It’s Good To Have an Older Sister Ch. 05

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The reason my story is very like Needyou’s story is the fact that we wrote it together months ago but I didn’t know he had posted it until I had received a couple of e-mails. I am sorry Needyou, and my apologies. He did had his story on here first. But I will continue my story until it’s finished for those who are still reading it.

Hi Jane here again with the next part of my story. After the big party at my house I was very concerned about what my boyfriend Tommy and my older sister did in the back room after one of our oral games. She was so beautiful and older than I was. I was just18 and had very little knowledge about how to please a boy sexually! She was almost 21 and had been with a bunch of guys.

So when Tom picked me up on Tuesday night we parked in our usual spot and I began by asking him, “So what did you and my sister do in that back room at the party?”

He said, “Well Jane, you know we were all playing those sexy game and I didn’t plan to be with your sister. I was hoping it would be you.”

I said, “Just tell me what evil thing did she do to you and have you do to her?”

Tommy said, “Remember I was blindfolded and had to guess which girl’s breasts I had in my hand. If I guessed correctly, then me and the girl would go into the back room and give feel each other up and maybe even some oral sex.”

I remembered he guessed wrong twice and then guessed right when my sister with the really big nice tits stood there letting him feel her up! Hell how could he not know it was Joann, with the size of her breasts anyone would have known it were she. She has the best and biggest breasts in the group. So I was pretty sure that’s how Tommy knew it was my sister! Since I elected to play this game, I had nothing to say about which two got to go in the back room together. But I was jealous!!

Here’s that part of this story.

Tommy started by saying, “Well we sat down next to each other and Joann was looking me straight in the eyes and she told me to take her top completely off. I did and since she didn’t have on a bra, her big tits were now facing me and all the lights were on in the back!”

She said, “You know Tommy, I really love it when a guy plays with my nipples and sucks on them! It drives me crazy with desire. Would you make love to my tits and suck them for me? I want you to make me feel good baby! So do what I tell you OK?”

Tommy said, “God I felt my cock get hard almost immediately! You know how big your sister’s tits are don’t you?”

I told him, “Oh yes!! I know how beautiful she is and any guy would love to have those big tits in his hands and mouth! What else happened?”

He said, “Well she laid back against the old sofa back there and just let me have complete access to her breasts and body! She moved her hand over my cock, which was still sticking out of my jeans. She unsnapped and unzipped them my jeans and I let them fall to the floor. She told me, “You know your brothers has a bigger cock than yours but I bet yours is harder and you cum more than they do. Would you like it if I sucked on your cock Tommy? I know Jane has sucked you off but let me show you how a cock should be sucked! I really want to suck you dry baby!”

I looked at Tommy and I could see his eyes glaze over and his passion rising. I also saw his cock rising in his jeans as he continued by telling me, “I moaned hearing her say she really wanted to suck my cock Jane! Since I had been sucking and playing with her hard, full tits I did want my cock sucked. I couldn’t help it Jane God her tits were so huge and God Jane, her nipples were so big and long and red! My cock was so dam hard from looking at them and feeling them and then sucking on them! I was sure I would cum in less than a minute once she put her mouth on my cock head. She told me to lie down and when I did she slid between my legs and took my cock in her hands. She teased the hell out of me making me so dam hard I was throbbing with the need baby! I have never been that hard in my life! Your sister is good let me tell you! She got me so close to cumming 3 or 4 times before she let me do it!”

I sighed and said, “Yea that’s what I figured happened Tommy. Damn it why can’t she just leave my boyfriend alone?”

Tommy kissed me and held me telling me he loved ankara escort me so much. I kissed him back and said, “And was that all that happened back there?”

He said, “Well when I finally shot off, It was like a cannon going off! When I finished, she smiled up at me and rubbed her face with any cum that had leaked out of her mouth! It was like she wanted her face to have cum on it!”

I said, “Yea, and I know why too! She wanted to show me she made you cum and make me upset! Bitch!!!” Tommy then told me she continued to jerk him off awhile and then she cover the head of his cock with her mouth again and sucked on it again! Then she stopped sucking and went back to beating him off. She even licked his balls taking each one in her mouth! He said, “God Jane! She really had me going crazy by then! I begged her to make me cum again and she just laughed! Finally she began to do that thing you do, deep throat me! When my cock hair was against her nose I moaned and it only took a few seconds after she twisted the base of my cock and pushed down on it! You know that makes my cock as hard and long as it can get. It might add another inch to the length when you do that to it, same with her. God!! When I did cum, it was with suck force I almost passed out!”

We sat for a few minutes saying nothing. Then I asked him, “Well I’m afraid to ask but I will anyway, what did she have you do to her?”

Well after she sucked my cock and I came twice she made me eat her pussy.”

I said, “And?”

He told me she stood in front of him and slowly lifted her red leather skirt about her waist! She asked if I had ever eaten a “women’s pussy”” not a little girl’s? I told her, “The only pussy I have ever ate was your sister, Jane’s pussy!”

She smiled and told me to kneel on the floor in front. Tommy took a deep breath and said, “Then Joann sat in the old chair back there. She had her skirt up around her stomach showing me her body. But the Jane, she really got me. She put a leg over each arm of he chair. God Jane, your sister is really built! My mouth is watering now just thinking about her body! But you’re right, she is a bitch!”

He then told me she made him beg to eat her pussy while she fingered herself in front of him. He said, “So I’m sitting right in front of me and my pussy is just inches away from your mouth wouldn’t you like to taste me Tommy?”

I could smell her musk as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy! He sighed and said, “God Jane!! I was so hot! So I did it. I begged her! I begged her to let me taste her!”

I asked and then what did she do? He told me she said, “Let me see how you do Tommy. You don’t have very much experience so you better do what I tell you when I tell you! I want you to really get me off.”

I told her, “I will Jo! I will! Please let me taste your pussy. Please!”

She smiled at me and said, “OK, first put your finger in me and finger fuck me with it like this!”

She showed me how she wanted me to finger her.

I had Tommy’s hard cock and was slowly stroking him to help relieve his sexual pain. I asked, “And then what Tommy? Tell me everything.”

He said, “I began to pump her pussy with my finger.”

I spread my legs wide and with my skirt rising up and since I didn’t have any panties on, I let him see my pussy. I told him, “Show me. Show me exactly what she told you to do.”

He smiled at me when he saw I had no panties on and his hand moved down between my legs and began to play with my vagina. I moaned and said, “No baby! Finger me like you did my sister.”

He said she yelled, “Use two now! Now dam it! Use two fingers.”

He told me, “So I did it. I put two fingers in her and she told me, “Now faster fuck me faster with your fingers!”

I said, “Do it Tom! Do what you did to her.”

He inserted another finger into me as I slumped down in the seat. I moaned, ” Faster Tommy just like you did with my sister. Faster baby! Mumm yes that’s it now finish telling me.”

He said, “God Jane I was fingering her as fast as I could make my fingers go!” I said, “Do it to me!”

He did as he continued, “Honest to god they were moving so fast that my arm started to hurt! Finally when I couldn’t do it any more with this hand, I started to change hands escort ankara and fingers when I heard her say, “Oh shit Tommy! If you can’t do it right with your fingers use you mouth! Suck me baby!”

He knelt on the floor of his car and I opened my legs wider for him. His face was so close to my pussy I could feel his breath on my wetness. He looked up and said, “So I moved in and Joann took my head and pushed it into her pussy! She was so wet my face was covered with it almost immediately! She told me to lick her! Lick faster!”

Joann said, “Come on Tommy lick my pussy like you licked Jane’s!”

He looked up at me and continued to finger me as he kissed my pussy on and off as he told me, “I began to lap her pussy like a dog! I mean I was licking her as fast as I could. When my tongue started to get tired I sucked her pussy in and she hit me on top of the head. She yelled at me that she didn’t I tell me to suck her yet? She yelled for me to go back to licking her! So I started to lick her again. This went on for a good 15 minutes until finally she moaned and said, “Now!! Now Tommy!! OH!! GOD!! Suck it now baby! Suck my clit Tommy!”

He was doing the same thing tome and had stopped talking all together now. I held his head and pumped my pussy into Tommy’s face as I came hard. When Tommy felt me begin to pump my hips and lift my ass up off the car seat, he sucked in my clit and I screamed from the pleasure.

When I had finished I pulled him up to me and kissed and tongued him tasting my own cum. I held him and began to stroke his cock again. It was throbbing and I knew he wanted to cum. But I held him off and told him, “Tell me the rest Tommy.”

He said, “Your hand feels so good Jane but your mouth would feel much better.”

I said, “After you tell me,”

He sighed and watched me play with his cock and balls as he continued, “So I looked up at her pussy as I took a breath and God Jane, her clit was huge.”

I told him, “Yes, I know, I have seen it”

He looked at me and asked me, “How? How….do you know about her clit? Have you ever seen her pussy that close up? How do you know her clit is big?”

I told him, “Well we’re sisters Tommy. I have seemed her masturbating with a hairbrush and a vibrator so big you wouldn’t believe it”

He just kept looking at me jerking him off. When I told him about the time that I watched my sister, I felt his hips lift a little and he began to fuck my hand. I knew he was very, very close to cumming. So I backed off and began to play with his balls letting his thick hardon have a rest.

He asked: “Are you mad at me Jane? It was part of the game you know. I still would rather it had been you with me.”

I told him, “No, baby I’m not mad at you at all Tom. I’m a little sad and pissed at my sister for making you do all that to her.”

He said, “Well that’s not the end. She made me do something else too Jane. I didn’t want to do it but she made me! Honest. She had me so worked up she told me to put my cock in her pussy!”

I said, “What!! And…..and you did it!”

He hung his head down and said, “Yes! I did! I fucked her for about 1or 2 minute before she told me to stop fucking her and go back to licking her! God Jane I didn’t want to stop at that point. Your sister is a bitch!! But because she is built so dam great, I did whatever she wanted. I couldn’t say no to her. I’m sorry Jane! But, she’s spread herself wide open with her legs over the arms of that big chair, her pussy musk is on my face and my cock is rock hard from the desire she built up in me. I couldn’t help it! She told me to put it in her pussy. God she sounded so sexy and mean at the same time. I was scared and hot and needed to cum! So I did! I sank my cock all the way into her with one push! She’s much bigger than you are down there! She took my smaller cock with no trouble at all. She hissed at me to fuck her harder and to fuck her faster! She sounded like some witch or something. I was scared! I pushed my cock in and out of her like a mad man before she stopped me. I was almost ready to cum too. But, I don’t think she was even worked up that much!”

Tommy looked at me and told me my sister told him, “Put your mouth back on her pussy and you better make me cum this time!”

So I did what ankara escort bayan she told me to do and in a few minutes she moaned real loud and pulled my head even harder into her pussy locking her thighs around the sides of my head and fucked my face hard. She cried out again and again when she climaxed.”

I just looked at him and felt his cock jumping with the desire he had. Then he said, “When she recovered she told me I wasn’t bad for a kid. It was then that she pushed me back on to the sofa and told me just how much she like me to suck her tits. Two minutes later she was between my legs sucking my cock!! Two minutes after that, I was ready to cum again. But, like I told you before she held me back a bunch of times. Finally I shot off in her mouth! She liked it I know that! She smiled at me and we got dressed as you were hammering on the door that our time was up. She walked out looking for you! She told me, “Hurry up Tommy, I want my sister to see your cum on my face! That will piss her off!”

Tommy held my hand and asked me, “So are you mad at me? I’m sorry baby!”

I said, “I won’t be mad if you do me like you did my sister and no more talking Tommy. I want you to eat my pussy now and make me cum!”

We moved into the back sat and as I was pumping his cock hard and fast, I laid back on the car seat and put one of my legs over the back of the seat and the other on the floor. Tommy sat on the floor and as his breath covered my pussy I felt his tongue and arched my back as he probed my vagina and made love to me better than he ever did before. When I had achieved two orgasms, I whispered for him to come up and lay on top of me. I then positioned his hard thick cock at the door of my sex and he pushed it in gently and slowly. I moaned, “Oh yes! Oh God yes Tommy! You feel so good. Make love to me baby! Fill me! Oh yes Tommy give me all of your wonderful cock”

He was fully inside me now and we began to fuck together. It took Tommy only a minute to cum. He was so worked up from the story and me jerking his cock for over a half an hour while he told me. But the good thing about Tommy, is most of the tie he doesn’t go completely soft. And with the muscles I have now inside my vagina I was able to help him stay hard.

We continued to fuck as each pump down into me sent his cum flying out over both of our bodies. It didn’t bother either of us. We were in no hurry. There was no power thrusting now it was a slow, gentle and wonderful screwing he was giving me. He drove me higher and higher as his pelvis rubber against my clit each time he was fully buried inside me. I held him and kissed him and tongued his mouth giving him my entire body and sole. He held me and drove his cock deep into me making me grunt each time. But it was still gentle and felt like a dream.

Well it was slow and easy at first! But then our bodies took over our brains and as I started moaning for him to go faster and fuck me harder, and harder and harder, he did! Over and over again he filled me. Since he had just cum minutes ago, Tommy lasted much longer now. He arched his back each time he delivered his cock fully inside me. I cried out, “I love you baby! Oh God fuck me Tommy! Cum in me again! I’m, going to cum! Ohhhh! Yes!!! Tommyyyyyyyy!”

And, then I couldn’t hold back any longer and held him tightly as I cried out one more time and lifted us both up off the car sat as I humped and humped and humped on his beautiful hard cock up inside me. I held him deep in my body as I fucked myself on it and had a wonderful long and hard orgasm.

But Tommy continued to fuck me. He was really going to town driving into me again and again! And then he arched his back again and looked into my eyes. I could see the lust and need in them and then I felt it! He was cumming again! I moaned as each spray of cum he delivered into me made me that much more in love with him. I held him and stroked him and loved him as he finished his hard orgasm! He fell forward and said, “GOD! GOD! That was the best one yet Jane. We are getting so much better together baby! GOD! I felt like my balls were being pumped out my cock. Oh man! That was a really good one!”

I just held him and kissed him. I was so much in love with him it scared me a little. And I hated what my sister had made him do with her. I knew he loved me too and only did it because she bullied him. One day I’ll get even. Then I remembered it was she and what she did to him that made him so hot for me tonight! I guess it’s still good to have an older sister.

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