Incestia [6]

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Incestia [6]
i****tia: Where everything that is agreeable, is also legal.


Part 6

Yuri was a mess after being forced to watch his sweet daughter Verity getting fucked by a man who was as hairy and b**stly as he was wealthy. There had been nothing he could do but watch the heavy man mount his daughter, take her virginity, and pump his thick seed into her.

Yet, his torment didn’t end there. The i****tian lech had looked right at him the entire time and talked about Verity as a whore and a prostitute and how he was going to fuck her and repeatedly pump her full of jizz and get his moneys worth.

His brother Avan helped by explaining, “Yuri, she arranged it. She chose that ghastly man and she made enough money to pay off your debt to the judge and keep your family going for years.”

He had even more success in helping Yuri understand when he spoke of Yuri’s future with Cambria, the man’s youngest daughter. And, success was critical because if he didn’t get the two of them married, then his own plans for sexual pleasure would never happen.

He approached Cambria. “He’s coming to accept things, Cambria,” he said. “So, now is a good time for you to go to him. And Cambria, you MUST seduce him! You must get him in bed and get him to screw you because that will help him the most. Do it now and I’ll get started on your wedding arrangements.”

Cambria stripped to her panties and bra and went to her father. She sat on his lap and caressed his head before letting her small hand wander lower while she whispered in her father’s ear, “Come on daddy, let’s fuck. It’s what both of us need.”

She pulled on his hand and led him to the bed she had been sharing with him. She pulled his face between her legs and the rich scent of her young pussy did the rest.


Two weeks later, the wedding arrangements had been made and the family arrived at the Temple of i****tia. They smiled when they saw a large sign announcing the wedding of Yuri Volka to his daughter Cambria.

The temple was large, old, and charmed with ornate architecture. Dozens of strangers in formal attire were seated in pews that provided excellent views of a raised platform where Avan, his niece Verity, and his young nephew Caci were standing. A lanky, gray-haired priest in a gray suit stood while holding a small book.

When a woman of about 70 years of age began playing a wedding processional, the audience stood and Cambria, dressed in a beautiful and long wedding gown, appeared with her father. Locked elbow-to-elbow, they made their way down the long aisle and stopped just before the platform.

The organ music stopped and the priest asked, “Who gives this girl, Cambria Volka, to be wed to this man?”

Yuri replied, “I do, Father,” and he and his daughter proceeded to join the priest on the platform.

The priest smiled and began reading useless preliminary statements from his book.

“And now,” he continued, “I will ask Mr. Volka to repeat his vows. Do you, Yuri Volka, take your daughter, Cambria Volka to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold and to protect and to provide for?”

“I do,” Yuri replied.

“And do you vow that you will have sexual intercourse with your daughter, to fuck her and to achieve orgasm inside of her and to inseminate her often?”

“I do.”

“And Cambria, do you take your father, Yuri Volka, to be your lawfully wedded husband, to serve him and to be faithful to him, having no other men sexually that your father has not approved?”

Cambria’s aqua eyes were dreamy as she smiled at her father. She had waited so long and could kaçak casino hardly believe it was happening. “I do,” she replied.

“And do you vow that you will have sexual relations with your father and serve his needs as a man and let him fuck you to completion and ejaculate in you fully and often?”

“I do.”

“Since this is a marriage between a father and his daugher, The i****tian Statute of Agreeability requires that I ask the following questions.” He turned to Yuri. “Yuri Volka, do you understand and agree that by pledging yourself to having sexual relations with your daughter, you will be committing the act of i****t?”

“I do.”

The priest smiled and turned to Cambria. “And Cambria Volka, do you also understand and agree that by pledging yourself to having sexual relations with your father, you will be committing the act i****t?”

Again she smiled and replied, “Oh yes, I do!”

“Ah, very good,” the priest responded. “We love to see father’s marry their daughters. And, with that done, I now pronounce that this father and his daughter have become husband and wife.”

He turned to the congregation. “I have counseled with Yuri and Cambria and you will be pleased to know that their agreements are genuine. In fact, they have been copulating for several weeks now.”

The congregation clapped with approval.

“And, you will perhaps be even more pleased to know that Cambria is pregnant with her father’s c***d.”

This time, the congregation clapped and cheered even longer.

When they settled, the priest continued. “I’ve already signed this couple’s wedding certificate and I’ve explained to them that they won’t be officially married until they have consummated their vows and two witnesses have also signed the certificate. I’m sure you will be happy to hear that they have agreed to consummate their vows right now and right here on the platform before all of you who wish to stay and watch!”

The congregation exploded with approval, only this time, it was with a standing ovation.

The priest turned to Avan. “You don’t need to stay. You can take the boy and leave because, well, you know, watching his father screw his sister…that just wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Avan asked Verity to leave also but she stubbornly shook her head. As he pulled on Caci’s hand and they began to leave, Yuri and Cambria were already making out with feverish passion.

Although it wasn’t noticed, the priest and organist had already left.

Yuri’s hands were all over his daughter, feeling her tits and trying to grab her butt through the thick material of her wedding dress. Cambria quickly wiggled out of her dress and stood before the congregation in a corset, white thigh-high stockings, garter, and bra. She pushed her father to the floor and sat on his face and covered him with the aroma of sweet, young pussy.

The crowd cheered and gathered close.

Yuri’s arms extended upward and he expertly unclipped the girl’s bra. His hands found the waistband of her panties and began tugging. The girl stood and swayed and teased while slowly pulling her panties to her thighs. Yuri sat upright and yanked the panties to her ankles and then off of her.

He dove for her pussy and began lapping while Cambria’s hips thrust to meet his sucking face. Her hands found his head and pulled him in while her hips danced and rotated obscenely and gave him a face full of pussy that turned the congregation into chants for him to fuck the girl.

Yuri gently pushed his daughter backward until she was laying prone and he slowly mounted her. His hand guided his erect cock to her pussy and once he felt her heat and casino oyna wetness, he became the rabid and lusting father that i****tians loved, the father who had deflowered her before hundreds of them in the town square not long before.

He eased himself into her and he slowly began rutting and driving his hard shaft into her and back halfway before slowly driving in again. Cambria’s arms were around her father but her eyes were on the lusting men. She loved knowing how much they craved her, the young, light-skinned, Kassanian girl, and their lust for her increased her lust for her father.

For the next half hour, the Temple of i****tia became a den of debauchery as dozens of people watched a father fuck his daughter and take her to be his wife.

And when he couldn’t take it any longer, Yuri began humping her. There just isn’t a better word for it. He was humping her like he might a wanton harlot, like any man would if given a chance to be on top of a girl like Cambria.

This time was better than any before because Yuri no longer had to fear what anyone would think nor threats of arrest that had come in Kassan when it had been alleged he had touched a young girl. Hell, now he could not only touch this young girl, but he could freely fuck her every day and night without any reservations because now, it was not only legal, but it was required to satisfy the vows they had just exchanged.

He grunted and groaned and it seemed like he had lost track of his situation because it was as if he didn’t care who he was fucking and that his only the need was to fuck and fuck until he got his nuts off deep in the young twat beneath him.

He felt pressure building and his eyes closed and his face turned nearly red with tightness as he rammed her again and again before pressing into her with such force that the girl squealed. His body shook and his cock jerked and he began ejaculating. One blast and then another. Another and then another. Another and then another and all the while his face was corkscrewed with lust til it seemed like it might burst.

Then—it was over. He fell limp on top of her and the two lay in the aftermath of their depravity, their torsos suctioned together by his sweat that was compressed between them. And for the very first time, they lay together as father and daughter; husband and wife.

For several minutes, Yuri wasn’t aware of anything, but as reality began to return, he could hear some of the men in the congregation begging to let them fuck the girl. Before he could tell them “no”, Cambria’s arms went to her father’s ass and she cooed, “Come on daddy. Do it again! Fuck me again!”

Yes, the lust for her father was great, but she craved even more the wickedness of those men lusting for her and wanting to fuck her and being the very center of their sexual desires.

Her hips began moving in provocative undulations and her father’s cock began growing inside of her and a minute later, Yuri was fully hard and beginning to move and soon after, he was fucking her—again. Boning her! Fucking his own daughter! Something so abominable and unthinkable back in Kassan yet now fully licensed in the land of i****tia.

His haunches rose and fell and his breathing became that of a panting dog and he pumped his hard cock in and out of her as Cambria wrapped her legs around her father and screamed, “Do it daddy! Fuck me. Fuck me!”

And so Yuri did. For twenty minutes his hips drove hard as he boned her like a madman and when he reached the pinnacle of lust and could hold back no longer, he once again ejaculated deep inside his youngest daughter canlı casino siteleri while she watched the men of the congregation and knew every single one of them wanted to fuck her as well.

And so there, on a platform, in a historic temple, before a sizable congregation, Yuri Volka lay with his daughter, his spent penis still oozing semen into the depths of a once pristine shrine.


Avan had taken Caci to a vacant room that had tables and chairs and kitchen appliances. He sat the boy down and began talking with him.

“You know, Caci, you won’t be sucking the judge’s cock anymore.”

The boy nodded.

“I know you’re a cocksucker and like I said, it’s okay to be a cocksucker. In fact if you ask me, it’s more than okay. And you know that I promised your father and you that I would manage things so you will be able to do what you love to do. You remember I promised that?”

The boy lifted his head to make eye contact. “Yes,” he replied.

“I’m working on that,” Avan continued, “but it will take just a little more time. Not a lot of time. A few days. Is…Is that okay with you?”

The boy shrugged.

“Caci, I promise I won’t let you down. Remember, I was the one who got you cock in the first place, those nights you were in bed with your father and he fucked your mouth. And, I’ll set up the right situations for you and if you’re patient, you’ll have all the cock you could possibly want to suck. Will you do that for me? Will you just be patient for a few days.”

The boy’s shoulders moved as if to shrug again but instead, he said, “Yes.”

Avan smiled and brushed some fine strands of golden hair from the boy’s eyes. “Ahhhh, just the answer I love to hear. You’re very pretty, you know that Caci?”

The boy smiled. “Really?”

“Oh yes, very pretty. That’s why it won’t be hard for me to find what you want. I wish all cocksuckers were as pretty as you.”

Eventually, Yuri stumbled from the chapel and met them in the side room. He had dressed but his clothes were askew, his hair mussed, and his face still a little flushed.

Avan greeted his brother and helped him to sit until he regained his strength. He brought him water and made small talk and he told Yuri they would talk later about the events of the day.

“Where’s Cambria?” Avan asked.

Yuri stammered, “Sh…She…She’s getting dressed and doing her hair and makeup.”

“Why don’t we go find her and—wait, where’s Verity?”

Yuri’s head shook.

“Come on you two,” Avan said. “Let’s get Cambria and then find Verity.”

Once Cambria was with them, they went to several rooms but all were empty. They looked outside but found no sign of the girl.

“Maybe someone has seen her. Come. Follow me.”

They walked down a long hallway and found the priest’s office. Avan knocked on the door and he heard the voice of the organist telling them to come in. Avan turned the doorknob and pushed the door open and was startled!

On the floor was the priest. He was completely naked and he was—he was fucking!

He was fucking—


“What—-?” Avan cried out.

The priest instantly stopped and his sweating face twisted to look back at them. “Heh-heh,” he chuckled. “Don’t worry. It’s not a problem.”

“What…What do you mean it’s not a problem?” Avan demanded.

The priest smiled. “My wife don’t mind me boffin’ these young ‘uns.”

The organist barely looked up from a magazine on her lap.

Avan and the others stood in silent shock.

Then, Verity lifted her head to look at her family. Her hips began softly pushing up at the priest as if to prime his pump.

“Verity!” Avan yelled. “What are you doing?!?”

The girl smiled. “Isn’t this the priest that just married my father to my sister?”

“Y…Y…Yes, but—”

“Well, when a priest marries people, it’s only polite to give him a gift. So, that’s what I’m doing. Now get the hell out of here so we can fuck!”

[part 7 follows]

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