It Begins and Ends with a Sigh

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Ana Foxxx

She collapsed on the king sized bed with a sigh and began tugging at her remaining clothes. The box fan in the window was doing little to cut through the August heat wave. It was the kind of heat that went all the way to your core; working its way inside you making you restless. She removed her bra, leaned back against the pillows and lazily began caressing her aching breasts, feeling her nipples tighten as she gently traced circles around them with her fingertips.

In the other room she could hear him turn on the shower. She smiled softly at the familiar sound of him humming to himself as he stepped under the stream of water. She let her hands slide down her stomach, parting her legs slightly to accommodate a hand between her thighs. She stroked herself over her panties, feeling her moist heat through the lace. She worked her index finger under the elastic; her fingers quickly found the button of flesh and began teasing the tip. As she felt the warmth begin to spread through her belly, she got an idea that put a bigger smile on her face.

As she listened to the sound of him closing the shower curtain, she slipped off her panties and began walking toward the bathroom. Sweet smelling steam greeted her nostrils when she opened the door. Still smiling, she pushed back the shower curtain and stepped in behind him. She slipped her arms around his waist and rested her forehead against his back. The smell of his damp flesh made her pulse quicken. He never wore cologne and yet the scent of him had a dizzying affect on her. It was a heady combination of clean, ivory soap, warm sun drenched skin, and the woodsy, mossy scent of the forest. She rubbed her hands up and down his firm, soap slippery stomach and chest as she kissed and licked water droplets from his back. He moaned appreciatively, and with that encouragement she began to use her tongue to massage his spine, using teasing yet firm circular motions as she worked her way lower. When she reached his muscular buttocks, she playfully nipped a cheek, and then massaged both cheeks monsters of cock porno with her hands before she kissed her way softly back up his spine. When her mouth reached the base of his neck, he spun around to face her. She stared up at his tawny brown eyes as she brought their wet, naked bodies closer to each other, savoring his warmth. She could feel his hardness pressed against her as his rough hands stroked her lower back and squeezed her bottom; her body instantly responded; she could feel the wetness between her thighs at his touch.

They smiled at each other, and he brought his mouth down to meet hers and kissed her deeply. She brought one hand up to stroke his hair as she slung one leg around his brawny hip, rubbing herself against his erection. She moaned, aching to take him deep inside of her. Instead, he used his hands to spin her around so that her back was facing him and her front was in the hot stream of water from the shower. He soaped up his hands and slipped them up and down over her breasts and belly. He slid his hands up and cupped her breasts, feeling their weight in his hands. She arched her back against him as he squeezed her breasts with both hands and teased her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Leaving one hand to fondle her breasts, his other hand roamed slowly downward, fingers brushing past the damp tangle of hair between her thighs to part her slick, wet lips, teasing her swollen clitoris lightly with his fingertips as she cried out and parted her legs, wanting more. He applied more pressure and began massaging her in slow circular motions with his fingertips. He quickened his rhythm and began rubbing the tip. She found herself begging him not to stop. He knew exactly how to touch her to send her over the edge, and soon she could feel her body tensing before waves of pleasure washed over her.

Her legs felt weak, and she leaned against his body for strength. She could feel his hardness against her and she longed to taste him. She arched her neck back naught america porno and kissed his lips. “I want you in my mouth”, she whispered in his ear between kisses. Wrapping her hand around his girth, she felt him twitch at her touch. She stroked her hand up and down his shaft, enjoying the velvety feel of his flesh; then knelt down in the shower and gazed at his member with a sigh of appreciation. He did have a delicious looking cock. Rock hard and perfectly proportioned. Noticing the droplets of moisture that had formed on his head, she leaned in to gently lick them off. She loved how wet he got. Still grasping him with her hand she took him in her mouth, the salty, sweet taste of him making her feel a familiar tingle between her thighs. Even though he had pleasured her only moments before, she could feel her excitement mounting. The warmth of her mouth on him made him moan. Hungry for him, she tried to take all of him in her mouth at once, but was unable to. Moaning with him still in her mouth, she began working her hand up and down him while she sucked him and teased the underside of his shaft with her eager tongue. Her muffled moans echoed his as her heart began to quicken. She wanted to taste him as he exploded in her mouth, but she also wanted to take her time and savor every inch of him.

Slowly, she pulled her mouth off him, and began swirling her tongue around his swollen head while her hand slipped up and down his shaft. Quickening the pace with her hand, she began using her tongue on the underside of his shaft. She reached back and stroked his balls lovingly, they felt heavy and full; she brought her mouth to them licking the smooth skin, kissing them and gently taking them in her mouth. Taking the length of him back into her mouth, she began to suck him harder as her hand gently stroked his sack. Quickening her pace, she began sucking furiously as her hand squeezed his shaft and pumped him in perfect rhythm with her mouth. After a few moments, she could feel him swell even more in her nubiles porn mouth, moaning as his breath grew ragged. She could feel herself getting wetter in anticipation. At this point she didn’t know who craved his release more, her or him. She released another deep moan with him still inside her mouth. This seemed to send him over the brink and she felt her mouth being filled with bursts of his sweet, salty nectar. Eagerly, she tried to swallow it all as he came, but there was too much and she could feel it hot on the back of her throat and a small bit escaping her mouth. When he was spent, she gently withdrew her mouth and gave his member a soft kiss goodbye. Until next time.

Standing up, she reached behind him to grab the soap, kissing him as she leaned in close. She used the bar of soap to create lather between her palms then proceeded to soap his body, lovingly rubbing his muscles with her hands. When she was satisfied with her work, she removed the shower head from its silvery holder and turned the dial to the “Massage” setting. She used the warm stream of pulsating water to rinse every inch of his glorious body.

Taking him by the hand she led him out of the shower and into the bedroom. They collapsed together on the bed with him on top of her. The weight of his shower warm body on top of hers felt heavenly. He kissed her lips, her neck, her hardened pink nipples, working his way tenderly down her body. When she felt his hot breath between her legs, it made her shudder. He brought his mouth down on her most sensitive spot. The feel of his mouth gently sucking her and teasing her made her gasp. God, he was good at that. He slid his finger inside her; the added sensation made her arch her back as she pushed her pelvis toward his hand. Soon, the swirling of his tongue and the rhythmic motion of his finger had the pleasure building inside of her until she felt herself exploding in pulsating bliss, her body tightening and contracting around his finger. When she was finished, he gently blew on her, sending little shivers down her spine.

Completely spent and unable to move, it felt like her body was sinking down into the softness of the bed. Sensing her fatigue, he covered her damp, naked body with a blanket and settled down next to her. She rested her head on his shoulders as she drifted off, her body still tingling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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