In and Out of Clothes Ch. 01

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Note: The Kat in this story is not actually supposed to be Kat Dennings, but imagine that she’s played by Kat Dennings.


“Marissa, don’t worry about it, I got this,” Kat reassured her.

“Are you sure?” Marissa asked, clearly wanting her to say yes but not wanting to seem ungrateful.

“I’ve done the costume supervisor thing before, Riss, I can put clothes away properly,” Kat insisted.

Marissa was a senior, the department’s number one costumes gal, and she got that way by taking the management of their rentals very seriously. But, on the other hand, she had family from the other end of the country waiting outside the dressing room in the hallway, and doing her job could mean making them wait another twenty minutes. Alex had never seen her let someone else finish out a night’s work of putting the costumes away, certainly not after a final performance, but Kat seemed insistent. Kat and Marissa were pretty close—certainly whenever he was hanging out with a group that included one of them, the other was probably in it. Maybe that was just the way the theater department was.

Curtain call was fifteen minutes ago already, but while everyone else was either getting back into their clothes, or already re-dressed and out the door saying hello to friends and family, he and Kat were still in costume—he had agreed to help reset the props after the show, so that was his excuse, but he wasn’t sure why Kat was still wearing the classic secretarial button-down and skirt she had to wear for the show, let alone those heels. Not that he was complaining, mind. Kat had a very voluptuous figure, and her clothes were tight enough to show off every curve; that was the point, after all, since she was playing the flirty, sexy secretary character.

He for his part (his part being that of the nebbishy newcomer to the firm) was still in his full three-piece suit, a nice charcoal color. He wasn’t in any hurry to get it off himself, because damned if he didn’t look pretty spiffy in it. (It was seldom he got to wear something he actually thought he looked like a man in, instead of a skinny, awkward boy.) His hair was still slicked back, which was also not a bad look for him, he thought. His last girlfriend thought so too, although that was a little more complicated…

“Seriously, girl, go hang out with your family already,” Kat commanded her lovingly. She had a strange way of doing that—Kat’s bluntness and snark were often weapons for good.

Marissa sighed in relief. “Ugh, thank you so much, Kat. You’re a saint.”

“Who loves ya, baby?”

Relived of duty, and just plain relieved, Marissa hugged Kat quickly, pecked her on the cheek, and gave her the keys with which to lock up the dressing room at the end of the night.

“Awesome job tonight, both of you,” she said as she hugged him in turn. Then she hauled ass out the door.

“Hey, would you mind staying to help?” Kat asked him.

“Oh,” he said, taken by surprise. “Sure.” He didn’t know what exactly she would have needed help with, but he was more than happy to be of service. None of the people outside were waiting for him tonight.

“Thank you so much,” she said.

He took the hanged suit that Joe handed him on his way out, and then he and Kat were alone in the dressing room.

He had known Kat for a year and a half now, since they’d both done You’re Late, the student short film that gets produced every semester by the new production class—that was pretty early in their freshman year, but they had only really spent a lot of time together in this past semester. Freshman year he had been crushing on the unquestionably uninterested junior Rosemary, and so she had become a bit of a lightning rod for his sexual feeling, but since forcing himself to get over her, he had really come to appreciate what a babe Kat was. Not just her body, though that was pretty fantastic—a large bust, thick legs, wide hips with a shapely butt, big pouty lips—but the way she moved, the way she smiled, her whole confident, easy-going attitude. She was easy to be around. He never found himself acting like a stupid smitten school-boy around her. She was just sassy and funny and sexy, and good company. Even when he was afraid that she had just caught him checking her out, he didn’t feel like a creep or anything. If she had caught him staring at her ass or something, she had never let him know it.

She pulled out the rolling rack and together they spent a minute or two collecting all the remaining costumes and hanging them up. The sounds of the chatting crowd outside were subsiding. Once all the costumes in the dressing room were dealt with, though, he remembered that the shirt and pants involved in Sean’s quick change in Act 2 were missing, and must’ve still been upstairs.

He ran up the narrow, spiraling metal staircase leading up to the backstage area. He crossed to the other side of the stage, which even after a show he would never do if there were anyone at all left in the theater. It was strange, but he czech harem porno enjoyed the feeling of the empty theater after a performance; sort of an afterglow-type thing. Anyway, Sean’s clothes were still hanging right there, and so Alex took them and brought them back down.

As he re-entered the dressing room, Kat had started unbuttoning her tight dress shirt, and he instantly spun around, trying to find something to do that wasn’t staring at her breasts.

“Oh my god. You don’t need to make such a thing about it,” she teased him.

“What, I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”

He could practically hear her rolling her eyes. “Oh please, we’re adults. You’ve seen me in my bra all week—all semester.”

It was true, after a fashion. This was the second show they’d been in this semester, and since the single dressing area was co-ed, he had taken the ample opportunities provided to steal glances at her in her underwear.

“Well, I mean…” he sighed, trying and failing to find a way to sound chivalrous without sounding like he wasn’t interesting.

“Hey, you do what you want. I’m just saying, when you change, I plan on checking out at your ass in those tight little briefs you wear.”

Whoa, wait, what?

In shock, he turned toward her. Her shirt was completely open, her massive breasts encased in an ornately lacy black-and-purple front-hook bra, far removed from the plain, practical bras he’d seen her in before. He had noticed it briefly earlier in the night, but it only occurred to him in that moment that there couldn’t be many reasons for wearing such a bra underneath her clothes on a performance night…

“All right, look, I’m not good at subtlety. Point is, I know you’ve been checking me out, and I totally get that it doesn’t actually mean anything other than you’re a guy, but I think you’re really cute, and I’ve been dying to do things in costumes—especially these costumes, so what do you say?”

She seemed to puff her chest out ever so slightly as she said this, but he was already convinced.

“I’m, uh—I like that idea,” he said, his mind still reeling. “What kind of things?”

She looked thoughtful. “Do you have any limits you’re definitely not ready to cross?”

“No,” he said. “Whatever you want.” As nerve-wracking as the notion of suddenly going all the way with Kat in one setting was, he found he desperately wanted it.

“So, you wanna just she where this goes? she responded, for the first time sounding slightly nervous.

He nodded as she came closer to him—he was more than slightly nervous, and he was sure it showed.

“But if that’s gonna work,” she asserted, “We have to be honest. You gotta let me know what you want to do, and you gotta tell me if you don’t want to do something I want. ‘Cause I’m gonna do the same.”

Was he that obvious? Yes. Yes, he really was. He had always had trouble asking for things sexually, scared of hearing no, scared of being selfish—well, scared of being seen as selfish. It was a trivial distinction, he thought, since the important thing was just that his partner was happy and satisfied. All right, he thought to himself, this girl’s the real deal, Alex. Time to bring your A-game.

“The door?” he murmured.

“It’s locked,” she reassured him.

Shocking even himself, he made the first move then, putting his arms around her waist, right where the perfectly tight skirt ended and her soft, pale midriff began, and slowly pulled her in to a kiss. It was just lips at first, soft and gentle. Then Kat opened her mouth more and he followed suit, feeling the rush as her tongue slipped into his mouth. She ran the fingers of one hand through his hair as their tongues lapped together. There was still some product left over in his hair, but she didn’t seem to mind.

He dared to lower his hands around to cup her the curves of her voluptuous behind. He gave her ass a squeeze and Kat let out the tiniest little gasp of arousal into his mouth. She returned the favor with the hand that wasn’t in his hair, groping his ass even harder than he hers.

They were pressed right up against each other, and he was very conscious of his erection pressing against her through the layers of his briefs, his dress pants, her skirt, and whatever panties she had on underneath. He couldn’t feel any panty lines beneath the unforgivingly tight skirt—was she wearing a thong? God, the thought of Kat’s gorgeous ass in a thong made him even harder, if that was possible.

But in the meantime, there were two other parts of her body that demanded attention. He had fought off his first instinct for a few minutes, but by this point it was killing him: he needed to attend to Kat’s breasts. He broke away from her mouth and slowly worked his way down her neck, brushing his lips against her skin while his hands removed themselves from her backside and gravitated toward her front. As his mouth placed soft kisses upon her clavicle, he took a breast in each hand and gently czech mega swingers porno squeezed them, relishing the way they felt. He had never felt tits this big before, and was unused to not being able to hold them entirely in his hands. He lowered his mouth further down until his face was buried in her perfect cleavage. All second thoughts about whether he was getting too vigorous too fast were lost in the amazing feeling of her breasts pressing against his face.

His ass was out of reach of Kat’s hands now, but she seemed content to run fingers up and down his back while he ran his tongue through the gorgeous canyon on her cleavage. He reclaimed enough self-awareness to not want to seem single-minded, and let his tongue take him towards her neck. He pulled back enough to look into her eyes, freed a hand to flick a few strands of her long, dark hair out of her face, and then kissed her again, harder than ever. She arched her neck back in pleasure, opening her mouth wide, and the kiss ended as his mouth took hold of her lower lip and pulled on it just a bit, enough to make her shiver all over. In fact, he was pretty sure he shivered, too.

She looked into his eyes, a (somewhat surprised?) smile on her face, steadied her breathing, and placed her hands on his abdomen. He wished in that moment he had proper abs, but as it turned out she was only trying to get a little distance from him for a second.

“I’m just gonna button this back up for now,” Kat said, redoing her button-down shirt. He didn’t want her to put away those perfect tits of hers, but he just nodded. “I want you to feel me up with the whole thing on; I only unbuttoned the shirt as part of, y’know, the whole seducing you thing.”

“That was a good idea,” he managed to get out, not sure what game she was playing. Or was he just paranoid? His last girlfriend gave him reason to be, but Kat was so straightforward about most other things she did…

Kat giggled. “I figured you were a breast guy.”

“I didn’t use to be,” he admitted. “I think you’ve converted me.”

“Really?” Kat said. She sounded genuinely surprised. “My boobs must be pretty impressive, then.”

Again, words weren’t coming so he just nodded.

“Well,” she said, “Keep going the way you’ve been going and you’ll have me completely topless by the end of the night.”

It wasn’t that he was surprised. He was knowledgeable enough to know that generally girls don’t wear bras like the one she had on to a planned hook-up expecting them to stay on. But still, the way she said it—holy shit. He had actually gotten lucky, for goddamn real. He was no virgin, not even as far as one-time hook-ups, but regardless of how far he and Kat would end up going in this dressing room tonight, this was already the sexiest experience of his life.

Her shirt fully re-buttoned, Kat sat down on the couch nearby.

“I’d like you to take off your jacket and roll up your sleeves,” she said. “If that’s all right with you.”

She knew it would be all right with him, and he didn’t bother responding except by doing as she wished. She was patting the seat next to her on the couch, where he was already headed.

Once seated, he found Kat curling up against him, kissing him long and luxuriously while her hand caressed her chest. He was wearing a dress shirt and a vest, but she seemed to enjoy the feeling nonetheless. He thought he understood the costume thing pretty well.

He put his own hand to her chest in turn, caressing her breast through the fabric of that ever-so-tight shirt. He brushed his thumb over where (he guessed) her nipple should be, and although he wasn’t expecting her to feel it so much through the layers, sure enough she gave a little shudder that told him he hit the mark. He repeated.

Her body leaned in even closer to his. Their breathing grew faster and faster, and their kissing more and more intense. Kat pressed him back against the couch, leisurely extended one sexy leg over his lap, and moved into a straddling position. Her mouth sought out his again, and her hips grinded forward, pressing her crotch against his. His hands took advantage of the easy access to her backside and kneaded her ass firmly with his hands, provoking a brief, soft little squeal from the beautiful girl astride him. She loosened his necktie enough to get at the buttons of his shirt, and slowly undid the top ones with one hand as she groped his chest with the other hand. When more of his chest was exposed, she stripped the tie off of him, tossing it lightly to the side, and began kissing his newly-exposed skin. She dragged her lips gently against his skin. She gave the nape of his neck a long, sexy lick. It was heavenly, but the whole time he was dying to return the favor.

As if she could read his mind, she leaned back a bit and pushed her chest out. She brought her hands down to his abdomen, closing her arms around the sides of her bosom, squeezing her breasts together, and looking him in the czech pool porno eye with a sultry little smirk. Now her chest was really straining against the tight material of the shirt.

“You’re gonna pop a button off or something,” he murmured. “I should probably undo a couple of buttons, right?”

“Just a couple, yeah.”

His hands deftly unbuttoned the top few, just far enough down to expose her cleavage—which, given the way her forearms were still pressed in against the sides of her bust, was more preposterously vast and deep than ever—and far enough down that the edges of her bra peeking out and back in depending on how she moved. He buried his face against her chest, his nose brushing into her cleavage, and moved his hands: his right to the side of her bust to caress the smooth curve of her breast, and his left back up to her neck, gently tracing a path from the nape up to behind her ear. His left hand wandered freely, enjoying the smoothness of her skin, grazing her neck lightly and sweetly with his soft hands. Every so often, Kat’s shirt would shift enough so that the hook of her bra was right there by his mouth, and he was almost tempted to try and undo it with his teeth. He thought better of it, but still, the thought was in his head.

Kat’s own hands had moved behind him, clutching at his upper back, running over his broad shoulders. She never squeezed hard enough to hurt him, but her grip was tight, hot-blooded, lustful. He wondered if this was a hint, whether he should rather be firmer with his hands. They were really in the throes of passion right now; he had started off gentle, but now he should go for it a little harder. His fingers closed a little around the back of her neck, while his thumb stroked beneath her ear. A little shudder told him what she thought of that.

The whole time, this angle had caused her skirt to slide up a bit, exposing a sliver of her creamy white legs past where her stockings ended. He caught sight of it when he leaned back against the couch to briefly enjoy the whole sight of her straddling him, grinding her self against him, and he knew what he needed to do next. His hands reached up her legs, right to the brim of her skirt, and stroked her soft, exposed skin. He let his hands travel all under her skirt, as much as its tight fit allowed. As he worked, the skirt bunched up a little further toward her hips, especially when he ran his hands all the way behind to her ass. As he kneaded her thick, fleshy behind, he noticed that, as he thought, she was wearing a thong. He desperately wished that the couch wasn’t facing the doorway in between the boys’ and girls’ sides of the room, which was the only part of the opposite wall that wasn’t covered in mirrors.

Well, the couch *was* on wheels.

“Hey,” he said. “Can we budge the couch over a bit that way?” he nudged toward the boys’ side of the room, whose mirrors were slightly nearer by. “I’d like to watch us in the mirror.”

Kat smiled broadly. “Oh yeah, definitely. Do you wanna try to shift it over without met getting off you?” She was feeling playful, it seemed. Well, he was too.

“Let’s give it a try,” he smiled back at her, and pressed to the side with his feet. He didn’t have much traction on the ground, but he was able to exert enough pressure to push them vaguely sideways, and with some work, he managed to get them aligned with the wall mirror on the boys’ side of the room. Kat turned to share with him in the sight of them in the mirror.

God, it was a sexy sight. He had almost forgotten she was still wearing her high heels until he saw them reflected. Even when she wasn’t standing on them, allowing them to do those remarkable things they did for her legs and ass, the sight of them on her feet still managed to stir him. A bit of her panties and a lot of her butt was visible already, as well as his hands groping her. She looked as turned on by the sight as he did, and hiked up the skirt the rest of the way, so it was bunched around her waist, resting on the top of the sharp curve her behind made at this angle. Hers was a black, lacy little thong, and it perfectly framed her thick, juicy ass. She grabbed his hands in her own and placed them further in, clutching her own butt through his hands, encouraging him to do the same. He was afraid he was digging his fingers into her too hard, but she seemed to enjoy it. In fact, her face positively transformed into an open-mouth mask of sexual pleasure. She was expressive as a rule, but she was really into watching him squeeze her ass.

“That’s so hot,” he breathed hungrily. He hadn’t even meant to say it aloud; it just came out of his mouth. Kat turned back to him, wearing a pleasantly surprised expression.

“Wow, you’ve really loosened up,” she said, still breathy, but surprisingly conversational for someone who ten seconds ago had been giving to wild sexual abandon. Or something. If he looked at himself in the mirror then, he was sure he’d be blushing furiously. He had loosened up. Fittingly, he found himself responding by chuckling.

“Yeah,” he said. “I guess so.” A brief pause. “I’m sorry if you hear this kinda thing all the time, but you have a… flabbergastingly perfect body.”

“Ooh, big words,” she teased, though he thought she was blushing as well. “I feel my panties getting wetter already.”

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