Jodie’s night of discovery

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Jodie’s night of discovery
Sally had been in school with me, but her parents emigrated to the states when we were in our teens and we had lost touch for years. I had remembered her as a very average skinny red head with bad skin, but great fun and a good friend. About two years ago she got in touch through social media, and on a trip to the states we finally reacquainted. She had got divorced and lived with her only daughter Jodie. We met for lunch on my last day of my business trip, with a couple of bottle of wine consumed between the three of us, someone mentioned Xhamster and we discovered both Sally and Jodie had read some of my stories. Jodie persuaded her mom to tell their story hoping that I would put it up on Xhamster. I had to make my flight so What follows below is exactly what Jodie told me over a number of emails.
Daddy had left eight months ago, and mom and I had settled into our life together, two women just getting along. I had only just finished junior high when he left, but starting high school wasn’t as bad as I had thought. Mom’s family had been great, visiting us regularly and helping us out. Mom’s divorce had arrived about two weeks ago, and she seemed much happier and relaxed since it had been finalised. My cousin Ben was staying with us for the weekend, mom’s sisters son, he’s just two years older than me, but always seemed very friendly, he was like the big brother I never had. Friday night was great fun, mom had cooked the food and the three of us had spent the night watching old black and white movies.
At breakfast the following morning, I asked could I spend the day at the mall with my friends, Ben wanted to watch the football and mom said she’d just hang around the house. Breakfast had lasted nearly an hour, we talked about everything, drinking coffee and eating. The conversation finally got around to mom’s divorce, but when I suggested she should start dating again, she went very quiet and withdrawn.
It was late when I got home, Ben was still watching the game, but he told me mom had been in her room all day. Mom suddenly appeared at the door, she looked down, but forced a smile. “I’m going to order pizza, is that ok?”
30 minutes later we were sitting around the table, mom and Ben wearing pyjamas and I had a night dress on with just panties underneath, munching on delicious hot pizza, mom and Ben were drinking beer and I had a coke. As we ate and talked mom seemed to be getting happier. We moved back to the living area after eating, our apartment is fairly small, and we were trying to choose what to watch for the night.
Mom looked at us both and said “I’m sorry about today, when you said I should start dating again Jodie it made me realise that I am single again, I felt like a young inexperienced teenager, erm no offence, its been so long, I was with your father since high school, and well you know”
We were all silent for a few minutes the Ben said “Its just like riding a bike, you’ll remember straight away, you just need to get out and do it aunt Sally”
“Call me Sally, aunt Sally sounds so formal”, mom smiled “I cant even remember how to kiss a man its been so long”. She turned to me.
“Don’t look at me mom, I’ve only kissed one guy, and it wasn’t really that good”
“What about you Ben, have you got loads of girlfriends” mom asked. He just shrugged and shook his head. We all laughed, a room full of failures when it comes to dating.
“I know mom, we could play a game, we did it at a party once.” Mom and Ben nodded in agreement. “You spin a bottle and have to kiss the person it lands on for thirty seconds”
Maybe it was my innocence but both mom and Ben looked a little embarrassed.
“It will be a great way to practice kissing, come on it will be a laugh.” I grabbed a beer bottle off the table and placed it on the floor between us. Before anyone could object I spun the bottle, it landed pointing at Ben, I leaned over and puckered my lips, “Come on don’t be a chicken Ben” he leaned forward and our lips touched, we kissed softly, no different from how you’d kiss a friend.
“That’s about thirty seconds” mom announced. I passed the bottle to her, and she spun it, her spin landed at me, and our kiss was similar to mine and Ben’s. I did notice her lips felt much softer than his. After thirty seconds it was Ben’s turn. We were beginning to have fun by now, and when he spun the bottle it landed at mom. They moved in close, their lips met and as their kiss progressed it seemed to get deeper, they were kissing for nearly a minute when they finally parted, Ben looked a little flush and mom seemed to be panting a little.
Our little circle moved around taking it in turns to kiss each other and generally laugh. The next time I spun the bottle and it landed on Ben our kiss was deeper than the first, just as our thirty seconds was up I felt Ben’s lips part, and his tongue entering my mouth, I copied what he was doing, and quickly realised what French kissing was, and the pleasure it brings. His tongue was only exploring my mouth for a few seconds, but I was already feeling the pleasure spreading throughout my body, my nipples were hardening and I could feel my pussy dampen. Thirty seconds was up, I wished the kiss could have lasted for ever, Ben is my cousin, but his kiss had done something to me that I never expected, and definitely hadn’t felt when I had been kissed before.
Mom’s spin, she landed on Ben, they locked lips, their mouths opening straight away, their tongues dancing inside their mouths. They wrapped their arms around each other pulling themselves closer. Both ending on the floor, rolling around, mouths and tongues locked tightly, hands running up and down. They didn’t hear me when I told them thirty seconds was up, the kiss was so passionate, I let them continue. I could hear both of them panting, I could feel my self panting, watching the passion they were displaying. Finally they parted, the top two buttons of mom’s pyjamas had come undone, her bra clearly visible, Ben’s pyjamas twisted around his body. Mom blushing, Ben with a huge grin on his face. As mom rolled off Ben, I could see a huge bulge in his pyjamas.
Mom stood up, Ben trying to cover his bulge. “Ben can I have a word with you in my room, you don’t mind Jodie, do you?”
Ben stood up, the bulge in his pants creating a tent around his waist. Mom lead him down the corridor and they both turned in the door way. I sat there for a minute, then crept down the corridor, Mom’s door was just open a crack, I couldn’t see in, but I could hear them, it sounded illegal bahis like they were kissing, giggling, then I heard them fall on to the bed as the springs creaked. I had often listened to mom and dad in bed, the sounds of them making love were a mystery to me, but this time the noises were highly erotic. Mom was whispering instructions to Ben, he was gasping, obviously impressed and excited with what was happening.
I stood silently, my hand lifting my nightdress, my fingers rubbing my wet panties. The sounds coming through the door had become rhythmical, both mom and Ben were grunting and panting, as the bed moved matching each of their movements. My finger rubbing to the same rhythm.
I could feel droplets of my dampness dripping down my thighs, I slipped my finger inside my panties, my pussy felt soaked. Then I heard a loud grunt from behind the door. A loud whisper “No don’t pull out, stay inside me” another grunt, “Oh god yes”. A third grunt, “Fill me….” Then a loud gasp and their movement stopped, the room became still. Both mom and Ben had cum, I was on the brink, but had to stop my self, knowing they would hear me. I moved away from the door, creeping back towards the living area. As I left, mom and Ben were kissing again.
I had just sat down where they had left me, when I heard mom calling my name, “Jodie can you come in here please”
I walked back down the corridor, knocking gently on mom’s door, “Come in love” she said. Pushing the door open, mom and Ben were sitting on the bed. Mom was wearing her pyjama top, only one button closed, her pyjama bottoms along with her bra and panties were lying at the end on the bed. Ben’s pyjamas were thrown on the floor. They only had a sheet covering their waists. Under the sheet I could see a slight bulge between Ben’s legs. Mom had a huge smile on her face. “We didn’t mean to cut your game short, so we thought you might want to carry on, here, if that’s ok?”
I nodded, approaching the bed as she beckoned. I sat on the edge of the bed, beside mom. She moved to make room for me, her legs appearing from under the sheet, her long tanned legs, and her naked pussy visible from where I sat. she leaned over to Ben, kissing him, their tongues exploring their open mouths. “Its your turn to kiss Ben” mom told me, she pulled away from him, the edge of the sheet slipping from his waist, only the corner of the sheet remained on his cock.
Mom made room for me as I climbed over her. Ben mouth open waiting for mine. We began to kiss, his hands gently moving across my nightdress, across my back and sides. His tongue was now inside my mouth. I could feel mom moving close by, the sheet being pulled from under me, I glanced down, Ben was naked, his cock looked solid and engorged, the head dark red. I could feel the warm dampness was spreading from inside me again, my nipples felt hard and tender, rubbing against my nightdress. Ben placed a hand on the back of my head pulling my head against him, crushing our mouths together. I could feel Ben’s other hand on my leg, caressing my thigh, then moving slowly upwards, under the hem of my nightdress, exploring my back, my sides. His hand then moved around to my front, his fingers tracing the curves of my body, slowly upwards. His fingers found my breasts, caressing the soft flesh, gently he pulled at my hard nipple, sending an exciting spark through my body. His hand cupped my breast, my small mound fitting easily inside his palm. With my eyes shut tightly every other sense seemed to be magnified. Then Ben broke our kiss, his hands falling away from my body, from under my nightdress. I felt a disappointment, but also an excitement, why did he stop? What was he going to do next?
“Jodie, if you want to stop, just say so” I could hear mom, I could only answer with a slight whimper. “If you feel uncomfortable or pressurised, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want”
I could feel Ben’s hands grip the bottom of my nightdress, he slowly pulled it up, over my head. Then he slipped his fingers inside my cotton panties, pulling them down over my hips. I lifted my butt, and he slid them down to my legs, I helped him slide them off me. I was naked.
Ben helped me into a sitting position, then lifted me on to his lap, pulling me close to him. Our bodies were close as I straddled him. We started kissing again, I could feel his cock pressing against my stomach. His muscular legs under my thighs. His smooth chest against my own.
Ben lowered a hand, slowly he caressed my ass, gently grabbing the flesh. He lowered his hand between my legs, and I felt him touch my pussy. His mouth was full of my tongue, and I could just make out his words, “So wet!”
I pulled my hips away from him, knowing it was my turn to take this to the next level. I raised my self on to my knees, lowered a hand to his crotch, finding his hard man hood. I wrapped my fingers around his cock, and moved my body forward, guiding his cock towards my opening.
I was expecting some pain, my first cock was about to enter me, so I presumed it must hurt at least a bit. I have had things in my pussy before, in fact I had broken my hymen about a year before, inserting the handle of a hairbrush into my pussy, on a particularly horny night of masturbation. But I thought a cock must be different.
I could feel the tip against my pussy lips, slowly I lowered my self down. As his cock made its first contact with my pussy, I broke from our kiss, watching his face. He had a huge grin on his face, at the same time his eyes seemed cloudy, and should I say sexy.
As my body lowered I could feel my groin spread, waiting for something bad to happen, then I felt my pussy start to open, a flood of my juices pouring over the head of his cock. Slowly I lowered down and felt his cock enter me, the headfirst then the shaft easily followed. I was so turned on, so wet. The grin on his face seemed to grow as he went deeper inside me, my pussy stretching to sheath his cock. He was fully inside me, his whole length, my legs were resting on his thighs, he let out a loud sigh. I could only guess what my own face looked like, but I could feel the sensation of being filled by him in every nerve of my body, I was trying to keep eye contact with him, but everything had gone blurred.
He cupped his hands under my ass, and lifted me slightly, I sent all my strength to my legs to assist him. With each movement, raising and lowering me, both of us grunted in unison. The excitement was something I had only dreamt of, only imagined in my wildest dreams. How long perabet giriş we were fucking for, I don’t know, it could have been hours or seconds, I could feel my orgasm approaching, the rise from the pit of my stomach. Ben was about to cum too, he was trying to vocalise but only grunts and gibberish were coming from his mouth. Then he let out a loud cry, his whole body stiffened, I felt his cock shudder, as my weight dropped down on his sloid rod. A hot avalanche pumped into my pussy, wave after wave of his cum, filling me deeply.
At that moment I felt my own body shudder, every muscle seemed to lose power while nerve seemed to cum alive, as if Jodielted by an electric shock. From my toes to my brain, wave after wave of beautiful orgasm shook me, each crescendo finishing in my pussy, finishing where Bern’s cock was pumping his seed into me.
I fell against Ben, speechless, the final waves of orgasm slowly draining from my body. Ben fell back onto the pillow, where we lay for several minutes.
I rolled off Ben, landing in mom’s arms. She was fully naked, she had taken her pyjama top off. She pulled me to her chest, where I had laid as she mothered me years ago. I could hear the beat of her heart, her large breasts rose inches from my eyes, her nipples firm and hard topping off her mammarys. We all lay quietly for what seemed like ages, what had just happened racing around my head, it had been so unexpected, so wrong, so unplanned. I was so inexperienced I had never thought I was close to losing my virginity. My body was slowly coming down from the orgasm I just had, my breathing slowly normalising. Somewhere beyond mom’s breasts I could see Ben’s naked body, his flaccid cock lying against his stomach, beads of sweat dripping from his torso.
It was Ben that finally broke the silence, “Jodie, was that your first time?”
“Yep” I answered.
“it was my second!” he said.
“You mean, mom, like a few minutes ago, was your first?” I looked over to Ben who had a huge naughty grin on his face.
“And just for the record” mom Jodieined the conversation, “Its been at least two years since I had a man, so I suppose its been a huge night for the three of us”. Me and Ben giggled at mom’s admittance.
“Ben?” I asked
“Can I, you know, suck your dick, please” I wasn’t sure how to ask, but it was something I wanted to try, I had seen tons of videos on the internet, and thought now was the time to try. I looked over at Ben, there was a slight rise in his cock, he wasn’t as hard as he had been earlier, but I definitely noticed a movement. “Is that ok mom?” she nodded.
I moved over to Ben, wrapping my fingers around his cock, feeling it swell as I touched it. Lowering my mouth, I began to kiss the tip, I could see the dried juices from our lovemaking on his cock. Slowly I kissed up and down the shaft, until I reached the top again. Then opening my mouth, I slipped my lips over his cock, allowing it into my mouth, tasting it with my tongue. I could hear Ben moan, as I began to suck him. Slowly allowing more of his length into my mouth. His cock seemed to be thickening as I sucked, I could feel it expanding and stiffening against my cheeks. His cock was rock solid, I lowered my mouth and felt it touch the back of my throat, I gagged and lifted off, my wet saliva coating his cock.
I looked up, tears in my eyes, mom was kneeling beside me, “deep throating does take a bit of practice Jodie, but I think if this is your first blow Jodieb, Ben looks more than happy with your efforts.” Ben’s moan let me know that he agreed with mom. “Can I have a go, please Jodie.” I moved over and watched as mom fed the hard cock into her mouth, slowly inch after inch disappeared between her lips. Her head was sliding up and down his length, her rhythm slow and steady, her hand was wrapped around the base of his cock, twisting as she pulled her mouth up.
Every couple of minutes mom and I changed places, I could tell by the sounds coming from Ben that he was enJodieying our double blow Jodieb, and I guessed that he was probably getting close to cumming again. “Mom do you want Ben to fuck you again?”
“God yes” she answered. We all changed positions, mom was on her hands and knees, with her ass pointing into the air. Ben positioned himself behind her, his cock in his hand. He guided his length into mom’s pussy, I watched from beside them as his length slid inside her easily. I pulled myself up, so I could reach Ben’s mouth, and as he started to hump mom, we were kissing. Mom was panting loudly as Ben fucked her, his breathing was deep and slow, and his moans were being hushed by my tongue and mouth.
After a few minutes mom reached back, stopping Ben from fucking her. He pulled out, his cock looked red and angry, the veins straining on his shaft. Mom then lay on her back, her legs parted, I moved to the side, and Ben guided his cock back into her pussy. As he fucked her, he was rubbing his thumb against her clitoris. I could see his cock slide in and out, glistening with mom’s juices.
“Oh god yeah!! I’m cumming, I’m cumming” Ben was virtually shouting, mom was backing her ass to meet every forward stroke he made, she was making strange gurgling noises.
“Cum inside me Ben, cum inside”
Ben let out a roar, and with a grunt, his hips bucked. He grabbed mom’s hips pulling her tight to him. His legs and ass began to shake, as mom roared “yes, pump it into me, I can feel it, god yessss!” she fell backwards into the pillow, Ben crashing down on top of her, mom threw her legs around his waist pulling them both even closer.
It seemed like ages before Ben’s body stopped jerking, his face filled with a stupid funny grin. Mom was still shaking with her orgasm as he pulled out, his cock still solid, coated in a mixture of cum. I leaned forward, offering my mouth to Ben’s cock, he slipped it in, I sucked all the cum from him, tasting both his cream and mom’s. Ben stayed hard for a few minutes as I sucked him clean, then his cock started to deflate.
Ben pulled out of my mouth, and moved to the side of the bed, falling onto his back. I moved in between mom’s legs, still spread from when Ben was inside her. Many times I had tried to see what my own pussy looked like, I had watched porn, but wanted to see one in real life. Now here in front of me was mom’s pussy, the vagina that had produced me, not many years ago. Her pussy. Looked a little red, the lips slightly parted, wet juices glistening as they dripped from inside her.
I lay on my stomach, just inches from her pussy, looking up, her perabet eyes staring down on me, she smiled and nodded. I placed a kiss on her inner thigh, keeping eye contact with her, her eyes closed, I stuck my tongue out, and licked some of the juices from her thigh. Mom sighed in response. I shifted forward, placing two fingers on either side of the folds of skin covering her vagina. I looked up at Ben, his eyes were transfixed on what I was doing. I turned my gaze back to mom. Pulling her labia apart, a sticky ribbon of her cum finally parting as her labia opened, giving me a full view of what lies beneath. I moved my tongue forward, pressing it against mom’s pussy. The taste of her juices coating my tongue, the sweet taste of her most intimate moisture. I lapped at her pussy, mom was groaning, then I curled my tongue and pushed it inside her. She bucked, grabbing my head as if to push me deeper inside. I used my tongue as a cock, in and out, fucking her as deeply as I could. With my mouth clamped to her pussy, her thighs were muffling out the sounds in the room, her moans and Ben. I couldn’t make out what Ben was saying, I was just getting the occasional word in his sentences. I could feel him close by, moving on the bed.
“Fucking hot” Ben said. His hand was on my ass, “So …. Sexy” as he gripped a handful of my ass cheek. “So tight”.
Mom was coming again, I’m not sure how many orgasms she had, but they were coming in waves. My face and the bed under her were soaking with her excretion.
Ben’s hand moved between my legs, parting my thighs, as he stroked my warm thighs. His finger then slipped between the gap in my legs, finding my pussy.
“So wet” was all I made out. As his finger slid between my labia, I could feel a stream of my hot juices pour from my pussy. His finger was inside me, mom holding me tightly against her pussy, I couldn’t move. Ben lifted my hips, sliding a pillow under me. Then he pulled my legs apart, I could feel him on the bed between my legs, then his cock was prodding me around my inner thighs. I shifted slightly and I felt his cock against my hot pussy, he said something that sounded like “fuck yeah”. I felt him push his cock forward and the tip entered my pussy. Slowly he went deeper, until I felt his weight on my back, and my pussy full of his stiff meat.
The sensation of him filling me, the angle he was inside me, all seemed perfect. I could feel him start to move, his cock gliding in and out of my pussy. He seemed to be racing, it felt like his excitement was so high, he was fucking me as fast as he could, but to my pussy it was just what I needed, a hard cock fucking me. The angle he was fucking me from meant he wasn’t penetrating me too deeply, but it felt like his cock was stretching my pussy so wide. Ben was trying to reach around, his hand searching for my clit, but the tempo of his fucking was effecting his aim, the few glancing blows against my clit felt amazing, and if he could have just held his position I felt like my insides would explode.
Mom let out a loud roar, another gush of her juices poured onto my face, at the same time I felt Ben grip my waist, pulling himself tight inside me. His cock started throbbing, jerking against my tight pussy, a sudden spray of hot cum exploded inside me. Ben’s cock slipped from my pussy, just as another rocket of cum shot from his cock, coating the outside of my pussy and the back of my thighs. I’m not sure how much he came, but he ended up collapsed on top of me panting. He finally rolled off, helping me up to the pillows beside mom.
“That was amazing Jodie, you’re so fucking hot, so sexy”
“Not as hot as mom though”
“You are both gorgeous”
“But look at mom, a great figure and huge tits, I’m small and skinny, with two fried eggs for breasts.”
“They will grow quick enough” Ben lowered his mouth to my breast, sucking my small hard nipple, his thumb and fore finger playing with my other nipple. Mom moved down the bed, between my legs, when I felt her soft tongue against my hot pussy, I nearly exploded, she then began sucking my clit, “You taste so sweet, so fresh, Jodie, and Ben’s cum…..yummmmm” with the two of them working on my erogenous zones it only took a minute until I came, the two of them preventing me from thrashing about the bed.
I woke the following morning, slowly coming back to life, had it all been a dream? I could hear mom’s voice gently calling my name. as my eyes focused in the bright sunlit room, I could see mom standing over the bed. I was in her bed, fully naked. Mom was wearing her robe, it was untied, her body naked underneath.
“I brought coffee and hotcakes with bacon” she laid the tray down on the table. I was starving. There were three large cups of coffee and a pile of food. Mom’s bathroom door opened, out came Ben, naked after coming out of the shower, a towel hanging from his shoulder. “Ben’s mom will be here to collect him soon, so we had to get up”
Ben leaned over and kissed me. The three of us ate and drank, recall the adventures we had the day before. “What time is your mom coming Ben?” I asked.
“In about thirty minutes”
“Well I don’t think that will fit inside your pants” I said, looking at the erection between his legs. I moved closer, opening my mouth, and sucking his cock in. Ben placed his hands on the back of my head, as I took as much of his length as I could. He began moving his hips backwards and forwards to meet the movement of my head, his cock from the tip to the hard shaft filling my mouth. Ben was rubbing my pussy as he face fucked me, both of us wanting to fuck properly, then just as we were about to change position, we heard the door bell.
“Shit” said Ben, his pounding speeding up. Mom climbed off the bed, finding her jog pants on the floor, and slipping a tee shirt on, just as she opened the bedroom door, Ben pulled out of my mouth, his cock straining, the little eye at the tip wide open. His cock jerked, an enormous ribbon of cum shot from his cock, landing on my face, at least three more blasts of cum coated my skin.
Downstairs we could hear mom and Ben’s mother talking. “Ben, your mom’s here” Ben was racing around the room grabbing clothes, getting dressed and grinning hugely at my cum coated face. Moments later Ben was in the hall with his mom, when I heard my mom, “Jodie come and say goodbye”
“In the shower mom, bye Ben”
“Well hurry up, we have to go toy shopping” mom called back.
I watched mom shut the front door, “Mom I think I’m a bit old for toys now?”
“Not the sort of toys I have in mind” she winked.
Jodie, still lives at home with her mom, and has grown into a gorgeous woman. Ben still stays over regularly, and Sally has invited me to come and stay with her and Jodie the next time I get to the states. Hope you enjoyed it!

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