is get all that nasty hair off of your body. All the men I see on the internet who are either cumming or swallowing cum are completely shaved and hairless. “

That was an interesting statement because I was not a very hairy man. She led me by the cock into the bathroom. First she took a pair if clippers out of the draw and handed them to me and said

“Shave off all your pubic hair.”

I took the clippers and did exactly as I was told. Once I was done, she handed me a bottle of hair remover and told me to get into the shower. She told me to spread it all over my body and then wait for 15 minutes. After a few minutes I felt my skin heat up a bit and I also began to itch a bit. She told me to stop squirming. It took forever for the clock to click off 15 minutes. Once it did, she had me start the shower and wash off the hair remover. In 30 seconds I was completely hairless. I did not put the hair remover on my crouch. Julia handed me my razor and told me to soap up my pubic area and shave myself. Once that was done, I finished the shower and stepped out. She handed me a towel. It was certainly a strange feeling being completely hairless, but it was also exciting. My cock never really deflated and was now as hard as it had been.

Julia then said “Remember how I played with your ass just before you came in your mouth?”

I did. My cock jumped as she asked the question.

She giggled and said “Obviously your cock does. Well I noticed that a lot of the men who were sucking their own cock or just cumming into their mouth either had something in their ass or someone was pushing something in and out of their ass. That was so hot. So I am going to make sure you are ready for that if I decide to do you that way.”

Wow, where did my demure little wife go. The Julia I thought I knew would never have even thought about doing anything to my ass. But then again, she would not have fed me my cum either. She told me to get down on the floor on my hands and knees facing away from the sink. I did as I was told. I hear the water running and a draw open and close. Then I felt her behind me.

She said “Now do what I tell you to do and do not make a mess.”

I did not know what she was talking about until I felt something hard and slippery press up against my asshole. I jump a bit and Julia giggle. She told me to sit still and I felt the object slip easily by my rectum and into my ass. I was a strange feeling. It felt pleasurable and filling. She slid it in and out of me several times. My cock reacted to that action by jumping and getting a bit harder. She told me not to get too excited. Just as she said that, I felt warm water fill my bowels. Wow, I had not had an enema in years. I was experiencing all kinds of feelings. I tried to make sure I held the warm water in me. I remember Julia telling me not to make a mess. And I had to concentrate on not peeing, as the urge was very strong. The water kept filling me and was beginning to wonder if I could hold it. Just when I thought I was to the point of no return, Julia did something and then withdrew the probe. Wow, was I ever full. She told me to stay that way for five minutes or so and then sit on the toilet until I was completely empty. She left the room and closed the door. I did as I was told. Julia called from the bedroom asking if I was finished cleaning up. I told her I was and she walked into the bathroom as I was standing in front of the sink. She held her cell phone up and took a full frontal picture of my hairless body. I covered up for a second but she told me to never do that again.

“So, how does it feel to be hairless?” casino firmaları I didn’t know what to say.

“This is the way I want you every day from now on. Is that understood?”

I nodded, but her look told me I better say it. “Yes Mistress.”

“Did you like the enema?” Again, did not know what to say.

Then she said “You will thank me later I bet.”

She walked over to me, handed me a tube of lube.

“Lube up that ass of yours and then meet me in the family room.”

I did what I was told to do and then walked to the family room. I had to admit I felt a bit more naked with all my hair removed. Julia was busy setting up the laptop to the flat screen TV. She was naked by now. She looked up at me as I walked in and gave me that wry smile.

“It looks like you cock can’t wait to get started.” I looked down and I was as hard as a rock. I did not know exactly what was going to happen, but I knew I could barely wait until we got started.

She said “I have been looking around the internet as bit. I have found some amazing things. I had no idea so many men like to swallow cum.”

As she finished talking, a site flashed up on the screen. As I watched the website load, I saw a man similar to me lying on his back naked and hairless with his legs up in the air. A naked woman was sliding what appeared to be a pink strapon dildo in and out of his ass as she stoked his hard, shaved cock. Julia looked over to me and smiled again.

“Do you like what you see, slut?”

I just stood there staring as my cock throbbed. Then she started going through some pictures of this man and others in the same or similar positions. Then she went to the video section of the site and punched up a video. As it started up, the man from the first picture was being fucked by the naked woman. The audio was mostly about him begging for more and her asking him if he liked being fucked and was he ready to cum. He finally told her he was going to cum.

She stopped fucking him for a minute until she could get his legs over his head and his cock lined up to his mouth. Once she had him in that position, she began fucking him again. She asked him if he was still ready to cum. He just moaned and said yes. Then she began stoking his cock towards his mouth as she continued to fuck him all the while telling him he was going to have a mouth full of cum to swallow. He just moaned and then I could see his cock swell up and his moans got louder and his cock spurted the biggest cum load I had ever seen into his mouth and around his face. He kept cumming and swallowing as she screamed at him to swallow his cum like the cum slut he is. He eventually settled down to a slow dribble and she slowed down the fucking and withdrew what I now recognized as a strapon dildo from his ass. I was mesmerized as she told him to clean the cum off his face and lick it off his fingers. I looked down at my hard, throbbing cock and nonchalantly wiped the pre cum off the tip and licked it off my finger.

Julia giggled a bit and said “You are such a cum slut. Did you see what you just did? You wiped the precum off your cock licked it off your finger like it was something you have been doing all your life. What a slut you are.”

I just stood there blushing. I knew what she was saying, but it seemed so natural to lick up my pre cum. Maybe she was right. Maybe I really am just a cum slut.

“OK, now it is your turn. Get your ass on the floor. Now pull your legs up to your chest.”

I knew what she was going to do. My cock was throbbing as she pushed my legs over my head. She had started another video. It was a video of another hairless guy on his back getting a firm fucking by a naked young lady sporting what appeared to be a rather long, thick black strapon dildo.

“Now start jacking off your cock as you watch this video. Now keep jacking. I want to see your mouth full of cum.”

I was watching this guy on the video laying on his back as this young naked girl slide that black, cock shaped dildo in and out of his ass. I could hear him moan as she picked up the speed of her fucking. About that time Julia said something. I was so engrossed in watching the video; I did not hear what she said.

“I said, do you like this?”

I looked up between my legs and saw her holding the vibrator she had used to stimulate my ass last weekend. I just nodded. I was overwhelmed by what was going on. I just wanted to cum. She smiled at me as she placed the vibrator at the entrance to my ass and then slowly pushed it inside me. I moaned as I felt the vibrating tip slip past my sphincter muscle. I immediately felt a sense of fullness, but it did not hurt like I expected it would.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

I weakly smiled and said “It feels wonderful”.

“Ahhhhh, so you like the feeling of a something in your ass. I will have to remember that too. Are you ready for more? Do you want what that guy in the video is getting?”

I just nodded. She smiled again güvenilir casino and said “Be careful what you ask for”.

I really did not know what she meant, but I later found out what she had in mind. Slowly Julia pushed more and more of her vibrating toy into me, pausing to let me get used to the size and length of the vibrator. I could feel the vibrator pushing its way into my bowels and filling me to the hilt. I could feel the effect of the vibrator on my prostrate and at some point I could sense that she had pushed the entire length of the toy into me.

She asked “Are you ready to get the fucking of your life? Are you ready to eat all your cum?”

I just nodded and concentrated on how good the vibrator felt in my ass and how sensitive my cock was as I stroked it. Then Julia started to move the vibrating toy in and out of my ass. What an amazing feeling! The vibrator stimulated my prostrate in a way that I had never experienced before. I knew I was not going to last very long.

Then Julia said “Look at that”.

When I looked back at the screen, the guy getting fucked began to cum all over his belly as the girl continued to fuck him. I did not know why, but this video had me on fire. I just moaned again as Julia picked up the pace of her fucking my ass. Then the girl fucking him told the guy to lick up his cum and eat it. That just sent me over the top. I felt my cock swell up in my hand and it let loose a week’s worth of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as best as I could but my mouth overflowed with my cum and my face was covered.

My orgasm slowed down just as Julia said “Oh, so you like the idea of being told to eat your own cum?”

She slowly took the vibrator out of my ass. I had regained my composure by then and just looked at her as she let my legs back down from over my head.

“Now clean up your face and lick your fingers clean you little cum slut!”

I did what I was told to do. Then I began to think about what just happened. I knew what she was going to ask. I did not know if I could bring myself to tell her that I did indeed like the fucking she gave my ass.

“So what cause you to cum so hard? Was it the vibrator sliding in and out of your ass or was it the thought of swallowing your cum? Or was it both?”

I really did not know what to say.

Then she said “Well, it does not make any difference. I am going to do what I want to you anyway. You had better just get used to it. So, did you like the sight of the girl fucking the guy with a strapon dildo? Maybe we should get one of those. I bet you would squirm like a little bitch if I pushed one of those up your ass. Let’s find another video to watch. I need a good tongue lashing.”

She took the remote mouse and clicked through several video selections before she came to one with two couples having random sex. She leaned back on the couch, spread her legs and told me to assume the position which I assumed was kneeling in front of her and eating her shaved pussy. I did what I was told and eventually brought Julia off to a couple of resounding orgasms.

Then she got down on the floor facing the TV on her hands and knees and told me “Fuck her from behind and you better not cum until I tell you to.”

So I lined up my already hard cock with her pussy and slowly slid inside of her. She was virtually red hot and she moaned loudly as I hit bottom. I grabbed hold her hips and began driving my cock in and out of her. We were both watching one of the guys on the video kneeling on the floor in front of one of the girls who sat on a couch and he was fucking her. Meanwhile the other guy was stroking the large, black strapon cock the other girl was wearing. I assumed the girl was waiting her turn to fuck the other girl. Just then, you could hear the first guy cumming inside the girl he was fucking. When he pulled out, you could see his cum dripping out of her pussy. The girl wearing the strapon pushed the guy who was stroking her strapon over to the thoroughly fuck girl and pushed his head towards her pussy and screaming at him to lick the cum out of her pussy like a good little slut. Julia and I were both on fire as he licked her pussy clean. Then the girl with the strapon positioned herself behind the pussy licking guy and slowly slid her long, black strapon into his ass. He just moaned into the pussy he was licking as she fucked his ass. It was all I could take. I screamed that I was cumming. Julia went off also screaming that I was going to lick her pussy clean too.

Once I finished cumming for the second time, I slowly pulled out of Julia and she fell to the floor breathing very hard. I just knelt there watching as the group in the video eventually got into this kind of crazy configuration where the guy getting fucked by the girl with the black strapon was laying on his back on the floor, the girl he was eating was sitting on his face, the other guy was standing in front of the girl sitting on the guys face holding the guy’s legs up who was getting fucked up the ass and having his cock sucked by the girl sitting on the guy’s face and all the while the girl with the black strapon continued to fuck the guy laying on the floor in the ass and stroking his cock until he finally came all over his belly.

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