I’m Running on Empty Ch. 02

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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This story follows “I’m Running on Empty Chapter One.”

This is the story of how I spent my time starting that first week of the month of April and what my penis was doing too.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


I was singing to myself,

Gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive

Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive …

… Running on, running on empty

Running on, running blind

Running on, running into the sun

But I’m running behind


It was turning out to be a pretty good day.

And, it was only mid afternoon on Monday, April 1.

I’d taken Julie’s virgin ass before dawn, got blown by Janet (The MILF) in the shower, had my hands all over Isabella my MIL at the pool in Palm Springs, and received a very nice blowjob releasing the pent up sauce in my balls from Janey, the co-pilot of my private jet.

Ziba and I kissed for a long time, and it was apparent to me that she liked kissing and hadn’t been kissed in a long time.

Between the kisses and the titty fucking, she got my hard again; in fact I might have just stayed pretty strong as we made out like teenagers and she moved her generous breasts around my man meat.

When I was really quite hard, Ziba pulled back a bit and said “I need it in my ass, Mister Colton.”

I smiled, happy to accommodate her wishes and she whispered “Please do not use any lube; it will be better for you that way.”

I must have had a quizzical look on my face because she sat up a bit and kissed me again and then said “I want to please you. You are my Master. Your pleasure is my goal. It is my gift to you for all you have done for me and my family.”

And with that, she moved around, pulled the plug on the bathtub drain, grabbed some towels to kneel on and got on all fours and waited for me to get into position.

Ziba slapped her butt cheeks and said “I’ve waited long enough for this, don’t keep me waiting any longer. Please Master. Just stick it in.”

I got behind her. She’d blown me once, swallowing my load after tempting me and challenging me to shave her bush off.

I’d get to that hair eventually.

This was California wildfire type brush, so thick you couldn’t see the ground it was growing out of; long so it hid what was beneath it, and it should have been cleared years before.

In some countries this might be part of a national forest preserve; having pubic hair like this in Nevada it might have well been a crime.

But right now I was checking out her backside.

She had a nice ass. Not one to die for but one I could fuck and I looked forward to spanking or maybe whipping it. I’d never whipped anyone but when I did, I think this was the one to start with.

But, my God she had a hairy black bush on her.

She was so bushy that her pubic hair was growing south almost to her asshole.

But not quite.

I was kneeling behind her, my hard cock ready to take her ass.

“Are you sure?” I asked her, for the second time.

“Yes Master. No lube. Just stick it in my ass” whispered Ziba “You have no idea how badly I want it.”

I watched her rosebud open slightly in anticipation; the aroma from her shit hole followed immediately to my nose but I didn’t give a damn. I was a horny bastard in need of a place to drop a load and Ziba’s ass was now open for business.

It wasn’t a big opening but I would change that.

My cock was big and hard. It would feel great being in that tight space.

While Ziba was no Bo Derek, there was something about her, or her ass, that had me as hard and as long and as big as I had ever been.

And was she going to get it: every fucking centimeter, along with every bump and vein.

However long I was, she was going to fucking take it deep.

Knowing the moment of truth was approaching soon Ziba reached back with both of her hands and pulled her cheeks apart for me.

My dick in my right hand, I moved forward and my tip bumped her rosebud.

She didn’t flinch; I heard her mutter through gritted teeth “Just fucking do it. Pleassssse.”

I responded with “You asked for it.”

I delayed no longer; I pushed in, deliberately and forcefully.

Ziba screamed and her body shook at my massive invasion and her hands came down from her ass to her face as she covered her mouth to muffle her cries. I just kept pushing in, thrusting, and I didn’t stop until I was balls deep.

My God she youporn porno was tight.

Her sphincter was pulsating around my pink baseball bat and her body was shaking at the intrusion.

She started sobbing, probably regretting her request for me to fuck her ass.

I waited patiently for her to stop.

I was also waiting for her to fully accept my manhood.

I watched her hands move from her mouth and she lifted her head up a bit off the bottom of the tub.

A few tears were running down the side of her face. Her makeup was smeared.

I hadn’t said anything and other than the act of penetration, I hadn’t moved.

Yes, I could have started fucking her but I was not a cruel man.

I know she needed time to accept my baseball bat up her ass.

She whispered to me “You’re the first man I have been with since my husband passed. Although we are Persians, his side of the family was Greek.”

I took that in.

Ziba continued “The Greeks are very passionate Mister Colton and the men; well they like to have their women in many ways …”

At that I felt a small movement. Ziba was started to move a bit on my cock. Not a lot, but I noticed.

“My husband took my ass for the first time on our wedding night. He took it for the last time a few months before he died.”

Ziba was starting to move more; she knew how to move, but she was taking her time.

“I never thought I would be with another man this way Mister Colton. I want to make this so good for you that you will want to make love to me this way again. Soon I hope. Because I have missed a big cock in my ass.”

With that she turned her head and looked back at me and smiled. I smiled back and with that I slapped her ass and pulled back all but the head and then I pumped in again, balls deep, forcefully.

She had asked for it.

I pulled out a bit and pushed in, hard.

Ziba screamed.

Her tight muscle contracted around my cock, enhancing my pleasure.

But, there was no turning back and not a chance in hell I was pulling out.

Not until I finished inside of her ass.

I grabbed her by the hips and pushed further against the resistance but she was no anal virgin and she pushed back on my rude intrusion like she was trying to shit. This actually eased the way for me and while she continued to moan and cry a bit in pain, I was able to get in again balls deep with just one push.

I knelt behind her, deeply encased her bat cave as she struggled to fully accept my hard pink man muscle.

“How do you like it?” asked her. I was feeling like the Cock of the Walk.

I hadn’t really started fucking her yet.

“I … fucking … love … it…” she croaked out to me, her body fighting to expel me from the tight passage.

I reached up and pulled her long dark hair back, yanking it and her head jerked up. “I’m going to ride you like a pony” I teased.

With that, starting slow, we started fucking and it seemed the more painful I made if for Ziba the more she liked it.

She started to respond verbally with comments like “So good” and “Don’t stop.”

My plan was to pull all the way, leaving only the tip inside, then forcefully thrust in deeper than before.

Each time I bottomed out in her ass she yelped in some pain but she never said anything; she just fucked me back harder.

After just a few long hard strokes Ziba reached back with her right hand to play with her pussy.

I could feel her brushy pussy hair on my balls as I slammed into her, deeper and deeper.

I didn’t speed up my motion; I just pounded away, grinding into her in my quest to hit the spots of her tight ass that hadn’t been touched before.

Every time I hit the wall she gasped.

My thrusts; my motion, was steady, and constant.

It didn’t take long before I felt fully lubed up from her internal ass juices and her shit coating my cock; it felt good but her sphincter still had a nice tight grip on my cock and it felt very nice.

Ziba clearly knew how to fuck a man who was fucking her ass.

It felt great. Fucking a virgin is great but there is nothing like fucking a lady who knows who to fuck. Experience counts when it comes to giving pleasure.

When my balls were snug up against her ass, I started grinding and pushing to go even deeper.

She didn’t complain but I did hear her gasp as I pulled on her hair even harder and forced my way in deeper.

Ziba not only pushed back but extended her fingers to play with my balls.

Those manicured fingers felt fantastic on my sack.

I didn’t take but a few minutes for me to read the tell tale zenci porno signs of her impending orgasm.

I could feel her ass clenching and her masturbating became furious as her fingers massaged her sopping wet pussy.

I could hear the sloshing sound as she sought her climax.

When she came with a loud growl, her body shook and she discharged some fluid from her pussy into the tub.

Her orgasm was so strong, I almost came!

I chose to ride it out by just grinding into her as her climax rippled through her body.

My hard cock still rammed up her ass, her torso collapsed on the floor of the tub and she slowly, almost lazily ground back against me.

I let her have her fun for a minute or so as I rubbed her back, then I slowly, purposely pulled out of her completely.

Her hole was wide open, waiting for my return.

And I would, but first I needed some additional oral assistance.

Stunning Ziba, I slapped her ass and commanded “Suck.”

She rolled over on her belly and did as I said, without hesitation or delay.

I loved the look of revulsion on her face as she tasted her shit on my cock.

Was I being a jerk? Yes, of course I was. But I had her permission to do so.

Deep down, and she would later admit it to me, she loved being told what to do.

In that same conversation, I learned that there was nothing she would not do.


Right now she was acknowledging who was in charge.

As she licked, sucked and kissed my flagging cock, I held her head with both hands and encouraged her on.

She closed her eyes and blindly pleasured me.

Ziba was good, very good, at sucking cock.

One of the best.

I wondered for a brief minute how a CPA got so good at giving head and filed that away to talk with her about it later.

My brain was starting to get the signs that I was going to blast off soon and I didn’t want to make another deposit down her throat, so I pulled her off of me, causing her to open her eyes.

She searched my face as if she had done something wrong and I smiled and said “Assume your position.”

Ziba smiled in return and once again, as she held her cheeks apart for me, I pierced her asshole, which was still open for business and this time I gave no mercy.

I earned a huge groan out of her as I pushed in with a single thrust.

She was so loud I was sure anyone in the hallway of the hotel could hear her.

Once completely inside of her, I started pounded her like she was a whore; it was now all about my pleasure.

Having already come, she knew what her task was: to maximize my pleasure.

She also knew I had the capacity to punish her if I wasn’t completely satisfied.

She did that and almost before I wanted to I was dumping buckets of come directly into the deepest part of her dark passage.

I blasted the walls of her dark passage, making sure to leave part of the load at the deepest point I could reach.

I drained into her, then pulled out and had her clean me with her mouth and tongue; only then did I have her wash me with hot water, soap and a washcloth.

To make sure she did this last step correctly, and to head off any potential resistance she might give, I used my hands to bring her head down to my limp cock and said “Taste me again and make sure all of your shit is off of me.”

Ziba did this with a smile.

Damn her tongue felt great!


I really wanted to get some fresh air but I had committed to shaving Ziba.

I had her put her hair up, and put some water in the tub.

Sitting between her legs, I was facing one of the hairiest beavers I’d ever seen.

This was the kind of bush you might have seen in a 70’s porno movie.

Before I got going I had Ziba sit with her legs spread wide open.

I started out by running my hands through it, trying to make sure that her pussy hair wasn’t tangled.

Then I used a small hairbrush and finally a comb. Despite my efforts, I still had no idea if there was actually a pussy under all of that matting. (I’m kidding).

I could tell Ziba was aroused by looking at her nipples.

She hadn’t said a word to me. But I could sense she was purring at my handiwork.

I doubt this much attention had been paid to her pussy in at least a decade.

I said to her “When I shave this off its going to stay off. I am assigning someone to be your personal assistant who will take care of this for you. You’ll like her.”

Ziba smiled and thanked me; her nipples grew hard at the thought of a young female taking care of her … needs.

Taking my time, I slowly and carefully xhamster porno washed and conditioned her pubes.

Ziba loved my hands on her pussy, and she started humping, and I stopped, leaving her frustrated.

“You will come when I tell you, and not before” I cautioned her.

She nodded, but her teeth were biting down on her lips, so I know she was frustrated and wanted relief.

I should have told her to play with herself in front of me and get herself off, but I was trying to get this task done; I had other things that needed my attention.

After I thought she had cooled down a bit, using a scissors, I started trimming.

I chopped for a good ten minutes, and because my hands were all over her crotch, Ziba got hot again.

I cautioned her against it, but she started pulling on her nipples and thrusting her pussy out at me.

Out of the need for safety, because no one wants to be cut around their groin, I stopped with the trimming.

To her surprise I pulled her over my legs and started spanking her.

My wet hand on her wet ass made quite an impression.

Initially she struggled against me but not for long; she gave up as I slapped that ass over and over again.

My hard hand on her wet bare ass made a smacking sound that could probably been heard out on The Strip.

Her ass got bright red and I knew she was turned on.

Ziba first tried to put her right hand to her pussy to play with herself and then when I stopped that, she started humping my leg trying to get off.

“Please Master, I need to come again. Pleaassee.”

I gave her ten more really hard spanks making sure her ass was as bright a red as I could get it and then I pulled her legs apart and stuck my right hand under her butt and started playing with her still hairy beaver. I quickly found her clit and started finger fucking her as she moaned and started humping on my hand.

She was so worked up she was writhing on me in less than a minute and in another thirty second this horny bitch was shaking and coming like she hadn’t come in years.

She started crying and slid off of me and said “That was the first time a man has made me come since my husband passed.”

I didn’t kiss her but I held her.

Ziba started kissing my neck and then she snaked her way down to my now hard cock.

Looking up at me for permission, I nodded and once again that mouth and tongue went to work, with no other goal than to satisfy me.

She did.

It took awhile, because I had just come twice, but I once again emptied my sack into her willing mouth.

There wasn’t much for her to swallow but she put on a big show of swallowing it and showing me her mouth after she finished the job.

Ziba was almost giddy at this point; she hadn’t had this much cock in years.

We kissed lightly and then I got her back into the spread eagle position and I spent a few more minutes with the scissors before I lathered her up with shaving cream and got to work with the razor.

She was so hairy it took me three rounds to get it all off.

I told her “I think you need to start getting waxed” and she laughed and said “But you shaving me is so much more fun!”

I got out of the tub and got my phone and told her “You’re going to play with yourself now. Make yourself come.”

I recorded her playing with herself using only her fingers and that was hot. But was even hotter was when I tossed her the hairbrush I used on her forest and told “Now use this.”

Ziba was bucking on that brush like she was fucking John Holmes.

Her eyes never left the camera. She had a future in my video business.


It wouldn’t be the last time I would enjoy sex with Ziba.

As you will read, she adored my cock and wanted to please me in a variety of ways.

You’ll also read she had friends, all of them MILFs. All were CPAs and they all had interesting imaginations when it came to having sex.

I found out later why these women were so interested in leaving public accounting and wanted to come to work for me. You’d be surprised how well they were paid, how much income they generated for the firm, and how many great clients they had. Who said that accountants were boring?

But the glass ceiling was alive and well, and they repeatedly were passed over for promotion to partner because they were told that they were much too valuable in their current positions.

Ziba was very grateful and showed it. She couldn’t get enough of my hard cock. You’ll find out that her friends were just as grateful for the opportunities I provided to them.

After a very quick shower, with Ziba washing me, I dressed for my next meeting and headed down to the adult pool.

The last afternoon and evening were filled with multiple opportunities for both business and pleasure. I wasn’t keeping score but I knew I was winning.


Jack Colton will return shortly.

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