Jill Learns About Sex & Her Body-Chap 7 How di

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Jill Learns About Sex & Her Body-Chap 7 How di
Jill Learns About Sex & Her Body-Chap 7 How did I become the school “Cum Queen”?
Continuation from Chapter 6

Note: to (hopefully) prevent this site from editing my story, I will use the following key:
Mrs. M = the woman who gave birth to me
Scott = Mrs. M’s 2nd husband after the man who sired me ran off with another woman
Ella = my older sibling
Dominic or Dom = the son of Mrs. M’s 2nd husband

Steve and I continued to date. After I had submitted to giving him a blowjob on our first date, he became emboldened. I remember what Ella had told me, and I refused his attempts to fuck me. I didn’t want to get pregnant and I also wanted to hold out for a while longer! With that said, I eagerly engaged and encouraged other sexual explorations. He was a Senior boy, and I was just a Freshman girl, after all. For example, after his Friday night football games, we would come back to my house. My parents, happy to have me safe at home, would give us our privacy and retire upstairs to their bedroom. That’s all the encourage we needed. We would feverishly make-out and pull each other’s clothes off. Steve would explore my wet pussy and he enjoyed pleasuring me and making me climax (I loved it!). In return, I would put my hand on his hard cock and either jerk him off, like I had seen my step brother Dom do, or would put his cock in my mouth. He loved what I did to him and he always came in a warm, messy orgasm. Such fun!

As my parents starting to allow me to go out on dates with Steve, we got more adventuresome. I still wouldn’t allow him to fuck me, but we had exploratory sex frequently. We were also frequenters of parties where someone’s parents were away. The word would spread, and many k**s would show-up. Importantly, alcohol was served. I was careful in not drinking too much, but on one particular party night, Steve convinced me to join him drink on a bottle of cherry vodka.

Music was playing, the house was full of partiers, and it was easy to get carried away in the moment. Steve and I stood off to one side, drinking our cherry vodka, and making out. We were interrupted by one of Steve’s football buddies. Like Steve, Mark was a Senior. He smiled at me, and then put his mouth close to Steve’s ear to be heard. They exchanged dialog, and then his buddy departed with a backwards glance, and smile, at me. Steve passed me the vodka bottle. I drank and gave him a quizzical look. He leaned close to me and spoke drunkenly in my ear, “Mark asked if he could have a blow job”.

Surprised, I pulled back to look at Steve. My head was spinning. He continued, “He said that he has never had a girlfriend give him a blow job. He really kaçak iddaa thinks you are the sexiest girl in school but wouldn’t want to hit on you and violate our friendship.” Steve stopped and looked at me, and then continued, “Jill, just this once, would you do this for me? I’m fine with you sucking him off. Please?”

I my drunken condition, I felt sexy and wanted. I didn’t appreciate how other boys thought about me. I was pleased. I said in Steve’s ear, “Only if you are with me.” I looked at Steve and he nodded his head and smiled. “Also,” I slurred, “Don’t let him fuck me!” He was surprised, but readily agreed to my requests.

I remember Steve helping me back to one of the bedrooms in the house. The lights were dim and Mark was standing there. Steve handed me the vodka bottle and I took another swig. I moved to Mark and dropped to my knees in front of him. We both fumbled with his belt and zipper. His jeans, and boxers, dropped to the floor. His hard cock stood straight out at me. His cock jumped when I put my hand around it. I looked up at Mark and smiled as he looked down on me. Holding his eye contact, I kissed the tip of his erection. He twitched. I then lowered my mouth on him. I heard him moan as I began my work. Drunk or sober, I loved cock sucking and had given Steve many blow jobs. Moving my hand on his shaft, I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. I kissed and licked his cock head, making love to it.

I heard Steve say, “Smile!” and I turned to his voice.

I just giggled and smiled as he snapped a photo with his phone. Mark put his hands on my head and pulled me back to his cock. I opened my mouth and continued sucking him. Unexpectantly, I sensed Mark tense, his hands locked on my head and held me in place. I felt my mouth fill with his sperm! I did my best to swallow but with his grip on my head, I gagged. I tried to breath, and his semen smiled out of my mouth and down my chin. Finally, he completed his orgasm, and he pulled his cock out of my mouth.

To his, and perhaps Steve’s, surprise I looked up at Mark, and smiled. I knew I was a mess, but I was happy.

Still knelling, I heard noises behind me and turned. There stood a bunch of guys! My first thought was of being embarrassed that they had walked-in on us.

Then I saw that they were all naked from the waist down! Their erections pointing straight out. I looked at Steve. He shrugged his shoulders and handed me the vodka bottle. I was confused and didn’t know what to do. I looked around the group of boys and through my cloudy brain, it dawned on me that they all wanted blow jobs, too! I went to stand up in-protest but felt hands on my shoulders to hold me on my knees. Someone moved perabet güvenilir mi my hand holding the vodka bottle to my lips… I took a swig. My head was spinning: here I was with Mark’s semen dripping down my face after they had watched me give him a blow job. What was I to do? I knew I was trapped and the only way-out was to perform sex on all of these boys. Okay. Fine. I gave-in (perhaps too eagerly).

I looked-up as they gathered around me, cocks pointing at my face from all angles. I decided to make the best of my situation and reached-up grabbing a cock in each hand. Another cock pushed into my mouth. I was fully engaged and doing the best I could. I could hear the guys talking and laughing. They seemed to be having fun. I moved around to suck or masturbate each cock. The vodka bottle showed up and, to a group cheer, I downed a gulp. At that point, my memory gets fuzzy. All I know is that I was working the cocks around me as best I could. I remember knowing that I had cum overflowing my mouth and dripping off my face and hands and that my face felt messy and wet. The boys were sounding excited. And then I passed-out…

I woke up sometime later. Confused. Scared. Sticky. My head was very fuzzy. I was laying on a bed, clothed. I recalled enough to know that I needed to find Steve and get home by curfew. I attempted to stand, but with my spinning head, it was difficult. Then the door opened, and Steve came into the room. He sat next to me on the bed and put his arm around me.

“It’s okay, Jill. Let’s get you cleaned-up and home.” After that, we moved to a bathroom and used a warm washcloth to clean my face and clothes. The whole time, although Steve was helpful and empathetic, he wouldn’t kiss me. He drove me home and made sure that I got into my house. He must have called ahead as Dom greeted me at the door, and quietly ushered my unsteady form up to bed.

Epilogue: The next morning I woke slowly. My head hurt and I felt yucky. There was a soft tap at my door and then Dom entered. He suggested that I clean-up in the shower and then he had something to tell me. Still cloudy headed about last night, I did as he suggested. When I glanced in the mirror, I was shocked about the condition of my face! My mascara had run done my checks and my hair was a crusty mess. I had a flashback memory of my adventures of last night. Oh my…

After my shower, I emerged to find Dom sitting on my bed with his laptop open. He motioned for me to sit next to him. Dom was a good step brother and always looking out for me. Putting his arm around me, he said, “So, I hear you had a good time last night. Did you drink too much?”

Sheepishly, I nodded and tipobet looked away. “Okay, I’m not at all judging you, and I think you will be just fine, but I need to show you something.” He turned his laptop towards me. On the screen was some porn site. I was shocked. “This site, xHamster, allows users to post photos and videos. Yes, it is a porn site that I like. Anyway, this morning when I got up and happened to check some sites of my buds, I discovered this…” With a few clicks, he fired-up a video. I saw a girl, giving blowjobs to a group of boys.

“Oh, no!” I exclaimed. “That’s me! But…but… how did that happen? Oh no!” I kept watching the video in a transfixed state of shock.

The amateur video chronicled me sucking many, many cocks! I was horrified that others would see it, but also felt an all too familiar tingling between my legs as I watched. I had a cock in each hand, and one in my mouth as I did my best to please everyone. As I bobbed my head on the cock I was sucking, I could see the boy’s body tense and shake as he drove his hips, and cock, into my face. I could hear myself gag and the other boy’s cheer, and then see his semen run out of my mouth and down my front. Another cock would take its place, and the scenario would repeat. Several cocks that I was attempting to jerk off, then climaxed their load on my face, again to the cheers of the other boys. The phone moved around and videoed me with a drunken, cum splashed smile. I looked like I was really enjoying myself!

I heard a boy demanding “Open your mouth, slut! Here I cum!” I opened my mouth as I was told just as he masturbated into the opening! His hand jerked several spurts of his cum into my mouth. The boys cheered! I couldn’t believe the amount of cum I was consuming!

“Oh!” I exclaimed watching the video. Dom just hugged me. Still shocked, I watched as I seemed to drop to the floor. I heard a boy say, “Hey! Jill passed out!” I saw several boys bend over and lift me onto the bed. I was obviously drunk. They arranged me on the bed comfortably. Then to my surprise, I heard a Steve’s voice, “Move over,” and I watched as he moved to stand beside me. He was moving his fist on his erection! Within moments, he grunted and his body spasmed. Steve shot his sperm across my face, up my nose, and into my (closed) eyes! The room erupted in laughter. The video ended with a scan of my clothed, sleeping, cum splashed body.

Still sitting next to me, Dom said, “Jill, before I showed you this, I asked the guy who recorded this to remove it from the website. I told him that with you being u******e, and obviously drunk, the cops could use this to convict his ass of statutory ****. It should disappear soon, but others may have seen it already… or participated in the evening… or even taken some photographs themselves. This could follow you around. Let’s think about what to do and talk more later. Dom departed.

I sat there, in stunned silence.

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